tagErotic HorrorThe Pearly Yearning Ch. 02

The Pearly Yearning Ch. 02


Susan's entire body was pulsing with pleasure, relief, and power. Raw, animalistic strength and vigour coursed through her limbs. She felt elated, giddy. Like she'd just finished a marathon, or had a series of intense multiple orgasms, or just laughed like a hyena over something hysterically funny for an hour. God, she felt good! And strong. Confident. Sexy even. But she was still hungry. The young man's load she had just swallowed had restored her vitality, but she wanted more. She didn't want to feel simply sated, but gorged. She wanted to suck men's life out through their cocks and consume their life force until she couldn't possibly take in any more.

This was to be an orgy of sperm consumption.

She felt a brief flash of human shame. Her appearance was a disgrace. Her brand new red silk stockings were destroyed. Her hair was mussed and her makeup smeared and streaming down her face

Well, no matter. She strode back towards the Lighthouse Club with purpose. An almost reckless confidence seizing her, she would find a way to convince the doorman to let her back into the club.

Entering the doorway and ascending the steps, she met with a predictable greeting.

"Whoa, there," the doorman rumbled, his voice richly slathered in an Australian accent. Or maybe was it New Zealand? South Africa?

"You can't come in looking like that." His thick arms were crossed over his chest. His head was tilted slightly back, his sunglasses-shaded gaze looking down the ebony skin of his nose in a supposedly-intimidating fashion at Susan.

She almost laughed out loud. A week ago, she would have been totally cowed by his swagger, would have mumbled some mortified apology for her appearance, her presumption, perhaps even her existence, and scuttled off feeling shame and embarrassment.

Now she was almost taken aback at how fragile and vulnerable he looked. He was the prey. And attractive prey, too. His muscular, African Adonis image, his tight shirt and jeans revealing the well-toned limbs within, his thick jaw line, heavy brow and broad nose, his closely buzzed hair... All in all a totally masculine and attractive visage. She could sense, almost smell, the semen in his testicles. His male lust. Like a hair trigger, he could become erect at the drop of a hat; ejaculate his load in mere moments. A virile, healthy, fertile specimen of manhood, his equipment was prepared to copulate and produce offspring at any instant.

Susan knew how she would gain entrance.

"I need to clean up," she stated plainly. She took two steps towards him. He raised an eyebrow, clearly expecting the mousy response she would have given in such a recent past.

"I'll make it worth your while," she purred, reaching out to gently cup his package, glancing quickly down towards his mid-section, then back to his shaded eyes, licking her lips in lewd fashion.

Her behaviour almost surprised herself, but it seemed so natural, so obvious. Why and how had this escaped her before? This was going to be easy!

He started slightly at her bold touch on his genitals, but kept his arms folded and his intendedly-intimidating stare focused on her. Instinctively, she knew that if she didn't blink, didn't back down, just continued her suggestive, eager grin, what would happen.

And it did.

"Tony!" the doorman barked, turning his head but otherwise maintaining his posture. "Get your ass up here! Watch the door for a minute! I've got something I need to take care of!"

How impossibly macho he was, Susan chuckled to herself. He had no idea what he was in for.

"Got it, Mac!" said a smiling young white man with a goatee and spiky, gelled short brown hair. Maybe he would be next? Susan mused to herself.

"Ok, Honey," the black stud said impassively, still believing himself to be completely in control. "You clean this up," he said, grabbing his crotch, "And then you can clean yourself up. You clean up well and you can come in. All right?"

"All right," Susan grinned back mischievously. Her pulse was quickening and her appetite piquing. Her will and self-control kept her from leaping on this man and taking what was hers right now. She was kind of enjoying this dance, this interplay. It was ironic. A couple of hours ago, none of her ploys would have netted his interest, but now, looking like a complete disaster, she had garnered a blowjob for herself in an exchange of less than ten statements. It was almost comical.

The doorman led her into a coatroom that was dimly lit and cluttered. A couple of bins sat in the corner, filled with what were presumably lost-and-found items. The rhythmic thump of the bass from the dance floor vibrated heavily against the back wall.

"So what's your story, hm?" the doorman asked, unzipping his fly. "Didn't I see you in here earlier? What happened?"

"Boring story," Susan said with a smirk, dropping to her knees. "I have a feeling this will be much more interesting for both of us."

"I like your style, Shiela," the doorman said with a grin. He hauled out his penis authoritatively, gently jerking on it as he produced it. Thin and long, this specimen of manhood inspired a deep craving in Susan. Grinning to herself, she leaned forward and stuck her tongue out as far as she could.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhh," she said, dental-patient style. The doorman chuckled, shuffling forth to place his hardening, uncircumcised, ebony shaft into her gaping mouth.

"Shit, you're a little bit crazy, you know that?" he muttered, inserting his penis past her lips. He drew his breath in sharply as she gently began sucking, coaxing his rod slowly deeper into her mouth. "I mean, I don't know what happened to mess you up like this. Normally I wouldn't give you the time of day, looking like that. But you've got something... Ah! Yeah, fuck, that's good... You've got some fuckin' wild sex thing goin' on here. Fuck, you suck good. Fuck, yeah. You suck cock good. Mmm, I think you like being a cocksucker. Huh? Do ya?"

Susan felt the hunger inside of her. She was tempted to just make him cum, suck his life force out, swallow his semen and leave him. But she was enjoying this. She was feeling sexy and wanted. Even his sex talk, as lame as she would have thought it was a week ago, was turning her on.

"Yeah, I love it," she purred, briefly letting his now seven-inch long cock slip from her mouth. "I love being a cocksucker."

Immediately, she dove down and began sucking him deep and fully. She wanted his sperm. Enough of this game.

"Oh, fuck!" he gasped. "Fuck, holy shit! Damn, you suck good. Oh, damn, girl!"

Somewhat to her surprise, Susan found herself deepthroating him easily. With her nose against his pubic bone, she took his entire shaft down her throat. Instinctively she knew exactly what to do, what sensations would bring this particular penis to ejaculation as quickly as possible. With his lengthy meat probing deep into the back of her throat, she began a swallowing action, sucking and pumping, milking his penis with her throat.

She was aware in some part of her mind that normally this would have her vomiting explosively. But it was easy for her. Pleasurable even. Exciting. Fulfilling. She would eat his sperm. Now.

"Uh!" the doorman, whose name she did not remember, and did not care to, gasped. "UHHHH! Slow down! Shit, slow down!" She did not. "I'm gonna blow! Fuck! I...."

With an intense, powerful, constant suction, she brought that delicious friction to the tip of his penis that she knew he could not hold back from.

Howling out, doubling over, then screaming out in lust, the doorman began shooting. Issuing his semen, ejaculating forth his life-force for Susan's consumption.

As his first huge, thick glob of jism erupted almost painfully from the end of his twitching prick, Susan backed off to take him in her mouth. She wanted to taste it, to savour it.

Still sucking intensely, she felt and tasted his thick, copious load of sperm shoot into her mouth. The slippery, salty, gooey globs sent her tongue, mouth, brain and pussy into glorious rapture. She gulped again and again, ingesting his wad of cum, her eyes rolling back in disbelief, that it could be this satisfying and amazingly pleasurable.

As the pearly gel descended down her gullet she felt an incredible rush. A surge of strength and power. It was intoxicating, compelling, almost maddening in its intensity. His vitality, his strength, youth, and very life was his, and now it was hers.

The doorman collapsed before her kneeling form, gasping for breath.

"Mac!" Tony's voice called out through the door. Mac, yes, that was his name. Not that Susan particularly cared. "Mac, everything alright in there?"

Mac lay on the floor, his pants still around his ankles, panting like he'd just sprinted a mile. An incredulous smile suddenly lit his face. "Fuck!" he exalted. "Fuck yeah, I'm more than alright!!"

Susan continued kneeling, savouring the sensation of this incredible strength and energy racing through her every nerve and fibre. She felt like she could lift a house. Or jump as high as one. Her mind was awash with total pleasure and satisfaction. Her hunger was completely sated now, but she still felt a gluttonous, ravenous, selfish compulsion to grab this frail mortal, engulf his member in her maw, and suck his soul and life out completely via his ejaculation. She considered all these sensations in her racing mind as she knelt with a smug smile on her lips. She hummed quietly with pleasure and satisfaction.

"Holy shit, girl!" Mac enthused, struggling to his wobbly knees and attempting to pull up his pants. "I have never had a girl that could suck like that! Shit, I'll help you clean up! You sure you won't tell me what happened to you? What's your name?"

"Susan," she replied with a sultry edge to her voice. "And I don't think you'd believe it if I told you the story."

"Ok, Susan... I'm Mac. Maybe someday you'll tell it to me, ha? Well, let me..." He finished rebuttoning his pants, and made to help her up but stumbled and almost fell. Susan chuckled.

"Shit! My legs! Wow, Susan, just wow! So let me help you up..." He bent and offered his hand somewhat unsteadily to her. She almost laughed out loud again. She was pretty sure she could break his neck in one swift motion.

"Damn, you got nice titties!" he remarked. Susan smiled wryly. This was probably an attempt to make her feel beautiful. As laughable as it seemed, she savoured the crude compliment. She had had starved for them her whole life, she might as well enjoy them now. "So listen, Susan... The staff washroom's this way... I'm off at three. You wanna have a nightcap with me? My apartment's six blocks west of here, in Mayberry."

"Yeah, maybe, Mac, maybe..." she replied somewhat mysteriously. Inside she was glowing. She'd just blown him! She'd taken him, consumed his very essence, and now he was offering her more of the same! He was pursuing her! Her ego sang in triumph!

As she rose, something caught her eye in the lost-and-found. It was a clear, zip-up makeup bag, filled with various items. On a whim, she picked it up, cocking an eye at Mac with an aloof pout on her face and raising it to his gaze. "You mind?"

He laughed. "Be my guest!"

Entering the ladies' room, she was a little surprised at her appearance. Her skin, normally quite pale, was almost as white as chalk! She briefly panicked, trying to imagine ways to get her colouring back to normal, then stopped. She smiled. The paleness made her more unique, more distinctive, striking. Maybe more mysterious, alluring? She chuckled to herself. I guess you can see a vampire's reflection...

She began running water, soaped up, removed some of her mascara, tried to fix her hair... She looked down at her stockings - they were ruined. Her hair was beyond salvation. She giggled. On a whim, she took her nail file and began poking it strategically through her stockings. If they were ripped, let them be deliberately ripped. She dipped her fingers in the water and ran them through her hair, twisting and shaking them. If her hair was messed, let it be deliberately messed!

She laughed out loud. She rifled through her newly-acquired makeup kit. Becoming more bold, she selected the most unusual items she could find. Those being green eyeshadow and black lipstick. Re-applying her eyeliner and applying the lipstick thickly, she leered at her own reflection. A few swipes of the green eyeshadow contrasted sharply with her skin. This was a bit of a throwback to her goth days, but... What a transformation! Her clothing was essentially the same as earlier tonight, but even with her hair, makeup and stockings looking disheveled and mussed, she was a sexy bitch!

How had this eluded her? It was there all the time! Danuta had seen that, now she knew. She had arrived. The events of earlier this evening played through her mind, how she had nearly succumbed... But now... Now the whole world was hers!!

Her mind drifted back to three months ago. Susan had joined Danuta, Eniko, Zorana, and Eniko upstairs. They were seated at a large, dark, hardwood table with medieval-looking chairs with very high backs. Kinia was shifting in her seat, almost dancing, as she hummed a merry tune.

"Yes, well," Danuta was saying, "No one is really sure when the first spermárevő was created. But the methodology is savage. Inhuman. If we were to turn you, there is another way."

"Alright," Susan replied, regarding Danuta somewhat apprehensively, "What way is that?"

"There still must be a life ended," Danuta said gravely, "But it need not be yours. A spermárevő, one of us, would have to take the life of a male. And the ritual involves penetration of the vagina, anus and mouth. But again, in this method, it won't be yours. It would be one of us."

"Ok... I... I don't really understand. If one of you will be doing all this, how do I get turned?"

"Semen must enter all orifices. It must be absorbed by the body, and a life must be ended. One of us four would have a man ejaculate in our vagina and rectum. You would have to draw the semen out with your mouth and swallow it."

Susan's eyes bugged out a bit and her eyebrows raised. Her lips curled in a mild expression of disgust. The four sisters were unaffected as Danuta continued.

"Then the one of us would fellate a man to ejaculation, but continue sucking. Draw his life out completely. Killing him. But rather than consuming his semen, we would hold it in our mouth, you would draw it into your own mouth and swallow it. This begins the process."

Susan stared dumbly, unable to respond. This was certainly nothing like anything she had heard of or read in anything vampire-related.

"The initial sensation after the third swallow is almost one of burning," said Eniko after a brief moment of silence. "From the inside. The semen consumed contains the life of the host. It burns, then makes you feel terribly ill, then you lose consciousness. When you awaken, you are a spermpire, like us. At that point, the only thing that will sustain you, the only thing that will keep you alive, is semen."

"And not just any semen," Kinia broke in. She was still wearing her odd, quirky grin that was characteristic of her. "It must be extracted directly from the penis into your mouth. If it enters the air, or passing through anything before entering your mouth, the connection of life energy to your host is lost. So you can't store it up or save it. You need fresh hosts."

"I, uh," Susan struggled with, "I heard, or, um, rather read, about... vampires... that, uh, drank animal blood...?"

Kinia gasped, then howled out in peals of laughter. The other three joined her in a raucous round of surprised mirth.

"Animals don't have souls, Susan," intoned Kinia, after she caught her breath. "Only humans can be hosts. That applies to nosferatu, incidentally. No animal blood or anything else. Human only."

There was a pause. Kinia went back to humming to herself with a friendly smile.

"Uh, how long could... one of you... go without, uh, feeding?"

"Well, that depends," said Zorana, her black hair and dark eyes giving her words seeming gravity, "If well fed, a spermárevő could last about a month in between meals. But if feedings are more difficult to come by, a week to two weeks maybe? I'm sure that one of us could survive on one ejaculation per week for a long time, perhaps forever, but that would certainly not be a pleasant way to live."

"I had to live like that for the first couple of years," said Danuta. "It was terrible. There is a difference in the feedings, though. Young men's semen is more vital and potent. An ejaculation from a healthy, well-fed twenty-year-old can probably sustain you for ten days. A middle-aged man? Probably more like five. And if a life is consumed entirely? That life will sustain one of us easily for a month and a half, maybe two, before we'd need to feed again."

"But none of us have killed for years now!" interjected Eniko. "Many years!"

"Yes, 46 years to be exact," said Zorana.

The sisters shared a brief series of grave glances. Clearly, something significant had happened 46 years ago.

"So... So, back to the turning..." Susan started somewhat apprehensively.

"Yes?" encouraged Danuta with a friendly smile, reassuring her, as she had stated earlier, that any questioned would be completely acceptable. They might decline to answer, they had indicated, but Susan was allowed to ask anything without fear of offending.

"So if you have to consume... semen... from a live sperma... a spermpire... so, ah, you..."

"Yes, go on," Danuta said warmly.

"Um, that means, uh, that you, ah, all ate cum out of... each other...?" Susan was bushing deep pink as she stammered out the question.

Kinia laughed with merriment. The other three just smiled broadly, doing their best to make Susan feel at ease, even though her query clearly had an amusing quality.

"Danuta turned me and Zorana," said Eniko. "And I turned Kinia. So yes, Zorana and I both drew semen from Danuta. And Kinia from me."

Susan just gawked. She didn't know if she was excited, disgusted, horrified or turned on. Her mind was whirling to try to keep up.

"And, uh, you, Danuta? Who turned you?"

"No one," she replied. "I am an original spermárevő."

"...So, how does that happen?" Susan asked.

Eniko, Kinia, and Zorana all quickly exchanged concerned glances at each other, then at Danuta.

Danuta just inclined her head slightly and gave a soft smile. "It's ok, sisters," she addressed the other three. "A spermárevő is a spirit reborn for vengeance," she then said, speaking to Susan. "A woman who is raped in all of her orifices, and dies as a result, is reborn after three days in the grave. She exists to suck the life out of men."

She paused in the silence that followed. "That is how I died, 410 years ago."

Susan felt overwhelming regret and shame at having asked the question. And deepest sympathy for Danuta. Tears began trickling down Susan's cheek.

"It's ok, Susan," Danuta consoled her, "It was a long, long time ago. Weep not for me. Weep for the men I have killed. Some innocent, good men. When I hungered, I have killed. I could easily again, if I wished. The urge is nowhere near as powerful or difficult to control as when I was young, but it is still there. It will always be there. We are spermárevő, Susan. We are vampires. And this is not a fairy tale."

Susan cried silently for a time. She didn't know what to say. But Danuta was right. As amazing as this was, as sexy, as exciting, as even perhaps romantic... They were vampires. Spermárevő. They consumed men's lives to survive. Being a vampire had seemed such an easy, perfect fantasy. But now she saw it was much more than that.

"Well, how about a lighter subject, then?" asked Eniko. "I've a mild desire to feed... Anyone else?"

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