tagInterracial LoveThe Party Ch. 05

The Party Ch. 05


When Annie had returned to her position in front of the Driver, she was told to stand at ease. Again the host asked of the driver, "Anything else you'd like to see?"

It was obvious theater for we all knew where this tableau was headed and the driver, as anticipated, speculated aloud, "I wonder what color this whore's nipples are under that expensive bra; I wonder if they are as firm as they appear to be" while in the confines of the lingerie.

The host laughed and opined, "I'm sure, by now, Will, that you know the way to find out; don't be shy because the hoe is here just for your amusement. Make yourself at home, so to speak."

The Taximan instructed Annie to turn her back to him so that he could remove her bra. Annie complied and stood still as the driver fumbled a bit, slid his fingers under the bra strap against Annie's fine skin and then smoothly unsnapped the bra. He removed her shoulder straps, sliding them slowly down her arms releasing her magnificent breasts from the C cups that had, just moments before, held them secure and secretly away from his gaze. Annie seemed to catch the loosened undergarment on her forearms and it slid no further for a moment. The black men could see Annie's exposed breasts but my view was blocked by the hanging underwear; I could, however, see that the driver's excitement was growing as he continued to unveil Annie's charms, bit by bit.

After she had been exposed to the driver and our host, Annie turned at his command to give our host a better view while the driver ommented, "So now we all know what color 'titty' pink is." He continued, "Nice tits, I appreciate you're sharing them with us."

Telling her to face him again, the driver laughed with delight at his own derisory humor, reached out, squeezed and firmly twisted Annie's right nipple between the thumb and forefinger of his right hand. Annie gasped with surprise but endured quietly as she remembered that she had been instructed not to speak. The nipple responded to his pinch and grew distended with the continued pressure; it was intriguing to watch both nipples respond as Annie rose slightly onto her toes in reaction to the man's abuse.

The Taximan held her nipple firmly between his thumb and forefinger increasing the pressure for a few moments and then released her. Her nipple was as hard as it could be and appeared to be about as long as an eraser on a number two pencil after the driver's mistreatment.

The black men seemed pleased with their discoveries to this point but also seemed to be tiring of the slow stripping game and ready for a bit more active sport. While her disrobing seemed to have gone on for a long time, it was actually only a very few minutes from the beginning to this point and it was inevitable that the men would now want Annie to be as naked as I was.

I was not surprised to hear the driver, at last, command, "Girl, pull your panties all the way down and remain bent with your hands holding them as close to your ankles as you can."

Annie had been a gymnast in her younger days and was still as lithe and limber as a cat. While I knelt, naked in front of our host, continuing to taste the salty wetness of the precum emanating from his cock, the taxi driver approached Annie from behind, swatted her tender, exposed bottom with his hand and spread her pussy lips and bottom cheeks to get a better view of her most intimate parts. He held her ass cheeks apart and leered at her tightly puckered private holes while steadying her by grasping her around her naked waist so that she didn't topple forward. It was as if he felt he could do whatever he wished, and I guessed he could, now that we had submitted to his direction. He didn't even bother to ask the host's permission as he continued to take his liberties with my wife's fair body.

Poor Annie, I could see her shudder as his rough hands touched and inspected her in such a familiar and intimate way but I wasn't as sure about the real reason for her reaction. At that moment, I wondered if she was having second thoughts about her participation in this "party" but I also considered that she might just be enjoying being at the center of all of this attention from these confident black males.

I would not know the answers to that and so many other questions I wanted to ask until we were ruminating about the party in the days and weeks after it was nothing but a memory.

My Annie was a trooper. When I noticed that the redness had crept even further up her chest and into her neck, I knew that she was humiliated, embarrassed by her nakedness and the attentions of the extraordinary man playing with her in such a casual manner but I was also sure that she was excited in the deepest part of her female sexuality.

The man came closer behind Annie and again spread her pussy lips, announcing softly, "I can tell that you like the shame of my inspection, white girl. I know that you have always wanted a black man to see you like this." As he spoke, he pushed the hardness of his penis against her glistening opening and moved it slowly up and down the gash, wetting himself with her juices and further enjoying her degradation and his ultimate power.

I tried desperately to see what he was doing but he was behind Annie and the Host further inhibited my voyeuristic endeavors as he grabbed me by the hair and instructed me, "Just suck me, boy. Will doesn't need your help".

With Annie between me and the driver, I could only imagine the method of his romantic behavior toward her. She later told me that he had slowly pushed his swollen cock into her tight opening, stretching her taut labia to their maximum dilation, pushing callously against her tender cervix and finally all the way to the crown of her vagina, a feat no man had previously accomplished with her. These were all facts I might have discerned as I watched, had I not been so preoccupied with observing Annie's convulsions in reaction to the sustained pressure of the man's conquest. Finally, the full length and breadth of the Black penis had been slowly worked in much to my discomfort and Annie's apparent ecstasy.

After a minute or two of abusing Annie with his oversized shaft, the driver slowly withdrew from her vagina and surprised me by speaking in my direction, "I think I'd rather have a blow job from your slut. It's so much more humiliating for you to watch your wife suck my black dick and swallow my black seed than to just have her fucked as she's going to be so often this afternoon."

He turned Annie around and pushed her to her knees in front of him. I watched, fascinated, as he rubbed his distended rod over and against Annie's perfect face, wetting her cheeks and even her eyelids with the seepage from his meatus. In due course, as he forced his engorged glans between her lips and into her waiting throat, he commented on the intimate nature of inserting his cock into her mouth, repeating that she shouldn't be disappointed that he wasn't stretching her tight, diminutive cunt any more as he knew she would get a good fucking later today, by his many friends.

Our host just laughed and commented, "You can do whatever you want with suck-boy's wife, Will; she is here for your entertainment as well as ours. Use her in any way you want; the rest of us are going to use her later no matter what you do, so don't cheat yourself."

As the men spoke of her in such contemptuous terms, Annie continued to kneel at the feet of the taxi driver and to service his impressive cock with her mouth. I could see that she was struggling to accommodate his impressive girth and hadn't even thought about what to do with his length.

The Master appeared to grow tired of my attempts at acceptable fellatio and ordered me to replace his cock back into his suit trousers, to crawl on my belly to Annie's feet and to pay attention to the way Annie sucked the Taxi driver's cock.

As I crawled, the host commented, "That white boy needs lessons to learn to perform a proper blowjob; from the looks of how she's handling you, Will, she looks like she could teach the poor cocksucker correct techniques, if nothing else."

Annie was forced to suck the driver to completion. At one point, his hand firmly grasped that back of Annie's head as he held her in place and fucked her mouth and throat. He grasped a handful of her luxuriant tresses and pulled her head into a rhythm of his liking. She gagged more than once as his cock ventured too far into the opening of her throat and he seemed pleased that he had caused that recurrent discomfort.

All the while, I was forced to watch the degradation of my Annie by this strange but powerful man. Again, I found myself doubting that I should have gotten her into such a dilemma. I was certain that her jaw was distended to the point that it ached and yet she sucked and licked with seeming ardor until the Black driver's balls rose and tightened noticeably. It was then that I noticed the awe in her eyes, locked on his in what I could only describe as a rapturous stare, as he shuddered mightily and came, making sure that jets of his copious orgasmic content she couldn't swallow were deposited onto Annie's face and some into her hair. Though she had tried, without success, to swallow all of his effluent, Annie looked as if she was pleased to have ended the ordeal and I was also happy to see her humiliation ended, at least for the time being.

The host instructed me, "Thank Willie for feeding your whore, boy."

I did so saying, "Thank you, Master Taxi Driver, for the ride to this exciting party; for making Annie's first real sexual experience so enjoyable and for giving her the first ebony cum of her life".

Both the driver and our host seemed pleased with my praise. Annie was commanded to replace the Taxi driver's cock and now empty balls into his pants and to obey his further instructions, if any, until he left.

The driver told Annie to bring our clothes to him and waited as she carefully folded her bra and panties and stacked them on top of our apparel, shoes and stockings, making two neat stacks on the entryway floor. Both of the black men remained silent as she piled our possessions at the driver's feet, simply eyeing us with a bemused look on their faces that gave me no clue of what was to ensue.

Once she was finished delivering our wardrobes, the driver picked up our clothes, shoes, stockings and Annie's pumps from the spot Annie had deposited them, carried the lot of them across the room, pulled open a nearby door and, without ceremony, threw them into a closet which, once opened, showed evidence that we were neither the first couple to arrive, nor the first to undress in the foyer. The closet was half full of clothing and none of it was neatly stacked or otherwise in any discernible array.

I watched with continued anticipation as our Black host eyed Annie from head to toe with obvious lust and pleasure. He certainly didn't try to hide his leering from me. At this juncture, I knew that Annie and I were in for an event-filled, action packed and interesting day with Annie getting more than just an opportunity to exhibit herself and being appreciated for her efforts.

Our Host then instructed Annie to kneel in front of him and, the whole while looking directly at me, had her unzip his pants and ordered her to kiss her new Master, his cock. Annie knelt and kissed. He ordered her to take just the head of his penis into her mouth.

I could not take my eyes off Annie as she performed these simple, yet totally humiliating acts before me with her second black penis of the day. He then ordered her to stand and quietly replaced his simmering cock back into his trousers.

As an afterthought, he asked Annie if she thought I needed more practice in kissing and sucking her new master's cock or if I should be made to service the taxi driver's penis, for that matter, in order to be certain whose orders would be followed today.

Annie quickly answered, "I don't think that is necessary, he knows who his superiors are and who he will be obeying for the remainder of this day. He has proved that he will do as you direct him and that he won't interfere no matter what you do with me."

I breathed a sigh of relief and made a mental note to thank Annie for sparing me from suffering this additional degradation.

Our host then instructed us to give the taxi driver one last "thank you" which we did as he headed for the door and back to his duties.

The smile on the old taxi driver's face as he left the Host's premises showed how much he appreciated the gifts his Host had bestowed upon him.

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