tagLetters & TranscriptsThe Perfect Job Ch. 04

The Perfect Job Ch. 04


Authors Note: This is my Thirty-Fourth story and the fourth installment of this series. I owe the idea for this series to my good friend and fellow writer, EddyFox and the helpful editing to teddyrabbit and Steve. Anyhow, on with the story...I hope you enjoy it and please remember that all feedback is greatly appreciated!


"Well don't you two make a cozy little picture?"

The voice woke me from my post coital sleep and I saw Isabella standing at the foot of the bed with her hands on her hips looking none too pleased.

"I didn't fuck him so stop worrying. We just helped each other get off is all, no intercourse, no exchange of bodily fluids. Well...he enjoyed some of mine but I didn't enjoy any of his. We behaved ourselves very well," I said as I got out of the bed and started picking up my clothing.

"You didn't enjoy any of his bodily fluids? Is that why you're covered in cum?" Isabella asked with a slightly mocking tone. She handed me one of my busted garter belts and raised an eye brow but wisely did not comment.

"Well the cum had to go somewhere and it wasn't going inside me so why not on me? Speaking of which, any word on the results yet?"

With my arms full of clothing I started walking towards my bedroom, Isabella followed as she explained that the lab estimated the results would be ready by tomorrow morning at the latest.

I slipped on a blue satin bra and matching thong as Isabella picked out a light blue satin camisole with a very deep V neckline to put under my navy blue blazer and a matching pencil skirt.

This was our usual morning routine, she would come over, help me get ready, and then we would pick up coffee and muffins on the way to the office where we would eat at my desk as we discussed the plan of action for the day. Isabella wasn't just an employee to me she was my closest friend. In truth my only friend. I trusted her implicitly and loved her deeply.

"Okay...so I know how it all ended, that's obvious by the fact that you're covered in cum, but what exactly happened? And why aren't you having a shower? We have plenty of time."

"Well all the teasing and stripping aside, we went the mutual masturbation route. I played with myself and he played with himself. Then I asked him to use a vibe on me, which he did. I came twice and jacked off, though I did ask him to suck my tits for me a bit. Then I had him blow the vibe and jack off for me while I fingered myself and when he came on me I came again. So all in all 3 intense orgasms for me and one big load for him. As to why I'm not having a shower...I love the feeling of dried cum on my skin. I love being out in public and knowing it's there against my skin under my clothing, wondering if other people can smell it, makes me feel hot and dirty all day."

Fully dressed I slipped on a pair of navy blue leather pumps and sat down at my bureau. I skillfully applied my modest makeup while Isabella put my hair in a French knot with some wisps hanging down here and there, slightly curled with the curling iron.

"You are so perverted sometimes you know that?" she said as she smiled at me in the mirror.

"Yes, I know, but that's what years of being in an all girls school with no friends will do to a gal...turns you into a pre-vert." We both laughed as we headed down the stairs to leave for work.

At the foot of the stairs stood David with his slacks on but no shirt. He looked up at Isabella and I and smiled devilishly, "And what were you two lovely ladies doing up in the boudoir all by yourselves?"

I leaned in and gave him a peck on the cheek, "Nothing nearly as naughty as I'm sure you were envisioning. We were just getting ready for work is all. You're welcome to stay here during the day so long as you remain on the main floor, the house staff will get you anything you need and also be spying for me to make sure you don't go anywhere you're not supposed to. If you want to go anywhere ask any of the house staff and they'll get a driver for you. I should be done work around 7ish. Will you be here when I get home or do you want to meet somewhere?"

David looked at me like I'd just grown another head. Isabella jumped in to save the day, as always, "She's blunt. What she's saying is that she's going to work, you can stay here if you want or go back home, just let her know which. You don't have to make up your mind right now, here's my card, call me and let me know where you'll be at 7 tonight and I'll pass it onto her."

We started walking towards the door and David finally came to his senses and ran up to me, "Wait! Does this mean I have the job?"

I turned and kissed him deeply and passionately, whispering into his ear as I pulled away, "We should have the lab results later today and as long as they are good you're hired." I massaged his limp cock through his slacks and felt him stiffen against my touch. I grinned and headed out the door.

Isabella stayed back a moment, "The lab said the results should be in by tomorrow morning at the latest. If you're going to be here I'll call the house once I have the results. If your leaving then make sure you give me a contact number to reach you at and I'll let you know when I hear something."

David stammered a thank you and headed back towards the library. As an afterthought Isabella called out to him, "If you're going to stay here I'd advise you avoid the porn. If your lab results come back clean I can guarantee you she'll be leaving work as soon as she can to come back here and fuck you and she'll be very unhappy if you've worn yourself out!"

Once I was at work the morning flew by in a whirlwind of reports and meetings. I didn't even notice how late it was until Isabella came in with a tray of sandwiches, soup, water and fruit. "Turn the computer off. It's after 1 and you haven't eaten anything since that blueberry muffin this morning."

I turned my monitor off and took a seat at the 2 person table in the corner of my office. Isabella and I ate as we discussed office politics and gossip. The sandwiches and soup hit the spot and I felt more energetic. I savored the strawberries and pineapple as Isabella told me about the latest stock quotes.

I was only half listening and she knew it. "Oh...by the way, the lab called in with the results." she said just before taking a big bite of strawberry. I watched her chew very slowly. She was taunting me and enjoying it. "Come on woman, out with it!" I demanded playfully.

"The results...were...clean."

I felt my breath catch and my pussy throb in response to the news. "I called David, he's still at the house. I let him know and he said he would be at the house waiting for you when you got off work. Also, before we left this morning I advised him to avoid jacking off in case the results were clean so he should be ready to go when you get home. Speaking of going home, Mr. Weiz's secretary called and his flight from Boston is being delayed about three hours so I rescheduled your meeting with him for Monday at 11am. I was also going to mention that I can bring over the rest of your current work-load to the house tomorrow and we can go through it there so you can leave anytime you'd like this afternoon."

I bit my bottom lip as I considered my options. I could leave now and be fucking David within the hour. Or I could prolong it and take him out for dinner and make him wait till later tonight. Then true inspiration struck. "I'll be staying here a while longer...though I'm not sure how much actual work I'll be getting done...I plan on teasing David a bit before I go home."

Isabella laughed, "I think that's my cue to leave, I'll lock the door on my way out, buzz me if you need anything and I'll forward all calls to my phone for you."

I returned to my desk and called the house. "David...I hear Isabella gave you the good news already. Do you accept the position?"

"I sure do. I already called and gave my resignation at the restaurant. I agreed to work two weeks of the day shift so they can find someone, but I managed to set it up for Monday to Friday 11 to 7 so I should be done work around the same time you are for the next two weeks."

"Good to hear. I had one of my meetings this afternoon cancel on me since his flight is being delayed, but I do still have some work to finish up here. I should be able to leave in the next hour or two though. There are some things I'd like to discuss with you so why don't you go into the library and turn on the computer. I've set up a chat account for you with the user name "Hired" and the password is "fuckme" no spaces no caps. Log in and accept the user "Horny" and we can discuss a few things while I finish up work. See you online in a minute."

I hung up the phone before he could respond and felt my pussy throb in excitement as I tidied up my desk waiting for the 'ding' to let me know he was online.

Hired: I've added you. What did you want to discuss?

Horny: I just wanted to discuss some ground rules and scenarios to make sure we're both on the same page so we can both enjoy this arrangement as much as possible

Hired: Ok go for it

Horny: First...I'm on birth control and now that the lab results are in I would prefer not to use condoms. As I'm sure you noticed last night I enjoy cum. I love feeling it on my skin, in my mouth and especially feeling a man shoot a big load deep inside my pussy. I am willing to take full responsibility should I end up pregnant. You would not be held accountable for any child that may be conceived. Is that okay with you?

Hired: That's very okay with me, so long as that's included in the contract

Horny: It will be. The next thing is more in terms of fantasies, sexual preferences and so on. How do you feel about anal sex?

Hired: Depends on whose ass is being fucked

Horny: Mine or yours

Hired: Honestly I've never fucked a woman's ass before and never had mine fucked. I'm straight so the idea of being ass fucked doesn't do it for me. Though before last night I would have said the idea of sucking a fake cock didn't do it for me either, but once I had it in my mouth and could taste your pussy on it I actually enjoyed it.

Horny: So you would be willing to fuck my ass?

Hired: Hell ya!

Horny: Good. Would you be willing to let me experiment with some anal play on you sometime down the road?

Hired: You can experiment with whatever you want as long as I have the right to say I don't like something and then you stop

Horny: But you'll give my experiments an honest try right?

Hired: Yes

Horny: Good. How do you feel about group sex?

Hired: Do you mean 3somes, 4somes, orgies?

Horny: All of the above

Hired: Never had any of those, but I'd be willing to try

Horny: With men and women?

Hired: Again, never been with another guy, but I'd be willing to try as long as I could say no if I weren't enjoying it

Horny: Don't worry, this whole thing is of course for my pleasure and enjoyment, but I don't get off on humiliating or forcing other people. If you say stop I'll stop

Hired: Then ya I'd be willing to try just about anything

Horny: Good. Do you have any fantasies or fetishes?

Hired: Well a 3some with two women is every guy's fantasy. Besides that not really. I like rough sex but I like softer sex too. I'm a tit man, any position is good as long as I can either see or feel your tits. I loved cumming all over you last night.

Horny: Mmm...I loved it too...I have a bit of a cum fetish you could say. I love the feel of a man's cum on my skin. Feeling it dry against my skin, the smell of it on my skin. I didn't shower this morning and all day I've felt you're cum against my skin and it's made me so hot. Now and then I get a whiff of it through my perfume and it makes me so wet for you.

Hired: Fuck that's hot!

Horny: Have you ever tasted your own cum?

Hired: No

Horny: Would you be willing to try?

Hired: Sure

Horny: Mmm...good. I know your straight, but I'm bi and I find all variations of sexual partners arousing. Men and women, women and women, men and men, it all turns me on. The fact that you are open to trying to expand your sexual boundaries bodes well

Hired: Does that mean you want to watch me and another man?

Horny: Someday if your willing that would be hot, but if you're not up for it (pun intended) after giving it an honest try then that's okay too. I would like to work up to trying it though, with baby steps. You sucking the vibe last night was so fucking hot and was a good step in that direction. Tasting your own cum would be another big step. Anal play with you is another. If you're okay with all of that then I would consider placing an ad for a third to join us. I also have hopes of someday having another woman join us.

Hired: You are a lot kinkier than you seem

Horny: I know...I'm also a lot hornier than I seem. I have a very high sex drive and as you learnt last night I am capable of multiple orgasms. I would like to add that the job isn't 100% yours yet. There are still some skills of yours that I have yet to test. Certain things can be taught so I'm not expecting you to be a sexual master, but I will be coming home tonight ready to test some of your sexual skills.

Hired: And what would you like me to do to you when you get home tonight?

Horny: Well you're a good kisser and you did a very good job of sucking my nipples last night, but you have other oral skills to be tested

Hired: Such as?

Horny: Well I'm a big fan of dirty talk so having you prove that you can make me wet with your words is one oral skill to be tested. Another is having you lick my pussy and seeing how long it takes you to make me cum with just your tongue and then again with your tongue and your fingers.

Hired: I haven't had any complaints yet about my pussy licking skills. As for talking dirty, I love doing it, but I'm worried about maybe offending you with something I say in the moment

Horny: Don't be worried about offending me. Say what you want to say and if something doesn't do it for me I'll let you know. I will say that I do have word preferences...I prefer cock to dick. I prefer pussy or cunt to snatch or slit. I prefer tits to boobs.

Hired: Good to know. So once I've made your pussy nice and wet by whispering naughty things into your ear, then licking your hot little pussy until you cum all over my tongue and then licking and fingering your pussy until you cum again what other skills would you like to test tonight?

Horny: By that time my pussy will be aching to be fucked so I think then you should fuck me. My favorite position is missionary, you okay with that?

Hired: I'd be happy to fuck you any way you want me too

Horny: God I can't wait to get home and have you fuck me!

Hired: You're telling me! I'm sitting here with my cock rock hard wanting so badly to jack off right now! Isabella told me before she left this morning that I shouldn't though.

Horny: Well if it makes you feel any better I'm sitting here with my pussy throbbing and dripping and it's taking all my self control not to touch myself right now

Hired: So your pussy will be nice and wet for me when you get home then?

Horny: Oh fuck yes, my panties are practically soaked right now!

Hired: What kind of panties are you wearing?

Horny: A blue satin thong

Hired: Fuck that's hot!

Horny: Okay...back to business...when I get home I want you fully dressed and waiting for me at the dining room table. I'll have Isabella set up a nice dinner for us. What would you like to eat?

Hired: You mean besides that delicious pussy of yours? Um...I don't know, I'm kind of a steak and potatoes guy.

Horny: Okay, sounds good. Dinner will be timed to be ready when I get home. We will sit across the table from each other so there can be no touching. I want you to talk to me while we eat. Tell me all the dirty things you want. Make me want to jump across the table and fuck you. Once we're done eating we'll head into the library and you can have my pussy for desert. Once with just your tongue and once with your tongue and fingers. Then you'll fuck me missionary style and I want you to cum deep inside my pussy.

Hired: God I can't wait for you to get home! I am so fucking hard for you right now!

Horny: Good. Stay that way. . You said last night that after a couple hours you're usually ready to go again. I'll be testing that tonight because after you've sucked and fucked my pussy I'll let you know if you have the job or not. If you do I'll then show you the house and what will be your rooms. That should take about an hour. Once we're in your bedroom I want to taste that beautiful cock of yours. I'll lick and suck your cock and balls until you're nice and hard for me again. Then I think I'll have you fuck my ass. Would you be okay with that?

Hired: Fuck ya I'd be okay with that! Though don't judge me too harshly, I might not be very good since I've never fucked a chicks ass before

Horny: Don't worry...if you can fuck my pussy good enough to get the job I'm sure you'll do a wonderful job of fucking my ass.

Hired: Here's hoping!

Horny: After you fuck my ass I think we'll both be ready for bed. Tomorrow is Saturday so neither of us has to work, but Isabella will be bringing some work by tomorrow to go over with me so there'll be a few hours where I'll be occupied with her so I'll send you home with some of the house staff to help you pack up your things. I want you fully moved into the house by Monday morning. I need to get back to work. I should be home in the next hour or so. I'll see you then. If you think you can be hard and ready to fuck me after dinner then you can feel free to jack off, but if you're going to then I want you to use the webcam and record it for me. See you in an hour or so.

I logged off and knew if I didn't get myself off soon I wouldn't be able to make it through dinner. I buzzed Isabella to come in.

"Can you call the house and have the chief prepare two steaks; he can ask David how well he wants his done. I also want seasoned baby red potatoes with baby carrots, dinner rolls, a tossed salad and white and red wine chilled for dinner in about an hour and a half. Also, rent a couple moving trucks for tomorrow, David will be packing his things up and moving into the house this weekend as long as he performs well tonight."

Isabella was taking notes and had a huge smile on her face. "What are you smiling for?"

"You're all flushed and I can see your nipples through the bra and camisole. You've got yourself all worked up and you're trying to be all professional and serious and it's amusing."

"We chatted and I feel like I'm going to explode right now. I want to make him wait though. I told him I'd be home in an hour but I want to be later than that. I need to get off before I go home or I'm afraid I'll just jump him as soon as I'm in the door!"

"Then I suggest you take care of yourself before you go home."

"Oh I plan on it! I know you told him not to get off today but I said he could if he wanted to as long as he was sure he'd be ready for me when I got home. I told him to use the video camera on the computer if he was going to. Right now the butler is showing him how to use the webcam software so he'll be unknowingly giving me a show in a couple minutes. Your welcome to log into the chat and enjoy the view if you want, just make sure you lock my door when you leave."

Isabella left with a huge grin on her face. I knew she would be watching David jack off and knowing it made me even hotter. I loved Isabella dearly as a friend and found her very sexy and attractive. She knew I was bi and had no problem with it, but I never got the bi or lesbian vibe from her so I never pursued it. We were both very comfortable around each other, had no problems be naked around each other, talking about sex, but she never once let her eyes linger on my tits, pussy or ass. She never touched me inappropriately "by accident" and never made comments about finding other women attractive. I had often fantasized about her, but never acted on it because I didn't want to risk our friendship or great working relationship for a little nookie.

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