The Paul & Jenny Stories Pt. 04


My door opened and two figures entered. One male one Nurse. It looked like Mandy.

A noise came from the bathroom. Jenny must have knocked something in the darkness.

In a second the man was there, pulling open the door and switching on the lights.

I switched on my bedside light as he came out of the bathroom dragging Jenny clothes and shoes falling from her hands.

"Don't make a sound either one of you. I've got this and I'll use it."

It was Small. He held a short barrelled revolver in his hand. He twisted Jenny's arm behind her back. She yelped.

"Don't Panther." Mandy said.

"Shut up. You know I'll do it. This will be quicker. Get his cheque book."

Mandy went to the dresser. She was carrying a kidney bowl and a syringe. Putting them down she opened the drawer and took out my cheque book. She brought it to the bed and pushed the meal table in front of me.

"Make it out to her." He nodded to Jenny in front of him.

"They'll never cash this for you."

"They will if She takes it and you ring first."

"Two hundred pounds."

I wrote it and signed it.

"You have a car, I'll want that."

"Take it."

"I might take her as well."

He turned Jenny around and looked at her Fanny. He put his hand between her legs feeling her. Jenny stiffened and rose up slightly onto her toes. He must have entered her.

"Don't do that." I said swinging first my good leg, then plastered, over the edge of the bed.

"I read in the paper you were a hero. This time don't be."

"Paul, stay there." Jenny almost screamed at me.

The Further Adventures of Paul and Jenny.

By Paul.

Part 3.

I sat still.

Small turned Jenny around, feeling her buttocks.

"Don't watch." She said to me. I could see tears in her eyes.

"Get on your knees." He placed a hand on her shoulder forcing her down. "You know I'll kill him if you do not exactly as I say. Bend forward. Pull your ass cheeks apart."

She did as she was told. I could see her holes. Tight and brown, long and puffy and pink. I made to get off the bed. He pointed the revolver at me.

"I've told you. Don't be a hero. Do as I say and nobody will be hurt."

I thought of what he'd done to Carole. He was an animal.

"You." He pointed at Mandy. "Go and stand on the other side of the bed."

"Oh Panther, don't hurt them."

"Now nobody move."

He knelt behind Jenny and took out his prick.

"We have some unfinished business you and me young lady. Tell your boyfriend to stay where he is and nobody will get hurt."

Jenny looked at me. She was crying.

"Stay still Paul. It doesn't matter what he does."

"Be sensible." He said as I made to move. "Or we might just see how much shit is up there." He placed the mussel of the revolver against Jenny's anus and pushed. "Keep those ass cheeks apart." He commanded her.

Jenny cried out as the revolver barrel penetrated her.

"She's very tight."

He removed the barrel and sniffed at it.

"Hmm. Very nice."

He rubbed his prick up and down between her ass cheeks.

"I'm going to fuck you up the ass."

Jenny shuddered.

I could hear footsteps in the corridor.

"I thought you'd given her enough to keep her quiet all night." Small said to Mandy.

"I did. That's not Lynn."

The door was thrown open and in the doorway stood a young girl. Perhaps she was a little older and bigger than Jenny but with similar colouring.

"Mum." She looked at Mandy.

She was crying. "The Bastard fucked me."

"You fucking cunt. Your own daughter."

Saying this she threw herself at him. Fingers hooked as talons. The three fell in a ball. Jenny trying to get away. Mandy scratching at his eyes. Small trying to club her away with the Revolver.

A shot rang out and Mandy collapsed. The young girl ran to her side. I got off the bed. One step with my good foot a swing of the plaster cast. The room started spinning. One more step with my good foot and I swung the plaster cast at Small. It hit his forearm, sending the Revolver spinning from his grasp. I saw Jenny scuttling on hands and knees towards it, her holes winking at me. Small moved, as fast as the cat after which he got his nickname. His hands were at my throat. I staggered backwards, against the dressing table. Bandaged arm across his throat trying to keep him at bay my good hand behind me seeking support. A shot rang out. I felt the wind of the bullet.

"Don't fire." I shouted.

My fingers touched the kidney bowl then the syringe. My fingers closed around it and I picked it up, thrusting it into Small's chest, the palm of my hand depressing the plunger.

Small stood rigid for a second. Then he smiled. He sat down with a thump, then lay down, all the time smiling. His body stiffened, then shock, then relaxed. I could see urine spurting from his prick then the sound and smell of his sphincter relaxing, I stumbled to the bed. Shaking. Reaction was setting in. Jenny was by my side helping me to first sit then lie.

I could hear voices outside. Police sirens in the distance.

Jenny was crying. I ran my hand through her hair.

"Are you alright?" I asked, gently.

"Yes, but what about you?"

"I'll be okay."

Jenny looked down at Small.

"Do you think he's?" She started.

Voices at the door. "What's going on? Is everybody alright?"

"Come in." I called.

The door opened and the head of first one then a second patient appeared. "I've called the police." It was Mr Thompson, solicitor, prostate. "I hear them coming."

Mandy was moaning on the floor.

"She's alive. She's alive." Her daughter repeated over and over, cradling her head in her lap. More voices in the corridor. "This way. This way." The police arrived.

I awoke. Jenny's face looking down at me.

"And how are your feeling?"

"Could do with a drink."

She went to the sink and returned with a glass of water. She helped me sit up. I drank deeply.

She shifted uncomfortably in her chair.

"What's the matter?" I asked.

"He cut me, inside, with his gun. I'm going to be sore for a couple of days. I've some cream I've to put on before and after I go to the toilet."

"I could help you there." I said, perking up.

"I thought you might want to. We'll see later."

I put my arm around her and kissed her.

Suddenly I was shaking. I'd killed a man. Killed him. Jenny sat on the bed and held me.

She looked into my eyes.

"You did the only thing you could. I don't think I ever loved you more than I did last night. Except for today."

I lay back. She pulled the bedclothes down and lifted my smock.

"I don't think I can." I said.

She stood up. Lifted her short skirt and took off her knickers. Standing by the side of the bed with her legs apart, holding her skirt above the waist, she said. "Feel me."

I reached out and touched her pubic hairs. They felt so soft. I slipped one finger between her legs along the crack of her fanny. She leant forward, placing one hand on the bed to steady herself, and opened her legs wider. I pushed upwards with my finger, feeling it enter her. It felt so warm inside her. I worked my finger in and out. Feeling her juices moistening it. She threw back her head, her breathing coming in gasps.

She moved her hand to my prick and balls. Cupping, then rubbing. I grew larger, and larger. She took my hand from between her legs and climbed onto the bed.

"What if somebody comes?"

"Jane says she'll keep a lookout for us."

"Aren't our nurses wonderful." I said as she sank down on my prick.

I reached out and felt her breasts. So firm and warm. She ran her hands through her shoulder length brown hair. Bouncing up and down, fanny lips contracting and relaxing. She placed her hands on my chest and looked down at me. She smiled, breath whistling through her teeth. A single bead of sweat was running down the centre of her forward to the bridge of her nose. I lay my bandaged arm across her thighs and felt her left ass cheek with my right hand.

"Don't touch my hole. It's sore." She gasped.

I gave her ass a squeeze and returned to her breasts. She slowed her pace. Rising until I almost slipped from her then sliding down until my full length was inside.

I felt the contractions of her tube as she came. The tightening and relaxing making me come as well.

"It's not the fourteenth. Is it still safe?" I asked as she sat back upon me.

Squashing my balls prick still inside her.

She looked puzzled then smiled. "Fool. Five days before and after a period are considered to be fairly safe. You don't know a lot about girls, do you?"

"Only what you've told me."

She climbed off. Pulled up a chair and held my hand as we kissed and talked. The rest of the day was spent piecing together the remains of the night, giving statements to the police and having my leg re-plastered. I didn't see Jenny in the afternoon. She'd gone to the police station to give her statement. My parents and grandparents came. Steve popped in for an hour in the early evening.

When Jenny returned we talked over what we knew and what we supposed. Small was dead. There would be an inquest. I would have to go before the magistrates and plead self- defence. A formality we were assured. A bullet causing a lot of blood had creased Mandy's head. She was taken to the neurological unit in Bristol for tests. There was no permanent damage. She didn't come back to work.

Jenny had a sore ass. I had a new plaster.

We had got away pretty lightly all things considered. Two weeks were to pass before the inquest. Each day there was a procession of Policemen, Solicitors and Doctors to see me. Requests from the press for interviews, which we declined on the grounds of it being yet to come before the courts.

Jenny and I didn't have much chance to do anything. We discussed her sneaking back in at night but the door had been locked and to ask one of the nurses to leave it open could have meant getting them into trouble. At the inquest the coroner only requested proof of identity and cause of death at first then went on to ask for an explanation of the circumstances. It all started to come out.

Mandy and her Daughter, May. Drugging patients with a mixture of sedative and narcotic for sexual gratification.

Small arriving from out of her past. Details of his journey from the farmhouse.

A middle-aged woman in Birmingham raped and murdered her car and money stolen.

The murder of a small time crook and gun supplier in Bristol. It had been his idea to get me to write cheques after he had got the story of the sex and drugs from Mandy. He wanted one too many otherwise he could have been away . May had cashed them being similar enough in age to match Jenny's driving licence, which in England doesn't carry a photograph. Mandy had stolen Jenny's driving licence from her handbag, which she'd left on the dressing table. Mandy and May had only gone along with it to get rid of Small. When he tied up May and raped her, his own daughter Mandy went wild with rage. We had to explain our own trouble with him in Lancashire. About the panther. His raping of Dorothy, Carole and Jo. The brutal beating of Dorothy's husband. Once again the papers had a field day.

The story of the farmhouse was repeated. Much was made of my fighting Small with a leg in plaster and a heavily strapped arm. Again, I was a hero it seemed. I didn't feel like one. Two weeks after the inquest I was allowed out of Hospital and went to stay with my Grandparents. Jenny had a room there as well but gradually had to spend more and more time at University so took my car and became a weekend visitor. But what weekends.

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