tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Party Ch. 04

The Party Ch. 04


Chapter IV

Annie Is Stripped And Humiliated

While the host and I had awaited Annie's return with the driver, I was commanded to stack my clothing neatly on the floor in front of me; to crawl over to the host and kneel in front of him. His exact words were that my dick "was never to be above the floor and I was to crawl like the white snake I undoubtedly was".

Annie and the taxi driver entered the foyer just as I assumed my position in front of our Master of Ceremonies. I was now pretty sure that I knew what the host was going to show the Black driver. It would only be a few minutes until I realized that I was only partially right in my assumption.

Without hesitation, he instructed me to unzip his pants and pull out his flaccid penis. I had had one homosexual experience with a roommate in college and there had been some male and female nudity, of course, in our D/s play with the other white couples but I had never been so close to a black cock before; had never really been able to appreciate the difference between the length and girth of the Black penis and the one with which I was most familiar, my own.

While it was obvious that he could do as he wished, I hoped against hope that the Host wasn't going to make me suck him in front of my wife and this stranger. First of all, I was worried that I might not be able to satisfactorily perform fellatio on him with my limited experience and I hadn't really counted on my having to be so involved in the day's performances so quickly. I guess I was still a bit unbalanced after our entry and my having to strip so quickly although my obvious discomfort seemed to suit the Master just fine. Lastly, I didn't know what kind of lasting effect such a presentation might have on my continuing relationship with my wife. I really didn't want her to view me as gay or bi or even as a cocksucker. It was not productive for me to have such thoughts at that particular moment so I tried my best to put them aside.

Our host thanked the driver for coming in and stated that he had almost forgotten that part of the driver's compensation for conveying guests on his Saturday off was to be able to enjoy seeing some of the day's more interesting behavior and, more particularly, the nudity of a few of the female guests.

The host asked, "Will, is there was anything in this room that you would really like to see?"

Of course, I thought the driver would enjoy humiliating me because of where I was kneeling but the Black Master preempted him in that vein. While he awaited the driver's answer, the host grasped the back of my head and instructed me to kiss and suck his now semi-erect penis.

Once again, I was surprised by the immediacy of the demand but I also realized that, in the most perverse way, I wanted to feel and taste the massive cock jutting before me. I slowly complied and kissed my way around the dark purple, angry looking, head of the Master's penis, trying to show him how impressed I was with his manhood.

There was no sound from behind me so I presumed Annie and the driver had also expected something like what they were watching or, at the least, that it did not surprise them.

After a moment's hesitation and while I began to administer to the cock in front of me, the driver stated, "I would like to see what color panties this slut is wearing; I caught just a glimpse of them when I had seated her in the taxi."

He continued, "I think this little, white wife is too much of a lady not to keep her knees tightly closed to a stranger's eyes."

Even though he had just said it, I didn't register the statement until much later when I had time to remember all that happened and it was finally assimilated in my memory that it was when he had attempted to pry Annie's knees apart in the back of the taxi that the driver had glimpsed her panties; that knowledge provided me with an exciting residual visual benefit after the party had ended and I had time to reminisce about all that had happened on this fateful day.

For some strange reason, at that moment, as I heard the taxi driver describe Annie's evading his intrusion by keeping her knees tightly closed, I was proud of my Annie's shyness. As couples, I have always thought that we learn so much about each other when we stretch our boundaries and this was a moment in Annie's and my history that confirmed that I knew a lot about my Annie that I had only thought I had known before.

As a seeming afterthought to the driver's statement, the host commanded Annie to unzip the driver's pants and take out from the encasing slacks the older man's fat, ebony cock and huge swollen balls. Annie quietly complied and was obviously astounded to see the substantial length and girth of the black cock and what appeared to be a tightly hung, full scrotum for her effort.

Our host said, laughingly, "Perhaps you should ask the slut's husband for permission to see his wife's panties." Then, he quietly added, "Oh, never mind; his mouth is full right now and I'm sure his mama trained him never to speak when his mouth is full."

Both he and the taxi driver laughed at this attempt at humor. At that, I hesitated in my duties and he commanded "Just suck."

Then he told me derisively, "We don't need your help with any decisions, white boy".

He continued, instructing the driver, "Just run your hand around inside the waistband of that skirt, Will, and I'll bet you can figure out an easy way to see those panties, if that's what you'd like."

Annie was commanded to present herself with her hands behind her head so that the old black driver could find out how to loosen her skirt. I knew that it had one button centered at the back of the waist and a zipper underneath the button but that was for the driver to now discover.

Annie stood submissively with her arms behind her head as the driver's calloused hands felt around inside the waistband of her fashionable, blue skirt until he found and unbuttoned the button and, with some ceremony, unzipped her skirt. I was reminded of a matador I had once seen in Majorca, Spain, as the star of the bullfight approached el toro with his sharpened sword in the midst of the ring when I sneaked a peek at the taxi driver's face. He looked so happy with his victory and I wondered if he was happier to see Annie's expensive lingerie or with the knowledge that he could take such liberties with my white wife as I was forced to witness.

Without more showmanship, he allowed the skirt to slide slowly to the floor, where it quickly pooled at Annie's feet, exposing her thigh high stockings, the taut, muscular whiteness of her sculpted thighs, her garter belt snapped in place to hold up the stockings and the sheer, black, lacy panties the driver had so badly wanted to see.

Both men expressed their appreciation for Annie's fine bottom and the quality of her lingerie, all the while with the driver patting her in a most familiar way on her nicely shaped backside.

Annie later admitted to me that losing her skirt was her most embarrassing moment of the day and that was saying a lot as you'll soon read. I suspected it was so embarrassing because being so exposed to strangers was new to her and also because, at that moment, she realized without a doubt, that she was going to be completely uncovered to these strangers' eyes, would soon be the object of their unbridled sexual enjoyment and, ultimately, would be used and abused by these and other black men before our ultimate adventure was over.

The host instructed Annie to carefully fold her skirt and, after folding it, to bring it to where I had undressed. She was told to stack it neatly next to my pile of clothing. She complied, although I knew she must be terribly embarrassed by her state of partial undress.

The black men's eyes never strayed from Annie as she walked. The host again asked the driver , "Have you seen enough, Will, or is there anything else that you would like to see?"

The driver replied, to the surprise of no one in the anteroom, "I do wonder if her bra matches her panties."

The host opined, "There is one easy way to find out the answer to that little enigma,my brother; You can just remove her top if you really want to see her bra."

We all knew where this little charade was going to end but all of us seemed enraptured by the process of stripping and humiliating my Annie, myself included.

The Boss Man commanded Annie to again present herself to the driver for the removal of her fine silk blouse, stating, "Hold your arms straight out in front of you, girl, so that my brother doesn't have to work too hard to undo the buttons on your sleeves; then put your hands behind your back and stand still. He'll do the hard part. You just stand still."

The driver quickly undid the buttons at Annie's wrists and then, more slowly, unbuttoned those at the front of her chemise. He seemed to enjoy drawing out the unveiling of my wife's chest and tummy, and, starting at the bottom, worked his way upward until her perfectly matching bra was completely exposed to his and our host's appreciations.

Out of the corner of my eye, I could gauge the reaction of the driver to his continued actions in that his penis was becoming more and more erect within his uniform khakis as he continued to remove her clothes, taking in the quality of her undergarments and that of her stunning figure. It was quite obvious that he appreciated Annie's growing nakedness and, maybe more, her willing obeisance.

At that time, it occurred to me that, more than anything, the driver was enjoying the control that he was exercising over Annie that was so apparent in her silent and exact compliance to each of his commands. I was also sure he was enjoying my discomfort and the humiliation that he knew he was heaping on me as I continued to watch his every move in my periphery.

I continued to suck and worship the master's cock incompetently but I also couldn't help being excited beyond description as these unknown, dark men slowly revealed my wife's naked charms, those gems usually reserved only for my eyes in the privacy of our bedroom.

At last, the driver finally stepped around Annie with evident anticipation. He leaned into her from behind and removed Annie's shirt from first one shoulder and then the other, ultimately pulling it from her and then handing the blouse to her to be folded and stacked atop the growing pile of clothing on the far side of the room. She took the folded blouse and added it to the sizeable mound of superfluous fashion without having to be told to do so. Her flushed face and the growing pinkish color on her neck and chest were evidence to me that she was both enjoying being stripped by the driver while also being appropriately humiliated by her prolonged striptease before these men whose every command she was now seemingly bound to follow.

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