tagGroup SexThe Party House Ch. 02

The Party House Ch. 02

byLady Lay©

Gazing down into my eyes was Matt, Babs husband, his raging hard-on pressing against my stomach as his hands moved over my breasts and down my sides.

“MMMmmm, baby, I can wait for you, you need a break”. Smiling down at me, Matt was as tan as Ed, maybe a few inches taller, with a broad white smile and laugh lines around his dark, green penetrating eyes.

We grabbed our towels and headed for the living room, his wrapped around his slim hips and mine wrapped under my arms and tucked in just above my breasts. No one bothered putting their clothes back on once they had taken them off. Clothes were in little piles on the floor, some on chairs some folded neatly on different end tables or just below them beside the many sofas. Those sitting near the fire were wearing sheer lingerie the type that just barely covered their behinds when they stood up, most of the guys were just wearing their boxers or a towel, like Matt was.

Couples were coming in from outside to warm up by the fire or in the showers while others were making their way up the stairs passing those that were coming down. It appeared that most of them were ready to hit the kegs again and relax beside that big hearth in the living room.

Ed rejoined his wife Megan as they coiled up in front of the fire. Their legs entangled, their toes playing with each other. She was leaning back into his arms.

Matt brought me a cooler as I curled up in the corner of an over stuffed sofa. He sat himself on the floor between my legs, running his fingertips down them as he sipped on his beer.

“So what do you think of our little get together?” Ed asked, smiling up at me as he ran his cold glass against my leg.

“These parties could become addictive," I smirked, giving his lips a wet, open kiss.

“Finish your drink, and lets see if I can convince you to come back for the next one.” Smiling, he lifted my towel and brushed his chilled finger against my clit causing me to wiggle further down into the soft cushions, and then he straightened my towel, kissed my thigh and sipped again on his beer.

The room filled and became alive again with the chatter of buzzing voices, the music was slow and romantic…not the booming speakers that first greeted us earlier in the evening. Everyone was sipping on one drink or another…mellow…just enough to heighten the senses. I took a drink and wondered where Blake was.

Tightening my towel around me and leaving Matt on the floor beside the sofa I found my way to the tiny sandwiches, putting a few on a paper plate. Then I saw Blake approaching, and he was holding a beautiful satin hunter green baby doll nightgown. He wrapped an arm around my waist then leaned me backwards bracing me with his arm. He kissed me so hard it took my breath away.

“For you,” he gestured to the gown. “I noticed your towel was still damp”.

Peeking over at Matt who was now standing beside me grinning, I let my towel drop to the floor and let Blake slip the gown over my shoulders.

“Perfect…it brings out the color of your eyes”, Blake and Matt beamed as they walked around me, their eyes roaming up and down my frame, tugging and straightening the hem, inspecting his work.

Matt picked up the towel and handed it to Blake who disappeared as quickly as he had appeared.

“Are you ready Baby to go see what’s up there”? I simply nodded, as I felt his hand reaching between my thighs.

We walked up the staircase, where we entered a hallway with four bedroom doors that were partly open. I took a glance in the rooms as we walked down the hall. In one of the smaller rooms, a couple was in full heat while two guys were standing over them with their cocks in their hands…watching…moving their hands up and down over those engorged wands.

In a candlelit room there were two women and a man on the bed. He was on his back as he licked one of them and the other woman had his cock in her mouth. On the floor beside them on a pile of pillows, a man was frantically humping a woman on all fours. The room was full of moans and groans as the candles flickered shadows on the wall.

We moved down the hall and entered the master bedroom. Mattresses from both queen beds were on the floor, and couples were everywhere. The air was thick with the mixed smell of wet hot sex and cum. The raw wild smell permeated everything. Bodies were tangled over and under each other. Matt, still holding my hand, led me into the room. He laid down in a small space between a couple of hot sweaty bodies and pulled me down on top of him.

Straddling his chest I leaned over placing my hands on both sides of him and with an open mouth pressed my tongue in between his lips. He grabbed my forearms and pulled me down hard on him, forcing his tongue to the back of my mouth, causing me to moan as I started to move my wet opening back and forth on his ribcage. His hot rigid seven inches of growing manhood begged for attention, so I wiggled down his chest rubbing my clit against his body.

The sea of warm flesh moved aside as he rolled me over, our mouths still locked as his hands moved down to my breasts, squeezing them, causing my nipples to peak. Groping hands began rubbing my ankles and legs as his weight pinned me against the mattress. Someone grabbed my hands and pulled them up above my head as Matt slid down my body with his tongue.

I felt another set of hands squeezing and rubbing my breasts as Matt's hands moved down between my thighs finding and caressing the wetness. The intoxicating smell of the room and the foreign hands that were groping my body had me in such a sexual state of excitement that the mere feel of Matt's hand on my entrance was almost enough to send me over the edge.

Whoever was holding my hands over my head released them long enough to straddle my chest and place his cock on the lips of my mouth. My tongue reached for it, as my hands moved up and down the long thick shaft. He sat up on his knees and pushed it into my mouth. Swirling my tongue around the head and running a finger down the underside until my hands reached his weighty spheres. Gently rolling the orbs in my hand, my tongue continued to slide across the tip of his cock, he started to move his cock in and out of my mouth.

My hips were moving up and down on Matt’s finger, trying to get more and more of him inside me as I sucked on this new cock. Reeling from the continued sensation of being touched by flesh on every part of my body, a powerful orgasm began to build deep within me. I felt the hot stiff cock withdraw from my mouth, as the unidentified man returned to his place above my head and again grabbed my arms, holding them down against the mattress with one hand as he stroked himself with the other.

Matt was between my legs, his eyes fixed on mine, my arms trapped above my head, as he moved two curled fingers inside me, his mouth on my clit, sucking and nibbling. Then I could feel his tongue tracing down my slit and then enter me, snaking in and out, my knees bent and my hips rising pushing my wetness against his mouth.

I then noticed through the shadows of the door that a new figure was entering our playpen…it was Blake. Holding his drink as he sat in a chair next to us, he tipped his wrist slightly - a toast for me. Then he leaned back in his chair, crossed his legs, sipped his drink and watched as I squirmed.

Matt’s withering tongue drew my attention away from Blake. My stomach tensing, my back arching…fighting the hands that kept my arms against the bed…

“Matt…Matt…I'm Cumming…Yes... Yes... I'm Cumming!!!"

Suddenly, Blake...Master…was on his knees beside me…whispering in my ear…

“NO BABY!! NOT YET.” My head turned and looked into his eyes. My mouth was so dry, my stomach so tense from Matt’s tongue and fingers moving in and out of me. Release was so urgent…I looked into Masters eyes again pleading, begging…

“Relax…control it.” He whispered as he ran his tongue around the edge of my ear then bit down on my neck, helping me stem the forces building inside me. He dipped his fingers in his iced drink then on my lips and whispered again, “don’t let it control you.”

I took a very deep breath trying to let my body relax. The sensations still there but letting the tenseness move out of my stomach…relax…concentrate…out of my arms…out of my legs…concentrate…just feel the warmth… I felt the onrushing waves continue to build, but I was able to keep them from overflowing me.

Matt looked up at Blake, nodding with a smile etched on his face…

“Mount her.” Blake ordered. The power of his voice radiated throughout me as I glanced at him then at Matt. Matt removed his fingers and tilted his cock in between my thighs, lubricating it with the wetness that was dripping down between my legs. He played with his cock at my entrance. I strained and pushed, my pussy reaching, begging for his cock.

He placed his hands on my waist moving his hips round and round on my mound. His cock was moving back and forth through the slipperiness of my lips.

“Relax Baby, wait for it.” Blake whispered.

Matt glancing once again at Master…at Blake…I also looked at Master, my eyes pleading for him to tell Matt to enter me…

“Slow Matt, let her control it.” Matt began to enter me, the feel of him inside me, just the head of his cock inside me, was creating such heat that my body began to shudder.

Relax…breathe deep…relax…control it…my eyes closed...feeling his manhood slide deeper and deeper inside me pushing, spreading my walls…

“God Blake, she is so hot…her pussy is so hot against my cock…she is so tight... damn... she feels so good.” Matt’s breathing becoming more labored as he slowly impaled me...until I finally felt his balls swaying back and forth against my ass…

“Now roll her over.” Blake’s commanding voice still guiding us…Matt held me as he moved into the sea of flesh that still kept us captive on the mattress…the hands that held my hands let go and I reached for Matt, holding him as he moved me on top of him.

Bracing my hands on his chest, I sat up and began to move slowly up and down on his shaft. His eyes were closed as his hands cupped and squeezed my breasts then moved down and encircled my waist. Leaning over him and kissing his mouth, we began to grind our hips faster against each other, creating more moans and gasps to be shared with the others in the room.

Suddenly, with my ass in the air, I felt warm soft hands exploring it, rubbing it, as I continued to move up and down on Matt’s cock. Blake stood up and removed his boxers letting them drop to the floor. His cock was larger than Matt’s and was fully swollen. The tip was pulsing as his hand moved slowly up and down the shaft. A drop of pre-cum glistening on the head, he moved it close to my mouth. My tongue eagerly licked away the sweet drop then I quickly swallowed him, flicking my tongue across the head inside my mouth.

He withdrew himself from my mouth and moved behind me, pushing my body forward until I am sure he was getting a very good look at my ass. Feeling a very slippery cool substance on his hands, I was sure he was using some KY Jelly. There were tubes of it lying all over the room.

His finger entered me from behind, I gasped, wanting so desperately to let go. The waves of energy inside me were building to a crescendo, sweat poured off my body. Mixed with Matt’s sweat our bodies slid across each other, as we quickened our pace. Blake leaned close to my ear, nibbling on it, whispering… “Wait…not yet Baby”.

I felt a finger play at the rim of my backdoor. Suddenly, it entered, scissoring inside my backside. I was able to maintain control as I felt the finger withdraw and more gel poured between my cheeks, cooling my heated back entrance. I continued moving up and down on Matt’s throbbing cock, faster now, harder, taking Matt in as deep as my hips would allow, knowing Matt wanted to cum as badly as I did…both of us waiting for his command…

Then I felt his cock at the entrance to my ass. Blake rubbed his member around the much-lubed hole as Matt and I continued to grind our selves against each other’s sweat soaked bodies…


I screamed as I felt Blake enter me from behind, taking me all at once, his cock pressing against Matt’s with just the fine membrane separating the two. Beads of sweat poured into my eyes, Blake’s hand in my hair pulling it back as the nails of his other hand ran down my back. Ablaze from the heat of both penetrations searing through me I forced myself back down on Matt, his growl as loud as mine as his hips rose off the mattress burying his self as deep inside me as he could, grabbing and pinching my breasts painfully as his hot seed started shooting deep inside me. I felt the onrushing waves crash through my control, flooding my entire body with an orgasm I never thought possible. My entire body shook as my nerves went into a frenzy.

Blinding…searing heat…raging through my body, spiraling to my brain then charging down into my spine and finally releasing through every digit of my hands and feet…collapsing…totally exhausted…trying to catch my breath…leaning over Matt, a drop of sweat falling from my hair onto his chest. He reached up and pulled my mouth down to his, gently kissing. I saw his eyes look up as I felt someone’s arms move under my knees and behind my back, wrapping me in their arms as they lifted me off the floor and pulled me close to their chest. Leaning over again with me in his arms, he grabbed the green gown and let it drift across my breasts as he carried me out of the darkened room.

Looking in his eyes as he carried me down the hall, the word “NOW!!!” kept ringing in my ears. Orgasmic tremors continued to race through my brain and wash through my body. I wrapped my arms around his neck, and rested my head against his chest, feeling safe and content. He put me down when we reached the first floor. Leaning down he retrieved the satin piece of lingerie that had fallen to the floor…

“Raise your arms love.” He let the satin fall over my arms and glided it over my breasts and down my stomach. He reached down between my thighs, cupping my mound, the warmth rekindled a flame as his mouth pressed down on mine, kissing me hard.

Giving me a loud smack on my bare ass, he lead me across the room to get some of those tiny sandwiches and fresh glasses filled with ice for our coolers. By now, the hearth was empty except for a few stragglers moving in and out from the pool to upstairs. Blake grabbed some firewood off the stack and placed them in the fireplace, stoking them with a poker to rekindle the fire.

We sat on the rug in front of the fire waiting for the logs to catch. Blake was a man of few words but as I learned tonight his words carried a lot of power. He knew how to make his voice gentle, whispers that caught and held your attention; whispers that made you want to do what he asked. Then he had a tone that demanded you do what he wanted. That was the voice that echoed in your mind as you gazed into his eyes knowing his every word held meaning. I sat with my knee against his, staring into the fire then up at him, wondering about this Adonis, this perfect man, this man who made me hold back…this man who seemed to know exactly when to let me release…

“I have to go check the fire out back, want to go along for the walk?” He stood up and offered his hand.

“With you and Matt dripping down my leg I’ll be attacked by every bug within a four mile radius.” He smiled and leaned into me, putting his hand between my legs. He coated his fingers with the cum that was still running down my leg, then brought them up to his mouth then to mine, teasing me. My mouth opened eagerly as I kissed and sucked on his fingers, tasting my juices.

“Let’s see if I can find a pair of sweats for you to wear. I don’t want anything biting your butt except me,” he said with a smile while squeezing my thighs.

He was walking down the hall when I heard a joyful "Hey lady!"

It was Sue wearing a pastel pink transparent piece of satin lingerie that floated around her as she moved.

“You forgot to tell me to bring my jamies.” Laughing at her as she danced across the room, a glazed look of total contentment in her eyes. It was the look you get when you’ve been thoroughly and completely fucked. I was wondering if I had that look…

“How’s it going with you-know-who?” She asked as she plopped herself down beside me.

“You-know-who is getting me some sweats so we can go check the campfire. He’s a Dom Sue, you know how I feel about that.”

“Aaahh, is he reaaaallllyyyy?” she said, her eyes sparkling with mischief as they met mine.

Just then Blake came back with a set of dark blue satin sweats and handed them to me. Sue grinned at me then wrapped her arms around Blake’s neck and stood on her tiptoes as he leaned down and kissed her.

“See you in a while, don’t let the bugs bit." She was laughing as she went to the refrigerator and got a few pieces of ice, she dropped them in a cup and headed back upstairs.

Blake turned around and watched me intently as I pulled on the bottoms of the dark blue satin sweats. I raised my arms again for him to remove my satin gown. Catching my arms in the lingerie he twisted his hands, wrapping and holding my arms in place over my head as his mouth again pressed down on mine. The fingers of his other hand traced down between my breasts as his mouth and that talented tongue moved across my nipples making them writher and become taut, pointing at him as he took them in his mouth.

Letting go of the gown he reached for the blue satin top that matched the bottoms and pulled it down over my arms. My hardened nipples sticking through the soft delicate fabric were begging for attention. He moved around me as though surveying his work. Holding my hand he guided me towards the den and out the patio door to the dirt road that led to the campfire.

As we walked to the fire at the back of his acreage he began talking about how his Dad had owned this land before him. There used to be row upon row of raspberry bushes behind the house. He often came home early during his senior year and found his parents in between the bushes, his Mom wearing a pink satin gown that reached her toes hiked up to her waist as his Dad took her from behind. He said he would hide behind the drapes in the den and watch as they made love out in the open thinking there was no one around for miles, never guessing that he was watching them. Mom was always barefoot, Dad would rub her feet at night and she would rub his shoulders, the sounds from their room after the lights went out seemed so natural to him, natural but arousing.

He wasn’t married, had never been married, and was thirty-six years old…still looking for that someone that would fit his lifestyle. He was a Dom, born that way, knew how to control people with his voice. He had never used whips and chains or handcuffs or ropes, he believed in control…the ability to control himself as well as someone else during a passionate orgasmic climactic experience with just his voice.

Walking beside this man who seemed much too gentle to be a Dom but who had already shown me his ability to control and excite the endorphins that raged through my body, we stopped as I pulled his mouth down to mine, wanting him much more than I had ever wanted anyone.

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