tagFetishThe Party's Ripe for Caning Ch. 02

The Party's Ripe for Caning Ch. 02


[This story includes a good deal of disciplinary caning, some bodily functions and anal activity. Those who dislike those subjects should not proceed further. All characters are 18-years-old or older.]

It had been a satisfying first term teaching at Hamilton Hall for Linda Crawford. The 24-year-old blonde Cambridge graduate had made quite an impression on the boys at the all-boys preparatory academy nestled in the green New Hampshire hills. She had quickly won the respect that all successful masters received at Hamilton as she made sure to set strict rules and then to enforce them with gusto. The academy contained three classes, ranging from 18 to 21 years old in age, and focused on male pupils who needed extra preparation for college. There were three forms, using the English system, with Third being the most junior and First the highest.

As an English teacher, and one who had studied in England no less, Linda insisted on proper grammar and spelling, both in speech and writing. Boys who erred by repeating a grammatical mistake or making more than one spelling error knew they would receive a zero on the paper or the recitation. Linda's small green gradebook was filled with zeroes awarded for one offense or another, since she did not allow talking to each other in class, passing notes, or other forms of classroom misbehavior; most of the boys were on pins and needles each marking period, not knowing whether Miss Crawford would give them a passing or failing grade, since the zeroes meant she could in practice give them whatever grade she wanted to award.

Linda realized, however, that a large number of failures would not serve her career well, so only the most truly egregious performance earned a failing grade from her. She satisfied her need to punish by either using her small thin yellow cane on miscreants in class or by sending them to the Duty Master at the end of the day. By now, she was notorious for including specified severe extra punishments on her slips sent in a sealed envelope with the unlucky boy being punished.

Each teacher was expected to serve as Duty Master in turn. Linda's turn, as the first female teacher at the school, did not come until January; the Head had decided that she should get her bearings in class before assuming this responsibility. When she left her last class and walked to the discipline room to check out the facilities, she was met at the door by the two prefects assigned to assist in the disciplining, two members of her First Form homeroom, Larry Stoddard and Henry Aslund.

She was aware of most of the apparatus in the room and since she had ordered numerous extra punishments, had some familiarity with the contents of the drawers that held the implements. But her eyes glistened when Henry opened one drawer and pointed out the fresh nettles that one of the maintenance crew was responsible for providing each school day. Her yearnings for her time in England were also appeased when she looked next to the nettles and saw some fresh ginger sticks all ready for use in figging unlucky students.

"Well, who do we have on today's roster?" she asked the two prefects. They handed her the sealed envelopes that had been transmitted to the discipline room that day. There were seven, as it turned out, which was probably a bit in excess of the average number. Some of the masters doubtless felt that it would be especially humiliating to send boys to be disciplined by the very attractive, young teacher.

Linda wore a dark-colored dress and always made sure she had a slip on so there never was a question of anyone at the all-male school seeing a visible panty line. She did sometimes choose a skirt-and-blouse set but again made sure she had a half-slip on. True, the boys would see the outlines of her bra and its straps but she decided that that was so common these days that she would put up with a certain amount of gaping as they sought to determine what her bust size was: they would have been delighted to see Linda's firm 36C breasts but were unlikely to ever get that opportunity. She also invariably wore heels and for special occasions such as today's service as Duty Mistress, she made sure she had seamed hose on her shapely legs.

Based on the masters' requests, the prefects had prepared the punishment list for Linda's review. She also had the actual signed forms in case there was any disagreement or if she suspected someone was being accommodated, a highly unlikely prospect. The list looked complete to her:

Name,Form,Instructor,Offense,Penalty (in strokes)

Kenneth Simpson,3rd,Mr.Jackson,Improper Language,6

Alan Janson,3rd,Mr. Winston,Tardiness,6

Barry Johnson,2nd,Mr. Grant,Talking in class,8

Stephen Grindle,2nd,Mr. Kenton,Rude conduct,12N

James Carson,2nd,Mr. Dinsmore,Unpreparedness,6F

Leland Graham,1st,Mr. Bradford,Inattention,6F

Peter Phillips,1st,Miss Crawford,Misbehavior,8N

F—figging; N--nettles

"We'll deal with the sixers first," Linda said, referring to those who would receive six strokes from her cane. "Then the simple eight," she added, leaving aside the other eight-stroke recipient, who was down for a nettles imposition as well. "And Mr. Grindle will bring up the rear," she said, with a grin to the two prefects. She understood the standard procedure, which called for the boys sentenced to be figged or be subjected to nettles to be first so that these initial steps could occur.

"Carson and Graham, attend!" Stoddard shouted in a loud voice into the anteroom where the unlucky seven awaited their fate. The two boys walked in and bowed to the pretty teacher who stood behind the massive desk.

"You two are down for figging," Linda declared. "Bend over the edge of the desk and you're your trousers and underpants. Aslund, please proceed to fig them." Linda glanced at the referral slips and saw that Messrs. Bradford and Dinsmore had been the teachers who requested figging. She herself did appreciate the added impact of imposing this kind of special punishment with the usual cane strokes. She reminded herself to watch the two boys to see if they exhibited any noticeable signs of feeling the internal sting from the ginger as it secreted juices when inserted inside the warm precinct provided by the boys' anal openings.

The prefect carefully removed two of the fresh ginger sticks from the drawer and turned back to the two pupils now bent over the teacher's wooden desk with their bare bottoms staring at him.

"Keep your legs well apart for the insertion," Linda ordered. Linda then realized she herself had not been in the habit of adding a figging request on to her discipline slips. She confessed to her own self that she disliked the idea of forced insertions, including the placement of anything in the anus. She also recognized that her resistance to any kind of anal intercourse probably had had an influence on her failure to request figging, especially for boys, because of the homosexual overtones.

Aslund carefully held each boy's nates apart long enough to slip the slim ginger stick into each anal opening. This was not one of his favorite tasks as he disliked having to touch another male bottom.

"Pull up your pants, both of you," Linda directed, "and return to wait in the anteroom."

The two pupils did as they were told and one could already see the signs of pain on their faces as the ginger reacted to the warmth of their rectums and began to shed its stinging juice inside them.

"Now for the other two specials," Linda said, knowing that the prefects would understand she meant the two who would be subject to having nettles placed in their undershorts. Unlike her attitude toward figging, Linda recalled that since her days in England, she felt that using nettles as a punishment was both effective and humiliating. Originally she hated the form mistress in her school who had first required her to wear nettles in her knickers—as they called them—for a whole day. But now, especially since the nettles seemed to have been growing hereabouts, she regarded it as a very strong indicator of her seriousness to her pupils.

"Grindle and Phillips, attend," Stoddard said loudly and two larger boys walked into the discipline room.

"You two," Linda said sharply, "bend over the edge of the desk and lower your trousers and undershorts. You have been sentenced to a nettles imposition prior to your canings."

The two had not been aware of this extra punishment and gasped but did as directed. Phillips, she could see, was surprised since she had been the teacher who had referred him for punishment. Linda regarded this boy as a nasty little imp who needed to be broken by severe punishment if she were to maintain good classroom order. She decided to add a bit of extra feeling to get his attention:

"And Mr. Phillips, you will find out if you care to challenge me in future that there are more painful punishments in store for you even than having nettles in your shorts." She did not see Larry Stoddard send a knowing wink to Henry Aslund in case the latter had not noted the special disdain their Duty Mistress had shown for this First Former, for whom they also had scant respect.

Aslund did momentarily find that he was frightened by Miss Crawford's severe tone: just what kind of more painful punishments did she have in mind? He knew as a prefect he was less likely to incur her discipline but involuntarily he started conjuring up images in his mind of the very attractive but stern teacher—the only female on staff—wreaking vengeance on the male population at the school. Although somewhere in the darkest recesses of her mind, Linda probably would not have objected to the prospect of punishing some boys where it would hurt the most, in reality she found herself turned on by the chance to see so much male equipment displayed for her. She forced herself instead to think about her reunion—and in the most sexual meaning of that word--later that day with Charles, her steady boyfriend.

Linda carefully placed the plastic gloves on her hands and reached into the drawer for two bunches of fresh stinging nettles. She took these and undid the little string tying each one as she placed it in the crotch of the "tighty-whitey" undershorts both boys had pulled down. She made sure that as she placed the bunches in the crotches that some of the nasty leaved branches would definitely touch the two boys' penises, both shaft and glans, when the undershorts were pulled up tightly as she intended to make sure occurred.

"Now pull up those undershorts and then your trousers," she continued, "and go wait in the outer room until you are recalled."

She knew that the diabolical sting of the nettles would have already started and would strengthen as the boys sat down, and the hairs on the leaves that released their stinging sensation began to react with the tender skin of the boys' genitals.

"Let's get the simple sixers done," she said to the two prefects. Stoddard responded by loudly calling on Simpson and Janson to come into the room.

Linda picked up her punishment roster and as the two boys entered told them to bend over the desk and hold tight to the other side. She then announced the punishment:

"Simpson, you are here by action of Mr. Jackson for Improper Language. You will receive six strokes. Janson, Mr. Winston sent you for Tardiness. You too will get six," she intoned.

"I assume you know the rules," she went on. "You will hold position. Any moving or release of hands gets an extra. Do it twice and I will begin the imposition from the start," she warned. "For your benefit, I will warn you that I give double-strokes. Anything resembling screaming will earn you extras as well," she advised.

With that, the blonde instructor accepted the senior cane from Larry Stoddard and stood behind Simpson. She lay the cane on his bottom and drew it back, then flicking it seemingly effortlessly twice to strike the white bottom in quick succession.

She heard the boy suck in his breath and proceeded to lay the cane above the first strokes and flicked it twice more. She heard a tiny cry but it was not loud enough to cause her to react. Finally, she lay the cane lower on the bottom, near the sensitive crease between bottom and thigh; then she drew the cane back and expertly placed the double-stroke where she had aimed.

Simpson somehow managed not to cry out at the painful strokes and Linda proceeded to stand behind Janson. She performed the same pattern in applying the cane strokes to his somewhat more rounded bottom, and at the last, he could not restrain himself from crying out.

"That means an extra, boy," Linda responded, and drew the cane back to fire a stinging stroke that crossed the others and clearly left the recipient in severe pain. Janson kept his silence, however.

"You two may recover your clothing," Linda said, "and after I sign your slips, you may go. Be sure to return them to the teacher who sent you here."

She walked over to the table where the slips were laid out, scribbled her initials in red on both, and told Henry Aslund to hand them to the boys, which he proceeded to do. They immediately departed.

As she nodded to Stoddard that she was ready for the next pair, he said in a loud voice, "Carson and Graham, return." Both walked in a bit unsteadily from having the figs in their rectums.

"Bend over the desk and pull your pants and shorts down again," Linda directed. She watched as each boy complied and then grasped the desk and stood with their legs apart, hoping possibly to lessen the effect of the stinging ginger by standing thus.

She checked by peering down at their bottoms to see that the figs were still in place. Then she stood behind James Carson and again announced the rules. She informed both of her double-stroke procedure as she knew that if they did not expect this, they would probably scream out of surprise.

Stoddard handed her the senior cane and she laid it on Carson's bottom, drew it back and fired the first double-stroke as she had for the other two. Carson drew in his breath and almost released his hands from the desk.

Linda found punishing boys interesting because often when their legs were spread, they were even more vulnerable than girls. With the latter, their pooching pudenda could often be seen peering through their legs, so much like the taco as to which Linda had heard female genitalia compared. But the boys, when their legs were set apart, disclosed their sensitive scrotal sacs and Linda chuckled when she even sighted an especially lengthy penis, hanging down to be visible below the scrotum.

Carson took the next two double-strokes without breaking form. Linda then stood behind Graham, whose bottom was quite lean. When she snapped the cane twice in quick succession, he must have felt it so directly that he burst out with a "Yikes!"

"You are being punished for Inattention, Graham," Linda declared. "That outburst will cost you two extras. You'd better get yourself under control or I shall keep starting over."

She decided the best course would be to get this one over, if possible. Linda got some enjoyment over punishing boys who had offended but she did not dwell on imposing her will in an overly dominating way, since the boys at Hamilton were used to being punished in this manner. She also recognized that she should adhere to the standard practice used by her male colleagues and as the prefects had advised her. Nevertheless, realizing that she would now be giving this boy extra strokes stimulated her almost involuntarily, as she felt the crotch of her panties become wetter with her own excitement.

Linda then flicked her cane on Graham's thin bottom, first a double-stroke on the middle part and then more towards the sensitive crease. The boy realized he had better get his pain receptors under control to avoid even more. 'Now the extras," Linda announced.

These were administered again as cross-strokes, according to the long tradition of the Hamilton discipline room. Linda wielded her rod expertly in applying them in criss-cross fashion, separately since the angle was different. Graham winced from the searing pain as the cane struck across the tender weals but held on for dear life.

"Aslund, please remove the figs," Linda directed, happy that she did not have to even inspect the ginger sticks before the prefect grasped each and deposited it in the waste can. She knew from experience that it frequently happened that the stick might emerge with some film or piece of fecal matter that the ginger juices had released inside the anal opening.

"Johnson," Stoddard stated loudly and a tall boy entered, slightly smiling.

"Johnson," Linda began, "you will not be smiling for long and you need to refrain from Talking in Class, as Mr. Grant has sent you here for improvement in that area."

"Yes, Ma'am," the tall boy responded, knowing not to engage the disciplinarian.

"Very well, you may assume the position over the desk and drop your trousers and shorts," Linda stated.

Johnson did as instructed and Linda took up position behind him. She noticed that he had an exceptionally long penis that she could view through his spread legs but decided that she would not focus on that aspect of his anatomy today. She proceeded to impart the three double-strokes to the usual places on his bottom and then carefully threaded the last two separate strokes between them. Johnson's bottom was mottled from the eighter and he had been gasping in his effort not to scream out after each of Linda's double-strokes and then her firm separate ones.

Linda bade him recover his clothes and dismissed him promptly.

"Phillips and Grindle, assemble," Stoddard loudly intoned, and the last two unlucky boys walked in.

Linda ordered them to get their arms across the desk and to lower their trousers and shorts. She then donned the plastic gloves again.

She came over and reached down to extract the nettle bunches from each boy's underpants, where they had nestled in the crotch. She observed the striking redness where the hairs of the leaves had irritated the tender flesh and prepared both as if their bottoms were raw meat to be pounded.

"Phillips, you will go first," she declared, as she stood behind him, cane in hand. Linda actually preferred her own thin whippy cane to the heavier senior one, so she took the slender cane from her handbag.

"I will give you four," she explained. "And then the second four. All in double-strokes," she warned. "You will learn, Mr. Phillips, not to misbehave again in my class...I trust," she added, as she had referred this boy for talking out of turn.

She lay the cane across his bare white bottom and snapped it quickly, applying the two double-strokes. There was a slight gasp but no noise. Then she lay the cane again on his bottom and applied the next two double-strokes criss-cross.

Phillips gasped and as he muttered, "Oh, shit" in a frightened tone, Linda saw that he had excreted a short stream of urine below his feet.

She summoned Larry Stoddard with her finger. "Give him a cloth to clean up," she requested. "Phillips," she said in a more serious tone, "it is a separate offense to misbehave during discipline. For urinating during punishment, you will return here tomorrow and I will put you down for six strokes." Linda was not at all displeased that Phillips had lost control and peed during the caning. By putting him down for successive days' punishments, he would of course be getting strokes tomorrow but would be forced to tell his fellows why he was being sent to the discipline room again. She decided to up the ante a bit by remarking to Larry Stoddard in a voice that she knew Phillips would hear, "I assume that losing urinary control remains fairly unusual here. It's the kind of thing I would expect at a girls' school."

The boy was now red-faced as well as red-striped on his bottom and winced at the new, severe imposition as he bent down to wipe the floor dry from his excretion. She reached for the drawer with punishment slips and filled one out to give him, and entered merely "Misbehavior during punishment" and signed and sealed the envelope. "Next time," she warned him, "I will put down exactly how you misbehaved during punishment."

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