tagBDSMThe Perfect Secretary

The Perfect Secretary


Note: This is my first story, so please enjoy and leave any constructive criticism and comments. All people seen in this story are of 18 years or older.


"Ugh. Whatever happened to standards Sharon? Why does everyone think all you need to be a secretary is to look good?" Meet Jake Andrews, a 38 year old CEO of a medium sized business firm. Jake looked pretty average with his brown hair, brown eyes, and an unassuming Caucasian face, not ugly but not handsome by any stretch. He was a little on the taller side, standing at an even 6 feet. He was also slightly overweight but he hid it pretty well thanks to his height. But like most men, he was just another face in the crowd.

Jake had the problem of his secretary moving across the country to retire in Florida and had been having open interview for the last 3 days. Each prospect that had come in for an interview (for god knows what reason) happened to be an oversexed up bimbo that barely knew how to talk let alone work a computer. Jake had just finished probably the worst interview yet which is actually impressive considering the 23 bimbos he had gone through.

Sharon, his amazing secretary, heard a thud and rushed into his office to find Jake's head had slammed against the desk. "Cheer up sir. You still got 20 minutes left in today and we still got Thursday and Friday." Her optimism had no effect on the depressed man. Even she knew that it looked hopeless.

"I have no idea what I am going to do without you Sharon. I may be the brains of this company, but you are the soul." There was truth to that. Where Sharon lacked in economic and business education, she made up for it in her organization, hard work, and people skills. Sharon told the company to jump and Jake simply said how high he wanted. Finding one secretary was one matter. Finding someone to replace Sharon was going to be nigh impossible."I am going to wallow in the bathroom for a little. If you need me, don't."

Jake entered the bathroom and stared at himself in the mirror wondering what had happened to all the requirements for secretaries. The work ethic, ability to take bullshit from above and below, and brain to figure out stuff when their bosses failed. He washed his face multiple times hoping to tick away the last 20 minutes. Jake finally returned to an excited Sharon.

"Come on Sharon. It's hopeless. Stop trying to cheer me up."

"Well, this one is pretty but at least not as airy up in the head. She's already in your office." Jake took a deep breath, setting his expectations as low as possible and walked back into his office with a sad waddle. He sat down to find a pretty blonde who looked like she was supposed to be in a gym working out. Pretty didn't begin to cover it.

"Hi. My name is Sarah. Here is my résumé." She gracefully handed Jake a manila folder with a few papers. "Let me be upfront and apologize for the clothing. I was on my way to the gym and saw the sign. Knowing I didn't have time to get dressed and come back, I came as is." Her voice was calm and relaxed. The voice exuberated a subtle but very real confidence despite her clothing. This threw Jake off a bit. She seemed sophisticated and could actually string a sentence together without a giggle.

"Uh...that's not a problem." Jake began to sift through the papers, hoping to distract himself from the track shorts and tight tank top. 'Well at least she has a résumé without any headshots.' The closer Jake looked at the résumé, the more interested he became in this woman. Only 1 year out with a Harvard economics degree. Collegiate athlete. Internships at very well know firms. Having heavily requested modern tech skills as well as familiarity with many of the computer programs his company used. Jake scrunched his face together in thought. The résumé was good. Too good. This was too good to be true. Pretty and so talented?

"Impressive résumé. What sports did you play at Harvard?"

"I was part of the track and field team. I ran relays but I was only on the second string." She replied coolly. Jake looked intently at her. His mind split between how to see if she was telling the truth on her résumé without having to make a few calls to some old contacts and appreciating the natural beauty she was (nice change of pace compared to the bimbos). Her skin appeared smooth and very soft. Jake shook himself out of the daydreaming about her beauty.

"Uhm...a Harvard degree. Impressive. I actually taught economics at Harvard a few years back. I was an assistant for Witherspoon. You know him don't you?" There was no Professor Witherspoon. Jake had worked directly for the Dean, Robert Myers.

Jake tried to sound casual in hopes of keeping her guard down.

"Uhm...no. Never heard of him." Ball 1.

"How about Robert Myers?" Robert was well known for being very casual with students and often invited classes over for dinner. If she was an economics major, it was impossible not to know Robert.

"You mean the Dean? Quite well actually. I had an independent study with him about Global Economics. Ate dinner with his family a few times." Ball 2.

"Martha does make a mean chicken Parmesan."

"Myer's wife is named Rose, but yes she does." Sarah responded with a glare. "I am sorry, but are you testing me?" Ball 3.

Jake smiled and put his hands up in surrender. "You caught me. I am sorry for such rude manners but you just seemed... overqualified for the job and you have been the only reasonable applicant so far."

Sarah responded with a smile of her own. "Thanks! So...does that mean I have the job?"

"One more question. Might I ask why you are applying for such a job? With your skills, you could probably qualify for my job. Maybe even better." It was true. Jake was proud of his education and past jobs but Sarah easily matched it and more.

Sarah frowned. "All the interviewers I have talked to so far have focused only on my looks. I mean is it so hard for someone to be pretty and smart? Anyways, I thought this would a good place to start out of college. It works great will my natural skills as well as my education." Ball 4. Batter takes her place at first.

Jake simply shrugged. "Well. Looks aside, you have the job as long as your references check out okay." Jake outstretched his hand for a handshake. Sarah grasped it in return, the grip perhaps a little too strong. "When can you get started?"

The blonde responded with a shrug. "As soon as you need me."

"Well." Jake leaned back in his chair and pondered for a second as he scratched the stubble on his chin. "It is Wednesday and we are pretty much done for the day. How about you come in tomorrow, we give you a tour, and Sharon will help you out with your contract and expectations. Then Friday, we have you shadow Sharon and Monday get you officially started.

"Sounds good." They shook hands once more before Sarah left for the gym.

Jake stayed in his office long after quitting time and all of his employees left, thinking about this peculiar blonde. He had already made the phone calls and received raving reviews about this girl. She was indeed very pretty with a natural beautiful face and nicely toned body with perky tits and firm ass. Her skin was smooth and had a perfect tan that seemed either natural born or gained through years of outside activity. Not to mention the ability to call his bluff and that subtle yet overwhelming confidence. Jake would be lying if he was not fantasizing about her. He simply did not know what to expect from her. Beautiful and talented combined with that unwavering yet subtle confidence. A dangerous combo.


Sarah had been working for Jake for a week and dare he say it, she was better than Sharon. The day was coming to a close on the Friday of Sarah's first week. Sarah was easily able to transition into her role and take care of the workload. Along with filling in Sharon's role, Jake finally had someone to look over sales contracts with reasonable economic insight and whenever they disagreed about something, it was truly a major problem in the contract. Not to mention her beautiful presence. Jake's mood had dramatically improved. She was smart, resourcefully, hardworking, not to mention her quick wit that caused him to laugh no matter what they were doing. In the short week she had been working, Sarah had become less of a secretary and more of an assistant than anything. The work they did was hard and long but he truly enjoyed each moment with her and if anyone was to replace Sharon, she would be the best fit. She was giving the routine end of the week report and Jake couldn't be happier.

"...And with the Fisher-Anderson contract, the clients have agreed to all of the corrections. That's about it."

"Amazing, thanks in no small part to you." Jake started to shut down his computer as it was finally quitting time. 100% of the employees left within 10 minutes after the sounding of the small bell. The hours they worked were long and the company currently did not offer overtime, so everyone ended up leaving quickly. "Good week Sarah. How has your first week gone?" Sarah finished checking off the formalities on the itinerary. "It has been good. Sharon also left a list of tips that has been extremely helpful. A lot of people seem to like me and the staff works well together. The transition has been really smooth. Though, I could do without some of the attempted stares up my skirt." This evoked a small chuckle and eyebrow raise from him. Jake would be lying if he said he wasn't dying to get a look. Despite wearing, business formal attire, all of her clothing found a way to hug to her body to show off her perfect curves. Even the long pantsuits she occasionally wore couldn't hide that delectably teasing ass or some of her ample bosom. Jake had been trying with Herculean effort not to look. Jake had been stealing glances but only when they were both on break and when he was absolutely sure that she wasn't looking, trying to make them look as socially acceptable as possible. But he was not nearly as bad as his lackeys, clearly ogling her at any given chance. He had even reprimanded some of his workers for looking at her in a perverted manner.

Today she was wearing a simple white blouse that did manage to hide some of her ample cleavage and a black pencil skirt that hugged her legs and amazing ass. It was very clear that her athletic habits from college had made a lasting impact. Whatever body showed hinted at toned muscles.

"Sir?" Jake refocused on Sarah's face and acknowledged her presence, realizing he had been daydreaming about her again. "I was wondering if I could talk to you about this new method for production I have been working on. Would you stay after just for 10 minutes?" The question was posed as more of a command but Jake agreed, clearly interested at what this genius was bringing to the table. He had quickly learned to listen to all her suggestions. While most were impractical, they were understandable questions to be asked, but did give him a new insight and raised questions to be asked later on for his staff and research department.

"Sure. Let me just run to the bathroom real quick." Jake's cock had been stirring from fantasizing about Sarah...again(for the 4th time today) and knew that his slowing rising shaft needed a moment to calm down if he wanted to talk to Sarah respectfully. After a few deep breaths and a couple of water splashes on the face, Jake returned to his office to find almost everyone had left already with the remaining people shutting down their computers or packing their belongings. They waved to him goodbye and scurried home.

"Ah. Sarah, let's get started. You mentioned a new method."

"Take a seat and close the door behind you." Sarah was sitting on the edge of his desk, having laid out a couple papers on the desk. "Let me be honest Jake. I really did come up with a new method but I have other motives behind keeping you here."

Jake chuckled and assumed his seat. "Haha. And what motives would that be?" Sarah's tone of voice took a dramatic turn."I know you have been looking at me. Longingly. Wanting me. But I don't take offense to that. You have been pretty much like a gentleman when doing so. Never too long or too often." Much of Jake's face had lost color and before he could react, Sarah slammed her right heel onto his seat in between Jake's 2 legs, millimeters away from smashing his family jewels."To be fair though, you have been the only person in a long time not to treat me like a pair of legs. For that, I am going to reward you."

"Reward me?" Sarah slowly began to trace her right foot around Jakes inner thighs, instantly hardening his penis.

"You deserve it. You have been kind, respected me, and most importantly worshipped me." Sarah leaned forward until her mouth was even with his right ear, her breath tickling him with each word. This instantly caused goose bumps for Jake. Her hand replaced her foot on the chair, tracing with one long finger around his bulge. Jake was frozen in terror and excitement, aroused like never before.

He somehow managed to break the goddess's spell and question, "W-w-worship?"

"You know...the small things. Getting me coffee whenever I ask. Picking up my dropped pencils. Defending me in the office from those nasty perverts. Just like a good boy." Sarah purred the last 2 words, almost causing Jake to burst in his pants. She noticed his reaction. "Do you like it when I call you a good boy?" Yet again purring out "good boy". His penis somehow became even more erect. Jake gasped and only managed to squeak out a nod.

"Do you want to know what your reward is going to be?" Sarah began to fully palm his bulge, teasing him even more with an ever light and slow stroke. Jake squeaked another nod.

"You get to be my sex slave. Allowed to worship me as well as receive many of my physical pleasures. Doesn't that sound good?" Jake finally managed to utter a word of agreement, too high on the sexual euphoria to think straight.

"But you have to promise me that you will commit. Commit forever. Do you promise Jake?" Jake shuddered at the words. He was frozen not in thought, but in this new mixture of fear and stimulation. "Y-y-yes."

Sarah pulled away, straightened her back, and sat in a position of power on the desk. "Yes what?" Cocking her eyebrows and pulling away her hand from his still hardening bulge, she left it to hover an inch above his pants.

The weakened man blurted out "Yes I promise to be your sex slave forever!"

"Good." And with that final word strolled right out of the office, closing the door. Sarah had him. Had him completely under her spell. And he liked it. Jake was frozen, unsure of the dreamlike events that just happened. He looked onto his desk to see if the new production method was still there. But all he could find where blank pieces of paper. There was no evidence of what just happened minus the small wet spot on his crotch and still ever hard penis.

Jake wished Sarah would come back. Come back to finish what she had started. He immediately picked up his cell to call her. The phone rang 4 times before her seductive voice responded. "Yes slave? Do you wish to begin worshipping your goddess?" Still delirious and amazingly aroused, he agreed not even thinking about the possible consequences. Immediately the phone clicked off. An eternity seemingly passed and the door slammed open to reveal Sarah, now only wearing black lacy panties, bra, and her high heels. As she strolled over, Jake awkwardly stood up and walked around the desk to meet her revealing the tent in his pants. Sarah smirked.

"Slave, remove all your clothing minus your underwear and tie." Jake quickly peeled off his jacket and dropped his pants. He loosened his tie, ripped off his shirt and was actually beginning to second guess himself. He tripped over the pile of clothing and was down on his knees. An attempt to stand up was made but Sarah placed her surprisingly strong hands on his shoulders, pushing him back down. "No, no." She tutted. "Slaves belong on the floor."

The goddess's crotch lined up with Jakes face. He could smell the intoxicating arousal given off by his queen. Instinctively, Jake leaned ever so slightly forward to get closer. Sarah smirked and stopped him with her strong hands again. Instead she sat on the edge of Jake's desk, crossing her legs showing clearly who was in charge now. She spoke softly but with undeniable confidence and strength behind it. "You are now my slave. I am your mistress. Your goddess. Your queen. Address me as such. You will obey my orders without question and will do so with pleasure."

She spread her legs as an invitation. "Now. Worship my beautiful pussy through my panties." Jake's two heads fought each other. What should he do? He had never even dreamed of a scenario like this (okay maybe a little but still just a dream scenario). It could be a trap to blackmail him. He could be caught. He could be fired. But frankly he didn't give a damn about any of those things. His penis was telling him to crawl to his queen and worship her. So he crawled over and began licking his Queen's pussy through her thin panties and to his satisfaction almost immediately did a moan come out of his mistress's beautiful mouth. Sarah knew the moment he licked her that he was now broken with no point of return, a certain satisfaction caused her to smile knowing she had broken in a new slave.

He could already feel the moisture that had soaked through the thin layer protecting his queen from pleasure as he licked away. He tried desperately to stick his tongue inside the beautiful swollen lips that protected her. After 5 minutes of desperate licking, he backed away and frowned up the goddess body. He had yet to hear another moan and believed he was doing something wrong. Jake had plenty experience performing oral sex but none like this. Even though this was the best view he had gotten of Sarah so far (able to look up the beautiful breasts upon the perfect face was quite a treat), he was sad that he couldn't please her like this. She only smiled warmly. She had purposefully positioned herself in a way that would cause the most difficulty in his worship as well as holding back her moans. As if reading his mind, she ordered

"You can pull off my panties". He did just that, feeling the moisture sucked into basically every fiber of the underwear.

He was about to toss them on top of the clothes pile before his mistress ordered, "Put the panties on." Jake looked up confused. She clarified, "Put them on your head so you can always smell me while you worship my little kitty." Jake did not hesitate as he placed the soaked lingerie on his head, allowing the crotch to cover only his nose. His eyes and mouth remained uncovered, able to still worship the female in front of him. Jake took deep breaths, fully breathing in this beautiful woman's arousal. After the fourth breath, he returned his attention to the hungry kitty.

He cupped his hands around her thighs, spread her beautifully toned legs, and began hungrily licking at his mistress's beautiful pussy. His dexterous tongue wiggled its way in and moved up and down and left and right and deeper. It searched desperately for her glorious g-spot while lapping up the glorious nectar that leaked. Jake enjoyed the sweet taste, possibly the sweetest he had ever tasted (as far as pussies went). Despite his energetic lapping, the nectar continued to flow freely and quickly began to soak his face.

His attempts were paying off as his ears rang with pleasurable moans. He continued licking as one of his hands crawled up to Sarah's perfectly shaped breasts. A hand slapped away this crawler. "Not yet. You can worship those after my first orgasm. Your mistress likes order." Despite this disappointment, Jake felt reinvigorated to make his mistress feel good and move on to the amazing tits that awaited him. He focused his attention on the clit and began lightly flicking it with his tongue, gauging her reaction. Soon he followed up with 2 fingers plunged into her pussy and became engulfed in the wet arousal quickly leaking out. The combined stimulation had her gasping for breath. She placed both hands on the back of his head and forced him deeper into his worship. He could hardly breathe and redoubled his efforts and within in a minute Sarah shuddered in satisfaction from the long waiting orgasm, released his head, whimpered out a noise of pleasure, and tried collecting herself from the overwhelming orgasm. Jake continued licking for a minute to ensure the full pleasure of her orgasm with the coming aftershocks. He finally sank back down to his knees and looked up to her signature warm smile. "Well done slave. You are such a good boy." Jake glowed with pride at these words, especially at 'good boy'. "Breathe in again." Jake took 2 more deep breaths. His nose filled with the sweet sensation and for some reason filled him with pleasure while blanking his mind.

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