The Perfect Game Ch. 03

byTx Tall Tales©

And just like that, I was fully hard. I shouldn't have worn dockers; they didn't do a thing to hide my new status.

Anne was next, and she missed her word definition. Who knows what a 'Jodhpurs' is anyway? She decided she didn't want to demonstrate a severe constipation problem, so she did the chug & question. "What is one talent most people here don't know that you have?"

"I'm double jointed. I can do full Chinese splits, or even put my feet behind my head." She answered with a laugh, after finishing the dregs of her Margarita, not a great drink for chugging.

Damn! Getting harder!

Her new challenge was better. "Give a foot massage to the first willing person to your left. 1 min." She looked to Cheryl who just kicked off her slippers, and smiled. It was a nice, simple, thorough foot massage, and I was feeling slightly envious again. The new timer showed its value, as the loud 'DING' indicated the end of the one-minute turn. Nobody had to keep a close eye on the timer now.

I noted appreciatively that Cheryl left her slippers off. Thinking about later in the game, I looked her over and mentally counted her clothing items. T-shirt, sweat-pants, bra, panties. Four.

Cheryl passed her challenge, and bragged about getting her third color.

On my turn, I didn't make much of an effort on my Trivia question (which once again turned out to get picked almost 1/2 the time) and I got an interesting one. "Give (any-spin) a hug." I landed on Denise and realized that because of the way we were sitting, Anne was the least likely to ever get chosen on a spin. Because nobody was sitting at the ends of the table, one end was split between me and Cheryl, while the other end was split between Denise and Beth. You had to point almost directly as Anne to select her. Too bad, I would have liked to have felt her chest pressed against mine.

Denise was a nice alternative, and she stood up and went to my arms when I had to hug her. I held her warmly, not too tight, and she whispered in my ear, "You might be getting REAL lucky tonight, huh?"

Now it was my turn to get a little red in the face.

"I can't imagine luckier than being with you, if it's in the cards," I told her.

She rolled her eyes at me as she pulled away.

While I was standing, I offered to refill the drinks, and replaced the Margaritas with wine coolers for all but Beth, who stuck with Corona. I was still working on Guinness. The alcohol was starting to hit the girls, especially Anne and Beth. Anne was already giggly.

Beth had to let someone pour a shot of drink in her mouth, while she laid in their lap. Anne won the honors, and did well, even using her finger tip to retrieve a few stray drops from the side of Beth's mouth, then licking that fingertip.

We went through a few made challenges, with Denise getting her fourth color, then Cheryl got the first kiss card. I knew there were 4 kissing cards in this deck. Two that said kiss the opposite sex (spin), one said kiss the opposite sex (choice) and one kiss any. She got the kiss opposite sex - your choice. It was a nice little kiss, almost chaste.

I followed that immediately on my turn with the kiss opposite sex (spin). When I spun, I landed on Denise, just missing Anne. Anne actually spoke up, complaining that the spins never landed on her. Cheryl made the observation I had noticed earlier, that Anne's chance was much less because of the way we were seated. She suggested we just use the spinner sections.

What a great idea. In order to make the spinner multi-purpose, it consisted of several concentric rings. The inner-most ring was split in half, white/black. The second ring from the middle was in thirds, Red/Blue/Green. The ring layers continued, divided in fourths, fifths, sixths, sevenths and eighths, as each ring got larger. Each ring was only about half an inch wide.

Cheryl pointed out that if we turned the spinner so that one of the fifths was centered in front of Anne, we'd all have our own section, and there'd be no question about who the spin landed on.

We agreed that I would spin again, and this time it landed on Beth. I knelt in front of her, while Denise pouted, and leaned in for my kiss. She gave me a warm one, with a little tongue. But it all went mostly unnoticed, since my back was to everyone else, and we didn't make it that long. Unnoticed, except for maybe the partner in my pants, who was definitely into this game.

Denise was the next to fail a challenge, and she got the 'lap-shot' that Beth had hit earlier. She spun, and mine was the selected lap. My chair made the challenge too awkward, so I sat on the floor, and Denise stretched out carefully on the floor, her head in my lap. While we got comfortable, Cheryl retrieved some bottles from our bar, and insisted that Denise get a 'buttery nipple'. We poured a little butterscotch schnapps, and some Baileys in her mouth, which she accepted graciously.

Anne failed her challenge, willingly I would have guessed, and drew a kiss card. The kiss (spin-any).

"Does it really mean, any?" She asked shyly.

I explained. "The selections are "choice" where you choose, "spin opposite" where you spin for someone of the opposite sex, "spin female" or "spin male", where you spin for the sex listed, or "spin any" where you spin and everyone is game.

"Of course you don't have to," Beth spoke up. "You could just chug and try for a new challenge, or even use your chicken-out."

Anne looked thoughtful. "No, I'll spin and take my chances." She leaned over, and once again I thought she might tip over, then gave the spinner a twirl. The pointer landed right on Cheryl, no doubt about it.

Cheryl, fingered her cards, pondering, I assumed, her own chicken-out, and then she put her cards down, and waited. Anne leaned in and gave her a short sweet kiss on her lips, and my blood pressure continued to soar. It only lasted a few seconds, but it was devastating to see Cheryl kissing this teen hottie.

I got a 'play footsie for a round' dare, and ended up with Cheryl as my partner. I kicked off my shoes, and we rubbed our feet together. I thought it would be a pretty blase dare, but in front of everyone else, and with the undercurrents of our bad influence on the guest, and the possible direction the whole night was going, it was pretty hot.

The only other interesting dare was a back-rub that Denise had to give to Beth, another one of those 'any' spins.

We had a couple of interesting questions, on dares and on a declined dare, when Denise decided she didn't want to do a hula dance.

Denise read her question aloud. "Would you rather tongue kiss someone of the same sex (anyone, your choice) or kiss the most revolting person that you know, who is of the opposite sex?"

"That's the stupidest question. I'd lip-lock any girl here, before I'd kiss a random guy, never mind a revolting one." She answered.

Cheryl had an interesting one as well. "Describe your first slow dance."

"Oh God," she laughed. "It was sixth grade, my first real boy-girl party. We were playing a stupid game, I can't remember what it was called, but the boys and girls paired up and slow-danced. I was with John Delaney. I was so jealous of Mary Thomas. She was with Bob Leyton and I was just crazy about him. The couples had to pass around an empty pop bottle, and when the music stopped, if you had the bottle, you had to kiss the person you were with. Then you changed partners and danced again. I remember I got to dance with Bob, and tried to hang onto the bottle on my turn, and Sheri said I was hogging it. I was so embarrassed."

We all laughed at her childhood memory, and play continued.

The liquor was going down easy, and the cards were slowly disappearing. When Denise observed our card stack was getting low, we took a much needed potty break, refilled a few drinks, and I shuffled in the cards that would escalate the game. I had to wonder, just how far Anne would go? She seemed to be taking everything in stride.

* * *

Deck 3


I had purposely waited until Cheryl had her turn before I reloaded the decks. I could at least ensure that a couple of us went before Anne had to draw a potentially game halting card. I had 30 new cards folded in, with several left from the previous round. Add another three 'specials' to that, to fill out our new deck.

With the third deck, the cards changed dramatically. After the last 'test play' it worked out that almost half of the cards involved removing an item of clothing in one way or another. There still was drinking of course, more kissing, and lots of opportunities for physical contact.

I missed my Trivia question (what a surprise!) and I drew my card. "Give someone of the opposite sex a hot back rub. Spin for who." Ok. I'll admit I cheated. I knew that card was a fairly tame entry into this part of the game, so I maneuvered to make it the first.

Spinning, I landed on Denise. I got up to go to her, and she got off the couch, letting me take her place. Once I was seated, she sat on my legs and I massaged her easily and sexily. I would have liked to massage her skin directly, but she was still wearing a dress, so I had to be satisfied with rubbing her through the silky material. I was also feeling the closeness of Anne, who watched what was going on with unabashed interest.

While I was giving Denise her massage, Beth started her turn. She drew her card, and read it aloud.

"Share a hot kiss with someone of the opposite sex. Someone (spin - ANY) kiss the back of your neck." She smiled, pulling the spinner over in front of her. "That sounds like fun." She gave the spinner a twirl, and it landed on Anne.

If I had been worried about the new girl's involvement, I needn't have. As the DING sounded from the previous penalty, I extricated myself from behind Denise and stood to take Beth in my arms, bending down for my kiss, I could see Anne quickly climbing around the table not to be left out. I settled my lips over Beth's, her tongue quickly searching out mine. I kept my eyes open and looked into Anne's as she nibbled on Beth's neck, pulling her T-shirt to the side so she could work on her shoulder as well. Her head tucked in next to mine, the edge of her forehead pressing against mine, I saw her tiny tongue darting out and tasting her roommate's skin.


The voice dragged me out of my trance and I slowly pulled away, sad to go. I hadn't even heard the timer go off. Anne seemed just as reluctant.

As we sat down, Denise was already pulling her own card.

Things settled down for a bit, with a couple of challenges completed by both Denise and Anne. Cheryl got off pretty easy with a dare to blow in somebody's ear. To my surprise, she leaned in to Anne, and nibbled her earlobe and teased her ear a bit. When it was over, her hand was casually resting on Anne's leg. Yowza.

I didn't want to make it too obvious, and I actually completed a challenge myself. Then Beth started things rolling again. "Remove an item of clothing from the player of your choice." The sweet young thing knelt before me and took my shoes off.

Denise got another fun one, after botching her challenge. "Whisper to (any-spin) what you have dreamed of doing to them." I wondered what would happen if her spin landed on Anne. She'd just met the girl, what could she have possibly dreamed? Instead her spin landed on Cheryl. She squeezed between Cheryl and Anne on the couch and spent what seemed like a pretty long time whispering to her. How I would have loved to have heard that one. She left Cheryl blushing.

Anne made a brave attempt at her challenge, but failed to have anyone figure out "Riding on a subway" when she tried to act it out. She pulled a special, the Time Warp, which would let her adjust the time of a penalty, longer or shorter, then hit a fun one. "Have someone of your choice take a drink, then remove one article of your clothing."

"Cheryl, you need a drink," she said, then reached down and slipped off her sandals. Again, I took a mental inventory of her clothing - jeans, shirt, bra and panties, 4 here as well.

Poor Cheryl followed that one with "Take a drink, and remove an item of clothing." As she read the card, I think she finally realized that she'd left her slippers off. She hadn't worn socks, so it was the first interesting item of clothing to be lost. She was wearing sweat-pants and a t-shirt, and one would have to go.

She finished her back-to-back drinks, stood and removed her shirt. Now we were getting somewhere.

I looked around, noticing how the rest of the group was dressed. I still had on my pants and shirt, boxers and socks. No shoes, thanks to Beth. Now she was fully dressed, jeans, shirt, shoes and socks, and underwear. My hugs and kisses led me to believe she wasn't wearing a bra. Denise of course, was the wild card. She had on a dress, and pantyhose. It looked like panties and bra as well.

On my turn, I hit one that was a little over the top. "You are the star of a short movie (2 min) on how to perform a sexy strip-tease. Remove 2 items you can put back on when you are done. (any-spin) is the Director, (opposite-spin) is the camera operator. Have fun!" I was set to trade it in, but the heat I got from the girls made me go ahead with it.

"Fine." I finally grouched. "But you guys are just mean!" My spins landed on Cheryl as director, and young Anne as the camera operator.

They had to make a big deal about it, moving the table, re-seating Beth on the couch so that she and Denise could be my audience, and Cheryl moving to her "Director's chair."

All the movement gave me some indication of just how drunk the girls were getting. Denise seemed the only sober one. Cheryl's drink penalties had now pulled her into a three-way tie with Beth and Anne, to see who could stumble, slur their words, and just wear a silly smile the best.

"Alright. First, give me those silly socks. You're not going to strip off those, and you'll just look silly with them on." I obediently passed them to her. "Let's lose that shirt, Alex. Amateur Strip, Scene I, take 1," she barked out, "Action!"

Anne positioned herself to my right front, and held my beer mug up like a camera, sighting through the end. It wasn't empty, and she ended up pouring bear down her front, which put the whole act on hold for a minute while we got things cleaned up.

Beth took her back to my room to get a spare shirt, and I cleaned up the beer off the table, refilling my glass. Cheryl got a wild idea, and when Anne returned, embarrassed but none the worse for wear, Cheryl gave her our video camera to use. Denise had turned on the stereo, looking for an appropriate song. What had started as a stupid little dare was evolving into a big production.


I don't know why I found it so embarrassing, but I did. In spite of my qualms, I did my best, while the girls on the couch whistled and called out to me to 'take it off'. Cheryl called out directions now and then, telling me to turn, or to slow down, and when I finally tossed the shirt to the side, she spoke up again, "Now the pants, big boy." She was also giving Anne camera directions, moving her around a lot.

I was blushing as I slipped the pants down, and was happy to see that the ordeal had left me only semi-hard, and I wasn't likely to pop out of my boxers. Anne circled me with her camera, and on Cheryl's direction 'zooming' in on my crotch, until the audience on the couch shouted "Down in Front!" I was hoping they were referring to Anne blocking the view, and not the fellow in my pants, who wasn't going to be going down any time soon.

After an eternity, the timer expired and I quickly slipped my pants and shirt back on, while the girls giggled at my expense.

Beth hit another "Kiss (opposite-spin) deeply - have fun!" card and almost leaped into my lap. While we shared another passionate kiss, Denise complained that Beth was getting all the good cards.

It was clear everyone was pretty drunk at this point, and most of us were not making very good attempts at completing our challenges. We were chewing through the Dare cards at a pretty good pace. Denise was stuck on five colors, Anne had four, and the rest of us were on three. Denise made another half-hearted attempt at a Trivia question, then pulled "(opposite-spin) is going to fill your belly button with a drink. They will lick it dry when done."

Being the only guy in the game was keeping me busy.

Then I realized - she was wearing a dress. There was only one way she was going to expose her belly-button.

Denise took it in stride, and slipped her dress over her head, while Cheryl hit the kitchen. Her underwear were sexy as hell, matching red lace panties and bra, with the panties not much more than a thong. Only the panty-hose interfered with the nearly perfect view. Cheryl came back loaded for bear. She had Denise stretch out on the end-table, then placed a lemon slice between her lips, scattered some salt between her breasts, and filled her cute little belly-button with tequila.

I took my shot, taking my time making sure that I left no stray salt grains behind. I then cleared out the gorgeous blonde's belly-button, finally settling my lips over hers to retrieve the lemon slice.

I heard Beth whisper to Anne, "Pretty wild game, huh?"

Anne answered, "Oh my God, are you kidding me!" She didn't seem in the least bit disappointed.

As Denise slipped her dress back on, she also took her pantyhose off. "These damn things are driving me nuts," she laughed, tossing them to the side.

Anne hit the jackpot on her dare. "Remove at least 1 piece of clothing from (opposite-spin), and they will remove at least one from you. At the end of the turn you have to be wearing the same amount of items."

It was then that I realized I'd never put my socks back on. I was only wearing three things.

Anne seemed to stagger a bit as she stood up, but she was slow and deliberate as she rubbed her hands all over my upper body, before slowly taking off my shirt. Two items left now.

Damn! Anne was going to go from almost fully dressed down to her underwear in one turn!

She stood in front of me, waiting. Since she wasn't wearing socks, I started with her shirt, which after the beer fiasco, was actually my shirt. When I grasped the bottom of her t-shirt, she lifted her hands over her head. I slipped the shirt up over her massive breasts, and looked down to take in what I'd uncovered. She wore a simple white bra that was overflowing with her bounty.

"That's one," Beth said.

"That's all," Anne answered with a smile.

"No, you have to both be wearing the same amount of clothes."

"Well, he's wearing his pants and boxers." Anne replied.

"Yeah," I said.

"I'm down to two as well," she said teasingly, then opened up the top of her jeans, and gave us a flash of her pubic hair. "I need to do laundry," she giggled. The damn girl didn't even have the decency to button up again afterwards.

Cheryl pulled her card. "Whisper something to (opposite) that will make them blush." She sauntered over next to me, and rubbed her hands on my exposed chest.

"I want to see you fuck those huge jugs tonight." She whispered, while teasing my ear. "I want Denise sitting on her face, and Beth licking her."

"That worked," Denise laughed, as I turned a couple of shades of red.

"What about you?" I said softly.

"I'll be taking the pictures."

As she took her seat, I finished my beer, then went and got another, needing the breather. I asked around and topped off some drinks before I settled in again.

* * *

Deck 4:


As I took my seat, Beth was shuffling the cards. "The deck was getting kind of low, I thought we could use a few more."

I don't know why I even made the effort, I gave the trivia question a throw-away answer.

My dare was a simple one. "Kiss (opposite-spin) deeply, your hands may wander. 2 minutes."

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