tagBDSMThe Path to Abandonment Pt. 01

The Path to Abandonment Pt. 01


I don't know what I had done wrong, but Mistress was obviously in a foul mood. I stood naked in a corner, while she slowly walked through the cloakroom and quietly pointed to the items on the shelves that I was expected to collect and to apply to myself without further delay or protest. First, she pointed at a black Latex mask with very small zipper slits for the eyes and a wide opening for nose, mouth and chin. Next, she pointed at a red posture collar made of thick heavy leather. Then she pointed towards my least favorite device. It was a small plastic chastity cock cage that was pre-wired for electro stimulation at the sides and the bottom and which also included a long conductive rubber dilator. At last she pointed towards the heavy leather cuffs for all four of my ankles. I bowed my head to Mistress to signal that I had understood and quickly grabbed the items from the shelf.

Moments later I was ready and stumbled out of the cloak room. The tiny zipper slits in the rubber hood narrowed down my field of view. The posture collar forced my head up and locked it into position and thus shifted my already narrow field of view straight ahead and up towards the ceiling. I could not see the bottom half of the room in front of me and I could not turn my head left or right. The added weight to my ankles felt strange as well. All this made me walk slowly and very awkwardly. Mistress was instantly annoyed by my clumsiness. She grabbed the metal loop on my collar and directed me impatiently through the room to a wooden stretching rack. At the rack she turned me around with a quick pull at the loop. The subsequent pressure that her hand applied to my throat made it clear to me that she wanted me to lie down backwards.

What happened next was outside of my narrow field of vision, but I could hear snap hooks clicking when they connected to the cuffs at the ankles of my hands and feet. I felt that Mistress touched the cock cage. I felt that she applied some electric pads to the soles of my feet. Next, she caressed my nipples until they were hard and erect. There was no time to enjoy. The pleasure was immediately replaced by the pinching pain of the nipple clamps.

Mistress stepped back from the rack and examined her work. Without uttering a word, she turned and left the room for a short moment. When she came back I could see in the corner of my eye that she carried something like a plastic bottle and some shiny object. She placed both items on the rack between my legs. Then she left the room again, but this time I instantly recognized the object that she brought back by the noise. Mistress dragged her favorite armchair into the room and towards the rack. This armchair looked like a small wooden throne. Once she had reached the edge of the rack, she picked up the chair and placed it onto the surface of the rack. The legs of the chair fit right beside my armpits and my hips. I was framed like a picture. Now that the throne was in place, I realized what Mistress was planning to do to me that day. If she left the throne in this position then she would be able to use my face as her footstool. That was a concept that absolutely excited me. I loved Mistress's tiny feet. I knew that she took extra good care of them previous to our appointments. Just the thought of them made my dick swell which was very unpleasant due to the tiny cock cage. I immediately worried about later, when I would hopefully be allowed to smell and lick her feet!? Not knowing her full masterplan, I probably hoped that the cage was already gone by then. But, as it turned out, the tiny cage was not going to be my biggest problem...

I was quite frustrated when I realized that Mistress would not mount her throne right away. She stepped back from the rack one more time for another appraisal. Then she turned on the slow electric winch and the restraints on my hands and feet were fastened... further... and further... Only after I had let out a sharp groan of pain, she stopped the winch. It was then that I realized that Mistress was much more rough and devious that day than in previous sessions. My arms and legs were tightly stretched apart from each other, only my butt and parts of my shoulders and my head were still touching the surface of the rack. The rest of my body was stretched out into the shape of a large X. The posture collar forced my chin back painfully. I tried to ease the tension in my extremities, but I could not move an inch. I was absolutely helpless and defenseless. I took a deep breath in order to suppress the pain and the growing panic. I sighed audibly which caused Mistress to let out satisfied laughter. "I think you're almost ready, now" she said. Then she walked to the bottom end of the x-shaped rack and grabbed the items that she had previously placed between my legs. I felt very uncomfortable. The winch had spread my legs so far apart that she could comfortably stand between them and her body would not even touch the inside of my thighs.

I heard her quench the plastic bottle. I could not see what she was up to and I was nervous about that. In the very next moment I felt an ice-cold shock rushing through me. Before I could utter any sounds of protest, I felt a hard, cold and blunt object trying to penetrate me from behind! I was shocked! I breathed heavily and therefore I almost couldn't hear her quiet, almost inaudible, but deeply delighted laughter. "Shhhh." she said chuckled "Easy...! You have to let go... and stop twitching! I know that it is your first time today... you are tight like a sweet virgin... ...I will break you in veeery gently, I promise...! [...] Oh, you are so adorable when you are fighting me..."

I was totally put off and seriously angry. I mean, we had never discussed anal play before that day. I admit that we therefore had never definitely excluded it, but I had seriously expected some sort of discussion before her ASSAULT!

"Don't worry, sweety" she added "You are not going to suffer any more... I do have a large bottle of lubricant in the refrigerator at all times for special occasions like these. The cold should have gotten you numb by now." My whole body spasmed. I could not move an inch, but I still tried to avoid her assault. "There you go, sweety... Almost there... Just a couple of inches more... that's a good boy... there you go... Now take it! Take it all in...! Oh, I love watching how your tiny virgin ass slowly swallows this big fat metal cock!" I could hardly breath. The ice-cold sensation in combination with her relentless assault took my breath away. I felt deeply ashamed and humiliated, but there was nothing that I could do to stop her.

Tenderly she placed one hand on my pelvis while the other hand kept pushing the steel anal plug slowly but with constant force into position...

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous10/13/17


Must dommes or mistresses always seem to be written as cold-hearted, evil, psychotic and malevolent bitches. A big 'turnoff'. Another thought, perhaps he is such a spineless, whimpering little turd, theymore...

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by Anonymous10/12/17

... all four of my ankles ...?

Do you have four legs then? Not a bad story apart from this -- three stars.

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by Anonymous10/12/17

What, no safe word?

Waddles like an abusive donme and quacks like an abusive domne. Dude ought to call DUCK! I'll try more of this story to see where you take it. I don't get into psycho bitch dommes , so I'm wary.

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