tagIncest/TabooThe Peeping Mom

The Peeping Mom


Okay, I'll admit it. I'm a peeping mom. My grown son Alan lives with me (I'm a single mother) and I sneak peeks at him whenever I get a chance.

It all began about a year ago when I went into his bedroom looking for dirty laundry. I could hear the shower running, and it made me smile to hear him whistling happily. To my surprise, I found myself holding one of his dirty shirts to my nose. I inhaled deeply, and a vision of my son, wet from the shower, completely naked, came to my mind. At the same time, my nipples stiffened, and a warmth began to spread from my crotch to my whole body.

I was thinking of my own son "that way"! I was shocked not only at my fantasies but even more at my reaction to them, but then I realized that it wasn't the first time by any means, just the first time I'd allowed myself to become fully aware of it. I started to be good and leave the room quickly. Then I thought, maybe if I actually had a look at him naked, I'd come to my senses and stop thinking about him. I crept over to the bathroom door, opened it just a little, and peeked inside. I could just see the outline of his naked body in the shower.

At first, I couldn't quite make out what he was doing. It looked like he was just washing his prick and balls. But then I realized that nobody washes themselves for that long. No, the more I looked the more sure I was that my son was jerking off in the shower.

My whole body was burning with desire. I tiptoed out of my son's room and back to my own bedroom. As the vision of my son's cock half-seen through the frosted glass of the shower danced through my mind, I brought myself to a quick, hard climax.

I wound up staying in my room for the rest of the evening. I told Alan I had a sick headache and to leave me alone. In fact, though, my head was filled with feverish visions of my son pumping his dick, my son cradling his balls, my son shooting off a huge load against the shower door. I found my hand between my legs several more times before I finally collapsed into an exhausted sleep.

Instead of making anything better, that night was the start of everything. I peeped at my son every chance I got. I caught sight of him naked several times, and his manhood was everything I had hoped that first night that it would be. Getting to see him making use of it, though, that was more difficult. Finally, though, I had a plan.

While getting ready for a date, I dropped one of my rings down the sink drain accidentally on purpose. I called my neighbor, who happens to be a plumber, to come help me. (I know he would be glad to cheat on his wife with me, but I'm simply not interested in him that way.) While he was retrieving the ring, Alan naturally couldn't get ready for his date, so he had to use the spare bathroom in the basement. And I was all ready, lying on the grass outside the small basement window that could show me everything!

My son's face was a twisted mask of lust as he fucked his fist. I was fully dressed to go out, but I had left off my panties so that I could touch my pussy. He did indeed fondle his balls with his other hand, just as in my fantasies, but when I saw him let go and snake one finger up his asshole, that's when I came right there, not caring who might possibly see me.

My date was a blind one, and I had had only the most glowing descriptions of his prowess in the sack, so I decided not to bother with my panties at all. Unfortunately, the friend who set me up with him didn't mention what a crashing bore he was. He had only one subject of conversation: himself, including the high-powered company he had founded and even the high-powered women who were his conquests! I couldn't believe it. As soon as I had gotten my dinner down somehow, I mumbled some excuse and broke off the date.

When I got home, there were two other cars in the driveway. At once I knew that Alan had managed to bring his girl home with him to the empty house. Sure enough, as soon as I opened the door, I could hear her moaning from upstairs. I left the lights off and listened.

"Lick me there, lick me now," she was saying. "Oh yes, Alan. And there too."

"What a tasty little pussy you have!" my son said in the voice of the big bad wolf. I flashed back to all the times I had told him that story as a child, when I played the frightened girl and the big bad wolf too.

"Oh my, what a long tongue you have," said the girl, playing along.

As for me, I was drenched absolutely to the knees, leaning against the foyer wall so I wouldn't collapse on the spot. I had both hands between my legs. God, what I wouldn't give to see my son's head buried in her crotch. If she was the young woman I thought she was, she was as blond as Alan and I were dark. I closed my eyes for a moment and pictured his head between her legs, going down on her blond bush -- or shaved pussy.

Then the silence was broken again by the girl's passionate voice. "Oh, Alan, lick my asshole."

That did it. I had to see them together at all costs. I crept down the pitch-dark but well-carpeted hall and up the stairs, which fortunately didn't creak. I stopped by the door to my son's bedroom, which commanded a perfect view of the bed. It was partially open, and all I had to do was touch it and it swung open enough for me to see by the dim glow of the night light. Just as I thought, Alan's head was bobbing up and down between the girl's long, widely spread legs. I had got there just in time to see him stop and flip her body over with one hand.

"I'll lick that asshole," my son growled. "And then I'll fuck that asshole." Listening to my son, nipples were aching and burning, and my pussy was on fire.

"I don't care, I don't care, do it," the girl moaned, her face buried in the pillow. She lifted herself onto her hands and knees and pushed her ass high in the air. "Just give it to me, make me come."

I would have given anything to be in her place at that moment, my son about to lick my asshole. Daringly I reached my hand back to my pucker, running one finger around the rim. I had never touched myself there before, but in my state of extreme arousal, it was just one extra source of sexual excitement. My other hand worked furiously in my pussy.

"I'll make you come till you scream", said my son. Sure enough, he plunged his face into her crack, and I heard the squelching sound of his fingers going up her pussy. She rubbed her ass all over his face, making animal noises of extreme pleasure. I could see her breasts swinging in the air, back and forth, while she rocked on her knees and elbows. And there was my son's cock, bigger and harder than in the shower, just waiting for its moment of glory.

"Fuck my ass," she howled suddenly, making all the noise that came before sound like silence by comparison. "I need to feel you deep in my ass."

I knew that I needed to leave, and quickly, before I was caught. No one would know I had seen anything. But my feet weren't having any of it. I had to stay and see my son fucking his girlfriend, fucking her right up her tight little ass. He grabbed a bottle from the bed and lubed her up thoroughly. Then he dipped his wick into her dripping pussy and pulled it out, and replaced it at the entrance to her asshole.

I held perfectly still. So did the girl. I think even Alan was holding his breath. And then suddenly the head of his huge erection was inside her. Oh, how I wanted it! How I wanted to be the girl on the bed, being fucked in my forbidden place! I was fingering my clit wildly as he slipped all the way in and began to pound her perfect butt.

Alan didn't last long. But first, as he had promised, he reached underneath the girl and fingered her to a quick screaming orgasm. Then, yelling that he was about to blow, he did something I could hardly believe. He pulled right out of her asshole with a loud plop, turned her over again, and dumped his entire load over her belly and breasts and face.

Then I really did leave, back to my bedroom, where I pushed myself through five orgasms, thinking every second of the sights and smells and sounds of my son fucking that girl in the ass. Every time I thought I was finished for the evening, the fire in my cunt and my ass grew hotter, and I had to bring myself off again. Only when I heard Alan slipping the girl out quietly was I able to stop at last, my breath short, my nipples squeezed till they were sore, my cunt raw, my asshole gently throbbing from the fingers I had stuffed inside it during the last three climaxes.

In the past year there have been lots of other girls and lots of fuck sessions. My son believes in playing the field, and I've managed to watch his talented fingers and tongue doing everything I've ever heard of and more, and his big hard cock going up the all the holes of women of every size, age, and color. One of these days I'm going to get up the courage to tell my son that I want him, that I want to be one of those women. But until then, I'll just keep on being the peeping mom.

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