tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Path Ch. 1

The Path Ch. 1

byWyden Long©

The cottage sat at the end of a long, lonely path. It was growing dark as I approached. Cheery beams of light shone from it's windows. In answer to my knock, the door was thrown open and I was welcomed into a comfortable, well lit room full of warmth and cheer by the most beautiful woman I had ever hoped to meet. She was a statuesque blonde, dressed in a long, flowing white gown of some silken material.

The master of the house was a friendly giant of a man, who, besides the beautiful wife, had three lovely daughters. "We are just sitting down to dinner, won't you join us?" he asked.

I had never tasted such food! The flavors, the texture, the spices--they combined to create taste experiences such as I had never known. Each dish seemed to outdo the other. I looked around, but saw no servants, neither did the wife appear to have spent much time in the kitchen.

For some reason, it did not seem appropriate to ask about the food or its preparation. I simply ate, and ate, and ate. My stomach was bursting when the dessert was brought. Ordinarily, I would have passed, but the aroma and appearance of the several desserts made it impossible.

Somehow, I managed to try two or three different ones and settled back with a cup of rich coffee to relax and let my stomach adjust to the strain.

During the meal, I had been so busy eating that I had not paid much attention to my hosts, except to note that I was eating with a very lucky man. His wife was one of the most beautiful and desirable women I have ever seen.

I leaned back to relax and recover from the incredible meal and began my survey of his three beautiful daughters. It was difficult to determine their ages, but from the degree of maturity of their bodies, I would guess them all in their late teens. On my left sat a dazzling blonde.

Her body was at that stage where it seemed to be bursting with youth. Her high, proud, tits pushed against her blouse, threatening to break through at any moment. The taut nipples were plainly visible through the thin cloth and it was also plain that she needed, and wore, no support underneath. Her long, golden hair hung to her waist and sometimes made it difficult to see all that I wanted to.

The daughter on my right was a chestnut-haired brunette. She had that particular blush that seems to color young girls who are in the process of becoming women. While her tits did not lack in shape, they were not yet quite as large as her sister's. What she gave up in size, however, she more than made up for in firmness. When she giggled, which was often, her nipples barely moved under the thin cloth of her blouse.

The last daughter was a redhead. For some reason, I have never found most redheads to be that sexy. This one was so sexy, it made me weak in the knees to imagine the delights she might be capable of giving.

They were all bursting with youth, all with perfect teeth and beautiful smiles which they directed quite often in my direction.

During the meal, I had not paid any attention to the conversation between themselves. Now that I thought about it, I could not remember a word they had said, nor could I have told if they had spoken English or some other language.

When I seemed to be coming out of my food lust haze, the father leaned toward me and asked, "Do you care for my wife?"

In my shock, I'm not sure whether I actually said anything. I have encountered a number of different cultures, but never had the pleasure of one before where the host asked such a question. It was obvious that this situation demanded some sort of response, but I was at a loss to give one.

"Perhaps my oldest daughter?" She stood and came to my chair and knelt in front of me to open her blouse and show me her fabulous tits.

When I still gave no response, he continued to raise the offer. "Perhaps my younger daughter?"

She came close to me and lifted her skirt to show her thinly veiled, golden hued slit. Now I was in a complete state of shock. No response was possible. I just sat there, too stunned to move anything but my eyes which were very busy. As a last resort, he offered me his only other alternative. "I'm afraid my youngest daughter has not yet finished her training. She sometimes allows her teeth to cut when handling larger cocks such as yours probably is, and she is still a trifle small in the cunt."

The youngest, backed up to my chair and threw her dress up over her ass to give me complete access to her fuzz covered pussy in case I wanted to check out her father's claims.

"Sir, you are a hard man to please!" he sounded a little perplexed. "All right, I will sleep alone tonight. You may have them all!" and left the room.

I was still unable to move or speak. On his exit, the three girls and their mother proceeded to take off all their clothes, then stood me up to remove mine. They led me to a couch and laid me down, then took fragrant oils and began to rub my back, chest, arms, legs, prick and feet.

They were completely relaxed and unhurried. Each one worked on a different part of my body, offering me various tantalizing views of tits, cunts and asses as they worked. I was almost asleep from the effects of the food and wine and sensual massage when the brunette sat on my prick and the redhead sat on my face. The mother and the older daughter lay beside me, rubbing their tits along my side and stroked my young fucker and me while we fucked.

No sooner had I erupted in a gigantic orgasm inside the middle daughter than they changed places. The one I had just fucked sat on my face to give me a chance to get some of my juice back, while the eldest showed me her advanced techniques of cocksucking to revive me.

At some point, I drifted off to sleep. I don't know how many times they drained my balls and don't care. It was the most thorough fucking I had ever hoped to get in my wildest dream. I think I actually fell asleep while fucking the mother in the ass. It seems unlikely that I could sleep while fucking this incredible woman, but that seems to be what I did.

When I woke, they were all gone--everybody! The house was deserted. I wandered from room to room, touching, turning, unfolding, but did not find anything to give me a clue to this marvelous family. I also did not find the normal technological aids to comfort that the modern family has--TV, microwave, telephone, etc.

Finding it all rather difficult to comprehend, I laid back down on the soft cushions and drifted back to sleep. When I awoke this time, it was nearly dark again and the whole family was gathered in the room with me, chattering merrily away.

Again, we dined on exquisite gastronomic delights that a Cordon Bleu chef would be proud of. Again, I was treated to an orgy to end all fantasies. The redhead might be just learning to suck cock, but she was an enthusiastic student and made me blow my cork a number of times.

The next morning, the house was again deserted. For some reason, I was reluctant to investigate things too deeply, possibly for fear that it would prove to be unreal and I would lose it.

I could not just sleep all the time, so I began wandering around the grounds, taking longer and longer forays into the forest. Returning to the cottage around dusk, I found the family in their typically high spirits, apparently delighted to see me again.

The food was as good as ever, the pussy just as tight and the attention just as welcome. Sometime after midnight, I found myself unable to remain awake, even with the brunette rising and falling regularly on my prick. I fell asleep.

By now, I was accustomed to finding myself alone in the mornings. I considered making a plan to get to the bottom of their disappearance, but dropped the idea quickly. They were probably just going to work and school like everybody else. Why should I pry? I made it a point to be away from the house until evening, always returning about dark. I was starting to suspect something, but did not really want to know.

The days and nights wore on. I knew that I should be getting back to civilization, but I kept putting it off. I was semi-retired, working only when I felt like it, or to raise money for some particular toy. As long as I was here, I didn't need money and my hosts seemed to be happy for me to stay, so here I was.

They all appeared to get great pleasure from pleasing me. The father found that I enjoyed watching him fondle and fuck the youngest daughter, so they would put on a continuous show for me as long as I was interested in watching.

The mother would suck my cock while I watched, and the other girls would perform an energetic 69 until I was ready to fuck one or both of them.

Any grouping posture or scene that I could imagine would send them rushing to implement it, as if my wish were their only reason for being.

We never talked. They seemed to know exactly what I wanted as soon as I thought of it, sometimes before. The only thing we seemed to have in common was our sex life. What point was there in talking?

Then, one day, it began to bore me. Night after night of totally uninhibited sex and unlimited quantities of fantastic food was not enough! What more could a man want?

One evening as we sat around after dinner, playing sex games, I asked, "What could a man who has everything in life that he thought he wanted still want?"

"From your question, I would say he wants some answers to why life is the way it is" responded the youngest girl. Not just a tight cunt after all!

"He could be missing the challenge of chasing pussy instead of having it given to him" offered the middle daughter.

"He needs to have some sort of challenge to keep his life interesting" said the eldest.

"Without challenge and change, he withers on the vine" said the mother, pointing at my shrunken prick with a smile.

"How much challenge and how much risk can you handle?" asked the father.

"Try me" I offered.

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