tagGroup SexThe Past Pt. 02: The Present

The Past Pt. 02: The Present


'You must be Terry.'

William was a big guy. Tall, built and with a shock of raven black hair parted in the middle that hung in foppish locks. It was the kind of hair I use to have when I was ten years younger. And it wasn't cool then. But somehow that son of a bitch pulled it off.

He was ruggedly handsome with a firm jaw and strong hands that were currently clutching a bunch of flowers. I was suddenly acutely aware of my surroundings, my state of undress, the semi naked and freshly fucked condition of William's wife and the cum that currently spattered our bodies and trickled from Gemma's pussy.

I stood and turned to face him. Adrenaline had flooded my body preparing for the fight I unconsciously knew would be coming. He had size on his side as well as reach. I could only hope my daily runs and free weights would give me the edge on speed.

Gemma hadn't said anything, she'd barely moved. She just lay on the couch, coyly pulling her babydoll over her breasts and down over her cum-covered pussy.

He stepped forward, tossing the flowers in the nearby bin and I tensed. 'You okay honey?' He asked looking past me, his look stern. She nodded, licking absently at her fingers. He half smiled. 'She's a good fuck, isn't she?' He said, staring at me as he unbuttoned his coat and threw it over the back of the sofa. At first I didn't say anything, I was convinced he was lulling me into a false sense of security. Even after he'd taken off his suit jacket, rolled up his sleeves, poured himself a drink and sat opposite his freshly fucked wife.

I was still standing, cock on show, French knickers still hugging my backside. He glanced at me, his eyes lingering on my manhood for a moment too long.

'Have a seat.' He said gesturing to the space next to his wife. I did as I was asked, lowering myself to the seat but staying near the edge, just in case.

William took a sip of the amber fluid in the heavy base glass and sighed, eyeing the pair of us.

'So,' He said leaning forward, 'Did you squirt for him?' Gemma blushed and nodded. He smiled and turned to me. 'And you came in her?' I nodded. His calm demeanour was unsettling. He seemed to be enjoying it. I could also see the bulge growing in his trousers. 'And you sucked your cum from her pussy and spat it in her mouth?'

I nodded again. My own cock was starting to harden again. I noticed Gemma's hand had begun drifting between her legs.

I wasn't entirely sure what was happening. If I hadn't known any better I would have accused them of setting me up.

'You like the taste of cum?' William asked, leaning back at last, the outline of his cock large and its girth straining against his trousers. I nodded again sharing a glance with Gemma who was flushed with arousal and the slight movement of his wrist told me that she was working her clit.

William worked his eyes up and down me as he unbuttoned his trousers and pulled his thick cock from what looked like a spandex thong. This guy was a nineties throw back with an eighties attitude. 'Why don't you taste mine?' A wave of raw arousal clashed with an opposite surge of fear. I'd experimented in the past but it had been a long time and I had decided that although I was interested in men it wasn't something I wanted to pursue. I'd shut that side of me away. For forever I thought. I shook my head.

William smiled again. 'So you fuck my wife, fill her pussy with you cum then spit it in her mouth and you won't get on your knees, in your sissy panties, and suck my dick?'

'I'm sorry.' I said at last.

William moved with such speed I didn't even have time to blink. He was on his feet dragging me to my knees before I knew what was happening.

His stiff rod bounced millimetres from my face as he leaned down.

'You fuck my wife and you can't bring yourself to show me the same courtesy?'

I glanced over at Gemma who had frozen in place, her hand still, fingers buried deep into her pussy, watching to see what I'd do next. I looked back at his cock, breathing in it's earthy scent. My own cock was throbbing. William loomed above me his hands clamped to the sides of my head.

I sighed. I could resist. I could let violence ensue. For all I knew he could force himself on me and it wasn't like I didn't want to taste it. I opened my lips and took his entire length in my mouth. Shorter than my cock, but thicker I took it all in easily, working my lips up and down in a smooth motion. I thought I'd feel repulsed. I thought I'd feel a sense of wrongness but as I worked that thick meat in and out of my mouth all I felt was desire. I could feel precum dripping from my cock just as I felt a hand grip it firmly and start to work it back and forth.

I opened my eyes and found Gemma kneeling down next to me, one hand working my cock the other massaging William's balls. I pulled away and kissed Gemma, the taste of William's pre-cum mingling as our tongues danced around each other. She pulled away and then took his cock in her mouth. I watched her frantically work his cock. I leaned down and started to kiss and bite her nipples pushing two fingers into her still soaked hole.

She whimpered as I started to finger fuck her, her thighs trembling. She started to work William's cock faster in time with my finger fucking. I stopped and stood pushing my wet fingers into William's mouth who sucked at them eagerly. Then I kissed him. I have no idea why, I've never kissed a man nor ever wanted to. But there I was all the same kissing him passionately. My left hand moved down pulling Gemma's hair tight as she worked back and forth on William's dick. The right moved down to William's waist and fully pulled down his thong before pushing a finger into his ass. He didn't flinch, he just took it as I worked his ring.

He began to fuck Gemma's face but before he could reach release she pulled away and took my cock in her mouth letting William's spit covered meat slap and roll about her face. I sighed as Gemma expertly worked my manhood whilst she frantically worked her clit.

William obviously grew tired of watching suddenly lifting Gemma bodily onto the sofa with a grunt and in a single motion pushed his manhood fully into her. She moaned as his width stretched her pussy. He was relentless, brutal. He was staring into her eyes, slamming his cock into her with such force her whole body shock from the impact, tits bouncing up and down, her hands reaching for them, fingers teasing and pulling at her own nipples.

She moaned and writhed beneath his onslaught as I moved above her and pushed my cock down her throat. She choked as I kept pushing til my length was all the way down her throat. I leaned forward and kissed William again. He was rough, his tongue forcing its way into my mouth. He bit my lip.

As I throat fucked Gemma I could feel myself getting close. 'Let me fuck her ass.' I said, getting up, my cock falling from Gemma's mouth with a gasped slurp, and moving next to William. Instead of allowing me to get beneath Gemma he quickened his pace, determined to climax and end the impromptu threesome. He was like a machine, his arse working like a piston, his cock stretching her out, his balls slamming into her. I watched his ass working back and forth, his thigh muscles bulging.

He started to grunt. Gemma started to pant. Their own orgasms were building. Mine was ebbing. It was my turn to take charge. I shoved William forward, Gemma instinctively wrapping her arms and legs around him. I didn't think, I just acted. I spread his ass cheeks and rammed my cock into him fully. No warning, no teasing, no fingering to loosen him up. I wanted to hurt him. Humiliate him. Make him pay for what he did to me 5 years ago. But on top of that I want to fuck his ass. Cross that line. Squeeze my meat in to another man's anus.

He cried out as I fucked him relentlessly, pushing his whole body dictating his own thrusts into Gemma. He fought against me but Gemma and I had him pinned. He didn't want to enjoy it but I could feel him pushing back against me, pushing me deeper still. He shuddered and I felt his ass tighten as he exploded inside Gemma. She cried out in orgasmic pleasure. It was the final straw and I started to pump harder.

'No!' William roared struggling to push me free but Gemma pulled him down and kissed him as I, with a cry of pleasure, came hard inside his anus pumping load after load of hot cum into him before flopping forward spent.

We all lay there for a moment panting and exhausted.

'Get the fuck off of me.' Grunted William.

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