tagRomanceThe Perfect Gift

The Perfect Gift

bySatin Kitty 69©

You wander down the white streets, the snow lightly falling. It’s a picture perfect winter scene. You see couples pass by arm and arm, and you remember your own empty hand. With gifts to buy you quicken your pace, not looking forward to the crowded stores. You were on a quest for the perfect gift, for a good friend. She had known you for so long, knew almost everything about you. You still dream of telling her your secret, of opening yourself to her, but are afraid of her rejecting you. You admit that you are an okay looking guy but have always felt self-conscious and out of place, especially around women you like. A few months ago you typed a letter, writing down how you felt. You had printed it out to give to her but never did. It has sat on your desk for many months, or so you thought. You couldn’t find it the last time you looked.

You want to get a gift that says, “I know you and I care”. With your eyes glancing in store windows, you nearly jump for joy. There is the perfect gift: A bracelet that matched the necklace she always wore, the one she had gotten as a child. The store clerk wraps it nicely. As you leave, you’re humming to yourself. You check your watch. It’s almost 3 o’clock and you need to hurry. In one of your past conversations, she mentioned she was taking some cooking lessons. You had jokingly volunteered to be her taste-tester and she agreed. Tonight she’s making you dinner. It’s not as if this is the first time seeing her outside of the office. You’d gone to a movie and had coffee a few times. Yet this time was different--you were going to her place.

Your mind turns to the gift in your hand. You’d intended it for Christmas, but why not give it to her tonight? Your hope starts to soar high, but your nervousness and doubt also grow. A stirring in your loins mirrors your thoughts of her body. Whether she was wearing a business suit or the dress she wore at the last office party, she always had this affect on you. Unfortunately, it tends to tie your tongue in knots. Determined not to make a fool of yourself, you try to push thoughts of her body out of your mind.

By the time you reach home, your nervousness has grown to overwhelming proportions. You place the gift by the door, imagining her reaction when she opens it, and head off to take a warm shower. You slowly soap your body as your anxiety eases thoughts of her return to your mind. Pushing them aside, you reach down to wash your legs. Your hand lightly brushes your hardening length, and nearly closes around it as thoughts of previous showers run through your mind. Your body remembers all too well and a need rises within you to continue playing. You resist, not only because you don’t want to be late, but also because of instructions you had received that morning. Over the last year, you had been chatting with a woman known to you only as Kitten. She had said that it wasn’t her real name, but it didn’t reduce the effect of seeing her online had on you. She told you not to rub it until she instructed you otherwise. She said she would chat tonight. Regrettably, you had to cancel. This dinner was more real, and more important. Although Kitten pleasured your mind and body more than anyone else before, you doubted that you would ever meet.

You left the shower and dried off, being careful not to rub too much. Standing in front of the mirror, you look over your form. “Not bad”, you think, “but not the best either”. You had always been a bit self-conscious, but through Kitten’s guidance, you were becoming more comfortable with yourself. Damn... You really need to stop thinking about her, and remember that it is Viki you are seeing today.

You get bundled up against the cold December winds. You slip the little package into your pocket careful not to crush the pretty bow. Your steps quicken as you approached her apartment. In what was only minutes but seemed like hours, you reached the front door. It had been a surprise to find out that she only lived a few blocks down from your place. Your trembling hand reached for the buzzer as you took a moment to breathe before pressing it.

“Hello?” her voice reached down from above to caress you.

“Hi. It’s me, Michael.” trying to sound relaxed, as you were anything but.

“I’ll buzz you in. It is door 4A on the 4th floor. I’d come down but I don’t want the appetizers to burn.” her voice sounded a little nervous. You were glad for the extra minutes to compose yourself.

“I’ll be there in a minute,” you say automatically, realizing after that you wish you had given yourself more time.

You breath again as she tells you “Take your time, the elevator isn’t working today. See you soon.” A buzzing and unlocking sound greet your ears. You almost shout with joy, you feel like you passed the first test. Shaking your head at your own reaction, you open the door, and walk towards the stairs.

You take your time, not wanting to arrive out of breathe or sweaty. “The heater must be on full blast,” you say to yourself as your nearly melt going up the last flight. At the top of the stairs you see it, door 4A. You pulse jumps at the sight. Calming yourself down you reach for the door.

“What is there to be nervous about?” you ask yourself. “Just because the most gorgeous girl you know invited you to her apartment to cook dinner for you is no reason to be nervous. Yeah right, but just relax. Pretend you are at the office discussing work, you aren’t nervous then”. With a plan in mind, you begin to knock.

A moment later the door opens, and you struggle not to let your jaw drop at the sight. She is wearing an apron over what seems to be a short, black dress. She smiles at you and says, “I’m glad you could make it. Here let me take your jacket. It’s so hot in here. I called the manager, but he seems to be out. So, the heater is still stuck on high.”

With her words, you come back to your senses, and unbutton your jacket. Your hand slips into your pocket, making sure that the gift is there, but you decide to wait until later to give it to her. She offers you a seat at the kitchen counter. She begins chatting about work and the upcoming Christmas holidays as she rushes around the kitchen. You offer to help, but she says she’s almost done. You continue to sit and try to focus on the conversation.

You are not sure which is the most tempting sight, her leaning over the wash the fruit or her bending down to check the oven. You are very grateful for the counter that’s hiding your reaction. However, as she places the wondrous tidbits onto a plate and hands you two dishes of fruit, you realize that you now must walk in the open and hope that it doesn’t show.

At the table decorated with candles, you both sit down. She thanks you for coming and your response of “the pleasure is all mine” nearly hints at both meanings. She notices and a glint passes through her eyes before she offers you some shrimp that had been simmered in a sauce.

After the appetizers comes dinner, then more small talk about plans, the past and life. Upon realizing you both will be in the city on Christmas, she invites you over to share Christmas dinner with her. That is, if you didn’t mind her cooking. Mind was the wrong word; you loved every bite of it and were dying for more.

You begin to get more comfortable as the evening progresses, relaxing and just enjoying her company. You help her clear the table and even offer to start dishes while she makes dessert. She says, “Its okay. If you really want to help me, could you go print the recipe off my computer? I forgot to do that earlier. It’s down the hall, first door on your left.” For a moment, you sense mischievousness in her voice. Before you can be sure, she begins putting the dishes in the dishwasher.

You walk down the hall, trying to imagine what dessert might entail. Regardless, it will likely be wonderful. The computer screen is facing you as you walk in and your heart and manhood jumped at the sight. On it was the familiar Lit screen. Your eyes ran to the top corner and spy the name “Kitten”. At that moment, your knees nearly give out and your head spins as all your blood runs straight for your throbbing centre.

A moment later, you feel her brush against your back as her voice caresses you with the words, “Now read what is planned for dessert.”

Your eyes widen, and your body shakes as you read the words in the PM message box. “I know all your desires and tonight I will make them show through. First, we are going to the kitchen to pick up some chocolate, strawberries and whipped cream. I will explore and taste your body tonight. Do you want to play and give in to me?”

With this you spin around, your knees give out so you kneel before her saying, “Yes, I want to play. I am yours.” A rush of relief and pleasure fills you. Your earlier worries of how you would tell her your interests if you ever got past dinner were now gone. Instead, the most beautiful body contained the most wonderful mind that knew what you really wanted.

She leans down to kiss you, at first softly but allowing the desire to grow. Flames of passion begin to consume your mind. You blurt out, “How did you know?” Your curiosity is no longer containable.

She glances away as she tells you, “I saw the Lit site on your screen when I walked into your office two weeks ago. I glanced at the name in the corner. I was surprise and thrilled. I wanted to kiss you right then, but I wasn’t sure how you would react to meeting in person.” She pauses, glancing up, trying to read your reaction.

Seeing your smile, she continues. “The next time I went to talk to you, you weren’t there but I saw a letter addressed to me and figured you had left it for me. After reading it, I decided to invite you to dinner, hoping that I might get the courage to show you my other side.” She seems so shy and innocent that you are overwhelmed with a desire to hold and protect her. Your knees regain their strength as you stand and press her close. The scent of her skin and hair, the feel of her skin, the rhythm of her breathing all pulling you closer to her. Your mind had been spinning since you saw the message, but now time was standing still.

Your lips brush her forehead, then slowly trace down to her eyelids, tasting her tears of joy before pulling her lips to yours. The taste, the touch of her sings through your veins. Everything feels right; you wish the embrace never to end, but hunger deeply for more of her. You pull away, staring at her. Her lips parted, tongue lightly searching over them tasting you, her eyes closed. You softly kiss her forehead, soft eyelids, before savoring her lips again. The intensity builds as she pulls you close. Her hands trace patterns of fire along your spine before dancing through your hair. Hungry yet soft, your own hands explore the woman you have longed for. Your need paces her own. Finally she pulls away, her heavy breathing in harmony with yours, she whispers, “Follow me, but only if you promise never to leave.”

Your eyes tell her yes, before you can find the words to say how much she means to you. You hold her close almost afraid she will disappear; afraid you will wake up to find it all to be a dream. Your lips brush her ear, caressing it with words and touch as you whisper, “How could I ever leave the only woman I have ever trusted, always loved, who knows me as deeply as I know her.”

Your lips meet her, feverishly searching for physical closeness that could express your inner desire and your emotions. Never before have you felt so loved, so close, you want and feel as one, but you wish to slowly pleasure her, as she deserves. You dreamed about bringing her bliss and joyful abandonment long before satisfying your own needs. Now your and her desires were one. Her apron, already gone, was left in the distant kitchen to where you now follow. Your arms wrapped around her; each step, lips tracing up and down her neck.

With the strawberries, chocolate and whipped cream acquired, you pick her up not wanting to waste steps. Carrying her down the hall, pausing to let her guide you through the door, her door, through which laid the road to paradise. Her kiss and urging hands meet no resistance as you follow her eagerly inside. Taking a moment to just watch her as she placed the treats beside the bed, your eyes follow her graceful moments. The knowledge that tonight you will finally caress her, feel her pleasure grow as you explore her, was almost too much. Her lips feeding the fire deep inside of your soul, you nibble on each lip. You savor the taste, before exploring her mouth. Her own tongue seeking entrance, reminding you of her many descriptions of how she would tease your body as she had for so long teased your mind as Kitten.

Each button on your shirt gives way to her slender fingers as your mouth explores each newly uncovered place. Each kiss, each brush of her lips awakening a small fire that spreads through out your body. Never before have you felt such urgency and need, yet the desire to spend eternity softy exploring. Your hands brush aside the straps of her dress, following their path down her arms with knowing fingers. She pauses, guiding your hands to a hidden zipper along her spine. Slowly you release her body from the confinements of the soft cloth. Your caressing fingers find no straps along her back. This knowledge and the feel of her quicken your pulse as you send a sincere thank you to whomever allowed this to be reality. Your shirt, already open in the front, is pushed off your shoulders and your arms by her enchanting hands.

Standing before her, only the smallest of self-doubts crosses your mind. It’s banished quickly by a soft moan from her lips as she hungrily reaches for you again. You are aware of her desire, knowing that she truly enjoyed the sight, filling you with gratitude and desire to never let her go. Eternity seems almost too short to explore her. You continue hoping that it might be long enough to give her the pleasure you wish to bestow on her.

Her dress flows over her body. As it falls, it reveals a form so beautiful it takes your breath away. Never before has the sight of a woman’s body fed your desire while pushing it almost beyond your control. You hungrily explore her, kissing her shoulders, her arms, as you trace wet patterns of pleasure over her. You lean down lightly kissing each pink nipple, feeling it harden further as her moans fill the air. Her sounds are a melody so beautiful that it compliments her mind, soul and body. Lightly sucking on each of them, you savor her before tracing lower to pleasure more of her. You trail light kisses down her abdomen to the tiny indent. Your tongue explores the little depth, hungering for other openings. You taste each beautiful thigh wanting to pleasure this wondrous angel. Your fingers trace over the thin ribbons that hold the black covering over sites of further pleasure. She arches back and moans deeply as you slowly pull the ends of each bow, untying the two knots. As the simple material falls away, you admire the soft hair of her mound, before blowing cool air across her moist lips.

Denying the need of her own depths, she pulls you up and kisses you passionately. Her hands caress your back as her lips explore your neck. Your own fiery desires grow as her fingers explore lower. Her warm lips travel over you chest, pausing to suck and lick on your sensitive dark pink nipples before continuing down your stomach. She kneels in front of you as her mouth explores the small indent just above your pants while she slowly loosens your belt. Your pants fall as she lowers your zipper and tugs them off. Her kisses trace along your hips. Your ardent need is evident behind the last layer of cloth. Her moist lips lightly kiss your length as her eyes stare up into yours. Your body shakes with need and pleasure. As her fingers pull away the last barrier to reveal your entire body, you moan with a need so overwhelming you can barely remain standing. Gone are worries about your body, about being able to pleasure her. Instead, all that remains is the love and need. You know that you will eagerly learn what you do not know as you spend the rest of your life pleasuring her. Love and physical pleasure fill your entire mind, soul and body as her mouth encloses the tip. Her mouth - so hot and moist - ignites sparks throughout your being, as soft licks, wet kisses and wondrous suction follow her first touch. You feel the throbbing need increase within, a part of you begging for release, while the rest of you struggles for control.

You back off slowly, pulling her up to kiss that incredible mouth, tasting yourself on her lips, before guiding her to the bed. You marvel at the feel of her skin against yours and the smoothness of her stomach against your still throbbing manhood. Her eyes are brilliant with her desire, as you know your own must also be. You kiss her passionately while she lowers herself onto the bed. Her feet are still on the floor as she leans back. You stare hungrily at her, feeding your need, pleasuring yourself with the sight. You lean over her kissing each eyelid and nipple, before circling her belly button with your tongue. Lower still, your tongue travels to search deeper places, needing to give her pleasure, wanting to hear her moan. Her breathing grows heavier, punctuated by gasps as your lips kiss over the soft springy hair. She spreads her thighs welcoming your mouth. Her lips, so beautiful and soaked with her juices, shine brilliant pink and smooth against her creamy skin. You remember her writing once, as Kitten, that she had begun shaving. You also remember your reaction, and how you begged for a chance to taste them. Now, here she was. Your warm breath across her folds draws moans from deep inside of her. Their intensity increases as you softly kiss the smooth skin and begin to lightly trace over them with your tongue. She squirms and grabs the sheets as your tongue finds and teases the hard nodule of pleasure. You press your tongue against her, using both long broad strokes and deep probing, to bring her closer to a peak. Your hands tease over her body, squeezing her nipples, tracing over her thighs, pulling her tight cheeks towards your hungry mouth. You gratefully remember her description of what she wants you to do using that and her moans to guide your actions.

She calls for you to fill her, but you resist wanting to make her peak at least once before fulfilling your combined need. You tongue and fingers tease her folds, her unbelievably firm nodule pulsing in your mouth. Your fingers slip inside feeling her wondrous heat and wet depth as your mouth sucks hard on her. You press up inside of her. Suddenly, she’s there. Her back arches as her hands grab the sheets, and then your shoulders, as waves of intense bliss crash over her. Her moans of need become those of contentment. You taste her need and then her pleasure as you continue to lick her folds. Slowly her hunger renews, you know deep down this time your tongue won’t be enough for her. Your body shakes in anticipation, as your already firm length seems to grow and throb in anticipation. Your fingers and tongue explore her entire body before returning back to her dripping folds. Her moans - the verbal accompaniment of your own arousal - begin to transform into calls for you, surrounding you and driving your desire to new heights.

You feel her joint needs grow until they overwhelm you. You lean forward, picking her up and placing her further onto the bed. You kneel in front of her, feeling the softness of the sheets on your knees as you lean over to kiss her open mouth. Her tongue and yours dance to the music of your passion. Her hands search your body trying to pull you close. Your own free hand explores her throat, nipples and stomach, as your other one bears most of your weight allowing your body to lightly brush against hers. Your breathing is as rough and heavy as hers. You break the kiss to stare into the depths of her eyes that resonate your own soul’s desire and love. Her lips meet yours as her hands guide you in. Desire finally fulfilled - a need echoed by her body - pulls you inside. She rises to meet you as you strain to explore her depths. Each time you pull back, the need to embrace her fully builds to new astounding heights. Over and over, your bodies press together as your mouths feast on each other. Your shared desires rise in time with the growing waves of pleasure. You feel her shudder, squeezing your length, pulling you in deep. The flames of passion break through both your depths throwing your over the edge.

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