tagMatureThe Peeping Tom

The Peeping Tom


One day recently I had to let our neighbor know about yard work we had planned near our mutual lot line. I entered their back yard through a gate in the chain link fence and went up to a large sliding glass door that over looks an in-ground pool. I was just about to knock when I noticed our neighbor Tom sitting stark naked on a sofa.

He was leaning back with his head resting on the upper part of the sofa with his eyes closed. His legs were spread wide and kneeling between them was his wife Carla who was naked also. They were positioned at a slight angle away from the sliding glass door so Carla didn't notice me as neither did Tom with his eyes closed.

Needless to say, Carla kneeling between Tom's legs could mean only one thing. She was sucking his cock. She had one hand wrapped around the base of his cock and the rest of it was buried in her mouth while her head was bobbing up & down on it.

I should have left before they saw me, but I was fascinated seeing Carla mouth fucking Tom. My mind said get out of there, but my feet wouldn't move.

Based on what I could see of Tom's cock above Carla's hand indicated it was a good 6-7 inches in length. Not quite as long as my husband's, but close, and it appeared slightly bigger in girth.

Carla was mouth fucking the 3 to 4 inches above her hand like someone who truly enjoyed sucking cock and not someone who was doing it just because her husband asked. Not that I could blame her. From what I could see, Tom had a cock that anyone who enjoyed sucking cock would like to take in her mouth...including yours truly.

Carla's mouth fucking action was like that of seasoned pro as she sucked furiously on it. I could almost hear the slurping sounds she was making through the glass door. She was really into it and looked to be quite the cock sucker from a woman's perspective.

Then suddenly Tom opened his eyes and saw me. I thought for sure he would panic, or at least say something to Carla. But he didn't. He just smiled when he saw me and put a finger up to his lips so as to say be quiet. With him gesturing to be quiet I took it as approval to feel free to watch. He plopped his head back against the sofa and continued to let Carla do her thing, which from what I could see he was enjoying immensely. More so now it seemed since he knew they were being observed.

It wasn't much longer before I could tell from the way Tom was acting he was about to cum. Plus he started talking dirty to Carla, which unfortunately I couldn't quite make out through the glass door. Although I did hear the words "suck" and "so good" more than once.

Tom then put a single hand on the back of Carla's head and thrust his cock deep as he could into her mouth, which could only mean one thing. He was unloading his hot sperm. I was wondering if Carla would swallow, but didn't have to wonder long. I could tell by her Adam's apple bobbing up & down that she was swallowing each and every cum shot. Tom deposited about a half dozen cumloads in her mouth, all of which Carla took and swallowed willingly.

No doubt in my mind from the way she took his entire load she routinely lets Tom cum in her mouth. And probably more often than not swallows every drop. Which gave me a whole new appreciation of my neighbor, and made me wonder how I would interact with her from this point on. Be hard not to have a different opinion of someone after you watched them suck cock and swallow cum...albeit unknown to them.

At that point I figured it was best to leave as quickly as possible before Carla saw me. As soon as I left their yard I realized how wet my pussy was. My panties were soaked with pussy juice from watching Carla suck Tom's cock. Plus the sight of Tom's meaty manhood turned me on also. It was quite a show and now I had a better appreciation of what drives some people to be Peeping Toms.

It wasn't long after the Peeping Tom incident that Tom (and yes his name really is Tom) would approach me while working in the yard. A day I knew was coming and have been dreading ever since. Not because I enjoyed watching Carla mouth fuck Tom, but because I couldn't stop at the time and should have left before Tom saw me.

But it was way too late. Then and now. The damage was done and now was as good a time as any for Tom to chastise me for it.

"Another hot day"...said Tom, as a way to greet me.

"Yes"... I replied. "But not unexpected for this time of year."

He didn't beat around the bush and said next..."About the other day, I want to thank you."

"Thank me?"

"Yes, thank you. And if I may be blunt. You watching Carla suck my cock made it one of the best blow jobs I ever had. I don't know what came over me when I saw you watching us, but it turned one of Carla's always good blow jobs into a whole new experience. I can't recall ever having such an intense orgasm from her sucking my cock. Even Carla noticed a difference. Plus my cumload was bigger than normal. Almost gagged Carla with it. And she never gags when she takes my load in her mouth."

"I'm glad to hear me watching had such an effect on you. Although it was purely an unintended consequence. I do need to apologize for watching. I'm sorry I did, but I couldn't tear myself away at the time. It's not like me. I'm more disciplined than that. And I can assure you it was totally unintentional."

"I know it was, and you're forgiven. But like I said, I'm not mad or upset it happened. Quite the opposite."

He continued..."It did turn out to be a good thing though. At least for me so we'll just leave it that. Enough said."

"Speaking of a hot day. Would you like some iced tea?"...he then asked so as to change the subject.

"Sure!"...I replied. Actually I didn't, but was just glad to move on.

"Come on then."...he said. "I've got some in the frig. Carla made it yesterday so it should be nice and cold. I hope you like it sweetened?"

"Yes I do."

We went into his kitchen where I expected to see Carla, but she wasn't there. Since she wasn't, I figured she was in another room. Bedroom maybe, or in the shower.

While Tom opened the refrigerator to get the iced tea I noticed an espresso machine they had on the counter. It was exactly like one we were thinking of getting so I decided to take a closer look at it.

I heard the refrigerator door close and the next thing I knew Tom put his arms around my waist from behind. Then he started kissing the back of my neck.

It caught me completely by surprise. "Tom, you shouldn't. What if your wife catches you?"

"She won't."...he said. "She's away for the day. Won't be back until late this afternoon. Baby sitting for our oldest daughter while she and her husband attend some kind of an event at the university where he teaches."

He continued to kiss my neck and then said..."You smell fabulous."

"Thank you. Must be the bug repellent I have on"...I said jokingly.

"I don't think so, but even if it is, you smell simply delicious."

Next thing I knew he put both hands under my top and began fondling my breasts. I wasn't wearing a bra. I rarely do when working in the yard.

He then asked..."Did you get off watching us?"

"I'd be lying if I said I didn't. My pussy got soaking wet.

"What turned you on?"

"Your cock for one thing. You have a nice cock. A lot like my husband's, except you're circumcised. Plus watching Carla suck it. She was really into it. No doubt she enjoys sucking your cock like I do Walter's. You can tell when someone enjoys sucking cock versus them doing it because they're expected to or asked. They tend to be good at it. Last thing was the voyeur aspect, which had an erotic effect on me."

Tom continued to fondle my tits, which had the usual effect as my nipples stiffened and grew a good half inch long. No doubt his cold hands from rummaging around in the refrigerator had a lot to do with my nipples getting as hard and erect as they did.

Then came the point where I needed to either put a kibosh on things or let him continue to grope me. I decided on the latter as I mentally remembered what a nice cock he had when I watched his wife suck it. Which I now could feel through his shorts rubbing against my ass.

Tom by the way is a good looking man. Shorter than my husband at about 5 feet 8 inches. Good build, as though he regularly works out at a gym. Slightly bald and he keeps what hair he has closely cut. He's about ten years younger than I. Mid 50's. Maybe late 50's. From him fondling my tits I could feel he had soft hands, which indicated he didn't work with them for a living.

Since Tom's such a good looking man, and about ten years younger, I couldn't help but ask about the attraction towards me. Or was he just horny.

"Horny for sure, but for you."...he said. "Your age never entered my mind. Plus Carla is a few years older than me. More your age than mine. Can't tell you how often I've seen you working in the yard in your shorts and thin tops that I haven't stopped what I was doing to watch you. Especially when you were bending over or kneeling on the ground pulling weeds. Mentally I've fucked you from behind a hundred times. And it was always easy to tell you were braless, which added to my excitement. Feeling your tits here for the first time is a wet dream come true."

Speaking of which, Tom then took one of his hands that was fondling my tits and inserted it down inside the shorts I was wearing and started rubbing my pussy. His cold hands felt nice on my now hot cunt. He continued kissing my neck while fondling one tit and rubbing my pubic mound. All of which were having his desired effect on me.

I reached around and unbuttoned his shorts, which immediately fell down around his ankles since he wasn't wearing briefs. With his shorts no longer restraining his cock it popped out at full attention.

I grabbed it backhanded and stroked it while rubbing a finger around his big cockhead. Of which I could feel some precum leaking from his swollen gland.

Tom then pulled my shorts and panties down around my knees. After he did he started rubbing his cock in the valley between my bum cheeks. His cock felt good rubbing up against and in the crack of my ass while both hands were fondling my tits again.

I turned around and said..."We better do something with that stiff cock of yours and fast since my husband will be back soon from running errands. As nice as your cock is, and as much as I'd love to suck it or have you eat my pussy, I'm afraid we don't have the luxury of time. So for now we're going to have to settle for fucking my pussy."

I took my shorts and panties entirely off before going over to the kitchen table and bending down on it. Fully exposing my ass and pussy for him while my sneakered feet were firmly planted on the floor.

Then I simply said..."Now fuck me Tom."

Quick as a wink Tom positioned himself behind me and inserted his cock in my already wet pussy. No sooner than he did he began humping away while holding me firmly by the hips. His cock felt good sliding in & out of my hot cunt. Felt just as good for him too as he began telling me how wonderful his cock felt stuffed in my "hot hole" as he called it.

Then he said..."What a gorgeous asshole you have! It looks so inviting."

"I'm sure it does from your vantage point"...I replied. "If you want, please feel free to fuck it"

"Really?...he asked.

"Really." I said

He then withdrew his cock from my pussy and with it already lubricated from my love juices he placed his cockhead at the entrance to my butthole. No sooner than he did he plunged forward and when he did his cockhead easily popped into my asshole.

"Wow!"...he said. "I can't believe how easily you took my cock in your ass. No doubt this isn't the first time you've had a cock in it."

"No it isn't."...I replied. "Or I wouldn't have said you could fuck it. You'll soon find out, it's something I enjoy. I hope you do too. Be disappointed if you don't."

Tom then began fucking my ass like crazy. Long deep strokes that increased in tempo with each plunge of his cock into my ass. It became obvious from the way Tom was going at me that he hadn't fucked anyone anally in a while. Plus the excitement of a "quicky" was adding to our frenzied humping away at each other. As for me, I was humping backwards as best I could to meet each forward thrust of his cock. But humping backwards with a cock in your asshole while bent over on a kitchen table can be challenging.

After about five minutes of pure bliss from Tom fucking me in my butthole he was ready to cum. He let out a loud moan and said..."I'm going to cum! And damn my cock looks so fucking good sliding in & and out of your lovely asshole. What a sight of it wrapped so tightly around my cock, and the feeling is incredible."

Then suddenly one load after another of his hot cum shot into my ass. A huge cumload. I felt at least a half dozen loads of cum shoot deep into my rectum.

Panting like he just ran a marathon, Tom slowly withdrew his spent cock from my asshole and it was immediately followed by his cumload which streamed out and down my pussy lips onto the kitchen floor.

Tom then did the unexpected and planted a big kiss on my puckered and cum covered asshole.

"That's the best piece of ass I've literally had in years."...he said. "Been a long dry spell since I last fucked Carla, or anyone, in the ass for that matter. And I can think of a better ass and asshole than yours to break the drought."

As I surmised, Tom hasn't had anal intercourse for ages. While he and Carla tried a couple of times when younger, seems she feels it isn't "normal" and as a result she refuses to let Tom do her in the ass. She'll suck his cock until the cows come home, and happily swallow his cumloads, but no way does she allow his cock in her ass. Her loss...as well as Tom's.

We quickly cleaned the cum off the kitchen floor, got dressed, and after a quick kiss and thanking him for the iced tea I never got, I returned back to my yard work.

After the short but sweet ass-fucking I got, albeit minus an orgasm, I found myself whistling while I worked. Something I never do.

The End.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous10/11/18

Niceass neighbor

I literally no lie had the exact thing happened to me as my wife hates anal but my neighbor absolutely loves it and I do her on a regular basis and I love it

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by 421501/25/18

Nice treat

This story brings back memories , things can escalate quickly and the end result because of the taboo aspect can be awesome . Repeat performances seldom have the same effect unfortunately . I enjoyed itmore...

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by Anonymous01/01/18


We had a lady that lived next door, about 1/4 mile away. She came by to borrow tools and things like that all the time. She wasn't married, still isn't.
Friend of my wife, they visited a few times everymore...

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