tagIncest/TabooThe Perfect Fit

The Perfect Fit


Jenny was relaxing on the couch watching TV and feeling very sleepy after a long day in the sun. She was spending a few days at her Uncle's farm outside of town as she often did in the summer. As she had just turned 18 this was her last summer break before graduation. In his 30s, her uncle was handsome and well built and she had always felt comfortable visiting him, although his wife, her mother's sister, was a witch. She could never understand what he had seen in her and they didn't have any children either. Jenny wondered if they even had sex. As she lay there she found herself wondering how big his cock was and if he liked to fuck young girls with it. "Such naughty thoughts Jenny!" she told herself, but the just the idea of having sex with her uncle had made her panties a little damp.

She was wearing a cotton print dress with a button down front and had kicked off her shoes to lie on the couch while her uncle finished the chores. Her aunt was away visiting 'friends' she had said, and the house was quiet except for the sound of the TV. Her uncle had told her his wife had taken to visiting friends in the city several times a month, often staying overnight and sometimes he wondered if she was coming back. "Well, at least the house is peaceful with her gone" he had said. Jenny slid down and began to doze, her dress riding high up her thighs till it exposed her panties and she didn't bother to adjust it. She began dreaming about having sex in the shower with the stranger with his soapy hands caressing her breasts as his cock tried to find the entrance to her pussy. Then as it slid into her she was saying "oh John! Uncle John..."

Her uncle found her there sleeping when he came in. He noticed how grown up and sexy she looked lying spread out on the couch. Her breasts had filled out since the previous summer and made luscious mounds beneath the thin fabric of her dress. Perhaps it was just his imagination but there seemed to be two little bumps pushing out the fabric where her nipples would be. He found himself wondering what Jenny's naked breasts would look like and an image of her with her dress unbuttoned and her breasts exposed flashed through his mind. "Stop it!" he told himself, "she's just a girl", but the body laid out on the couch was clearly that of a sexy young woman, albeit one who happened to be his niece. He continued to gaze at her, noticing the way her dress was arranged around the womanly swell of her hips, he could see she was wearing tight pink panties that clearly outlined the mound of her pussy. He wondered if she had had sex before, or was still a virgin, and began to get a very uncomfortable hard on as he stared at her. She must be very tired he thought, and decided to carry her up to the guest room to put her to bed, as the sight of her lying there with her sexy legs and exposed panties was a recipe for trouble. His wife had been a cold fish in bed for the past few years and the sight of his sexy sleeping niece was very arousing.

He scooped her up in his strong tanned arms, one beneath her bare sexy thighs and the other beneath her arms. She murmured something sleepily and put her arms around his neck, pressing her breasts against his chest and resting her head on his shoulder as he carried her up the stairs. Her dress had ridden up to her waist fully exposing her panties and his dick had extended down his pant leg and was throbbing against his thigh.

He entered the darkened room, and laying her gently on the bed, he leaned over to kiss her cheek. As he did so her hand, which had been draped over the side of the bed, came into contact with the lump in his pant leg. Somehow he found her lips instead of her cheek and as he kissed her he felt her fingers slide up the length of his imprisoned shaft and back down before wrapping around it and giving it a squeeze. Startled, he stood there in the dark as Jenny's hand began to massage and squeeze him. Before he knew it she had rolled over toward him and her hands were fumbling with his belt and unzipping his fly. In a minute she had his bare cock in her hand and was stroking its turgid length.

"Mmmmmm you have such a big one Uncle John, it's so thick and long and hard, I was so hoping you had a nice one!" she whispered.

Then he felt her tongue on the tip, licking the sensitive skin and kissing it before enclosing the fat head between her lips. The sensation was wonderful. He hadn't had his cock sucked in years and Jenny seemed to have considerable experience. His eyes clouded over and he groaned softly

"Jenny, what are you doing?"

"Kissing you goodnight uncle John." came the whispered answer and then her lips resumed their task.

His eyes had become adjusted to the dim light and he could see that she had a hand between her legs and was rubbing her pussy as she sucked while her other hand was still wrapped around his shaft, stroking it gently in perfect rhythm with her sucking. Her lack of shyness and quick evaluation of his equipment suggested she wasn't a virgin and the pleasure she was giving him with her mouth made him lust for more. He was quickly losing control of his desire. As if it had a will of its own his right hand reached for Jenny's naked thigh.

When Jenny felt her uncles hand on her upper thigh she knew she had him. She stopped rubbing herself and let his fingers slide up and explore her panties. She moaned softly as she felt them slide beneath the waistband and down through the patch of pubic hair to find the opening between her legs, already slick with her excitement. She moaned again and spread her legs wide, inviting him to mount her. His cock was long and thick with a large bulging head and she couldn't wait to feel it push its way between the folds of fatty skin that surrounded the entrance to her pussy.

"I want you Uncle John!"

Her whispered words were like a drug. Overcome with lust, his desire to plunge his aching erection into the warm, moist opening between Jenny's legs overwhelmed his last shreds of reluctance. He no longer saw his niece on the bed, but a young women with a luscious mouth and enticing breasts, her legs spread, waiting for a man to come between them. "I can pull out before I come" he thought, and stepping back from her he quickly removed his clothes before climbing onto the bed. He leaned over, and putting his hands on the mounds of her breasts, kissed her full on the mouth before climbing between her legs. She could see his erection waving between his thighs as he prepared to fill her waiting cunt.

"Please!" she said, "Please put it inside me Uncle John, I need to feel it inside me!"

Pulling aside her panties and placing the head against her opening he pushed into her. She was so wet that he slid in easily, despite the tightness of her pussy.

"Yes!" she cried out, "Oh god you feel so good! Fuck me now, oh god, please fuck me!" she moaned, thrusting her hips up toward him as he began to stroke in and out.

"Kiss my titties while you fuck me!" she begged, unbuttoning the front of her dress and pulling a bra cup aside to expose a nipple for him.

He lowered his lips to her breast, sucking on the hard nipple and massaging the other breast as he thrust his dick in and out of her with growing excitement. Jenny's tight pussy and lustful desire was causing him to lose control and he knew if he didn't withdraw soon he would flood the girl's cunt with his sperm. But Jenny had no intention of letting him escape without cumming inside her, and she wrapped her legs around him and urged him on as she felt his dick stiffen and swell, recognizing what was about to happen.

"Yes!" she moaned, "Yes do it now, cum inside me, shoot your stuff inside my pussy!"

Then it was too late. He groaned and his cock began to jerk and spasm wildly, shooting out thick jets of semen with such force that Jenny cried out and clutched at him as his pulsing cock filled her with his seed.

"Oh god Jenny! OH GOD!!" he groaned, startled by the intensity of his orgasm.

He lay on top of her, holding her tightly as his cock continued to pulse within her. He hadn't come like that in years and was basking in the sensation, hardly thinking of the consequences of what he had just done. Slowly the realization that he had had sex with his niece, that he had come inside her, possibly impregnating her, began to grow. Surprisingly, instead of causing anxiety, he found the notion incredibly pleasing and erotic. After years of trying with his wife he had given up the notion of fathering a child. Now here he was with his penis inside the pussy of a fertile young girl that he had just filled with his semen who seemed to share his desire.

"Sleep with me." she cooed, her hands lightly rubbing his back "Sleep with your cock inside my pussy. I want to feel you inside me all night."

"Oh Jenny honey, oh baby, my sweet baby!" was his response as he kissed her and nuzzled her face.

Jenny fell asleep in his arms feeling completely content and satisfied. While she had fantasized about having sex with her uncle mainly out of general horniness, the feeling of satisfaction when her uncle's large cock entered her for the first time, the pleasure of feeling him thrusting inside her, and the sense of fulfillment when his sperm laden cum flooded into her pussy and he had called her name had given her the most intense orgasm she had ever felt. As she dozed off she remembered that her last period had ended about ten days ago and she wondered if her body had unconsciously recognized the opportunity her uncle represented and fueled her desire for sex with him.

John woke up to the feeling of Jenny's hand stroking his morning hard on. She had removed her panties and when she realized he was awake she climbed on top of him and straddling his thighs she placed the tip of his erection at the entrance to her pussy and eased down onto it, her warm cunt enveloping his shaft, and she began to rock up and down, moaning and sighing in pleasure. His hands found her breasts and caressed and squeezed them till his dick began spurting inside her again. Any remaining doubts about the wisdom of having sex with his niece seemed to have completely vanished during the night and he savored the sensation as his cum flooded Jenny's pussy again.

She laid down on top of him with his dick still inside her and told him she had him to herself for three whole days and she expected him to take advantage of her as often as he wanted. His cock was the perfect size for her and the way he held her and kissed her made her feel like a woman, his woman. She hugged him again, pressing her breasts against his chest, and told him she would have breakfast ready for him when he had finished the chores.

John had always been fond of Jenny but he hadn't ever thought of her as more than a favorite niece, but seeing the young woman she had become lying with him in the morning light aroused an intense feeling of affection and love for her. He felt as if he had been awakened from a grey haze into a world of color, one in which having sex was a new and overwhelmingly pleasurable act. As he did the chores visions of Jenny's body writhing and moaning in pleasure, impaled on his hard cock, begging him to fill her pussy with his sperm, kept flooding his thoughts. He had almost forgotten what lustful sex was like and screwing Jenny made him feel like a teenager again - only better - and he began to imagine taking her as his wife, something that would have seemed impossibly crazy only a few days before.

Jenny chose a wardrobe of t-shirts or tank tops with no bra and a short jean skirt that revealed her panties whenever she leaned over (which was often, if he was near). She sucked his cock in the barn when he was doing chores and they had sex in the barn, in the kitchen, in the hot tub, and after the hot tub and always she made sure that he came inside her pussy. Even when she sucked his dick she would have him finish between her legs.

They were in the kitchen on Sunday and he had her panties down around her knees when she asked him if he would kiss her between her legs. He hadn't had his face in a girl's pussy since college (his wife had been a real prude and only allowed sex with the lights off with him on top). He lifted her to the counter and removed her panties. She spread her legs and lifted her skirt, presenting the puffy mounds surrounded by soft dark brown hair that hid the moist lips of her pussy. Kneeling between her open thighs he lowered his face and breathed in the soft fragrant scent of her arousal. She shuddered as his tongue came in contact with her skin and began licking and penetrating her moist slit. Her taste excited him and he extended his tongue further into her. Jenny gasped and moaned for him to suck on and lick her clit. She had to guide his tongue to the right spot with her voice:

"A little bit higher, yes, oh god yes, lick me there, ohhhh godddd, YES!"

She nearly feel off the counter when she came, squeezing his head between her thighs and pressing his face into her crotch.

Jenny felt she had found the perfect sexual partner. Sex with the stranger had had the thrill of discovery and naughty adventure, while the trysts with John and his friends at the sign shop had the pleasure of lustful abandon, being forced to surrender to their sexual urges by 'the power of cock' as she and Susie had joked, but her genuine affection for her uncle combined with his lustful but loving embraces filled her with a sense of happiness and peace. She knew that he loved her, and the fact that he loved sex with her as well, and could give her such pleasure, made a perfect combination. Even with her limited experience with sex she felt his equal in bed, as they shared and explored the pleasure of their bodies with each other.

When Doris called to say she wasn't coming back Jenny was ecstatic. She hugged him and told him not to worry, she would come every weekend to help him with chores till she finished school and could move in with him. She told him she hoped she would soon have his baby growing inside her as her hand found the lump in his pants and gave it a squeeze. He held her close and kissed her, feeling thrilled at the thought of having a child with Jenny but wondering how to arrange matters with her parents so as to prevent arousing too many suspicions or uncomfortable questions.

"I want it too baby, I want it too." he answered, kissing her again.

The weekend ended all too soon and Jenny had to restrain her urge to kiss him passionately when he dropped her off at her parents house. The next week seemed an eternity with nothing but lonely masturbation to satisfy her craving for the feeling of his hard cock between her legs, the sweet scent of his sweat, and the comforting embrace of his strong arms.

Jenny came out to the farm every weekend as she had promised, cooking for him and helping with the chores. He taught her to drive the tractor, how to put up hay in the barn, and they began to look forward to working together almost as much as having sex. Actually the work seemed to make the sex better and more satisfying. They slept together in his bed which began to feel especially big and empty during the week. Her uncle had begun treating her as his wife almost immediately, which pleased her immensely, and she had taken on the role with great satisfaction.

Jenny did special exercises after they fucked that were supposed to help his sperm find their way to her eggs and within a month she had a positive test. They celebrated the occasion with a little champagne, a soak in the hot tub, and a good deal of especially passionate sex. Jenny was always positive she had gotten pregnant on that first night, but if not, certainly during that first three days they had spent together.

Jenny's parents were a little surprised at her new interest in spending so much time on her uncle's farm, but they were pleased that he had agreed to take her in when she announced that she was pregnant and wanted to keep the baby. Jenny told them she had gotten drunk and passed out at a party and didn't know who the father was. They knew John didn't have any kids (they assumed he was impotent and that was why his wife had left him) and felt the arrangement was for the best.

Jenny's Aunt Comes to Visit

Jenny's aunt showed up one weekend to gather her belongings to find Jenny in the kitchen cooking dinner dressed in a short skirt and a loose blouse that was unbuttoned a bit too far, revealing the fact she wasn't wearing a bra. Her belly had begun to show, and her aunt marched out to the barn demanding to know what that "young hussy of a niece" was doing at the farm. John told her that Jenny was just helping out around the place on weekends.

"Do you know that little slut is pregnant?" she shouted "She's not even out of high school and is already knocked up! Hardly a wonder, dressing like a tart the way she does!"

John told her it was really none of her business and that Jenny was over the age of consent so if she wanted to have sex it was up to her and if she wanted to have a child that was up to her as well.

"I can't believe you're saying that John! Listen to yourself defending that little slut! Why don't you tell her parents to knock some sense into her! Take her to a clinic and 'fix' her problem!!"

Jenny had walked to the back door and heard her aunt shouting. Her face flushed in anger and embarrassment at her aunt's words. She heard her uncle defending her and felt a special glow inside.

"Jenny is welcome here whenever she wants for as long as she wants, and so is her child, so shut up and pack your things!" he demanded "Mind your own damn business from now on!!"

The glow expanded and Jenny grinned "That should shut the bitch up!" she thought "Maybe she and her cold dry cunt would head back down to the city that night."

But no such luck. Her aunt stormed back into the house and glared at Jenny

"I don't know what John is thinking defending a little slut like you, letting you run around the house half naked! You're an offense to God girl! I used to think your parents were decent folks, but I can see they spared the rod in your case. When I was young, decent girls knew how to keep their panties on when the boys came knockin. You planning to marry the young stud who got you knocked up? Or maybe you don't even know which one it was?"

Flushing deeply, Jenny allowed that while it was really none of her business she might just do that.

"I hope the poor sucker makes a decent living!" her aunt retorted scornfully. "Don't think you can hang out with a bastard child and leech off your poor sap of an uncle! I'll be having a word or two with your parents about this!"

Despite her anger and embarrassment Jenny smiled to herself. She longed to tell her aunt who her baby's father was but she held her tongue. John came in from the barn and found the women glaring at each other in the kitchen. He smiled to himself, thinking how sexy Jenny looked when she was angry, with her blouse still unbuttoned and her tummy showing just a bit. He suggested that Doris should finish her packing and leave Jenny alone and that if Jenny was finished preparing dinner perhaps she could help him finish up in the barn. Jenny gladly accepted and they left her aunt scowling in the kitchen.

When they got to the barn she hugged John and burst out crying. He kissed her and told her not to worry. Jenny held him tightly, pressing her breasts against his chest and reaching down to feel for the growing lump in his pants. It felt warm and satisfying in her hand and she squeezed it making him groan with pleasure. Dropping to her knees she unzipped his fly and began fishing for his cock.

"Not here baby" he warned "we don't want your dear aunty to know our secret."

"I don't care if the stupid bitch does find out" Jenny snorted as she pulled his growing erection out through his fly "maybe then she'll understand and have a jealous heart attack!"

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