tagHumor & SatireThe Patient

The Patient


As soon as the door was closed the nurse leaned knelt before my chair and lifted my hospital gown. She smiled as she grasped my cock, which seemed to jump from limp to semi-rigid in a heartbeat. An impish smile crossed her glossy red lips as her clear blue eyes met mine. Her hand was softly stroking my member while her head lowered into my lap.

I can't recall ever having a nurse fantasy, but I was living one now.

By the time her head reached waist level, my semi-rigid member had turned to solid granite. I might not have a nurse fetish, but there was something about risky casual sex that had always turned me on. Now here I was in a doctor's office - the doctor had just left and hadn't even locked the door on the way out – and it looked as though his nurse was about to give me a blowjob.

And what was the deal with this nurse anyway? Not in my wildest fantasies had I ever had a drop-dead gorgeous woman suddenly decide to give me head, without any prior indication that she was the least bit interested. What, was I like their one-millionth patient or something? I'd expect a gift certificate, or maybe a Walmart coupon, but a blowjob? Wow.

My cock was right before her face now, her hand now working my shaft. I could feel her breath on my sensitive skin. Her eyes left mine as she turned her attention to my cock. She licked her lips, and then ventured forth with her tongue, teasing my head before raising the shaft and lightly tracing her way down the underside before making her way back up again. Once she had returned her attention to my head, her tongue skillfully played along my tip, teasing me mercilessly, causing my toes to curl in anticipation.

Finally, her lips mercifully enveloped my head and her tongue went to work. Still, she teased me; her tongue was light and slow across my head, then it was flitting and swift, but always teasing.

Impatient, I reached out and placed my hand on the back of her head. Without removing her mouth, or even easing up the teasing for that matter, she gently grasped my hand and returned it to my armrest. Her other hand left the base of my cock and grasped my other hand. Now without even her hand pumping my shaft, the teasing was almost unbearable. I turned my eyes to the ceiling and groaned.

When I looked back down to my lap our eyes met once more, and at that moment her mouth slid skillfully down my shaft, her tongue playing with the underside of my dick the whole way down. She continued sliding her lips up and down my shaft, slowly, passionately, her tongue always actively searching for my most sensitive spots. It wasn't like an ordinary blowjob; it was more like she was making love to my cock with her mouth. The pressure built slowly but steadily. As it grew I found myself fighting an urge to thrust my hips upward, driving my cock into her mouth.

Perhaps she sensed my desire building and decided to play the imp once more before it was too late. She slid up to the top of my cock and once again tongued my head, while I swam I the depths of her lovely blue eyes. After what seemed like eternity she slid back down my shaft, this time taking me all the way in. I touched her throat briefly before she slid back to the top once more. She paused for only a second before she started once again pumping up and down my shaft.

As I drew closer to orgasm her tempo increased, but never to the point of urgency. I tilted my eyes back to the ceiling and gasped as my body jerked, and I unloaded into her mouth. She continued sucking as she swallowed everything I had to give her. The experience had been pure bliss. My whole body seemed sapped of strength, and I slumped in the chair.

I had just finished with the last spasms, my cock still in her mouth, when the door opened.

My chart fell to the floor with a clatter. "What the hell?" the doctor shouted.

The nurse removed her head from my lap, and, looking thoroughly confused, she said, "But doctor, you said to make the patient is as relaxed as possible before the procedure."

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