tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Penthouse Slammer

The Penthouse Slammer


Roland finalized the purchase and looked at Izzy. "You sure?"

"I'm fine with it if you are." She said, looking at him.

"Alright then- let's head to our penthouse." Roland took the chip from the man and placed it on the cuff of his jacket. He walked over to the elevators, stepping inside one with Izzy following suite.

The elevator that went to the penthouse levels were fairly small. He was uncomfortably close to Izzy- Well, not uncomfortable. He amended. Just kinda awkward. He was very conscious of the fact that the side of her breast was pressed against his chest. He was a taller guy- six foot four- and Izzy was considerably shorter than him, her head stopping slightly above his shoulder. The elevator dinged, and Izzy stepped out. The sway of her hips was almost undetectable under her large overcoat.

Roland followed her to their penthouse, and opened the door, small computer chip on his jacket winking green. The penthouse was very spacious, with an absurdly long window overlooking the entire city. The massive tree in the center of the city gave off it's golden bio-luminescent glow. Izzy shrugged off her overcoat.

She was wearing tight black cargo pants, and an even tighter shirt made of leather. It stopped a few inches above her waist, revealing lightly tanned skin. She turned to him, arms crossed. A considerable amount of cleavage was shown thanks to a large gap in the front of the dress.

"So, what now?" She asked.

Roland glanced away, hoping that his face wasn't showing his embarrassment. "Ah, I guess we go to bed." He glanced around the spacious apartment. "There's a couple rooms. Pick and choose."

Izzy seemed slightly crestfallen. "Alright then. I'll take the Master Bedroom."

"I take offense to that," Roland said, flashing her a smile. "I'm clearly the master behind this whole..." He waved his hand. "Excursion. Besides, I paid for the room, and I'm not the one who followed a stranger around."

Izzy smiled at him. "Why don't we share it?"

Roland looked at her. It was very clear what she was suggesting, and hell- it wasn't like he didn't want it, but it had been such a long time from the last time he'd had anything. But it was very clear from the way that she had followed him, and the way she had kissed him that she wanted him.

"Very well m'lady," He said, giving a flourish. "I shall make sure no one is in the room." He walked into it and took off his duster, carefully placing it so that it covered the laser SMG hidden within. "Alright, all clea-"

Something tackled him from behind with surprising force, knocking him onto the bed. He rolled over until he was on top. Izzy grinned at him wolfishly, face alight with lust.

"Something told me I had to make the first move." She said.

"I would have-" He began

"You'd take too long." She said, looking at him. "Now," She said, reaching for his pants, "Let's see what's in here."

Roland looked at her. She really is quite beautiful. Her eyes were those of a cat's, the result of genetic modification, and her midnight black hair was thrown out around her. Her large, perky breasts rubbed against him. He knew from previous experience that she had an amazing ass, which lead to lithe legs. He bent down and kissed her fiercely, tounge intertwining with hers. She bit at his lip and pulled apart.

"Clothes are no fun." She said.

"They tend to get in the way." He agreed. "Who first?"

"I'll do you."

She reached out and tugged his shirt over his head. Her long fingers explored the muscles on his chest and arms. She shivered slightly at the touch of his metal arm. Her fingers found the large scar on his back. Her eyes widened slightly.

"How'd you get that?" She asked.

"You don't want to know." He said quietly.

She nodded, her hands snaking down to his pants. "You're alright with this?"

"You have no idea."

She giggled, then pulled down his pants, leaving him in his underwear. She reached out and felt the large bulge in his underwear. His cock throbbed slightly at her touch, and she smiled. "You've got quite a piece on you." He said nothing, too wrapped up in her movements. Izzy slowly took off his underwear, teasing him. His nine and a half inch slammer forced its way out violently. Her eyes widened slightly. "Damn!" She said, wrapping a hand around it. Roland moaned slightly as she pulled on it gently. He pulled back suddenly.

"My turn."

He ran his hands along the sides of her, then focused on her top, which he unzipped. He large boobs bounced slightly as he tore the rest of it off. Large, puffy nipples poked out from the perfectly rounded skin.

"What size are you?" He asked, thumbs rubbing her nipples.

Izzy's eyes rolled with pleasure. "DD," She breathed.

"Alright!" Roland said, earning a lustful giggle.

He gave her breasts on final squeeze, then moved down to her pants. He used his metal arm, forming a laser knife. He cut her pants off, casting them aside. Her pussy was drenched with fluids. It was incredibly tight. He stroked the edge of it, with a cold metal finger, feeling her thrash with pleasure.

"Ohhohhah," She moaned. "My turn!"

She wriggled out from under him and move on top. She brushed her hair back, then descended on his cock, mouth wrapping around it. Roland tensed slightly, as she rubbed it with her tongue stud. She pulled off with a slight pop, then descended again, swallowing a good five inches of it. She steadily moved up and down. He groaned.

"I can't... hold."

She released his engorged dick and stroked it rapidly, mouth kissing the head. Roland exploded into her, and she gulped down his cum as quickly as she could. He let loose another rush, then sighed, momentarily depleted. She wiped a bit of white off her chin.

"You're delicious."

"I want to test you out as well."

"Very well then, master," She laud herself down on the bed. "Have at me,"

"I shall- with great endurance!"

He looked at her, the perfect skin, the light shining on the tight skin of her breasts, the wet stain near her hairless pussy. He laid down on top of her, metal finger going for her vagina. He slid in with one finger, making her gasp from the shock. Her put a second finger in, while he leaned down over her right breast. He began nibbling and sucking at the nipple, until it was rock solid and leaking slightly. He pumped his fingers in and out faster, slowly increasing speed.

"Jesus- I'm about to-"

Roland left he tit and pressed his face in between her legs, accepting her into his mouth. The rush of warm cum was invigorating and tasty. He slid his tongue into her meat, searching for anything leftover. He moved up and rester on top of her, both of them breathing heavily. He wiped his mouth off on the covers.

"Oh man," Izzy said heavily, "That was insane- how many women have you slept with?" She asked, slightly nervous.

"Let me think..." Roland moved up until he was looking into her eyes. "Two."

"No fucking way." She said, shaking her head.

"Believe it! When you're out on the border..." He rested his forehead against hers. "Not much of anything you'd want."

"Well, you're an exception," She said, drawing him in for another passionate kiss. They writhed together for a moment and then Izzy broke contact, grinning. "What's that I feel down there?" She asked, fondling his cock.

"The Slammer," He said, pushing it down onto her groin.

"You named it?" She asked with a laugh.

"I name everything- like the twins." He said, plucking at one of her nipples.

Izzy giggled slightly. "So, foreplay is over- what do you want?"

"Up to you darling."

"Anal." She said after a few seconds deliberation. "Could you handle that?"

"Oh yes."

Izzy rolled out form under him, and thrust her ass into the air. "Come on in, the water's fine."

Roland got behind her, rubbing her ass cheeks for a moment. He then slid into her, slowly. She moaned with ecstasy and shook her ass slightly. Roland reached forward and grabbed her large tits.

"Steady girl!" He said, withdrawing slightly. "It's nowhere near finished."

She squirmed with pleasure as he withdrew to the tip, then thrust in. He repeated until his hips were pumping frantically, moving in and out with incredible force. She yelled as he began to pound her at full force. His balls slapped against her painfully, and she whimpered with joy as he reached the climax. Roland exploded into her, once, twice, and then finally a third time. He pulled out and rolled onto the bed, a sheen of sweat coating his body. After a few seconds, Izzy crawled over to him and laid down. He felt her heart slamming against his own.

"That was amazing." He said, stroking her body.

"You have no idea."

Roland wound a hand through her hair. "So, ready for bed?"

"Aw c'mon Roland," She said, leaning back to look at him. Light from the city gleamed off her rotund tits. "The night's just started."

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