tagLoving WivesThe Party Room

The Party Room

byJeremy Davis©

My wife is normally kind of shy around new poeple, and even when she does talk to them she is timid and very guarded. Imagine my surprise when I saw what my wife was doing with Candy in the private dance booth at a local strip club. I'm getting ahead of myself though, let me start at the begining.

We had just stepped out of the shower and were getting ready to go out when I asked my wife, Shay, what she would like to do this evening. With three kids and limited babysitting, we seldom get to go out alone and there are months between our dates, so I wanted to make sure that we both decided what we were going to do. "I thought we were going to dinner and to City Limits." Shay said as she slid on a pair of red thongs with black trim over her long beautiful legs. My wife is average as far as height and weight, and while I think they are nice, she complains about how small her breasts are. However my wife's most outstanding features are her long legs and her spankable ass.

She usually keeps her long brown hair back in a ponytail or what I like to call a half ponytail -sides pulled back in a ponytail with the rest hanging loose- However tonight she pulled her hair back and put it into a large clippy and left two tendrils hang down, one on either side of her face. "Why dont we goto the Party Room of The Palace instead of the bar tonight? I wouldn't mind scouting it out with you before Tim's Bachelor Party tomorrow night." I said as I watched her scanning her closet for an outfit to wear. Though it takes her twice as long as it does me, I love laying on the bed and watching her look through her closet. The way she wiggles her ass when she is pulling dresses and skirts on and off gives me an instant errection every time. After some thought and a few different outfits, Shay agreed to goto the Palace and also chose a outfit to wear. Her decision was a black mini-skirt with a white shirt that tied up in the front and to put some accent on her legs, a pair of thigh high boots. Cleaned and dressed, we went downstairs, made sure the babysitter was situated and given all of the information she would need, then left heading off to dinner.

Dinner was full of small talk, but pretty much uneventful. Shay and I talked about our day and how the evening was going, then our talk turned to what we expected from The Party Room at the strip club. We had only found out days earlier that The Party Room existed. We had been to The Palace strip club countless times, but we never knew that The Party Room offered complete nudity, not the topless dancing that the Palace had. The price to get into the Party Room was very reasonable, and when I told Shay about it I could see her eyes light up. After our sixth wedding aniversary, Shay and I started to talk about fantasies and desires we had. It was during these discussions that I found out that Shay was bi-curious. Since the day I found out, I've done everything in my power to give her the oppertunities for this fantasy to come true. It was at this time that Shay and I had started visiting the strip clubs in our town, and even though quite a few of the strippers expressed interest in us, we never had the chance to take it further than visiting them at the clubs. I wasn't necessarily upset though because when I would get her home Shay and I would have amazing sex.

We finished our dinner, paid, then left the resturant and headed to The Palace. We circled the building twice before we found the entrance to The Party Room, the door that led in was nestled in an alcove and was virtually hidden from view from the street. We parked the car and got out, and after Shay adjusted her outfit we walked upto the door and entered the building. The entrance door opened up into a small landing and a small flight of steps, once we got to the top of the stairs, we turned and were in front of another door. Once we opened that door, we entered a long room lighted by florecent black light tubes. The walls of the room were lined with posters and bumperstickers that glowed under the black lights, and occasionally you would see a sign reminding the patrons to keep their hands to themselves. Loud music from a small sterio system, and a haze of smoke from cigerettes filled the room. The two longer walls of the room had a single row of chairs, and dispite the fact that it was after ten o'clock at night, there were only two other men in the room.

We were greeted by a dancer who entroduced herself as Cindy, who was a bit on the chunky side, but not overweight by any stretched of the imagination, and not unattractive. Cindy had a rather thick blanket wrapped around the lower half of her body, but left her larger breasts exposed. As I paid our way in and got our change in one dollar bills to tip the dancers with, I noticed Shay scanning the other two dancers as they danced for the other patrons. After handing me my change, Cindy remined us that we could not touch the dancers and that private dances were offered and were given in two small booths on either side of the room and lasted for a single song. The price for a dance was ten dollars and before I could respond to Cindy, Shay grabbed my arm and pulled me over to a few chairs on the side of the room where a cute blonde dancer was working.

The blonde dancer took notice to us as we moved to our seats and I couldnt catch what Shay said or did to the dancer, but i did notice that the dancer laughed and gave Shay a wink. We no sooner got situated in our seats when the dancer moved over to us and entroduced herself as Candy. The next song had started to play and before I could give Shay a few dollars to have for tips, Candy opened Shay's legs and lept into my wife's lap. Shay's eyes were priceless. I don't think she realised that even though we were not allowed to touch them, the dancers could touch us all they wanted. I watched as Candy rubbed herself against Shay, then she grabbed my wife's breasts and started to roughly message them. All my wife could do is sit on her hands and watch as Candy stood on the chair between Shay's legs and started to grind her pussy in front of my wife's face. Candy then pulled out the garder that held a few dollars and my wife took a dollar from the few I had given her and slid it between Candy's skin and the garder.

It was now my turn to enjoy the blonde dancer, and Candy greeted me in much the same way as she did Shay, however before she lept into my lap, she sank to her knees between my legs and rubbed her cheeks against my inner thighs. As Candy danced for me, I watched her breasts sway and jiggle in front of and against my face, then I got to see the pink folds of her pussy as she thrusted it inches from my face. I could smell the musky sent Candy's pussy had and I looked over at Shay and saw that she was enjoying the show as much as I was.

The dancers took a small break, and while they were drying off and putting thongs and bras back on, Shay turned to me and gave me a passionate kiss. Our tongues toyed between our mouths.

"So how long have you two been together?"

Shay and I broke our kiss and looked up to see that we were joined by Candy who was now in a lacy baby doll top and red thong.

"It will be ten years in October," Shay said with a smile.

Shay and Candy then started talking, each asking and giving until after five minutes Candy found out that Shay and I were married, have three kids, enjoy coming to clubs and that Shay liked Candy's eyes and hair. Shay found out that Candy lived 20 miles away, had a little boy, and only danced at The Palace's Party Room on Friday nights. Soon the music started and Candy stood up and started to dance for us.

Candy started to work in front of Shay, and soon, she wiggled out of the red thong she had put on so that it hooked onto her right ankle. Candy then lifted her foot, extended it towards Shay and asked Shay to remove it. When Shay went to grab the panties, Candy pulled her foot away.

"Use your teeth, Sweetheart."

I smirked when I heard her not thinking my wife would be so bold, but my wife leaned forwards, took the thong between her teeth and slipped them off of Candy's ankle. Now growing bolder by the minute, Shay tucked the thong in her shirt. Candy faked that she was sad, but before she could move in and get her thong back Shay stood and asked me for enough money to pay for a private dance. I handed Shay enough for the dance and some tip money. She gave me a kiss, and asked if I minded. When I reassured her that it was ok, the girls gave Cindy the Dance money, then disappeared in one of the booths.

With Shay and Candy in a booth, I turned my attention to the other dancers, but before I could wave any of them over, my lap was filled with Cindy and her two large boobs surrounded my face. Cindy and I talked some as she danced for me and she had the same questions Candy had: Were Shay and I married? How long? Did Shay mind places like this? I'm used to answering those questions though, as we get them at every strip club we visit. It wasn't until after Cindy was done dancing for me that I realized that Shay and Candy had been in the booth for three songs and that the forth was starting. Cindy knocked on the booth, said something I couldn't hear, then opened the door. She stopped before entering the booth, shook her head then laughed and when Shay and Candy left the booth I could see what was funny. Both of them had a nice flush of pink to their skin, and Shays hair was undone. I also took note that Candy had her thong back, and allowed my mind to fill in the blanks.Shay took her seat beside me, and before I could say a word to her. My lap was filled with Candy's body.

"And what were you two doing in the booth for so long?" I asked looking between the two of them.

"She just got her thong back, and we talked while she danced for me," Shay assured me with an innocent smile.

Candy finished her dance for me and then returned her attentions back to my wife. I could now tell something had happened between them as Candy now was dancing more intimatley for my wife. I also saw that Shay was growing more bold as the night wore on and she and Candy increased the sexual tension in the air. Candy leaned in and whispered something to my wife. Whatever Candy said, Shay agreed to and they both asked me for enough money for another private dance knowing that the two girls were up to something, I slowly hander over the money. However I didn't let it go until Shay kissed me deeply. Once again alone in the booth, the girls were out of the view of the rest of us in the Party Room. I sat back in my chair as the other two dancers worked the other side of the room and wondered what Candy and Shay were doing. The one song I paid for came to an end and when neither of the girls left the booth, I could not take it anymore. I got out of my chiar and walked over to the booth. The door was partially opened and when I looked in I was shocked at what I saw.

My wife was sitting in the padded chair, her head leaning back and her hips on the edge of the seat. Her white shirt was untied and her skirt was hicked up around her waste. Apperently Shay had either removed her panties or Candy had taken them, because her shaved pussy was clearly in view and Candy was licking her pink folds like a kitten. Shay was moaning and gasping, but the noise of the music drown them out hiding them from everyone else's ears. I sat back and watched as Candy fucked my wife's pussy with her tongue while she toyed with her nipples. My cock rapidy came to attention watching them but I could do nothing with it even if I wanted to.

Candy lifted her head from Shay's pussy. My wife's cum glistened on Candy's chin, then she started licking and sucking on my wife's nipples. Candy sensing that Shay needed more stimulation, buried two fingers in Shay's sopping puss and started to piston them in and out of Shays depths. I could tell Shay was close to having an orgasm because she started to bite down on her bottom lip and her body started to shudder. Candy seeing this used her other hand to caress Shay's clit sending my wife crashing to an intense orgasm. After Shay had calmed, Candy pressed her lips to my wife's and the girls played tongue tag between their moths.

"It's your turn, " I heard my wife whisper to her new lover. I watched as Candy climbed up onto the chair in front of Shay and Shay grabbed Candy's ass pulling Candy's pussy towards her mouth. Candy must have been really aroused because as soon as my wife's tongue touched Candy's pussy, she started moaning. I saw the glistening line of love juices, as Shay started to take her first taste of another pussy. The juices she didn't capture with her tongue running down Candy's legs. Though it was her first time with another woman, Shay must have been doing good because Candy was grinding her pussy into my wife's face. Her juices covering Shay's nose and mouth. Candy cried out that she was coming and grabbed Shay's hand with one hand and grabbed the top of one of the walls of the booth with her other one. Though I couldn't see exactly what Shay was doing, I could tell from Candy's reaction that Shay was making Candy's orgasm longer.

The two girls fell into one anothers arms and shared soft, sweet kisses. I watched them for another moment, then knowcked on the wall like Cindy did the last time Shay and Candy were in the Booth, then I went and sat back down in my seat. A few moments later, the girls left the booth, kissed, then waved me over. I stood up and walked to the girls. Candy gave me a kiss on the cheek and told me that she would see us again and Shay took my hand an led me outside to the van.

"Lets go to our favorite pull off," Shay said, then before I could answer, she kissed me deeply and I got to taste Candy's pussy on her mouth and tongue. Our favorite pull off was on a back road twenty minutes away from the city, and the whole time, Shay couldn't keep her hands away from my crotch. Though I wanted to simply pull over and fuck my wife, I held us both off until we got to our pull off. Once I put the van in park, and killed the lights and the engine, my door was already open by my sex crazed wife and she pulled me out and into a ravenous kiss. Before I could decide what I wanted to do next, Shay unbottened my pants, releasing my throbbing cock, and knelt down taking my cock deeply into her throat. Having watching Shay and her lover, I knew that I wouldn't last long in the warmth of her mouth and I wanted to cum down in my wife's pussy.

I pulled myself from within my wife's mouth, spun her around and pressed her body against the hood of the van. My hand instantly went to move her panties, but my hand found none. Without a word, I spread my wife's pussy lips with the head of my cock and filled her pussy till my balls slapped against her thighs. Having been given the first orgasm by Candy it wasn't long before Shay was moaning out her release. I reached my threshold at the same time and I filled my wife's pussy with cum, my cock pulsing within her as her pussy milked every last drop.

Lights on the side of the hill behind us let us know that a vehicle was heading our way. So we straightened ourselves as best we could and got back into the van. After the car went by I pulled out onto the road and headed for home. I asked Shay about her missing panties and she told me that Candy had given her the red thongs she had on, so Shay gave Candy the ones she had. Blushing Shay started telling me about what she and Candy had done in the booth. When I asked how her first time with another girl was Shay said, "I loved it! We even exchanged phone numbers." Written October 2nd, 2005

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