tagNovels and NovellasThe Paul & Jenny Stories Pt. 17q

The Paul & Jenny Stories Pt. 17q


The Paul & Jenny Stories Pt. 17q: The Batting Order Ch. 17

All events and characters are fictitious. Copyright 2002.


I turned on the tap behind the bar and used an empty teapot to place more water inside the heater.

There was a groan from outside. Len walked to the door then looked at Ian.

"You're in." He said to him.

I think Ian had fallen asleep. He jerked his head upright and mumbled something.

"What? What?"

Were the only words I could make out.

"Your turn at bat." I said to him.

"I've never done this." He replied, as if talking with his mouth full of cotton wool.

"It will only be for five minutes." Len said, encouragingly. "It's the last over and we only need three runs to win. Paul will get them. Just do what he tells you."

I could see Ian bristling at this.

"Please Ian." I said. "We need you."

He looked at me, rose unsteadily to his feet and walked to the door.

"Good luck." I called.

"Aye." He replied.

"Will you watch the bar please, Len?" I asked as Harry came into the room. "You can't use the toilets for a minute." I said to him. "There are naked women in there."

He raised his eyebrows and smiled.

"I'll check on them." I said and opened the door to the changing room.

I closed the door behind me as Len said something about washing clothes.

It was very quiet from the shower room. No it wasn't. I heard a gasp. Followed by a moan of pleasure.

I tapped on the door and called gently.

"It's only me." I said and opened the door.

Sally was gasping and pushing Lynda's head away from between her thighs as she sat on a chair beneath the clothes hooks.

"It's alright." Lynda said. "Calm down. It's only Jenny."

Sally stopped struggling as I closed the door.

"Don't worry." Lynda continued, pulling Sally's thighs apart at staring down at her exposed fanny, glistening with juices and saliva. "Jenny won't tell anybody. Will you Jenny?"

I shook my head. Not trusting my voice.

"Nobody is going to hurt you." Lynda said soothingly, her thumbs massaging the lips of Sally's fanny.

Sally closed her eyes and whimpered as she pulled them apart. I could see the moist, pink flesh inside her slit. Smell her.

My own fanny was producing its lubrication. My clit was beginning to itch.

Lynda lowered her head. Sally gasped again, throwing back her head. I could hear the noises Lynda's tongue was making. I took a step forward. Then another. Sally reached out a hand and pulled mine down onto one of her breasts, I could feel the nipple hard against my palm. Lynda lifted her head as she worked on Sally's clit with her tongue. She looked first at my hand then at my face. She squeezed the back of my knee, then removed her hand and pushed two fingers into Sally.

Sally's eyes opened wide and her jaw dropped open. She was starting to pant. Lynda's fingers and tongue were moving faster. A loud groan went up from outside followed by laughter.

I took my hand from Sally's breast but she reached out and pulled it back. She was staring at me. Her face was turning red.

"Yes." She whispered, then held her breath as her body tensed and gave a little cry.

Lynda lifted her mouth from Sally's fanny and kissed the back of my hand were it still held Sally's breast.

There was a roar from outside. People were clapping. People were shouting and cheering.

"I'd better check on your clothes and find out what's happening outside." I said, releasing Sally's breast and smiling down at her and Lynda.



My back felt sore enough without everybody thumping me on it. Everybody wanted to touch Ian and I it seemed.

I looked around for Jenny but I couldn't see her in the crush.

"Come on everybody." I heard Jim shouting. "Stand back and let them breathe."

The crowd parted and I could see the three steps leading up to the pavilion in front of me. Where was Jenny? I took the steps in a leap and went into the main room. Len was standing behind the bar.

"Beer?" He asked, his hand already on the pump.

"Please." I replied, walking towards the changing room.

"Fucking lucky pair of bastards." A voice was saying behind me.

They can talk all they like. We won.

Ah. Jenny was coming out of the changing room. "Well?" She asked.

"We won." I smiled back.

I needed a drink and a piss. Not necessarily in that order.

"I need to go." I said, kissing her on the cheek.

"Not now." She replied, barring my way. "Lynda and Sally are in there."

Now that she had said I couldn't go my need suddenly increased.

"I do need to go." I told her. "Badly. And soon."

"I'll see if I can get them half-decent." Jenny said and went back into the changing room.

The room behind me was filling up. The chair nearest the changing room door was empty so I sat down and unbuckled my pads.

The door opened and Jenny came back out.

"They are standing behind the curtain in one of the showers." She told me. "I had better come with you. I don't want you looking at them."

"I wouldn't." I protested.

But I knew Jenny and dutifully followed her, stopping to place my pads, bat and gloves in my bag. Strange, it was not fastened. Where were my soap, shampoo and towel? It wasn't that I intended using them here. I had planned to go back to the house for that.

"Hurry up." Jenny called from the shower-room doorway.

I hurried across to join her. She closed the door behind me.

"What's going on?" I asked, looking around the room.

One of the toilet cubical doors hung off its hinges. The curtain in front of one of the showers was pulled closed.

"Well?" Jenny asked. "I thought you wanted to go."

"I do." I assured her.

Funny. Now that I could go the need seemed to be leaving me. I looked at Jenny. Better try and do something.

"Sally was sick." She said, watching me unbutton the flies of my trousers.

I undid the top fastenings and reached inside my underpants for my ball's protector. Jenny took it from me, holding it between the tips of her fingers and thumb.

"Oh." She said. "It's all sweaty.

"It was hot out there." I protested, pointing my prick at the urinal.

She looked down at it, placed my box in the sink beside the urinals and reached out her hand, closing her fingers around it.

"Come on then." She urged softly, pulling my foreskin back.


My stream of urine left the end of my prick.

"Come on." I heard a voice from inside the changing room, it sounded like Bill. "Some of us want to use the showers."

My flow had subsided. Jenny shook off the drops.

"You stay here and guard the shower." Jenny said suddenly, releasing my prick and turning on the tap in the sink to wash her hands. "I'll see if their clothes are dry yet."

"What about my beer?" I complained. I could do with one now.

"I'll bring it back with me."

She kissed me on the cheek and turned to leave.

"No looking." She said over her shoulder.

As if I would.

I positioned myself in front of the shower curtain.

"Are you alright in there?" I asked.


Was the only reply I received to my question.

The door to the changing room opened and Harry and Bill poked their heads around the corner.

"Where are these naked women then?" Bill asked.

"Shush." I admonished. "They're behind here."

I indicated the shower curtain behind me with a movement of my head.

The men both smiled then turned their backs on me to use the urinals. I could hear the sound of their piss striking the porcelain.

"Hey." Lynda's voice came from behind me. "What's happening?"

I turned my head and saw her own sticking out around the edge of the shower curtain. I could see her shoulder, half a breast and her hip. I looked back up at her face. She was smiling at me. I'd always liked Lynda. The first girl who ever made me come.

"The men are using the things." I replied trying to keep them from her sight whilst trying to see more of her body.

She nodded, still smiling.

"We can't stay in her like this."

I heard Sally saying in a low voice.

Lynda turned her back to me giving me a brief sight of her right ass cheek, the crack between them and her left ass cheek.

"We'll be alright." Lynda was saying soothingly. "Jenny will fetch our clothes and Paul will look after us until she gets back."

She turned back to face me. Ass cheek, crack and ass cheek.

"Pass us our underwear Paul." Lynda said, pointing with one hand.

Strange that I hadn't noticed them before. Two pairs of knickers and bras hanging on a hook beside my towel.

Bill and Harry left the room and the noise suddenly increased from the main room.

The knickers felt damp. If I had been alone I don't think I could have resisted the chance to lift them to my nose.

"Here you are." I said, handing them through the gap in the curtain and the wall of the shower.

My hand touched something soft yet firm.

"Naughty." Lynda said.

I felt other fingers taking the clothing from mine and removed my hand. Automatically I lifted my fingers to my nose. They smelt of woman.

The door to the changing room opened and Jenny entered carrying some clothes.

"You can go now." She instructed. "They need more room to get dressed and the East Chipstable team are leaving."

"What about me?" Sally started crying. "I came with Jerry in his car."

"I think he has already gone." Jenny looked at me and indicated the door with a movement of her head.

"I can't go back with the others." Sally said. "What am I going to do?"

"Paul can take you home." Jenny said, handing the clothes through the gap in the curtain. "Won't you dear."

I really wanted to stay and have a few beers.

Jenny smiled at me and mouthed the word please.

"Yes." I said without too much enthusiasm. "I'll take you."

"Go and get your car." Jenny ordered. "We'll have to stay here and help tidy up at the end. We'll see you back at the house."

I nodded and entered the changing room. Ian was lying asleep on one of the benches beneath the coat-hooks.

I contemplated leaving him there for the girls to contend with but shook him by the shoulder.

"What?" He mumbled.

"Come on Ian." I shook him again. "Time to go home."

He slowly opened his eyes and swung his feet onto the floor.

"Home." He said with difficulty.

"Home." I said, fastening my cricket bag and hoisting it onto my shoulder.

He stood up and farted.

"Yes." He mumbled. "Home."

He followed me into the main room. Jim slapped me on the back.

"Well played, Paul."

"Do you want a pint, Paul?" Len asked from behind the bar.

I could murder one but better not if I was going to drive for an hour.

"Not now." I replied. "I've got to get my car and take Sally home. I could do with a drink of water."

Len turned away and turned on the tap. Taking a pint glass he three-parts filled it with water and placed it on the counter before me. I took the first half-pint in two gulps. I was thirsty. I held the glass in my hand and looked around the room. Usually you would expect the visiting team to stay for a couple of drinks at least. There were just club members past and present and a lot of clearing up to be done.

"Where did they go?" I asked the room in general.

"That Jerry was looking for Steve." Jim replied as I took a sip of water. "When he couldn't find him he stormed out. Their captain was upset that Ian had thrown up over the pitch when you had gone for that run. Then Jerry knocking the bat out of Ian's hand and the ball going off for four was the final straw for them."

I had to smile. There was a funny side to it all.

"I must go." I told the room.

I went outside followed by a subdued Ian. I think he was having a hangover.

The side-stalls were being dismantled and people were carrying things from the marquee. I felt tired. I looked around at the scoreboard. The scores were still showing. Batsman number four eighty-two runs. Not as many as Jerry had scored for them but I was pleased with them. I wished Jenny were standing by my side at that moment instead of a drunken Scotsman. I wanted to point it out to her. Although as things tended to go it would probably be Ian who would be remembered for scoring the winning runs and not my contribution.

"Come on." I said to him. "Let's go."

We stopped once in the next field so Ian could take piss against a hedge. We climbed the wooden stile beside the gate and trudged across the next field attracting an escort of cows. I opened the bolt on the final gate and we slipped through the gap and I slid it back into place before the cows could follow us. We turned up the lane and walked the twenty or so yards to the entrance to my grandfather's cottage. I could hear Millie whining.

I took the key to the front door from my pocket as we approached it. Sitting inside the front porch I could see Steve.

"How did the game go?" He asked, standing up as we approached.

"We won." I told him, inserting the key into the lock.

His face looked a bit of a mess. One side of it was swollen and he had a black bruise around one eye.

"Who got the runs?"

"Ian scored the winning ones in the last over."

"Och man." Ian said. "It was nothing."

"I know that." I confirmed. "I was there."

I opened the door and stood back as Millie bounded out to greet us. Sniffed at each of us in turn then, when satisfied she knew whom we were, sniffed around some bushes at the side of the cottage and had a piss.

"What are you doing here?" I asked Steve as we made our way into the house.

"My car is at my mothers," he explained, "and I didn't think it a good idea to go there in case somebody told that Jerry where it was."

"He's gone now." I told him. "I think you are safe."

"Why are you here?" Steve dumped his bag on the kitchen floor, opened the fridge door and helped himself to a bottle of beer. "I need this. Why didn't you stay for the drinks after the match?"

I didn't answer and reached down to play with Millie's ears.

"Anybody else want one?" He asked taking the bottle opener from the drawer by the side of the sink.

"Not for me." I said. "Sally didn't want to go with the rest of the East Chipstable crowd so I have been given the job of driving her home."

"Not now." Ian said clasping at his lower stomach. "Where's your toilet."

I pointed to the first door down the hallway leading back to the front door and he groaned and made his way to it.

I turned the key in the back door and left it wide open.

"Are you going to hang around a bit?" I asked Steve.

"Yes." He replied, taking a glass from a cupboard and pouring some beer into it. "If you don't mind."

"Look after Millie then." I headed back to the front door, Millie following. "You stay girl." I said and fondled her ears.

It was a fifteen-minute walk from the cricket ground to the cottage across the fields. It took less than five minutes to drive it. I drove past the front entrance where cars were queuing to get out and on past the playing field and village school. I turned left into the narrow road that ran past the back of the field. The rear gate to the field was standing open so I turned my car into the field and pulled up beside Jenny's.

Both my parent's cars were still there, so was Jim Clark's.

I walked to the front of the pavilion.

"Hello." Jenny called, making her way towards me from the direction of the marquee.

She broke into a run. I stretched my arms. My body was starting to stiffen up.

"You scored most of your teams runs." She told me, placing her arms about my neck and kissing me on the lips. "I wish I could have seen more of the game now."

I placed my hands on the small of her back and kissed her in return.

"Everybody in the bar afterwards said that without you they would never have won." She rested her head on my chest.

We stood together for a moment, neither moving.

"Where's this Sally then?" I said, moving her away before I started to get a hard on.

"She's helping Lynda tidy up in the bar."

"Has everybody else gone?"

"Just about." She looked around and waved to Lynda and Sally who were leaving the pavilion.

"Are you ready to go?" I asked Sally.

"We were talking about that." Lynda said. "Sally would like to spend the night here, with us. If that's okay?"

"I don't really want to go home now." Sally, sniffed, her eyes were red as if she had been crying, there was the smell of stale alcohol on her breath. "There will be too many questions from my mother and Jerry might come around."

Jim was locking the door to the pavilion.

"Did you want something from inside there?" He asked me, as he made his way towards his car.

Shirley was walking towards us from the marquee with my parents.

"Well?" She asked Jenny. "Are we going back to Bristol?"

"Not tonight." Jenny replied.

Shirley didn't look happy.

"You'll be a little crowded." My father said. "You would be welcome to stay at our house. Wouldn't she dear?"

"I'm sure they will manage." My mother replied quite stiffly.

"I'll stay with Jenny, thanks." Shirley stated, stepping away from my parents.

"Come on David." My mother said. "Let's go home. I just wanted to say thank you to you all for helping out today. I don't know what we would have done without you."

To a chorus of 'thank-yous' and 'it was nothings' my parents walked across to their cars.

"Let's get back to the cottage." Jenny suggested. "We can have a shower and then Paul can take us all down to the pub later."

She smiled at me and gave my hand a squeeze. It could be fun I supposed.

"You follow us back." She ordered. "Who wants to go with Paul?"

There didn't seem to be any takers.

She led them to her car leaving me standing at the corner to the pavilion. I waved to my mother as she drove out through the gate. Then to my father. The girls were getting into Jenny's car. A flash of thigh from Sally and the sight of Lynda's denim covered ass climbing into the back. Then Shirley, siting elegantly on the seat and lifting her long legs inside before closing the door.

Yes it could be a fun evening.

I looked at the scoreboard. All the numbers had been removed. The field was nearly empty. The game might never have happened.



I turned over in bed. The light was streaming through a crack in the curtains.

I turned onto my back and looked at the long, thick light-brown hair that covered Shirley's pillow.

It had been fun in the pub. It was a surprise to find Steve here when we got back from the cricket. I think Paul should have warned us about that. Ian seemed to spend most of the evening nursing a hangover. But at least he didn't drink much. Something gurgled inside me. I needed the toilet.

I slipped out of bed as quietly as I could and pulled on my dressing gown. Where was Paul? Oh yes. He was on the sofa downstairs. It was very gallant of him to insist that Shirley sleep in the proper bed with me. He deserved a reward.

I opened the bedroom door as quietly as I could and walked towards the bathroom. I could hear grunts and groans and bedsprings from the second bedroom where Lynda and Ian were sleeping. Similar sounds were coming from the single room Paul used to use when he stayed here as a child. That would be Steve and Sally. I wondered how Shirley felt about that?

I slipped into the bathroom and sat down on the seat. I sighed. That was better. I wiped myself and flushed the toilet then washed my hands in the wash basin.

I knew everybody except Shirley was awake upstairs but I still made as little noise as possible creeping down the stairs. I opened the door to the living room and looked inside. There was no sign of Paul on the sofa. Damn. Where was he? There was an itch building between my legs. He needed his reward soon.

I went through to the kitchen. He'd made some tea. It was still hot in the pot. The back door was open and I could see Millie running after a stick thrown from inside the walled garden. I poured myself a mug of tea and added some milk and sugar. That tasted good. I carried my mug out onto the veranda that ran the width of the building at the rear. There was a low stone wall and wide steps leading down to a second veranda with the swimming pool. He'd removed the cover and I could hear the low hum of the pump as it filtered the water.

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