tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Pawn Ch. 03

The Pawn Ch. 03


A few hours later Eric nudged Kristine’s shoulder.

“Wake up, baby.” he whispered. “I’ve got a surprise for you.”

Blinking sleepily, Kristine rolled over. Eric was standing next to her, a dress held in his hands. Delighted, Kristine jumped out of bed with a squeal.

“For me?” she asked, her hands reaching out for the beautiful silk dress. It was the same silver blue as her eyes, with intricate silver embroidery around the hem and neckline.

“For you.” Eric said indulgently. “And tonight, I’d like you to eat in the dining room with me.”

Kristine set the dress carefully on the bed, and turned around to give him an exuberant hug.

“I would love to! Thank you, m’lord.” She turned and looked. “Where are my underclothes?”

“No underclothes.” Eric said, his eyes watchful.

Kristine turned with a gasp. “No under . . .” her eyes dropped at the look in his eyes. “Yes, sir.” she whispered.

Clothing without underclothes was better than no clothing at all. And it wasn’t as if they were leaving the house.

Eric smiled in approval, and gave her a soft kiss on the forehead, before turning to sit on the bed. “Get dressed, dinner will be ready in 15 minutes.”

Kristine blushed at dressing in front of some one else, something she’d never done before. Quickly she pulled the dress over her head, not realizing the sensual picture she made as the soft blue material slid down her body, stopping briefly at her breasts, and then at the soft curve of her hips.

“Well, how do I look?” Kristine said self-consciously, her nipples peaking as the silk rubbed over them.

“Almost perfect.” Eric said, reaching in his pocket and pulling something else out. “Lay down on the bed, with your knees bent.”

Self-consciously Kristine slid on the bed. Taking a deep breath for courage, she laid down, and put up her legs. Eric gently pushed them aside so that he had full access to her pretty pussy. Kristine gasped as she felt him push something cold and round into her. “What are you doing?” she asked breathlessly.

“They’re called Ben Wa balls.” Eric said, sliding another into her. Eric held out his hand, and helped Kristine to her feet, and she gasped in shock as she felt the balls move in her, bumping against each other. Gingerly she moved to the edge of the bed, trying to keep them from moving, a nearly impossible feat. By the time she was standing up her breath was coming in quiet gasps, and her nipples were hard little pebbles beneath her dress.

Eric smiled in satisfaction at the look on her face, and held out his elbow for her to take. “Shall we?”

Trying desperately to walk normally, Kristine allowed him to lead her to the dining room, each step jarring the horrible balls deep inside her. By the time they stepped into the room, Kristine’s breathing was harsh, her eyes glazed. On the table were two plates of food. Kristine turned heated eyes to Eric’s.

“My Lord . . .” she gasped.

Almost benevolently Eric patted her bottom. “I know.” he said sympathetically, his lips curving. “But you’ll survive.”

Eric led her to her seat, and watched her try to get comfortable, before sitting down next to her. “Eat.” he ordered.

Kristine forced herself to take a bite of the wonderful food, shifting uncomfortably. She blushed at the glittering look in Eric’s eyes, as he slowly lifted his fork to his mouth. Finally unable to stand it any longer, she reached out and grabbed his hand with both of hers. “Eric, please take them out. Please?” she begged sweetly.

Eric pulled her to her feet, and exchanged a sweet kiss with her. “Go lock the doors.” he said.

Slowly and carefully Kristine walked over to the doors, locked them, and moved back to stand between Eric’s strong thighs. Impatiently she shifted from foot to foot, awaiting his next command. A strong hand on her shoulder, Eric pushed until she was kneeling at his feet. Slowly, teasingly he slid his hand under her bodice, his palm rubbing over her aching nipples. Kristine whimpered, and strained away.

“No, m’lord.” she whispered, not sure she could bear the exquisite sensations. Eric raised a warning eyebrow, and Kristine forced herself to hold still, her still smarting ass a reminder of the folly of disobedience. Eric continued caressing her breast, gently tweaking the nipple.

“Pull up your skirt.” he said roughly. Trembling uncertainly, Kristine slowly lifted her skirt, holding it at her waist. Eric’s breath caught in his chest at the sweet picture she made, her innocent face flushed with desire, the skirts of her dress framing her pretty pussy. Slowly he lowered a hand, and ran it through the moisture between the lips of her femininity, relishing the soft sound that issued from her mouth. She’d thrown back her head in abandonment, her eyes were closed, soft lips parted to accommodate her gasp and groans. Reaching behind her to grabb a handful of her heavy black hair, Eric pulled her mouth to his.

Tenderly his lips closed over hers, his tongue coming out to gently stroke hers, coaxing her into a sweet response. Wrapping his arms around her waist, he gently lowered her to the floor, settling between her legs, their lips never parting. Kristine’s arms came up to wrap around his neck, holding him to her, her neck arched wantonly. Lowering his hand to his pants, Ericloosening them. He hooked his arms under Kristine’s legs, bringing them up to her shoulders, and exposing her fully. Restlessly Kristine tossed her head, needing him desperately. Eric ran a finger through her moisture and moving it down, coating the little rosebud there. Kristine whimpered, and wiggled her hips, wanting his hand to return to where she burned.

“Please, please, m’lord. Please . . .” Slowly, carefully Eric inserted his finger into her tight ass, and Kristine gasped, then groaned as the Ben Wa balls shifted in her. Another finger, and then another, and Eric knew that Kristine was ready to take him. Eric pulled back his hand, and carefully placed the head of his cock at her asshole, slowly but firmly pushing in, his hands at her waist, holding her there.

Kristine cried out as the head of his shaft breached the tight ring of muscle that guarded her. The Ben Wa balls clinked together again, and Kristine forgot the pain of his entry, her small hands clenched as she desperately strived for the peak that would put an end to this restless tension in her. Slowly, inch-by-inch he pushed his cock into her, until his balls slapped against her butt cheek. Triumphant, Eric bent his head and kissed her on the cheek.

“Good girl.” he praised her. “You did so well, I‘m so proud of you.”

His hand once again found it’s way to her clit, rubbing gently. He savored the scream she made as she abruptly climaxed, her body shuddering under his. Eric waited till her orgasm had passed, before beginning to slowly pump his hips. Now that her orgasm had passed, Kristine noticed how full she felt, with him deep in her, the Ben Wa balls filling her pussy. Uncertainly she whimpered, her hands on his chest, not sure what she thought of his careful movements.

“Relax, darling.” Eric whispered in her ear. “Relax and enjoy the way I feel moving in you, stroking your insides.” Her eyes locked on the hypnotic silver of his, Kristine relaxed under the soothing sound of his voice. Her arms slid around her legs, holding them to her chest, as she did her best to relax. She could feel him picking up speed, and unexpectedly her body began to respond. Shocked, her eyelids fell, her breath speeding up.

“Oh, oh, oh.” she whimpered in time with his thrusts, her body tightening urgently. “Oh, god!” she cried as she felt herself going soaring again.

Above her Eric grunted and gave a shout, his hot seed filling her body. Kristine released her legs, and lay under him, exhausted. They lay there exhausted until Eric worked up the strength to pull himself off of her. Reaching into her pussy, he pulled out the Ben Wa balls. He pulled himself to his feet and looked down at her. Limply, she lay there, here eyes locked with his. Eric bent over and gently gathered her in his arms.

“Good girl.” he whispered again, pulling her onto his lap and tenderly kissing her. “You did wonderfully, such a good girl.”

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