tagLoving WivesThe Perfect Pairing

The Perfect Pairing


The gilded rims of the fine crystal reflected perfectly the light of the candles, illuminating the room and the guests with a wondrous glow that served only to make everyone more alive. It shown in particular in the bright eyes of the three beautiful wives who graced the gathering, and were, unsuspectingly, its honored guests. The evening had been absolutely spectacular. Each guest glowed with a sensuous vitality that seemed somehow specially reserved for them alone.

It did not escape the assembly that each magnificent course had been paired with an equally luxurious drink so artfully that the experience of either was amplified far beyond the ecstasy that would have been afforded by any one item alone. Even the conversation, animated by a deep comfort and familiarity, had been fascinating, easy, and inspiring. The only silences coincided with the service of a course, when a reverent solitude descended upon the chamber as each of them momentarily surrendered to pleasure. Such silences had been gradually consumed by sounds of ecstasy as the group savored the experience.

Now that the table had been cleared, each guest surveyed their particular kingdom, finding before them a solitary, yet graceful glass of champagne, its columns of bubbles rising heavenward.

An expectant void took shape in the room, as each guest searched for a way to remain a resident of the sweetly pleasurable present. Each sipped from their flute, but they knew Bennet, their host, well. And most certainly they knew well the kind embrace of his hospitality. In fact it had become their habit to surrender to it - informed as it was by the clarity of the most reliable of his traits: an insatiable lust.

It was Neil's beautiful wife, a lyth redhead, Emma who first broke the silence. Addressing Bennet, who couldn't help but admire the soft form of her breasts concealed beneath her gown; "Each flight has been so inspiring, Bennet. We have been served drinks that were lovingly selected to accompany each course. In the past you have never failed to provide us with the best of experiences, and I believe," her beautiful eyes briefly scanning the room, "I speak the question that each of us holds back; what pairs with so magnificent a champagne?"

Their host held their gaze, rising from his chair, he had been seated next to his stellar wife Cynthia. It seemed as if he were struggling inwardly between divulging his true desire, and holding steady the fabric of their friendships. They need not fear the fallacious logic of the later, and it was this very insight that they had always trusted Bennet to possess. He held a faithful commitment to the vision of his own desire. And for this reason, they came to him always knowing the evening would be pleasurable.

It shocked them all. Of course it would, when with considerable gravity he replied with a single word; "pussy."

After an indeterminable span, breathing resumed in the room, minds came to terms with the what had been said, and each pussy in the room, casting her ballot in the affirmative, pulsed in its particular way. So too did more than one penis now leaden.

It is perhaps too much to ask of the reader to believe that the course of this story would unfold as it did, indeed the couples participating, in spite of having journeyed deeply into pleasure throughout the meal, found themselves wondering if they too were not experiencing a dream. Perhaps the combination of foods had somehow produced hallucinatory side effects. The weight of your disbelief is fully felt, but it our charge to portray the truth. In fact it is questionable whether our narrative would be worthy of any interest at all had this path not been taken - let alone whether the reader might be inspired to take the journey with us.

Fortunately for all of us, the nights web of magic held strong, and so too, did the ladies now chose. It had been an evening of celebrating the senses, and as each now become aware of warm awaking of her womb, they decided. Smiling at each other, the women rose to make their way into the adjoining room, following the lead of their host.

It had not escaped many of the guests that the couches in the drawing room were not in their customary locations - far more fascinating topics had dominated the night's conversation - but now, as Bennet motioned them in, the purpose of the arrangement was revealed. Each sipped from their glasses as Bennet, standing before a wide bed of butter soft red leather awash in a dark sea of cushioned plush carpet, directed them; "each of the ladies shall lay here, facing this way. And each of the men along this edge."

The husbands closed in behind their smiling, but slightly nervous wives, assisting with the detachment of a hook here, a zipper there, a satin gown pulled down, a lacy brassiere lowered. Undergarments were guided over smooth skin until every last piece fell to the floor in a festive pile.

Though absorbed in their tasks, the men, as did the women, cast about appreciative glances as before their eyes was revealed the feminine in its many beautiful forms. The women's bodies involuntarily signaled their assent, with the sight of an erect nipple here, a glimpse of swollen labia there, a faint hint of the perfume of love. This sweet moment was savored by all, the husbands each helping their wives recline upon the couches, securing their comfort.

Each woman had positioned her head on a pillow permitting her full view of the room, and having reached for the hands of her adjoining sister, they relaxed, letting their legs fall open.

Before them, the men now savored the view as they traded smiles and in unison raised their flutes toasting the honor of the three goddesses.

Each husband now took up a position before his wife, admiring as he did so, the beautiful display before him, appreciating his woman anew, and revelling in the excitement of the moment. From a nearby cabinet, Bennet produced a decidedly antique hourglass, which he now upset as each couple gave in to the current of their own vortex.

Though they each knew the sensual terrain before them quite well, the situation lent its own particular excitement, each husband engaging his lover with a newly found lust that in itself was sufficient to make for a complete evening.

From their position on the couches, the ladies, their heads propped on pillows, had initially held hands and at times held each others eyes, but as their partners dancing tongues worked their knowing magic, external connection became difficult to maintain. Against her control Emma's breathing sped up, as she flushed crimson. This was soon followed by Cynthia's girlish whimpers as her husband's well trained tongue played in her pliant folds.

In a masterful display of control, Victoria had managed to maintain a geological silence, but her face was becoming noticeably flushed, and with time a furrow became evident in her brow. Her presentation was unnecessary for Ethan, who had noticed her unusually copious flow and who had already paused for another sip of champagne, realizing that indeed this was a perfect pairing.

All too soon, Bennet, noticing the sand vacant from the hourglass, announced; "tongues up!" He passed around linen napkins which the men softly drew across their wife's crotches, and then dabbed their own faces.

As if public oral sex were not hedonistic enough, they each now shifted to their right, each finding a position between the opened thighs of a goddess other than their wife - an act alone that was sufficient provocation to increase the level of excitement amongst all of them one hundred fold. Bennet, brandishing the hourglass with a flourish, overturned the instrument. No further signal that was necessary, as each husband, with considerable relish, set about his charge.

Cynthia ran her fingers through Neils short brown hair, guiding him closer until she could feel his hot breath on her already inflamed sex. She was fighting back the impulse to pull his face deeper still, it was a vicious battle between her raw lust, and the fact that she currently had Emma's husband - whom, yes, she found very attractive, between her sensitive thighs. He grazed her long labia softly with his lips, tipping the scale so that one would be willing to bet that lust would soon carry the field. Though he initially focused on softly grazing her outer lips, he found that through Cynthia's concerted efforts he was being drawn in deeper into the depths they framed so beautifully. His insistent tongue began to make incursions into the mouth of her sex, easing it open.

Ethan, with his fingers, was exploring the small triangle of fiery red hair that adorned Emma's prominent mound, He began lightly closing his fingers in on either side of her labia, deep enough that her clitoris peeked out adorably. Admiring the tiny pink bulb as each time it was squeezed out from it's protective hood, as Emma rocked her hips in response. She was already awash in amorous lubrication, which with his finger tips he spread along the span of her, catching between his fingers her four lips in a path that at its peak framed her pearl. At its nadir he pressed several fingers against her wet opening, which in its slipperiness accepted him more fully each time. She was trying to swallow him, at first barely opening, and then gradually he dipped two, then three finger tips shallowly into her as she widened.

At their side, Bennet bathed the inside of Victoria's thighs with kisses. He would every so often graze the forlorn petals of her inner labia, shining in her wet excitement, with his lips. This clearly excited the vixen to no end, and breaking from her silence, she made the sweetest noises of pleasure as, through her partly closed eyes, the waves of bliss tightened their hold upon her. She tilted her head back, as she raised her feet into the air, offering herself wantonly. As Bennet savored her scent, she smiled knowing that she had him. Having savored this realization, she stroked his cheek with her fingers as his tongue made languid journeys into her sensitive folds. A few times he even circled her anus which she now shamelessly offered to his appreciative touch.

The moment held for a brief span, each woman being transported from cautious reserve to absolute surrender, it was clear that the summit was in sight and noone was foolish enough to risk the ladies wrath had they stopped, or even slowed their pace. In great rhythmic humping motions the ladies slid themselves over the tongues. They pulled at their ankles, widening to the pleasure, they howled and blasphemed and channelled, and their partners, like captains of the high seas, drove them on.

It was a wave that began in the center, high. Somehow higher than the room, originating in some celestial place, it's rolling slopes cradled Cynthia, demanding her full surrender. Though she fought valiantly, she was powerless to refuse it and with that the wave advanced, crashing upon her with its full force. As she held Neils face against her center, his nose penetrated her fragrant grotto, his brow buried in her dark curls. They bucked as one, riding each ripple to its peak and gradually back down.

The hourglass had exhausted it's sands quite some time ago, but as Cynthia fell from her crest, it presented a stillness that was only natural a moment for pause, and the final changing of partners.

The room was now electric, the guests outshining even the brightest candles around them, and it seemed as if the soft red couch, assail with its complement of dripping sirens, had floated several feet off of the floor.

After a quick sip of champagne, each husband wasted no time in engaging his smoldering partner.

Ethan set in upon Cynthia, who still recovering from the intensity of her previous discharge, now welcomed a gentle, light exploration - more kisses than licks.

Next to them Bennet now plunged first one then two fingers deep into Emma's channel, raking the roof of her vagina as his tongue described great circles over her wet swollen ridges. They gave way under his skillful pressure Having already been teetering perilously on the edge, with this she was now fully enslaved to the man between her legs. He drove her hard, and it took only moments for her small waves to build into momentous convulsions as she cried out in the agonizing throes of a majestic come, clamping his head in the vise of her athletic legs.

This was somehow all that Victoria needed, as Neil who had, unnoticed, been lightly tickling her anus with a free finger, took her along a gentle journey of no return. It was clear that her earlier air of detachment had long been abandoned, and she was now fully enrolled in the path to ecstasy. The other husband had, with full encouragement, abandoned their stations, each now guiding one of her feet into their warm mouths as they bathed her tiny toes in warm wet licks. With an arch of her back, Victoria pushed herself down upon Neils probing finger, pushing it further into her neither rings as he brought down fresh waves of hot juice from her depths. The moment held only briefly before she melted, twitching with a vortex that threw her lovers from her skin, as she rocked for a seeming eternity.

Undeterred, the three husbands gently closed in, holding her with a presence such that she writhed in a warm cocoon of wet passion. Finally sinking back into the soft depths of the bed as if she had been floated down from a height.

Around her wove all of the guests as they closed in in a loving heap of warm flesh, the assembly reaching a level of intimacy never visited before - sipping the final measures of their champagne.

With time each couple regrouped, the guests, wrapped in warm blankets sipped coffee and again the room vibrated with frivolity.

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