tagFetishThe Perfect Feet

The Perfect Feet


He sits in the corner of the bar causally sipping his beer, watching. Always watching to find the one he wants to take home with him. He was a good looking man. His six feet and three inches of pure muscle makes it easy for him to lure any woman he wants. He has a manly face that takes people's breath away complete with trimmed brunette beard.

That is exactly why he watches from the corner. It makes him look like he doesn't want to be bothered. In the past he tried sitting at the bar to meet the lady he wanted to take to his bed but he was always swarmed by those he wasn't attracted to. This way he gets chose who talks to him and who doesn't.

Occasionally there are strays that will come and talk to him but he quickly shakes them off if they do not match his wants. The problem tonight isn't that there aren't beautiful women. There are plenty of those but every single one of them either has horrible feet or he is unable to see them.

For his personal reasons they had to have perfect feet not just any feet will do. He gives the bar another quick glance around and finishes his beer. Tonight is a failure. The ladies here will just not work. He decides it is time to pay his tab and count his loses.

Just as he lifts his hand to call over the bartender, she walks in. She has a strikingly beautiful face with semi wavy blond hair reaching half way down her back. Her breasts and ass are hand size and fit her petite frame perfectly. All these things were great but what caught his attention the most are her feet.

Her feet are take graceful steps in her heeled shoes. The straps on her shoes were fashionably designed and show most of her foot. She has a smooth heel with no dry skin that rises into her high arch and down to her beautiful toes. Her toe nails are left unpainted and natural. And to top it off she has a pastel pink anklet to match her dress with bells on it so you can hear her every step.

She is exactly what he has been waiting for all night. He would take her home with him one way or another. She sits down at the bar and waits for a bartender to notice her. He stands up from his seat and walks over to her.

"Hello, miss, may I buy you a drink?" He is so close to her his breath hits her neck as he speaks. She shivers slightly from the breeze. She turns and looks at him. A look of pleasant surprise fills her face.

"Yes you may buy me a drink if you wish to." she replies to him with a smile. He waves the bartender over to the and orders them each the special for the night. Minutes later their drinks are served to them.

"By the way my name is Brenden." He holds his hand out to shake her which she happily accepts.

"I'm Amanda."

He takes a sip as he takes her in and allows her a moment to think as well. "Well Amanda you are very beautiful and then name matches."

They continue to have casual conversation for the next two hours. Often Brenden got Amanda laughing so hard she could barely breath. He made sure to keep her drink full so she would get intoxicated enough he wouldn't sound like a creep asking her to come home with him.

"Amanda, what are your plans for the rest of tonight?"

"Well," she answers shyly. "I was wondering if what you were wanting."

Brenden smiles to himself. And then answers her in a whisper, "Personally, I would like to take you home to my bed. I plan to strip you down and fuck your brains out but see you might not like this as much as I would."

"Why is that?"

"I have a foot thing. I love feet. So before I fuck you I would like to massage and play with your feet for a little. I guarantee I will make it well worth your time if you will give me this satisfaction." he finished with a confident beam on his face.

She stands and looks at him and walks away. He stays in his seat feeling the rejection. She turns around and looks at him. "Well what are you waiting for?" He quickly jumps to his feet surprised and follows her out of the bar.

He takes the lead and she follows him to his car. He opens the passenger side door for her and shuts it after she is inside. He walks to his door and climbs in as well. As soon as he shuts his door he is surprised to find her feet in his lap.

He takes a breath and tries to concentrate however her feet are already pushing against his hard cock. One of her feet moves up his stomach and past his chest. He grabs her foot and brings it to his mouth and nibbles on her wiggling toes. She squirms while he tickles her toes with his teeth.

He slides his hand down to the heel of her foot and up her leg causing her anklet to jangle as he passes it with his hand. His hand glides down to her inner thigh and he moves her thong to the side exposing her wet pussy. He slides his fingers up and down her pussy and then pushes two of them inside of her. A moan of pleasure immediately reaches his ears in response to what he is doing.

"Now if you can behave for just a min," He pushes his fingers in farther and wiggles them to tease her just slightly. "I will drive you to my house so we can have even more fun then we will in a car." At that he slides his fingers out of her wiping her juices on her leg leaving a glistening line all the way down to her foot.

She pulls her feet away from him and sits up straight in her seat and slides her feet back into her shoes. He starts the car and begins to drive back to his house. The erection in his pants was still very obviously trying to get out of his pants.

Once he is completely distracted by driving her hands are found to be unzipping his pants and taking out his cock. He is now incapable of doing anything to prevent anything she wants to do to him. She once again puts a foot into his lap as she massages his cock.

He lets go of the wheel with his left hand and plays with her foot. He runs his fingers along her soft foot, from the heel along her arch and letting his fingers play between her toes. Her foot slides off his lap and sits by his door still allowing him to play with it as he pleases.

He dick visibly pulses as he plays with her foot. She discreetly leans forward and wraps her lips around the head of his cock. Her flexibility amazes him as she bends still farther to have his cock slide in and out of her mouth.

The pleasure makes it hard for him to concentrate on his driving but he continues on because he wants her in his bed so badly. She makes him moan as he drives, keeping him on edge but not making it good enough for him to cum.

Finally he slows down and turns into a driveway and the car comes to a stop. She sits up and smiles at him and pulls her foot from his grip. His cock aches with the urge to cum as he climbs out of his car erection still hanging out of his pants as he walks to his front door.

She follows to find him stroking himself as he unlocks the door. Like a gentleman he holds the door open for her and lets her inside first. She runs her hand along his cock as she passes. Just inside the door she waits for him to come in and shut the door. He quickly approaches her and grabs her hand pulling her down the hall to his room.

They enter his room and he tosses her onto the bed and sits down on the bed next to her feet. He reaches over to his bedside table and grabs his lotion. He massages the first foot slowly, and he makes sure to smooth out all the knots. He watches the reactions on her face to make sure she is enjoying this as much as he is.

She is surprised to notice that while he is massaging her foot he is staying completely erect. Bending her knees she makes it so she can slide closer to him while allowing him to continue with her feet. She takes his cock in her hand once again and massages it with her hand as he continues working on her foot.

He leans his head back just massaging by feel instead of sight. As soon as the rest of the knots are smooth he brings her foot to his mouth and kisses it. He breathes in deep allowing the smell of the lotion to fill his senses. He places her foot down and picks the other one up with a tinkle of bells. He proceeded in the same fashion with the second foot. The bells ring softly as they occasionally tap each other.

When he finished with that foot he again kissed it and breathed in the smell of the lotion and then placed it back down. He moves her hand off his erection and makes her lay back and buries his face deep in her wet tight pussy. The foot massage had done its job for her as well her juices are soaking her pussy and have dripped down and have also covered her asshole nicely.

He plunges his tongue into her pussy enjoying her taste almost as much as he enjoyed her feet. To his pleasure she was running her feet up and down her back as he continued to eat her out. He drives her closer to climax as he lets himself be driven mad by his raging hard on, He has to show his gratitude of her allowing him to play with her feet before he will give himself the pleasure of burying his cock deep into someone with such perfect feet.

Even if she had not allowed him the pleasure of playing with her feet he would have been happy having his cock in someone with feet as beautiful as hers. He lifts her legs farther up and switches to pleasing her ass. He pushes his tongue into her tight ass. She squeezes her ass with surprise. He guesses she has never go into her ass.

Pulling back he looks into her eyes, "Relax Amanda. You can enjoy things in your ass as much as you can your pussy if you allow yourself." He feels her relax slightly and he returns to her ass. Soon she was cuming from his tongue in her ass. Satisfied he has her cuming anally he backs up off of her. She smiles at him and runs her foot along his cock to see his reaction.

His entire body spasms as she plays with his cock. He quickly sits back and allows her to do as she wishes. She curls her toes around the tip of his cock and then slides his cock down her foot to her arch and she slides her foot down the shaft to the base of his cock and back up. Her foot playing with his cock felt so amazing to him.

She plays with his cock for a while the fact that he isn't getting tired of her feet humors her. After a short while he cannot stand it anymore. He removes his pants and lays them along with his shirt and boxers onto a chair in the corner of his room. He grabs her thong and slides it off her legs and tosses it to the side.

He throws her legs onto his shoulders and starts to pound into her pussy with his rock hard cock. The jangle of the anklet sounds with every thrust into her. The harder he thrusts the louder the sound became. He grabs the foot without the anklet and pulls it to his face. He sucks on her toes and explores her foot with his mouth.

His beard rubbed against her foot and slightly tickles her making her pussy tighten. Enjoying her pussy get tighter he continues to rub her foot on his beard. Each time she cums it comes with a squeal of pleasure. Finally he cums into her pussy while he bites her foot to muffle his moans. He rolls over off her satisfied and starts to rub her feet again.

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