tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Payment Plan Ch. 02

The Payment Plan Ch. 02


"I can't believe we're doing this.", Janet remarked with a worried voice for the seventh time that day, this time while sitting in the passenger seat of Reggie's Firebird in front of the dental clinic.

"I wish to god you'd stop saying that." Victoria assured her friend. "Really, it's not like we have a choice and there's no other way to do this than Buckner's way."

Victoria dug in her purse and removed the small bottle with 'the potion', as they'd come to call it. She opened the cap, which had a built in dropper, and drew a very small amount.

"What are you doing with that?"

"Having some." Victoria answered, now removing the cap from her Perrier water. "Just a little to make this bearable. Give me your water, you should have some, too. You'll probably need it more than me."

"Do you think that's wise? Maybe we should stay clear."

"Yeah, right. Gimmie your water, Mrs. Cleaver, you'll need all the help you can get for this."

"Oh, god, we could get into so much-"

"Janet!" Victoria snapped, hands trembling slightly with the dropper. "Shit, I don't need to hear that! Just try to stay focused, alright!? Try to be,... positive!"

"Oh, god."

Victoria finished spiking their bottles and put the potion away in her purse again before taking note of the time.

"We may as well just get up there, as sit here going crazy." Victoria said, the slight nervous tremble having found its way to her voice. "Besides, we'll have some time to,... you know, check the place out."

"What a good idea." Janet replied in a flat, miserable tone.

"Yeah, just grab your water and don't forget to lock the door."

----- ----- ----- ----- -----

Dr. Chris McNeer, an area Dentist with a small practice, as Buckner informed them, was one very rightfully minded person. Most people were, he observed, but most people could be reasoned with, especially when there was no reason for them to be involved with his business, other than to bugger it up with things like witness statements and courtroom testimonies.

Buckner put it in a nutshell for them, telling them that since Dr. McNeer couldn't be bought, then the Dentist would have to be convinced otherwise, one way or another, adding that he'd rather save a 'violent interaction' as a last resort. This, he explained, was where Janet and Victoria came in.

"I can't thank you enough for fitting me in.", Janet told the tall, thin, blonde receptionist in white who sat behind the desk.

She looked to be in her late twenties and her nametag announced her as 'Laura'. Despite a severe ponytail and glasses, one could easily see how attractive she was.

"I just can't believe how much it hurts!"

"I know." the receptionist said with an understanding smile. "There's no other appointments for today, though, so just please have a seat and Dr. McNeer will be right with you."

"Thank you again. Oh, is it alright if my friend comes in with me?" She asked, glancing to Victoria who suddenly threw a greeting smile the receptionist's way. "I have this thing about dental stuff and,..."

"It's no problem, Mrs. Randall, the Doctor will understand."

They sat in the small waiting room with two others, Janet wearing baggy, yellow shorts that stopped halfway to her knees and a white, short sleeve blouse. Victoria wore tight, faded blue jeans that cut off just above her knees and a black, short sleeved, low necked top that showed off her upper curves almost as well as her jeans did her lower ones. The other patients, one a male in his mid thirties, the other also male, probably in his late forties, both checked them out as they took their seats.

Neither spoke as Janet looked around, bug-eyed nervous and quite convincingly in pain, but a little more relaxed now than in the car, thanks to the potion. Victoria was feeling better as well, better than Janet, in fact, as she also observed her surroundings.

It wasn't much, just a small office with a decent coat of paint and sparse decorations, looking almost like a late night, fast food takeout joint. After a few minutes, a pretty woman with deep auburn hair, a little older than Janet, appeared at the hall to the left of the reception desk wearing light green 'healthcare wear'.

"June Randall?" she asked, looking at the two friends from out of town, both standing at the sound of Janet's temporary name.

"Hello.", the woman greeted with a warm smile. "I'm Dr. McNeer, please come with me."

Janet and Victoria glanced at one another as they followed the Doctor down the short hall, completely taken aback by this. A woman would be much more difficult to 'convince' than a man and this wasn't something they were prepared for at all, save for the potion Buckner had supplied them with.

"So, you're not having a good day." McNeer said as Janet got on the padded beige chair.

"No, we're on a little vacation here in Vegas and, all of a sudden last night, I got this horrible pain on my lower left jaw."

"Well, open up and let's have a look."

"I've looked with an LED light and I can't see anything wrong.", Victoria related, digging the supplied video camera out of her purse while McNeer's back was turned, setting it up on a shelf and quickly obscuring it with a fake plant that was there. "I think it's an impacted molar, or something."

The Dentist didn't answer as she poked around with her implement, asking 'June' where she thought the pain was coming from.

"The fourth one back from the front."

"Hm.", McNeer answered, taking a look.

"Um, do you mind if I run to the cooler in the lobby for a drink of water?" Victoria asked."

"No, not at all." McNeer answered.

"Would you like one, Doctor? It's so hot in Vegas."

"Oh, yes please. I know, I'm from Alaska, myself."

"Oh my, I can only imagine what you must go through." Victoria laughed. "Here, why don't you take this instead? I got an extra bottle at the store."

Victoria dug the pre-spiked bottle of Perrier out of her purse, the potion having been injected through the cap before the tiny puncture was resealed, the bottle shaken slightly in order to preserve the lower seal on the metal cap and re-create the bottle's inner pressure.

"Oh, really? I love that stuff. Are you sure?"

"Take it, you deserve it for getting her in here so she can stop whining, believe me.", Victoria assured, grinning encouragingly, grinning wider when the Doctor thanked her and then downed half the bottle.

Janet breathed a small sigh of relief at this, but she knew the game wasn't over yet as Victoria left the room, headed back to the lobby where the water cooler was.

With her back to the men and out of sight angle from the Receptionist, she measured out a somewhat strong dose to the little paper cone that held a drink of water. She straightened and brought it around to Laura.

"Here.", she said simply, passing it to her with a generous smile.

Laura took it more out of instinct than anything. Once it was in her hand, she could only thank her for it as the brunette from out of town moved away, giving the woman in white no choice but to drink it down, as it would have been rude to refuse at that point and she couldn't put the conical container down anyway. She frowned a little at the bitter taste, but thought nothing of it as Victoria returned to the cooler.

"Would you gentlemen like some too?" she asked the men with a sexy smile.

Of course they did. She poured and spiked two more cups and brought them over, still smiling and bending low so they could see down her shirt as she handed them their cups.

"I'd better check on my friend." she said to Laura afterward. "She may be about to have a nervous breakdown at this point."

Laura flashed her a warm, professional expression, thanking her again for the water.

Back in the exam room, she watched McNeer and Janet, waiting for the right time to get things under way. After a few minutes, she spoke, hoping she wasn't too soon.

"Dr., you still have half a bottle of Perrier left and it's so hot,..."

McNeer stopped her fiddling inside Janet's mouth and answered, "Yes, it is hot." before grabbing up the Perrier. She drank the rest and got back to work.

"Just take your time, Dr., I'll be right back."

"I'll take my time." the Dr. said, as if it was her idea.

Back in the lobby and with another spiked cup of water, Victoria once again stood across the desk from Laura.

"That was good water. Wasn't it?"

" ... Yes. It was."

"And it's sooo, hot. Isn't it?"

"So hot. Yes, it is."

"You need another drink."

"Yes, I do need another drink."

"Here you go. Guys, you look pretty hot too, you both need another drink of water, don't you?"

They sure did.

Janet was definitely feeling better now. She thought about all the fun things that she, Victoria and Buckner's men did, but mostly about Victoria and how exciting it was to have their hands between each other's legs. Before she knew it, she felt her nipples hardening, erecting inside her bra.

"Hm.", McNeer commented. I can't find anything, but let's do a,... ahhh,... what do they call that thing that, uhhh,... X-ray. Yes, we'll do that and,... see ... what that tells us."

"Doctor McNeer, you're very beautiful." Janet sincerely informed.

"I- oh, that's,... very nice of you to say. You're very attractive as well, Mrs. Randall."

"Thank you so much. May I call you Chrissy?"

" ... I don't see why not." Chrissy said with her warm smile. "Umm,... what was I about to,...?"

"Chrissy, have you ever kissed another woman?"

"You mean like a, umm, like a sensual kiss on the mouth?"

"Yes. Have you?"

"Well, no."

"Have you ever wanted to?"

McNeer seemed to think back on this, then answered, "Not really. I've wondered about it, but I don't think I ever wanted to."

"It's very nice, you know."

"Yes, it's very nice."

"You have such beautiful brown eyes." Janet complimented, looking into them, reaching up and softly caressing the back of McNeer's neck. "Give me a nice soft kiss on the lips, Chrissy, so you can see for yourself how nice it is."

McNeer leaned down, her smile now unsure, and softly brushed Janet's lips with her own, kissing her lightly, then doing it again and receiving a like response from her patient.

"It's nice, isn't it?" Janet asked when they finished a moment later.

"Oh, yes. It's very nice, Mrs. Randall."

"Call me June."

"Alright. Do you and your friend ever kiss each other?"

"Yes, we have."

"Would you like to watch us?" Victoria asked from the doorway.

McNeer swiveled in her chair, turning her warm smile to Victoria.

"Oh,... well,... yes, I think I would like that."

Victoria flaunted her way to the chair at Janet's side, bent and gave her a kiss, soon licking the blonde's lips before poking her tongue into her willing mouth.

"Oh, that's,... That's very nice." the Doctor breathed.

Victoria replied by kissing McNeer in turn, enticingly jabbing with her tongue until McNeer opened her mouth as Janet did.

"Mmmm.", McNeer expressed a little giddily. "I really like that."

Victoria smiled and moved to stand behind her, sensually massaging the seated woman's shoulders, neck and arms."

"Oh, Chrissy, it's so hot in here." Janet complained. "Would you please unbutton my blouse?"

"Of course.", she replied, reaching over and undoing Janet's top button, eyes half closed as she enjoyed Victoria's attention.

Both Victoria and Janet watched as she worked her way down, stopping when she reached the waistband of Janet's shorts and not untucking her blouse.

"Open her shirt." Victoria quietly suggested.

She did so, slowly revealing a black and white lace bra that at first looked like snowy gray. Janet's nipples fought against the restraining garment, chest heaving slightly with her excitement.

"Mmmm,... is that better, June?"

"Yes. Do you like my bra?"


"Aren't her boobs so nice and big?" Victoria asked.

"Yes. Very nice boobs."

"Let's take your top off. It's too hot and you don't need it anyway."

"No, I don't need my top at all."

Victoria began slowly unbuttoning McNeer's green work top as they watched Janet subtly squirm on the chair.

"Oh,... my nipples are so hard. Itchy." Janet stated.

"Really?" McNeer asked, looking at Janet's breasts again, unconsciously licking her upper lip.

"Yesss. They're so,... Ohh, Chrissy, you have a nice bra too." Janet sighed, staring as Victoria spread the Dentist's top open.

"Nice and sexy." Victoria agreed with a leer, exposing a deep maroon, low cut bra containing her ample breasts.

"Yes, sexy is nice." McNeer added as her top fell from her shoulders to the floor.

"Kiss me again, Chrissy." Janet instructed.

"I'd love to. I love kissing women."

"Hmmmm.", Janet agreed, touching lips with her new friend once again.

After a minute of this, Victoria found herself quite turned on, not surprised at how Janet had turned on, either, considering the heavier dose she'd given her, knowing the conservative woman would need it for this. The only problem now was making sure she didn't blow it by using her real name or something. Not that McNeer would even notice; the woman was so busy examining Janet's mouth with her tongue now, she seemed oblivious to all else, even started slightly when Victoria spoke.

"Doctor, I'm going to check on Laura. In the meantime, why don't you just stay here with June and do whatever she tells you?"

"Yes.", McNeer agreed, pausing to look up at Victoria. "I really should do what June tells me."

Laura seemed to have a great deal of trouble concentrating on her work. She sat, gently rocking her hips back and forth and looking down at her desk, which somehow seemed to have nothing in particular on it.

"Hi, Laura."

"Oh,... hello again.", she replied uncertainly.

"You seem a bit pre-occupied."

"Yes, I'm,... I can't remember,..."

"Don't worry about it."

" ... No, I'd never worry about it."

"Anyway, it's just that you're so hot, is all."

"Oh, very hot."

"Well, since they'll be no more arrivals for the day, why don't you take the phone off the hook and go lock the door so we can take our tops off?"

"Oh,... really?", the Receptionist asked, glancing at the two waiting men, who'd perked at this suggestion.

"Yes, go lock the door, honey. Don't worry about them, they're hot too. They'll understand, won't you guys?"

They both smiled, nodding wide eyed and vocally assuring the women that they would definitely understand.

"See? Go on, now." encouraged Victoria with a friendly smile. "In fact, why not sit with them? Keep them company, let them help you with your shirt. And your bra."

"Oh,... uhh,... alright."

After removing the telephone receiver from its cradle and placing it on the desk, she rose from her office chair and moved into the short hall, out into the waiting area and to the door where she turned the latch, locking it and allowing Victoria a greater sense of relief. She then turned and sat between the men with a nervous smile, back straight, hands on her skirted thighs and glancing nervously at the two grinning men with lumps in their pants.

Victoria stood before them, slowly removing her top, pulling it over her head and showing off a sexy, green bra while the others watched, each man choosing a button at the front of Laura's top and getting started.

Janet barely knew what to do with herself, let alone the alluring Dentist who was now helping Janet with her bra, lowering the shoulder straps and digging out their heavy cargo.

"Your nipples are big and hard." McNeer noted in a hushed, awed tone.

"Mmmm hmmm. Lick them for me. Suck on them."

With only the barest hesitation, McNeer lowered her head and began tracing circles around Janet's nipples with her tongue, making the blonde sigh as her tongue made smaller and smaller circles around and on her areolas until, at last, it played on her nipple, flicking and pushing it over.

"Uh! Mmmm." Janet responded, arching her back and experiencing a short, but very pleasurable, total body shudder and hissed, "Ohh, Chrissy! That's sooo gooood!"

She turned the same attentions to the other one as Janet looked down from her half reclined position, watching this and so happy to have met this wonderful woman who made her feel so excitingly naughty.

"Ooooh! Suck on them, Chrissy! she whispered. Suck nice and hard! Ooooooh, yes. Ohh, Chrissy, I like that!"

"Mmmmm.", McNeer replied, also enjoying this.

"I,... (siighh) I think you should put your hand in my shorts and play with me while you do that." Janet suggested.

"Well,... if you think I should.", the other woman said, tweaking and gently pulling on one of Janet's swollen buds, obviously enjoying what she was doing, but glancing uncertainly down at her midsection.

"Yes, I- ah-hh,...! I really do think you should."

McNeer moved a hand that trembled with sexual excitement to Janet's shorts, digging under the flap for the zipper and pinching its handle between thumb and forefinger, slowly pulling it down as Janet watched. When it was down all the way, her fingers disappeared inside the yellow garment, the rest of her hand following.

"Oh! Oh, Chrissy, yes! Ohhh!" Janet cried, managing to keep her voice down a little in fear of attracting the attention of the Receptionist and the other two patients waiting out front.

Laura, her mouth half open in seeming disbelief, shirt on the floor, allowed the two men to clumsily unclasp her white, Cross-Your-Heart bra, pulling it down and off as she watched. The nipples of her modest breasts were puffy and erected.

"My, my. You have a beautiful body, Laura. Look how hard you made their cocks."

She looked into each of their laps in turn, smiling sheepishly at Victoria afterward as the two men began caressing her bare arms and back, creating visible goose bumps that made her shiver.

"Oh-hh. (gasp!)"

"Guys, why don't you get your cocks out so she can see? You want to see them, don't you, Laura?"

"I- Yes, I,..."

The men started unfastening their pants as Laura watched.

"What's your name?" Victoria asked the older man.

"Rick.", he answered, briefly glancing up as he pushed his pants down his thighs, allowing his hard organ to breathe.

"And yours?"

"Bruce.", the other responded, lifting himself in his seat slightly so he could also push his khaki Bermuda shorts down, staring at Victoria's little green bra and their contents.

"That's a couple of nice big cocks, guys. Aren't they, Laura?"

The Receptionist had been looking from one hardon to the other, eyes wide, hands in her lap and slowly rocking her hips in her seat again, replying in a soft, quite voice, "Yeah, they're,... I'm married."

"That's alright, so am I.", Victoria allowed with a pleasant smile. "Go ahead and play with them. If you want to. Guys, feel free to play with her tits; she doesn't mind, do you honey?"

"Well, I, I guess it's,... alright.", she stammered, slowly moving her hands to either side, lightly touching their phalluses with her fingertips and moving them up and down their rigid, straining surfaces.

"Uuhh-hh!" Laura gasped as each man grabbed a breast that Victoria judged to be small Bs.

"You kids stay here and have a little fun for a while, I'll be back to check in on you shortly, okay?"

They all nodded, the men eagerly cupping Laura's breasts while she uncertainly ran still light fingertips slowly up and down their shafts, stopping on the ridges of their heads and moving back down to their balls before starting on their way back up again. Her mouth was still partly open, a small part of her mind obviously still in shock that this was happening.

Victoria grinned and turned her back on them, walking past the cooler and down the hallway with a confident sway in her hips. She found that she was enjoying this, and not just the eroticism of it, but more the control aspect. She loved directing, being in charge of their bodies and what they did with them, especially Janet. She grinned wider, thinking, "Yes, my little blonde whore from next door.", and giggled. Life would never be the same, she knew, but she wasn't bothered or even worried about it, in fact, becoming more and more happy that they'd gotten themselves into the trouble at Buckner's casino that led to this little revelation. Yes, life would be a lot different from then on, she figured as she stopped in the doorway of the exam room, feeling her hot, moist vagina wetting even further at the sight of what was happening beyond the threshold.

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