The Party Ch. 06


After a reasonable and very pleasant time eating pussies and licking bottom holes, I was commanded to rise and bent over the sink. I didn't think that I could do them much good in this position but I was without voice to protest. My feet were kicked apart and I felt a woman grab hold of each of my arms. A gob of lubricant was placed on my bottom hole and I felt the weight of a person leaning against and behind me. Soon there was pressure against my tender and virgin anal opening and I realized, with considerable discomfort, that the woman standing behind me was going to attempt to fuck me with a dildo.

I was told (the first voice I'd heard in this room) to relax and it would hurt less. I had never been anally abused before and her comment made me very nervous. However, without too much difficulty she easily entered my backside and I felt relieved that I was not hurt by the entry. She entered me for just a few moments and then withdrew the dildo. Almost immediately, she was replaced by another woman with a somewhat larger dildo that entered my anal passage with somewhat more discomfort than the first. I felt distended, experiencing a need akin to that which indicated a need to defecate, but I still remained silent as I had been ordered. This second woman also remained impaled in my backside for only a short period and when she withdrew it was with the comment that I had not been harmed by her "entry". A third woman then repeated the attempt at my anal rape; her apparatus, while not large in comparison to the black penises I had seen earlier, felt that it would tear me in half if I allowed its entry and I cried that I could take no more, violating the vow of silence to which I had been sworn.

I was quickly placed back into the shower and my backside was summarily washed. Shortly thereafter, as my time was apparently up, I heard the voice of our hostess say that she would take me now and I was returned to the male bathroom. It was now obvious to me that the dildo treatment was what had sapped the previous males' strength for I too felt used and abused to the point of weakness at this point. We were still not in a position to discuss the women's abuse of us but I was sure that each prior male had received the same or similar treatment and that those who followed me would fare no better.

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by ptebaden03/30/17

Much better. It's gerting hot

Now, I'm waiting for more chapters anxieusly

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