tagBDSMThe Party's Ripe for Caning

The Party's Ripe for Caning


It was a most unusual change for the boys in the senior class at Hamilton Hall, an elite high school, when the Headmaster, Mr. Henderson, appeared in their class to introduce them to their new home-room teacher, Miss Linda Crawford. First of all, there had never even been a woman teacher at Hamilton Hall, much less one so young as Miss Crawford, nor did it seem appropriate for this revolutionary step to begin with the senior class, all 18-year-old boys.

Miss Crawford, who was all of 24, blonde and smartly dressed, felt she was up to the challenge. She came from a diplomatic family and had been educated abroad, culminating in a First from Cambridge in history and economics. Her time at various traditional British schools imbued her with the view that corporal punishment was an admirable tool for the pedagogue.

Hamilton Hall was one of the rare schools in the U.S. that retained this by now rare practice. Masters had instructed boys for generations to lower their trousers and bend over for the cane. Serious offenses were the responsibility of the day's Duty Master, who conducted punishment sessions at the end of the day, assisted by prefects. The most egregious cases were referred to the Head, who was known to use such extreme measures as the triangle and the birching block when deemed necessary.

So when the senior home room assembled for the first time, all the boys were both astounded and actually happy to see such a lovely person placed in charge of them. Their short-lived entrancement after the Headmaster introduced Miss Crawford and departed, was cut short by her extraction from her smart fashion handbag of a small thin cane that she whistled through the air to demonstrate her intent.

"I am Miss Crawford," she began most directly, with only the slightest British accent, but even that carried the weight of the country most famous—if now mostly in the past—for use of the cane in its schools. "I know that you have not had women instructors before but I assure you that I will ensure you learn what you are supposed to here just as your male teachers. You are the seniors and therefore, the most is expected of you. I do not tolerate misbehavior and you all know what that is. When you come into this classroom, you stop chatting with your friends. You do not pass notes. You do not speak without being recognized.

"I am expected to prepare you for University. I myself graduated from Keys at Cambridge. If you do what I suggest, you will be well prepared for Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Stanford, or any of the better universities. I do not like to treat seniors as small boys, but that is how you will feel if you break the rules. I will have you bent over my desk and you will lower your trousers and shorts and feel the breeze on your bare bottom followed by the searing strokes of my cane. And if you think a woman cannot administer a severe caning, just try me.

"Lastly, you will exercise the respect I expect as a woman. You will not try to stare up my skirt or down my blouse. You will not speculate among yourselves in class as to what kind of bra or panties I am wearing, if any," she said with a grin. "Nor will you discuss my personal life in any way, including who you may see me with at the cinema or the gym. Those matters are my personal business, not yours. Anyone who offends in this way had better be prepared for some very embarrassing punishment."

"You will be prepared to do your very best work in here," she continued. "I shall grade you every day and I shall grade your papers rather harshly. Late papers receive a zero. Papers with more than two spelling mistakes receive a zero. Off-colour remarks earn you a zero for the day or the paper. Repetition of grammatical errors will earn you a zero as well."

Right as Miss Crawford was about to assign the first day's reading in English Literature, she saw a boy near the rear mutter something to his neighbor. "You," she said loudly as she pointed to the offender. "Did I not just say there was no chatting in here?"

"Well...yes, Miss," the boy, whose name was Bert and had handsome dark features that befitted his above-average height, replied.

"Come up here right now so I may deal with this," Miss Crawford snapped.

Bert rose and as he walked forward, said, "I'm sorry, Miss. I wasn't thinking when I\started to say something back there. It shan't happen again."

"It certainly shan't," Miss Crawford responded. "Lower your trousers and shorts and bend over my desk there," she pointed.

Bert realized that he would be the one to demonstrate that this new feminine regime at Hamilton Hall would be every bit as stern as the previous one they all had known. While he lowered his pants, Miss Crawford extracted her small thin cane from her large handbag.

She snapped the cane a few times in the air and the whistling sound made Bert, now bared and bent over, shiver with anticipation of hurt.

Then she lowered the cane to lie across his bottom at the widest part, drew it back, and with what clearly was an athletic arm, snapped it twice quickly in succession with some strong wrist force, across his white bottom. "Yowwwwwww!" the boy exclaimed, surprised by her infliction of the double dose of punishment. Linda knew that using two stroke increments with the cane made the disciplining that much more effective.

Linda proceeded to give him six double-strokes and the boys paid close attention to the tram stripes that appeared rapidly on his bottom as he was unable to refrain from shouting out with the searing pain he felt on his bottom. She also knew that she had been wise to wear her stylish seamed stockings on that first day so that when a boy was punished and his head bent down, he would see her lovely legs gleaming with the seamed stockings that characterized the stern female teacher.

Miss Crawford had one more surprise for him and the rest of them. She left him bare-assed and bent over while she sat at her desk and wrote out a punishment slip. She handed it to him as she told him he could recover his clothing. "You will take this slip to the Duty Master at the end of the day," she said. The class winced, knowing that this meant that poor Bert would be thrashed again at day's end by the master assigned to after-school punishment. This session was quite ceremonious, and the Duty Master was assisted by prefects.

What was worse was that Bert, or any recipient, did not know what the sealed slip said. He did not know what instructions Miss Crawford had given for his punishment. Teachers were known to add rather diabolical features to the standard impositions. In this case, Miss Crawford had taken a bit of time writing the slip so Bert assumed she had requested some devilish aspect. He did not know that she had ordered that the Duty Master precede administration of a caning with Bert's being made to wear nettles in his undershorts for a waiting period.

Miss Crawford smiled, knowing that word of the nettles—one of the most feared extras used in punishment—would get round the class soon after Bert suffered from the harsh penalty. She also felt a spurt of wetness in the crotch of her yellow bikini knickers she wore beneath her conservative skirt and sweater set. Little did the boys know that imposition of any corporal punishment raised her libido to almost uncontrollable levels. She realized that she would have to find someone with whom to have sex very soon or she might blow her top.


When Linda returned to her apartment, about a half-mile in the city from the school, she quickly shed her work clothes and headed for the shower. She soaped herself well, washed her hair with her favorite shampoo and conditioner, and then made sure after she dried off to apply her best perfume lightly in some key locations on her person. She put on her black lacy bra and matching undies and then her smart red-and-white crisp blouse and dashing navy blue skirt.

She was being picked up by one of her favorite men friends, Charles Houston, and they would be going to a Valentine's Day party given by one of his women friends whom she had not yet met.

Charles appeared at the appropriate time, with flowers correct for the day—some nice spring flowers that Linda liked—and they swept off. They were going to be among young professionals, so Charles wore a striking striped blue-and-yellow shirt open at the collar with nice dark trousers and comfortable black slip-ons. Suits for men, or women for that matter, after work had slipped off the fashion calendar by this time.

They arrived at Tracy's apartment which was gaily decorated. She grinned as Charles introduced Linda and both were handed champagne flutes bubbling with a nice Perrier-Jouet. There were a number of other couples there and they all chatted merrily as Charles made the rounds introducing Linda. One of the other women, Terry, a striking redhead, smiled when Linda was introduced to her as a schoolteacher.

"I don't suppose it's much fun these days, is it?" Terry asked, with almost a condescending tone. "After all, teachers just take crap these days and can't fight back for fear of being sued, much less punish the little devils they way they deserve."

"Au contraire," Linda smiled in responding, as all turned to listen to the assertive blonde. "I'm now the first female teacher at a boys school where they continue to use the cane and other corporal punishment. In fact, today was opening day and I caned a senior boy quite smartly," she said, recalling in that word her English education.

Terry was quite surprised, and also turned on, by this unexpected answer and she liked Linda immediately. "Wow," she said, "I guess all the parents must have to consent at this school. So you really use a cane? I'd love to see one actually used in a school some time."

Linda smiled and said, "Wait right here." She walked to the couch, retrieved her large handbag, and slowly drew out the small thin cane she had become quite adept in using on bare student bottoms.

"I don't think any of you would enjoy feeling this where it goes best," she laughed as she flicked the cane whistling through the air.

"I'm reconsidering my behavior when we're alone later, Linda," Charles intervened, with a broad smile.

"Don't push me, Charles darling," Linda said with a giggle, as she had no intention of using the cane on this man of whom she was quite fond...yet. "Terry," she said calmly, "would you like a go?"

Terry blanched but it was also causing her almost to flood her panties with excitement. "In front of everyone?" she asked, in a small voice.

"Why yes, my dear," Linda said, playing along with what she saw was both acting and reality. "When one is naughty, the others do need to see you get your just deserts on that bare bottom."

There was less jocularity as the reality of the situation insinuated itself among the young couples. Many had experimented with discipline in their private home lives but they were not the sort to frequent sex clubs or other somewhat tawdry settings for this kind of thing.

By now, Terry was so cranked that she had trouble holding herself back, despite knowing that Linda was just the kind to give her a searing set of strokes on her bottom. Terry was almost afraid she would buck and writhe during the punishment so that all would see her in the throes of a noisy orgasm.

"Are you ready, my dear?" Linda asked with a bit of put-on formality.

\Terry grinned at the multitude and added for their benefit, "I'd like to see any of the rest of you lot grin and bare it like I am," she said resolutely. Linda liked her immediately for the challenge and determined to be stern but not severe.

As Terry bent over the back of the couch, she flipped her short pleated white skirt up, revealing a pair of rather snazzy blue hicut panties. "I guess you want my panties down too," she said to Linda a bit fearfully.

"Yes, dear," Linda responded, "but I will lower them. That is something that best prepares the naughty girl for her just disciplining."

She then put her thumbs expertly in the waistband of Terry's panties and slowly pulled them down to her calves. She put the cane between Terry's thighs and with only a small motion, made it clear that the recipient was to spread her legs apart.

Terry, and all the others, now realized that her unshaved bush was visible between her legs, along with the pinkish lips and folds of her quim. These glistened with the effusions from her womanly bits. Fortunately, Terry's blazing bright red Valentine's Day skirt took a bit of their focus away from her pudenda.

Linda now lay the thin cane across Terry's ample bottom. The redhead was quite shapely and proud of her derriere. "Now this is what happens to naughty girls, Terry," Linda intoned in her best schoolmistressy voice. Then she drew the cane back and expertly using her arm strength filtered through her wrist, snapped the cane twice quickly in succession to give the surprised Terry the double strokes that Linda had made her trademark.

"Ayyyyyyyy......owwwwwwwwwww," Terry screeched as she felt the searing strokes penetrate her poor bottom and at the same time bring on a quick cum she barely managed to suppress displaying. Most of these watching intently figured she was moving around from the pain of the cane strokes, but she knew the orgasm was also part of it.

"I think Terry has gotten the point," Linda said kindly. "You deserve a lot of credit for taking those," she added, addressing the rest of the group she was meeting for the first time. "A real caning is not all that pleasant," she said, "although...," she grinned now, "I know some of you think it might be fun to give or receive."

Terry slowly began to pull up her panties but Linda reached into her handbag and pulled out a small jar of cream that she managed to apply calmly and without much notice to Terry's inflamed striped bottom. The balm had the desired effect.

"Why thank you, Linda," Terry said, as the cooling balm put her back in her best partying spirit, "you do really know how to treat a girl the right way. Some of these guys need to learn that," she said with a throwaway chuckle.

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