tagBDSMThe Perfect PA

The Perfect PA


Her boss Simon is plotting something, she can tell. Lucy hasn't worked his PA all these years without being able to interpret his moods and expressions. Which, judging by his wolfish smile, is currently distinctly lustful, no doubt why they're the only two remaining staff in the office at 5.30pm on a Friday.

She'll have to be on her mettle. On the one hand Lucy likes Simon, even fancies him a little. Under different circumstances might.... But both she and her boss are happy married.

Conversely, jobs this well paid are thin on the ground and she certainly doesn't want to be unemployed. Diplomacy will, required, employing the full repertoire of Lucy's formidable interpersonal skills to keep her randy boss in check.

Annoyingly Simon keeps upping the ante; thank goodness she's been honest about the situation with her husband, Luke, who knows Lucy can be trusted.

Rising from his leather chair Simon walks over to where Lucy is working.

"Nice skirt, he says, "Flatters your figure."

"Thank you kindly," Lucy replies graciously.

"Nice legs too."

"Glad you like them."

"Let's get a better view." Slowly he lifts the skirt hem.

Lucy gives a token squeal - although inwardly resigned - this isn't the first time.

"Oh very nice stockings, naughty girl, you usually wear tights?"

"I usually do - not that I usually expect my boss to be taking such a close interest."

"Wearing them for your husband?"

"Wearing them for me," answers Lucy firmly, pulling her skirt down and removing his hands from her bottom, "behave, and please keep in mind you're married."

"How can I with so much temptation close to hand?"

Uninvited he touches her boobs through the thin fabric of her thin white blouse, sending an involuntary shiver down her spine.

"Simon!" Lucy admonishes crossly.

"What?" he replies feigning innocence.

"That's enough," she says, again.

Undeterred he kisses, and despite herself she experiences a stirring of excitement, flirtation's one thing; right now he's going too far.

"No!" Lucy politely but resolutely pushes her employer away.

"Such disobedience from my employee, really I can see I'll have to exercise a little staff discipline." So saying the incorrigible Simon sits back in his executive chair and pulls a protesting Lucy face down across his lap.

"For goodness sakes" she hisses in a stage whisper, "the cleaners will hear,"

"Not due for another 30 minutes, I checked" he replies smugly, "plenty or time to spank this pretty bottom."

Once again he lifts her skirt lifted, this time exposing Lucy's delightful derriere.

"Lovely lingerie," leers Simon, "those translucent black knickers fit so very snugly."

"And they'll be staying in place„" responds Lucy, trying to maintain her dignity.

"I suppose so," concedes her errant employer regretfully, "at least they won't provide much protection."

Yanking the skimpy fabric up hard into her bottom cleft he commences her spanking. Any intention of stoicism on Lucy's part quickly disappears as each painfully percussive impact sharply stings her poor bum. She's soon yelping and struggling against the unforgiving onslaught. Momentarily lost in a pleasurable reverie Simon is suddenly aware his unfortunate PA's buttocks are now very red and hot.

"Woops sorry, got a little carried away."

"I'll say," replies Lucy testily, "my burn is on fire."

"Had an interesting side effect though," muses Simon sliding a finger under her knickers and detecting moisture. The girl can't help it; spanking turns her on - even when it isn't supposed to.

"Simon no," protests Lucy protestsShe has to do something and quickly, it wouldn't take much of a finger banging to make her come.

Catching him off guard Lucy pushes herself away from Simon's lap, slides awkwardly from his lap and ends up kneeling on the floor in front of him, like a penitent before a priest.

"You know full well you don't have right of entry„" she chides sternly, "but since you appear to have got all hot and bothered perhaps I can help?"

"How exactly?" Simon is evidently very frustrated.

Deftly Lucy frees her employer's cock. "I'll do this one time, and one time only," she cautions, all the while thinking, but for me not you. This is where the balance of power tilts in my favour.

Forming her lips into a perfect '0' Lucy sweeps back her brown hair with one hand, grasps his engorged member with the other and takes Simon hotly into her mouth. Christ, she thinks, not that long but very thick - open wide girl, try not to gag. She tongues the tip of his penis cradling his balls: head bobbing expertly sucking Simon into delicious submission.

Giving great blowjobs is yet another of Lucy's impressive range of accomplishments, and fortunately one she enjoys, relishing the control oral sex gives her over an all but helpless male.

She feels his hips spasm, hears a sharp animal grunt. Darn, there's nothing for it, Lucy will have to swallow lest he comes on her clothes or face. Adroitly she drains a wilting Simon dry then daintily produces a tissue from her sleeve and like the well-mannered girl she is carefully wipes her mouth.

"High time I was getting home," says Lucy briskly in her best business voice. Cheekily she teases her limp employer by carefully straightening and refastening each stocking.

"I think four extra hours on my time sheet this week entirely reasonable don't you?" Lucy asks rhetorically while repairing her lipstick. Picking up her mobile phone she heads for the door, "Oh, and next week Simon I'll expect a good deal more self-control. Bye."

And, thinks Lucy, now safely outside the office, I'm darn well going to get it. She checks the phone. Yes! The voice recorder function has done her proud, every detail logged - not an encounter Simon would wish to share with his spouse, or partners in the firm. A perfect bargaining tool, (she giggles at the pun) since she intends asking for a pay rise.

Her most pressing difficulties now are explaining to her husband why she's late, and dealing with an urgent and frustrating ache between her legs. Those black panties are now damply clinging to her vagina. She feels a tangible sexual thrill, discretely squeezing her thighs together on the train home Lucy desperately wants to slip her hand down into her knickers and find release.

She arrives visibly hot and bothered. A fact not lost on her husband.

"Busy day?" he enquires solicitously. Lucy blushingly relates the tale.

"Simon has always had the hots for you, I noticed at the office party last Xmas," replies Luke when she's finished.

"Don't fret, I can handle him; and you know we can't afford for me to lose this job," says Lucy.

"What if things get out of control?"

"They won't, listen..."

Lucy plays the phone recording in all its thigh-clenching crotch-dampening detail. By the conclusion they're both turned on.

"You're a very clever girl," says Luke, with a conspiratorial smile.

"But?" enquires Lucy warily, "I can tell when there's an unspoken but..."

"But," continues Luke, much amused, "also a very naughty one, I know how good you are at giving BJs - of course you practice assiduously."

"I could remind you how proficient I am right this minute?" suggests Lucy, anxious to divert her spouse from what she suspects are punitive intentions.

"What sort of a husband would I be if I didn't take my shameless hussy of a wife to task?"

"You're going to punish me?" Pulse racing Lucy mutely lowers her eyes in silent submission.

"I most certainly am," get your knickers right off," Luke commands sternly.

Lucy obeys, elegantly lifting each long leg -- affording her husband a deliberately provocative peek at her recently shaven pussy - sensually sliding the expensive panties down to her ankles.

"Now take of your skirt."

Bare from the waist down Lucy feels more vulnerable than when completely naked. Unaware of such emotional subtleties Luke is lasciviously engrossed in the view of his wife's curvaceous, mature derriere He pulls an upright wooden dining chair into the centre of the room. "Kneel facing the back please.''

Lucy does as she's told, grips the back tightly and thrusts out her bottom, erotically framed by sheer nylons and taught suspenders, the marks from her earlier spanking still visible.

Luke's left hand presses into the small of her back, the questing fingers of his right delicately trace the vertical line between her bottom cheeks. She shudders with desire.

Abruptly Luke smacks his palm down hard, alternating between each buttock, sharply spanking her full round bottom. Lucy looks over her shoulder, fluttering her eyelashes enticingly, hoping to divert him from spanking to the vigorous sex she so urgently craves. No such luck, Luke continues slapping her glorious rear; Lucy is breathing heavily now, heart beating loudly.

He pauses, but the familiar sound of Luke's belt being drawn from his chinos and doubled for action mean her relief is only momentary

"Oh Luke," she gives him a reproachful look, but compliantly stays in position.

"No good pleading you wanton little trollop, I'm going to strap your bare bottom, hard."

"But it's already hot and sore," wails Lucy.

"A mature woman can withstand more than just a spanking" her announces unsympathetically.

Measuring his aim Luke adeptly swings the worn leather belt up and under her buttocks. Lucy yells as the unforgiving strap soon turns her pale posterior from bushing pink to bright red, the tip of the belt stinging her thighs and straying perilously close to her sodden sex.

The next strokes catch the exquisitely tender spot where thighs and bottom cheeks join, leaving livid stripes likely visible in the shower tomorrow morning.

"Please," enough cries Lucy, plaintively.

In response Luke's arm encircles her slender waist, holding her firmly while concluding the punishment with a couple of searing strokes. Lucy screams, frantically kicking her high heels across the room.

Hauled to her feet she's instructed to stand - wet-eyed, hands on her head -- in the corner for five long minutes contemplation. Her modest request to rub her pain-striped buttocks granted Lucy gratefully massages her hot-to-the-touch bottom.

"Bad girl or not, I think I took my chastisement very well" she declares boldly, all the time enticingly inching her legs apart. "So seeing as I've had a bloody good hiding I'd now like an even harder seeing--to please."

He takes her in his arms, hair awry, make-up smudged, wonderfully desirable. Lucy whimpers as his fingers gently fondle her crimson bottom cheeks.

"For goodness sake fuck me," she begs, "everyone wants to play with my body, but I don't get any pleasure." Tantalisingly Luke's fingers explore her aching slit, a trickle of moisture runs down her thigh

"You're lascivious and impatient," he chides, "and need strict discipline to control your wanton behaviour."

"I'm a bad girl," Lucy agrees, voice distorted with lust, "are you going to make me be good, Luke?" Lewdly she lifts her buttocks in mute invitation, "you know how anxious I am to please..."

Lucy, the perfect wife, the perfect PA, and - despite outward appearances - a woman always in control.

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