tagInterracial LoveThe Party Ch. 07

The Party Ch. 07


Chapter VII--We Meet The Guests And Are Exposed For What We Are

Ladies Four, Five and Six arrived and, while physically disparate in appearance, were given the same routine treatment by their fellow whites as did the men whose numbers corresponded with theirs. I won't bore the reader with the details as they are repetitive, except for the different nuances of numbering, skin color and texture, and physical attributes. We abused each and they abused us as one might expect each would when given the opportunity, motive and access. It was exciting; it was fun; and if one was empathetic, it was embarrassing for those being abused and shaved—exhilarating for those doing the abusing. In the end, we all were treated badly by our own, in anticipation of being treated better by the blacks.

Some two and one-quarter hours, approximately, after the last of the white couples had entered the premises, six hairless, somewhat subdued men were told to line up as we had originally been instructed, with our hands around the man's balls or cock behind us and led away from the tiny bathroom that had become our sanctuary and in which we had abused and played with the white women. We were marched into a living room, no, more of a great room, where we were reunited with our lady friends and wives.

We men were naked and painfully aware of the exposure while the women were wearing nearly translucent, but somewhat opaque, white diaphanous gowns that were sashed with an obi in the front. The gowns covered the women from head to ankle, demurely, and the ladies' private parts were kept from view by the protective gowns; they looked, to me, like angels ready for choir practice much more than they looked like they were ready to be given as sacrificial entertainment for the pleasure of a number of Black Masters and Mistresses.

Each of the women was seated on an apparatus that I will call a chair but which, we soon learned, was really much more and, at the same time, much less, than a mere chair. The six devices were painted a lacquered black and had no seats per se. Each had a straight back with two horizontal surfaces wide enough for the ladies' thighs to rest upon. Each horizontal surface began at the woman's bottom and ended approximately at the knee where a vertical surface was connected that reached nearly to the floor. I noticed that an "O ring" was available at the top, the knee and the ankle of each "chair".

As each woman had sat on the chair, the horizontal leg surfaces rather than a seat under her buttocks supported her weight. I noted with approval that the horizontal surfaces could be spread and secured in that position and the ladies' legs with them if the Dominants so desired. Once spread and locked in that very open station, there would be nothing that would impede access to the area between each woman's legs. The chairs could be raised and/or lowered by use of an apparatus not unlike a barber's chair pedal. The chairs were quite ingenious and also appeared quite functional if one's goal was unfettered access to the subject sitting on the apparatus.

The seats on which the six white women sat were arranged to form a sort of semi-circle with the women facing out, their backs to the middle of the room and ample space on every side, front and back, to provide access to anyone who wanted it. Their ankles and knees were shackled to the legs of the chairs and were tightly closed at the moment, but their hands were allowed to remain free to move about as the women wished.

Despite the familiarity with which each of us men had treated the women, the fact that each tried to, and was abundantly assisted in being able to, sit with her knees as tightly pressed together as possible, in the manner that every mother had taught her daughter, was evident and each would have been the picture of prim and proper femininity if we did not know that their ultimate purpose was to be the object of the sexual attentions of five Black couples for the remainder of the visit.

Our significant others seemed somewhat amused by the fact that we were naked and tried to let us know by their smiles but, thankfully, they were not in a position to speak to us or otherwise let us share their thoughts. Their grins, however, spoke as loudly as any boisterous statement and each of the white men was forced to acknowledge that the women's modesty was enviable for the time being. Annie winked at me to let me know that all was well with her and that she appreciated the privacy of her somewhat elegant wrap, for now. I, for one, was also relieved that they were ordered to be silent for I was not in no mood for what I suspected would be their demeaning comments about our uncovered condition. At any rate, my imagination was racing with fantasies of the upcoming evening.

We nude men were ushered into the kitchen by our hostess and each was assigned a particular job to perform. One was to be a bartender, two were made food waiters, another was ordered to perform as a food assembler, and the last two of us, including me, were to act as drink servers.

The food menu consisted of finger sandwiches, canapés and the like, modest but appetizing and I was getting hungry, not having eaten since I arrived; the drink options were endless.

Upon reentering the living room, I was instructed in my duties as a drink server by the Master host. In essence it was simple, I was to take a drink order from any of the hosts' guests, relay it to the bartender and, the drink having been made, deliver the drink to the requesting party; I thought that I could handle such a simple task, even nude and being distracted by the presence of our women and the soon-to-be arriving guests.

The guests began to arrive shortly after we were instructed about how to perform our domestic duties. I speculated about the approximate time of their arrival but I could not be sure how late it was. I began to take drink orders immediately and, other than being embarrassed by my nudity in comparison to their elegant dress, I found the interactions with the guests to be without uncomfortable incident. They seemed to be much more interested in getting to know and explore the white women.

When all of the guests had arrived, four couples in all, the guests and our hosts began to show an even more intimate interest in the semi-circle of angelic white women sitting demurely in the great room. After their initial drink order had been filled, each couple would take its time appraising each of the women, in turn, walking slowly around the semi-circle of chairs and each woman, discussing among themselves their impressions of the entertainment, without apparent consideration for the presence or discretion of each woman.

Periodically, I noticed that a man or woman would reach a hand out and caress a white woman's hair or cheek, inspect a mouth or lips, weigh and squeeze a breast or look over the area between the legs of a particular woman. As the examination continued, the lower parts of the chairs were locked in more and more open positions. The function was often accomplished with a stern command of "Spread your legs, bitch," or words to that effect, if the woman who was being studied were not quick to do so, and I saw that each of the white women ultimately complied without hesitation. Once opened, the legs, which were still appended to the chairs' at the knees and ankles, were never allowed to be closed again and remained akimbo, much to the delight of the nude male waiters and guests alike. The women were slowly being stripped, revealed and opened to the inspections of the guests.

There were many other comments made during these inspections, such as, "these tits are pretty", "look at the size or color of these nipples" or "feel how wet the pussy is on this whore and we haven't even started using it yet".

The black women seemed intrigued by the variations in the colors of the areolae of the whites and often commented on the various shade of pink, brown and red. The diaphanous white gowns that had protected our women from prying eyes and overexposure became more and more in disarray. Sashes were pulled open to inspect bare skin and were not reclosed, legs were pulled apart and knees were not allowed to retouch until the women were basically nude and spread from the waist down, available to be seen, groped and used by our hosts and their guests.

I noted with glee that the pompous white girls, who had thought our nudity was so amusing, were now sitting with legs permanently ranged and breasts exposed to the view of these guests, our hosts and us men. There was no privacy, now, for any of them or us, and it was an exciting sight to see the women so humiliated when only a short time before they had reveled in our nudity and humiliation.

I was beginning to enjoy the thought that these women were going to get exactly what they deserved and that I would be happy to observe their use and objectification, even that of my Annie.

Our host and hostess, after a brief time, asked the assistance of the guests in removing the disheveled, white robes from the females. Without delay, each robe was summarily removed as our women were commanded to lift their pert bottoms in order to allow their being totally disrobed. Their white mantles having been removed, the now naked white women's hands were also shackled to the sides of the chairs, their legs and ankles rewrapped at the eye bolts so that no appreciable movement of the legs could be accomplished. The white women were now totally vulnerable to the black partygoers, as we men had been for some time and, perhaps, even more so.

In the midst of the appraisals, probably about a fifteen minutes after the guests had arrived, a particularly pretty, thin, light skinned black woman approached me and ordered me to bring her a glass of red wine, merlot, as I recall. I quickly complied and, when I returned, she asked me which of the white whores belonged to me. Though it seemed rather obvious to me since both she and I had the numbers "three" written all over our pallid skin, I pointed out Annie.

She left for a moment and brought back her gentleman companion. She identified Annie. "This is his slut", she informed him without regard to my hearing her tell him.

"Why don't you give her a little taste of what she has coming, while I take him upstairs and make him eat my pussy? The white whores rated him the best at eating pussy, so I want to use him before he is worn out by this group of insatiable ebony beauties."

I was shocked to learn for the first time by that statement, that, apparently, the white women had been required to compile their thoughts about each white man by rating our abilities to orally satisfy their wishes and needs. We learned later that they had also rated the size of our cocks and our capacity for anal abuse. Much to my ultimate chagrin, I seemingly didn't win any major accolades in the cock department and my anal capacity, thankfully, never became a matter that needed to be discussed that day. I gathered that these ratings were all intended to be part of the humiliation for us and the entertainment for our hosts and the other black "guests".

About the time of this diversion, the host and hostess also directed the guests' attentions to their nicely appointed television sets to watch, variously, a video of the white women abusing the white men in the ladies' lounge and the white men, on another set, taking advantage of the white women with abandon and delight. None of us had been aware that the activities were being filmed and each of us seemed appropriately ashamed of his or her actions that we thought were being performed in utter secrecy, especially away from the knowing eyes of our significant others. The guests seemed visibly entertained by seeing our mistreatment at the hands of our own ilk and often provided commentary to show their delight in our misdeeds toward each other.

While the movies ran downstairs, I was led to a bedroom on the second floor of the now familiar home and the black woman ordered me to kneel at the foot of the bed. She was wearing a wraparound skirt, which she quickly removed, and no panties. When she was comfortable, she lay back on the bed, spread her legs and commanded me to make her understand "why the white whores had rated my mouth as the most satisfying among the white men".

I happily bent to the task and soon had her hot and wet. I began at the bottom of the small area between her anus and her vagina and licked in small circles, slowly making my way upward until I reached the distended button of her clitoris. I continued to lick slowly as I sucked gently on her tender, but obviously distended, pleasure button as she let me know by her gyrations and moans that she was enjoying my efforts. I made sure to tease both her outer and inner labia, making sure that no part of this most intimate area went without proper attention. I knew that she expected me to give my most attentive effort and I didn't want to disappoint her.

As I bent to my duties, I marveled at the variations in color in her most private area, the exterior of her labia majora were of the blackest and silkiest skin I had ever seen. As I licked my way inward, her hidden, inner lips revealed an almost reddish hue, slick with her lubricating fluids and smooth surfaces slippery to both my touch and my tongue. I loved the taste and the bouquet of her black girl parts and I found myself entranced by the effects of my labors and the copious fluids that ensued between the legs of this magnificent specimen of black womankind.

As my licking, flicking and sucking continued, she instructed me to insert a finger into her vagina. I did so and found, to my delight, that her pussy was continuing to reward me with a wet, slick slipperiness that told me what and where she wanted my sustained devotions. She came, noisily, again and again as I continued to lick, flick and suck her steamy slit and clit. With each succeeding orgasm, she became more boisterous, screaming her satisfaction in the end, much to my delight.

I was lost in the enjoyment of pleasing this woman in such a satisfying manner and I felt I could have gone on for hours providing such intimate supplication. Just as I was thinking that she would never tire of the treatment, suddenly she said, "Stop" and our tryst abruptly ended.

She had used me as she wanted and was through with me. There were no thanks given and no commendation expressed. She simply replaced her skirt and I followed her back to the party room without further conversation. She made not so much as a comment about my oral abilities to her boyfriend or any of the other women.

I learned later that her significant other had made himself quite familiar with Annie in our absence but that part of the story will be told elsewhere and by others.

After my first trip upstairs, two additional of the ebony guest ladies took their turns making me eat their pussies as the party grew into full progression. As the first black female had done, each of the latter two also commanded that I lick around their back entrances as well pleasure their pussies and I did as I was commanded to their apparent satisfaction until each of them also simply stopped my attentions and commanded me to return to my wait-staff duties.

I was enjoying giving the oral attentions and it appeared that each of them, too, was having a good time but when they were done with me, they simply stopped accepting my adoration and that was that. Not once did I hear any word of gratefulness or receive applause for my efforts. Likewise, I saw no appreciation for the labors of any other of the white men. It seemed odd to me at the time and quite distant but, as I have reminisced, it now also seems that it had been most appropriate. We whites were, after all, entertainment and not people or lovers in the eyes of those whom we had tried so hard to please.

I have often wondered, in retrospect, how I and the others had performed in comparison to like-kind activities the women were used to from their own men but, alas, I will never know and those answers, like so many from the party, remain unrequited in my speculative mind.

Others of the white men were also taken from the central site of the party at various times by black guests, both male and female to be used to satisfy whatever the black Master's or Mistress's preferential desire, I could only presume. I never learned to what abuses they were exposed, as we were never relieved of our oath of silence or allowed to recap the party among ourselves, but I'm sure that they were as thoroughly engaged by the various guests as I had been.

All in all, I wished that I could have been the proverbial fly on the wall in each of the upstairs bedrooms as the party progressed. The variety and intensity of the sexual sessions was certainly something I would have enjoyed viewing and/or hearing, voyeur and pervert that I am.

Because our women were shackled to their chairs, their mouths and fingers were unavailable to be used by the blacks in the same manner as those of their white male counterparts, but I had the distinct impression that, by the way some of the Black women touched and explored the white feminine bodies, the female entertainers would also have been made to orally satisfy the Black women just as readily as we men had if they had been more easily accessible. At any rate, the women had certainly not been ignored as the inspections and various trysts between the black women and the white men had been accomplished and I could see as I viewed each of them in their exposed state that their genitalia and other girl parts had been made ready for the next phase of the party, a stage which inevitably seemed that it would culminate in their further sexual abuse. Each of the white women was flushed from cheek to bared tummy and their reddened, distended, pudenda were wet and slick with their secretions, ready for the next phase.

The guests had been at the party for something approaching an hour when the host ordered each of the white men to kneel between the legs of his female companion facing away from her.

The chairs upon which the white girls were seated were rolled forward and rearranged in a single line, all much closer to each other and approximately centered in the great expanse of the room in which they were stationed; the televisions were turned off and the Black women were comfortably seated perhaps eight or ten feet from and facing the settled, obscenely spread and exposed white women. Each of the Black men removed his trousers, seeming very comfortable with their nudity in front of us and both the white and the black women. Our host articulated the rules of the next phase of the party to all of us assembled.

Speaking directly to us white men, he said matter of factly, "Each of your whores is going to be fucked by each of my guests. It will probably be the first time that they have been properly sexually taken care of in their entire lives. While my friends are seeing to your women, you will be sure that your whore's pussy is clean and usably wet before and after each fuck and that each of my guests' cocks are properly stimulated prior to each entry and cleaned after each withdrawal."

"You will be our 'fluffers', as the term is generally used in swinging circles, a job usually reserved for white women in our normal group activities; but you will just have to do since your women are going to serve a different function for the next little bit. Whichever of you whose whore is not currently being used will be sure that all of my guests' drinks are full and that my guests are otherwise comfortable. If any of you does not understand, please let me know now because I don't want to have to give any instructions once the pleasuring of my guests begins."

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