tagBDSMThe Path to Abandonment Pt. 05

The Path to Abandonment Pt. 05


Madame had finally assumed position on the throne. Mistress seemed almost as apprehensive as myself. She sat cross-legged on the top end of the stretching rack and gently took my head into her lap. Then she reached for the e-stimulation control box. To make sure that I knew what was at stake for me right now, she turned each regulator up to max and immediately back down to its initial position. She watched how the electricity made each individual body part convulse in pain. I bit my teeth hard, but a muffled groan escaped by gagged mouth. Mistress and Madame chuckled delighted.

Madame was ready now. She slid to the front edge of the throne and let her first foot hover above my nose as she slowly peeled off the worn old shoe. Neither my Mistress nor I knew what humiliation I had to expect. My stomach felt queasy with excitement. I swallowed hard in anticipation. Madame was watching me with stern eyes. She would not allow me any disrespect. My breath stopped at the thought of what a disappointed or even offended Madame would be capable of. Mistress was apparently worried that I could embarrass her before her teacher. She grabbed my head from behind like a bench vise before she pulled the gag from my mouth and said to me while gently stroking my lips: "You still don't have permission, but keep your mouth wide open for Madame...!"

The smell that flowed from Madame's old ballerinas was absolutely disgusting ... Madame's foot pulled indeterminate little dirt crumbs from the shoe which rained down on my face and partly fell into my wide opened mouth... Madame's feet were covered by a thick film of sweat and greasy residue which she slowly wiped across my face and forehead with sadistic joy. She rubbed the stinky slime into my cheeks, slowly passing my nose and mouth as often as possible... the odor was horribly foul... rough patches of hard skin scratched my lips... I needed all of my remaining willpower not to gag or turn my face in utter disgust... Madame pushed her heel deep into my mouth and ordered me to suck on it, while she spread her majestic toes high above my eyes.

Spontaneously, Mistress's fingers reached between Madame's toes to peel off dead skin and dirt particles only to delightfully smear the moist toe jam onto my lips and nostrils... Madame leaned down to her second foot to scrub off the remaining residue. Then she pulled her soaked heel out of my mouth and forced my jaw wide apart with both feet before she leaned in and trickled the moist crumbs into my throat. Madame watched with obvious pleasure as I swallowed hard... She smiled contentedly at the broken slave below her feet who had apparently finally accepted his perfect humiliation. Humiliation that had massively pushed the limits of what he would have deemed agreeable just a few hours ago... Madame smiled at Mistress and nodded in deep appreciation.

I was not bothered by the ladies' mean treatment anymore. ...When my eyes fell upon the naked feet above my face for the first time... ...I was immediately captivated!! Madame's feet obviously had been cultivated and spoiled for decades. Of course, Madame's feet were not as delicate and soft as those of my Mistress. Madame's feet were leathery, hard and large, but also supple, rather smooth, and permeated with innumerable deep, fragrant wrinkles that demanded to be explored. The nails on their powerful but elegantly shaped toes were excitingly long, freshly pedicured and painted in bright turquoise. This woman's feet were not small, lovely and feminine, like those of my Mistress, but big, powerful and awe-inspiring! Despite the awful smell that the ballerinas had left, I needed no further intimidation or encouragement... Every fiber of my body wanted to serve Madame's feet!!

When Mistress finally gave her permission, I sucked and sipped Madame's tart fragrance like a wild, hungry wolf. I kissed and licked her noble toes and soles, as if to safe my life. I was out of my mind!! The ladies were visibly impressed by my zeal. Soon, Mistress eased her completely unnecessary vise-grip, and then used her own hands to support Madame's feet, to caress them tenderly, and to guide them gently to my grateful nose and mouth. Mistress seemed to be very happy that Madame and I got along so well. Madame let her head sink back into her neck and allowed me to spoil her... She gurgled delightfully. Mistress kissed my forehead and turned down the controllers of the e-stim unit to a more pleasant level...

... I felt like I was in the seventh heaven. I was still uncomfortably tied up on a stretching rack, but my head was gently resting in the bosom of my Mistress, while I was allowed to spoil the deliciously exciting feet of her former teacher. Mistress even supported my efforts by guiding each foot to my mouth. She spread Madame's toes for me and she created fascinating wrinkles so that I would not miss the tiniest sensual experience. Madame, the teacher, the supposedly nice elderly lady from next door, lolled around lustfully above us on a throne. I was truly in the seventh heaven. I loved to be a bound foot slave and especially when I got so much recognition for it. All three of us were in a trance and drifted in a sea of lust. Time did not matter anymore. We blended into a pool of mutual excitement...

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