tagNovels and NovellasThe Paul & Jenny Stories Pt. 16e

The Paul & Jenny Stories Pt. 16e


The Paul & Jenny Stories Pt. 16e: Spanish Honeymoon Part 5

A Paul & Jenny story
(Copyright 2002 by Paul C)

* * * * *

I awoke with a hard on. I turned onto my side and slid across the bed to lie close behind Jenny. I reached around and held one of her breasts. She shifted slightly. I could feel her nipple hardening. She sighed gently.

I placed the tip of my prick against the crack between her ass cheeks and pushed gently. They opened slightly and it slipped between them. That felt good. The helmet of my prick was held firmly, but gently between her cheeks. I pulled back slightly then pushed forward again. That was good. I moved again and again. Only an inch or two each time. Feeling my foreskin being pulled back and forth. I slowly massaged her breast, breathing in the warmth and freshness of her hair.

Her ass cheeks were holding me quite firmly enough so I released her breast and held her ass cheek, increasing the pressure against my prick. That was better. I had to quicken slightly. I groaned out loud. It felt so good. I could feel myself building. With a gasp I was there, shooting my load against the outside of her fanny lips and, when I pulled back slightly, her anus.

I pulled away and turned onto my back breathing heavily. I looked at my wristwatch. It had just turned six o'clock. Best not wake Jenny up to clean her fanny and ass. She wouldn't appreciate it.

I slipped out of bed and visited the toilet. I didn't flush it so as not to wake her. The first rays of a new day were beginning to show through the slats of the blinds. I returned to my bed. I felt good. I closed my eyes and smiled.


I awoke to find Jenny sitting up in the bed. She was looking at the fingers on one of her hands.

"What's the matter." I asked, sitting up by her side.

"I'm all sticky."

"Hmm. What is it?"

She held her fingers to her nose.

"It smells like your stuff."

"You must be leaking."

She looked doubtfully at me then climbed from the bed and walked, stiff-legged, to the bathroom. I lay back. I still felt good. I lifted the bedclothes and looked down at my prick. Soft and shrivelled. I looked at my watch. Eight-fifteen. Full daylight outside.

I could hear Jenny in the shower. Should I join her? No. It had only been two hours since my last come. Best give Mr Willie a rest. I got out of bed and, putting on my towelling bathrobe opened the doors to the balcony and sat in one of the chairs we'd used on our first night. Everything looked clean and bright. I could see down into Malaga bay. I watched the fishing boats pulling in turn at the old quay to deliver their catches. The larger boats with their holds open to allow the buckets to be lowered inside to take their catch from boat to skip to canning factory. The loads from the smaller boats being manhandled in wicker baskets to be taken to the fish market at the gates of the docks.

I decided that I must take Jenny to the fish market one morning.

I looked across to my right. The contessa's villa was still. No it wasn't. A man in black trousers and white shirt was laying out some towels by the edge of the swimming pool. Was I to get a repeat of yesterday? I sat upright in my chair. I heard a movement behind me. Jenny was standing in the doorway drying her hair on a towel dressed in a wrap around skirt and a light blue blouse. I could imagine the white knickers and bra she would be wearing underneath.

"I'm going down stairs to see Maria." She said, looking down at the contessa's villa. "She's going to put some ointment she's bringing in from home on my feet. What are we planning on doing today?"

"I don't mind. Do you want to go out?"

There was movement beside the swimming pool below.

"You decide. I'll be back soon."

I waited until I heard the bedroom door open and close before turning my full attention to the contessa's swimming pool.

I could see Isabella, dressed in a pale green bathrobe standing by the side of the pool. She was looking around her. Once she looked up in my direction and I shrank in my chair. She didn't appear to have seen me for she undid the belt of her bathrobe. It fell open. She started to slip it off her shoulder then stopped. She appeared to be talking to somebody inside the villa. She turned, removed her bathrobe and lay it on one of the sun loungers.

Her ass looked great. Bigger than Jenny's. But the two orbs were higher and rounder. Definitely worth the admission price.

She turned to face me and stretched her arms above her head. Her breasts were also high and round. I couldn't quite make out her nipples; they were lost in the overall colouring of her skin. I don't think I'd ever seen a hairier fanny. Her hairs appeared to start almost at her navel. They looked full and thick. Again she turned her head to speak to somebody.

Another woman appeared. She was also naked. She dropped the bathrobe she was carrying on a sun lounger and the two of them stood side by side by the side of the pool facing me.

The second woman appeared to be a little younger than Izabella was. Her breasts were as high and firm looking. I could just make out her nipples. She has less of a covering on her pubic mound. It still looked thick though. She scratched an itch behind her back then as if under starter's orders they both dived into their water and started swimming towards me. Eight strokes and they were turning. I was hoping for a racing tumbling turn but they didn't, keeping their heads above water at all times. They swam slowly away from me. I could see the movements of their ass cheeks as their legs helped to propel them through the water. They turned and repeated the journey. They stopped for a moment to tread water then the youngest climbed up the metal ladder by the side of the pool. It was hard to say who had the best looking ass. Talking of hard. I looked down to where the head of my prick was sticking out through the front of my robe. I reached down and gave it a stroke.

Isabella was doing the backstroke. Her breasts alternatively lifting clear of the water then dropping back beneath it.

I stroked my prick twice.

The other girl was drying between her ass cheeks. I rubbed my prick again. Now she had one foot on the sun lounger and appeared to be examining her fanny. Isabella was climbing out of the pool and bending to pick up a towel. My hand was moving faster. Faster still. Isabella was towelling her body. Then bending over again to pick up her bathrobe. The door to the bedroom was opening and I was coming.

I went into the bathroom after giving jenny a quick kiss. I could hear her sniffing the air as I closed the door behind me.

I sat on the toilet and ran some water into the wash hand basin by my side. As my bowels opened I examined my bathrobe for signs of staining and lifted it to my nose and sniffed. It could do with a wash. I cleaned up the front with some water then did my as with some paper. I should have dried my hands first. This paper didn't like getting wet. Standing up and flushing the toilet I changed the water in the sink and washed and shaved. Then I stepped under the shower and shampooed my hair, using the suds that ran from my head to wash the remainder of my body.

I pulled my bathrobe into the shower with me and swore loudly for Jenny's benefit.

"What's wrong?" She called from the bedroom.

"I got my robe wet." I replied.

"Give it to me. Master Paul." I heard Maria's voice.

I hadn't realised she was in the room. I hoped her English wasn't good enough to know swear words. She would be shocked to know the baby she had once changed the nappies of swore. I wondered what she thought of me being a married man.

I wrapped a towel around my waist and went back into the bedroom. Maria had brought up a tray of breakfast things. I was feeling hungry. Jenny was back in her nightdress and dressing gown.

Maria took my bathrobe from me and looked at the bed. She seemed about to say something to me then shook her head and left.

"What's up with her?"

"I wouldn't let her change the sheets." Jenny said, opening the balcony door wide. "Let's eat out here."

I picked up the tray and followed her.

"I had better go and put something on." I said.

"There's no need." Jenny replied, pouring coffee into the cups. "You don't have anything I haven't already seen."

"Did you notice." Jenny continued, buttering some toast and placing it on a side plate for me. "They changed our sheets yesterday while we were out."

"Probably checking for signs that I'd de-flowered you properly."

"Don't be silly."

"What else." I said, munching on my piece of toast "In ancient Rome they used to hang the sheets out of the window on the morning after so the whole city could see that the wife had been a virgin."

"Where did you hear that?" Jenny scoffed.

"I read it somewhere." I assured her and took a sip of my coffee whilst watching as she adjusted the strap of her nightdress.

One of her nipples came into view then disappeared again.

I took another sip of coffee. It was a pity my balls were empty.

"Maria thinks I should stay in bed this morning and rest my feet. She's taken your trousers and shirts to wash and your underwear."

"All of them?"

"Yes." Jenny didn't seem to be to upset. "All of them. I don't think she wants you to go anywhere this morning."

"We could have a swim and lie out by the pool." I didn't want a fuck.

"We could do that later." Jenny agreed. "Perhaps after siesta."

"Oh." My prick felt sore.

"So I think we should go back to bed." Jenny replaced her cup in its saucer. "We are on our honeymoon after all."

She looked up at me from under lowered eyelids. Come on prick. Just once for me. I stood up and took her hand. Should I try to do it straightaway try to stall her for an hour or so and hope I felt more like it then. The danger with doing it straight away was she would probably want to do it again in an hour or so. Best try to keep her happy in other ways until my stock of sperm had replenished itself.

Jenny closed and locked the door behind us. I walked to my side of the bed and got it. I felt like a condemned man. I was sharing a bed with my wife for fuck sake.

Jenny was walking towards the bed, removing her dressing gown and night-dress as she approached. She had a nice body. Nothing too big. Why was I seeing the two women by the swimming pool while I looked at her? My prick was staring to grow. Was it Jenny's warm body sliding into the bed beside me or the thought of the other two women?

I kissed her. Gently at first then with more fervour, licking her lips then pushing my tongue between them. Her own tongue met it. The two tips touched, exploring each other.

I felt her breast. The nipple responded immediately. I broke our kiss and lowered my lips to it. I sucked on it then held it with my lips and swirled my tongue around it.

Jenny moaned and arched her back.

I moved to her other nipple. Sucking gently upon it then on the firm soft warm flesh that surrounded it. I could feel Jenny opening her legs and lifting her hips from the bed. I went back to her first nipple and sucked as gently as I could upon it.

Jenny moved again. I could feel her pubic hairs against my hip.

"Ah." She sighed.

I kissed then sucked on the underside of her breast. Her foot was on the back of my thigh, then my ass cheek as I moved down the bed to lick her tight navel.

She made another noise and ran her fingers through my hair. I moved between her thighs properly and lifted them up to place the soles of her feet on my shoulders. I traced a path through her pubic hairs until I reached her hood-covered clit. She gasped as I touched it. Her feet were pressing down onto my shoulders lifting her fanny to my mouth. Pulling her lips apart with my tongue I licked at the warm, pink flesh inside.

She made another noise a little like a meow. I licked to the bottom of her slit then back to her clit. I worked a finger inside her as I sucked it out into the open. She gasped out loud as I flicked it from side to side with the tip of my tongue.

I pushed a second finger inside her. Moving them in and out as I worked on her clit. Her breathing was changing. Her thighs were tightening around my head and her heels were drumming against my back.

Suddenly she stiffened then with a cry relaxed. I lifted my head and looked at her face. She was smiling.

I moved back up the bed and lay by her side.

I placed my arm about her as she lay her head on my shoulder.

"That was nice." She said, kissing me on the cheek. "Thank you."

"Oh. I enjoyed it."

"I'm sure you did."

She placed her hand on my balls.

"What would you like to do next? She continued.

"Have a little rest. It does take it out of you."

"But you haven't come yet today. I wouldn't be doing my wifely duty if I didn't look after you."

"You look after me fine. I'm just a little tired. I didn't sleep too well."

"Your not coming down with anything, are you?"

"No. Can't I be tired?"

"Alright. You be tired. Why should I care?"

Her fingers were still massaging my balls. She released them and picked up my prick and stroked. It was growing.

"Of course." She said releasing it and turning onto hr side facing away from me. "If you don't want to have me."

My prick was fully hard by the time I moved across the bed and placed the tip against her ass cheeks.

"Yes." She said over her shoulder. "Do you want something?"

I lifted her thigh so that my prick could lie against the opening to her fanny. I pushed, she opened and I was inside. I lowered her thigh and felt her breasts whilst starting to move in and out.

"That's better." She sighed. "Isn't it?"

I wondered what she meant?

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