tagBDSMThe Perfect Gift

The Perfect Gift


She is a beautiful girl this friend of mine. Not exotic or typical, but an uncommonly obvious, genuine beauty. Tall, fair skinned, long brown hair with the slightest hint of red, thinner than I; but perfectly curved, she has the largest brown eyes that only accentuate her heart shaped face, and those exceptional tits. I love you with the deepest sense of belonging to you, but there is something in me that wants her so much. Not to keep her, but to control. This part of me wants to teach her everything I have learned from you, my great master.

This intrigues you; I can tell when I mention her name. Making you wonder if your little slave has really truly retained all you have taught her. I speak of her ever so often and we discuss her as we fantasize during our smutty long distance calls. So it's no surprise when my next commandment is: "you have one month to teach her everything. Strip her of all she's ever known about passion, sex, and obedience. Leave her only with the knowledge that you will be her new master. At the end of that month I will come visit you both. Present her to me as you please but know that I will claim her." So I now have until the middle of February to turn this beautiful girl into our little pet. The thought of watching you drive home into that tight little pussy of her, and coming all over her perfect chest makes me clench so hard it begins to become uncomfortable.

It doesn't take much convincing when I talk to her about it; she is too much of a sexual person. Not slutty mind you, just a natural sensual vibe that permanently moves through her. Though beautiful, and submissive, I wonder if she has ever been properly trained; the way every true good submissive deserves to be controlled. "We will start from the very beginning. It is to be understood from now on that you know nothing about physical pleasures except for what I will be teaching you. Do you understand?" sitting quietly on the edge of my bed she says nothing but hangs her head and nods in agreement. "Good girl. Now stand up and move to the middle of the room so I can properly size you up. I may have agreed to please my master but he has made it very clear that if you don't please me then maybe you're not as enticing as I thought you were and I don't have to train you."

"Yes master." She listens well. I walk around her gliding my hands around the back of her waist all the way up her stomach, along her cleavage poking out of that bright red corset (which is part of her natural attire, not something she has been commanded to wear). I stop to face her but her height (and her love of heels) makes it impossible for me to meet her eyes. I continue circling her feeling her smooth ivory skin over her collar bone, gliding a finger or two along her neck line distracting her with one hand. I let the other trace up the lacing, between her shoulder blades, then finally along the base of her hairline wrapping my fingers deep into her hair gripping at the scalp; bringing her directly to her knees without a second thought.

She doesn't lift her head or her eyes. "Look at me." No response, so I grip harder. "That wasn't a question girlie; look at me!" she gasps nearly falling over, she tries to regain her balance using her hands to find the floor. She looks up. "Yes I think I would like to train you very much; you may stand." Making sure my new toy is comfortable, we start simple and I tell her to let me know when she is ready to get started. We go to my bed and sit there for a while talking to one another about our day, joking and what not. After about a half an hour or so, she smiles and innocently enough lays her hand on mine.

"Are you sure that you're ready?" Saying nothing, she nods. I lift her head and lean in to kiss her, but stop just shy and begin running my tongue along her lips just to see how long it will take her to go after it. Her eyes go shut, and her mouth parts and she tilts her head just enough that my mouth will automatically plant on hers. I pull away and her eyes open, almost defeated. Grinning at her "It's about self control my pet. If you're really ready to be under my control you will wait for me to come to you." We play this game a few more times before she finally realizes I wasn't kidding. When she is relaxed and ready I tell her to respond naturally, not to think about what she is doing and I want that to be her only response for everything that may or may not happen.

Placing my lips on hers, parting her mouth with the slight pressure of my tongue. She responds by running her tongue along the underside of mine, as we continue kissing she feels it necessary to place her hands on my back. So I respond with both hands gripped in her hair. Pulling so tight her mouth seems pried open and she is hard pressed to respond at all. "Did I say anything about you touching me?!" Her hands fall to her sides and the rest of her body goes almost limp except for her hips thrusting against mine as I respond by pushing her back on the bed with mine. After I let go of her hair I give her permission to move her hands as she pleases, but is not allowed to travel anywhere on my body other than my back, or my head. Her moans increase and only get louder the deeper and more intense our kissing becomes.

The next few nights are similar, until she has learned how and when it is, and when it's not okay for her to respond with touch. I keep you informed of her training, and I beg for you to tell me what to do; but you have none of it, telling me she is my responsibility. After a week of kissing and controlled touch, she is permitted to move her hands freely in response as she pleases. Every night starts out similar with teasing and light play. Then, she stops me. "Master I feel there is something I need to tell you... shortly after we began my training I took someone home." Irritated I walk away from her and into the bathroom to calm myself. Moments later I come out and she is still in the same position on the bed, knelt down with her shirt off exposing her blue laced bra, her thigh highs rolled down and her hair a ratted mess.

I walk to her, taking her to my closet by the hair putting her in, shutting the door. The box under my bed and the hooks on the wall are begging to be used. Pulling out a tripod and my camera, I set it up in the corner, opposite the closet so it can view the entire layout of the room and press record. I line up the riding crop, French tickler, cat o nine tails, paddle, wrist and thigh cuffs, and my other whip along the hooks. Leaving the box open on the bed, I change into some vinyl spiked boots, black pencil skirt, fishnets, white button up, and pull my hair back to reveal the thick black collar locked around my neck. I reach for the closet door. "You may come out now." I walk to the chair and take a seat. Timidly, she crept out of the closet closing the door behind her, dropping straight to her knees with her head down. "I'm not sure why I bothered trying to train you. It's obvious you don't want to be here or you would have taken it more seriously. It's a shame too; I think you would have made a good pet for my master. I'm not forcing you to stay here. If you wanted you could've said stop... but you didn't. Now is your chance, there's the door. Do what you want, but know that if you want to stay, until we are done with you; we are the only ones allowed to play with you. You have ten seconds to walk out that door."

"May I speak master?" I nod as she looks up with only her eyes, never lifting her head. "Please forgive me master, it was a moment of weakness. At the time I wasn't sure how serious this would get, I got excited and drunk, I felt lonely. It won't happen again master, please..." I say nothing just stand and walk up to her stopping at the box pulling out the first item to be used. I wrap the tape around her wrists, tearing it apart with my teeth only so I can get down to her level and lift her chin with my finger. Looking her straight in her eyes telling her without words that this will be the last time she will ever be allowed to pull this kind of shit, and that she is going to pay. I run my fingers along the instruments on the wall, debating the toy I will use next. Grabbing one off the wall stopping behind her bringing my foot up to her back forcing her to catch herself with her hands, putting more pressure on her until her face is pressed against the cold hard laminate floor.

When I pick up my foot, she does not move at all. I lean down and reach in front of her and rip her shirt completely unbutton bringing it over her head bunched up over her bound hands. I run the riding crop along her back as I walk around her. She is almost perfectly positioned but not quite the way I would like. The riding crop slides between her thighs and her stomach motioning up. She adjusts herself to her knees keeping her face on the floor. "Much better." Her ass now at the perfect angle I run the riding crop between her legs and around her ass, little moans escaping her tiny throat. As I pull it away from her body, I notice the end glistening; she is dripping wet. Knowing the crop is what she desires, I put it back on the wall. Her head is turned so she can see me, and I glance down to see the slight look of disappointment on her face. She stays silent. I return to her back.

CRACK! I smack the whip along her sweet spot. At that she comes hard. I smack her over and over again. "I don't think I told you to come, did I?" she says nothing, only whimpers begging with her eyes. I hit her again. "Answer me." I hit her another time. "Answer me." I hit her hard on her ass allowing her to think I will give her sweet spot relief. I grab her by the ends of her hair wrapping it until my hand is against her scalp and she is up on her knees, and I pull her head back to look up at me. "Look you little bitch, your defiance is only going to hurt you in the end." I hit her with my hand feeling the heat through her skirt. "Did I tell you to come?!" with every second she doesn't answer I strike her.

"No!" I hit her again and give her a look that tells her to complete her sentence. "No master, you didn't." I pull her up to her feet by the hair dragging her to my shackles hanging from the ceiling. I walk over to the camera to better focus on my subject. I untie her, throwing the shirt aside and taking off her bra. Presented in front of me were the most beautiful set of ivory tits I had ever seen. Hearing the click of those shackles excited her, nearly to the point of climax; but she held it off. Bending down, I slip off her skirt, and a blue lace thong to match her bra. Reaching down to grab her stockings, I run them up her legs reattaching them to her garter. Running a finger along the inside of her leg from the bottom up, before I hit her knee I can feel her come dripping from that freshly shaven, precious little pussy. I return with a few more tools and line them up on the bed.

Teasing her with the tickler, running it down her spine then up and around her stomach up her chest, then down her thighs I tell her "If you learn nothing else, you will learn obedience in every sense of the word. I am not about to present my master a sloppy, selfish slave who thinks it's only about what she wants." She is getting anxious, starting to pull against the restraints; moaning. I learn there is a certain satisfaction unlike any other that comes from leaving someone on the edge but not allowing them to go over. She never lifts her head or tries to adjust the hair out of her face, and at that point I can see she is truly ready to commit.

I unlatch her, toss her clothes at her, and throw a few blankets to her. "You're going to stay here tonight. It seems I can't leave you on your own." She makes her bed at the foot of mine wraps herself in a few blankets whimpering until she finally sleeps. Not long after I can see she is asleep, I crawl into bed and sleep. The next few nights are similar, every night leaving her unfulfilled completely until she has fully submitted. One morning, I wake to her knelt in front of my bed with her head down.

"I have been waiting for you to wake master. Are you hungry? Would you like something to drink? Would you like anything master?" I get up and walk to the shower stopping half way. "Come on beautiful." Naked; she crawls all the way stopping short of the shower, waiting for my next command. I get undressed and climb into the shower making sure it's warmed up but not to scorch that delicate skin. "You may enter now." Excited, she jumps up and gets in. Without a word, she grabs a cloth and the soap and begins to lather it up. Starting at my feet, she slowly moves her way up my body cleaning me. By the time she is at my chest I pull her all the way up by the hair, bringing her into kiss me I press up against her pinning her between me and the wall. Her hands make their way up the small of my back and into my hair, this time I let her move freely; she's earned it. We stand there under the water consumed with one another for what feels like seconds, until the water starts to turn cold.

When I exit the shower, she stands there waiting for me to let her out, which I do. She grabs the towel off the rack and immediately starts to dry me. I take another towel and wrap it around her shivering body. "You are able to move freely in this house, but you are not allowed to leave. While I am gone, I want you to clean up your mess, fix the house; our master is coming tomorrow, and I don't want him to think that it's not important to us that he take time out of his life to visit us. Understand?" she nods and thanks me. "I want you to think about what you have learned while you are here. When I get home I want to know what you have come up with."

Work is long knowing she is there waiting for me. I go through the normal motions, but it is obvious to anyone who knows me that my head is in a whole other place. I stop at the store before going home finding a temporary collar for my masters new toy, should he decide to claim her. When I return home I am pleasantly surprised to find that she is waiting there naked, except for her heels knelt in front of the door. "The house looks wonderful, thank you." I put down the mail and my bag and walk straight to the box putting it away before she has a chance to see it. I walk to my bedpost changing my day collar for my 'at home' collar. She has a hearty dinner ready and hot at the table so as not to be rude I go directly back downstairs to join her for supper. "Tell me about your day." She starts to and then stops herself.

"Master, I busied myself cleaning and taking care of your house. When I had finished I found that I had a lot of time to think about what we discussed before you left. I found that there is more to being a submissive than I first realized. I had no idea it stretched beyond spanking and hair pulling. I mean I knew, but never really experienced any of that. I have been here every night for three weeks now and I have learned that being a slave does not have to mean sexual. You were gone all day, and I was so anxious to hear what my next command would be." She has learned well. "I only have one question to ask you master."

"What is that?"

"When are you going to call me your slave?"

"That title is not mine to give you dear. I am only here to train you... When we finish dinner I want you to get your things and go. You will not sleep her e tonight. You will go home, shower, then go immediately to bed. Tomorrow at 11:00 in the morning I want you here, in your blue corset, matching thong, and garter, black stilettos, and a pair of thin, black thigh high stockings. You will wear your black leather coat over it, and nothing else. I want you to look your best, so you may do your hair and make up as you please. No jewelry." When she left I called you to confirm flight schedules and to chat. After a long month of no contact; it was good to hear your voice. I slept very little that night in anticipation of our arrival.

At 10:59, she pulled into my driveway as instructed, all the way into the garage, closing the door behind her. She made it to the door with two seconds to spare. We walked into my room and set things up just the way you like. All our toys were on the wall the box placed open on the dresser, most of the contents not on the wall are laid out for you. I have hooked up the camera to the downstairs TV. so you can see what we have been up to in your absence. The lights are low in the room and it is slightly colder than I prefer, because you like for me to be a little uncomfortable. I decide to shackle her up and leave her there as I finish getting ready.

Finally there is a knock at the door, I run down to meet you but in anticipation forget my collar. Wrapping my arms around you planting my lips on yours when we separate you notice it is missing and see it lying on the dinning room table. "Forget something? Go get it." I put it on and wait for you to lock the cold metal leash into the d ring placed precisely in the middle. You lock it in place and seeing that everything is the way you like it to be, you smile. That smile brings me literally to my knees. "It's good to see that in my absence you haven't lost your training." You don't ask about her or even mention her once while we are getting started.



"I have missed you terribly." Your foot pushes my knees apart. You kneel down to my level and slip your hand up to meet my soaking cunt. Pulling your hand away, you bring it to my mouth. Without hesitation I lick it clean. You walk through the house, getting something to drink and making yourself at home pulling my leash as I crawl behind you the whole way. Sitting on the couch, you turn on the television noticing the camera on top. You motion to me and I crawl to turn it on; my leash long enough to allow without having to stray from your grasp. You watch our training sessions while I sit between your legs facing away. Resting my head on your lap I can feel you getting excited with every passing moment when finally, you give a tug on my leash and tell me to lead you to the bedroom.

I stop short of the door and ask to stand. "May I speak to you freely master?"

"If you must, do it quickly; it's been too long and I don't want to have to wait all night to fuck my little slave." I walk up to the door putting my hand on the knob.

"I just wanted to tell you Happy Valentine's Day master." When I open the door there she is, gagged blindfolded and slightly suspenended in the air by her wrists. "I hope she pleases you master. I have tried to train her and I think she has learned well. Since we have started she has yet to have anyone, or anything inside of her. I did not think that was my place."

He smiles at me before grabbing my hair forcing me to my knees. He leads me to a chair against the wall opposite my bed and tells me to kneel. "Slave, you are free to do as you like when I start with her. But you are not allowed to come unless you are told. Understand?" I nod and smile. You don't keep her there. Unshackling her, taking off the blindfold, and removing the gag, and stripping her of her corset and thong; you pick her up as if she is nothing and throw her on the bed. You get undressed while she waits on all fours on the bed. You get onto the bed and ram into her almost in one smooth motion. Not at all ready for your size, she screams. Quickly though, she adjusts herself and begins rocking back into you. You push her down onto the bed, but she gets up again to push against you. Fucking her harder you push her back down onto the bed.

She does it again but this time you force her down pulling her ass up higher into you while holding down the small of her back so she is helpless to your powerful fuck. Her groaning gets louder with each thrust. "Come". At that we both fall into deep orgasms and she gets more persistent with bringing you deeper. Gripping into her hair and keeping your elbow in the small of her back you hold her in that position before you start to buck. Its getting harder for you not to come. You fuck her cunt for almost an hour before pulling out of her and flipping her onto her back; coming all over her chest.

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