tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Perfect Snatch

The Perfect Snatch


Finally, the door opened with little more than a groan of the wood giving way. There wasn't much damage, fortunately… there was just a little splintered wood where he'd used the crowbar.

Oh, how he'd imagined this night. The house wasn't huge, but it was comfortably sized for being home to a single woman in her early twenties. It was, however, filled with valuables… Her name was Gina, and he had no idea where she'd acquired so many treasures, but he didn't care. They would soon be his.

He ducked a bit – he towered over most people at six-foot-four – and entered the house. He had come in the back, into the kitchen. It was clean and tidy, and tastefully decorated. He thought of coming back to the fridge later to see what he could rustle up. He tended to get hungry after a good heist.

For now, he moved stealthily through the ground floor, weaving in and out of the rooms, sweeping his eyes around and cataloguing where the desired items were. He would go check on the young woman before he actually touched anything, to make sure he was in the clear. Once he was sure she was asleep he would come back down and pinch the items he'd decided to take. His mind swam at the thought of the crystal and china dishes displayed in the living room, the silver candlesticks in the dining room, the collection of Hummel figurines in the TV room… There wasn't a whole lot of stuff, but most of it was very valuable. He could fetch a handsome price on the market, and his mouth watered at the five- and six-digit figures that the broker had given him as estimates…

He headed upstairs to check around and drop in to the young woman's bedroom. He'd seen her light go out about three hours ago, so she should have been deep asleep by now. He slunk around some of the other rooms, noting the ring stand and jewelry box, the watch on the desk. At last he came to her door. He'd been staking out her place for a couple of weeks, trying to get a feel for her schedule and when the best time to break in would be. He wanted to do it while she was at school – she was a student at the university in town – but she was on break and her daytime hours were too irregular for him to plan anything. He would be out of town by the time she started regular classes again, so he decided to just go for it during the wee hours of the morning when she was asleep.

He could hear her breathing softly as he crept into the room. Her room smelled faintly of vanilla. He pulled out a blindfold as he approached her bed. He noticed the way her long lashes lay on her cheeks as she slept, and the way her pink lips were parted slightly. She was on her side, her hands tucked under her pillow. This was going to be harder than he thought. He was wearing a facemask so she couldn't identify his face if she woke up, but he didn't want her to see anything else before he had a chance to escape; he'd hear her struggling to get it off if she woke up before he was done, and that way he would be able to leave without being detected. He preferred that alarm system much more than a blow to the head with a baseball bat, anyway.

He lifted her head up ever so gently and stealthily slipped a corner of the blindfold under her head. She murmured a little, but soon fell silent again. He continued tying it behind her head, and couldn't help but notice how soft her hair was. It shone softly in the moonlight coming through the sheer window curtains. Her face was in the shadow, but he could see that she was very attractive. She had a small nose, full lips, pretty kept eyebrows, and fair skin. His gaze fell to her chest, and his heart skipped in his chest at the sight of her beautiful breasts. He was captivated by how big and full they were. He found himself imagining how that soft skin would feel against his tongue and lips, how her nipples would grow firm at his touch…

He moved his eyes over the rest of her body, finally taking it in. He'd tried to ignore it before – he didn't want to know exactly whom he was robbing, and that had been easy up until now since he had only seen her from afar – but he was curious. She had kicked the covers down below her feet, so he could see her whole beautiful body. She was wearing a nightgown that was innocent-looking but incredibly sexy. It was short and white with small flowers on it. It probably would have fallen just below her butt when she stood up, but it had crept up as she slept. He could see her white panties from where he stood, and all of a sudden had a strong desire to see them more closely. Her legs were curled up under her, pressed together. He longed to part those legs and discover what she kept between them. He'd have wagered a fair amount that she was still a virgin, and would have given up his winnings to be the one to take that treasure from her. At this point, he wanted that above all the others in the house.

He moved around to the other side of the bed, so her back was facing him. Her back curved gracefully down into her waist, then back up to her hips. She was incredibly curvaceous, and he longed to navigate them with his hands and lips. He reached out to touch her butt, but pulled back. What if she woke up? Well, it wasn't like she'd see him – even if she took off the blindfold he had a mask on… What if she screamed? There was no one else in the house, and there was enough space between her house and those of her neighbors that they probably wouldn't be able to hear her…

He reached out again, unable to control himself. He wanted this young woman. He wanted to feel her against his body. He wanted to kiss her soft cool skin and feel it grow warm as he touched her in her most intimate areas. His penis grew stiff in his trousers as he touched her butt softly through her panties. He imagined what she would do if she awoke as he was touching her, and it drove him on. She was petite, so he could overpower her easily. Frankly, he wanted to overpower her. He had to give her something she probably wasn't aware she needed yet, and he could only do that by force.

He licked his lips as his fingers trailed from her butt to her warm pussy. She stirred a little as he touched her, but did not wake up. He almost moaned at the feel of her warmth through her panties. He felt her more firmly and, to his amazement and intense arousal, could feel her vagina tighten and swell as he did. She shivered. He ran his fingers up and down her lips a few times, and she squirmed beneath his touch. He could see a small wet patch forming on her white cotton panties, and he just had to touch himself briefly.

He got up and moved to her front again. He needed to see those gorgeous breasts again. He trailed a fingertip over one breast, then pushed it into her cleavage gently. Her skin was even smoother than he had hoped it would be. He needed to kiss it, to feel it warm against his lips. He almost wanted to wake her up to tell her to lie on her back so he could fully enjoy her breasts. However, the voyeuristic nature of what he was doing overpowered his desire to overtake the girl for the moment. He kept fingering her breasts, then held a hand just over her ribcage and followed the curves of her waist and hips down her body. He kept his hand hovering just over her skin, going down the length of her legs.

All of a sudden she stirred. He panicked briefly, but when he realized that she was just rolling over he calmed down. She had rolled onto her back, just where he wanted her. She had one hand up by her head and the other resting lightly on her little stomach. Her breasts spread apart beautifully, and he was eager to kiss between them above the fabric of her nightgown – which had seductively crawled up her body even more to reveal all of the front of her panties and a small area of skin on her stomach. He tensed himself in his trousers as he took in the sight of such a beautiful, innocent girl practically at his mercy, and he felt a strong urge to wake her up and take her for his own.

He decided to do it. His cock was throbbing now, and he knew being touched by him had aroused her. The thought of her little virginal pussy was driving him mad. He just wanted to push himself between her soft wet lips and drive it home, filling her up.

He took one of her hands and held it above her head, then brought the other one up. He held her wrists together easily in one hand and prepared to squeeze as soon as he woke her up. In one swift motion, he straddled her hips and put his hand over her mouth, simultaneously tightening his grip on her wrists. He couldn't see her eyes fly open, but the sharp intake of air through her nose and the tensing of her body told him she was now awake. He felt the blood rush hot through his body at the feel of that little body struggling between his thighs, and his cock reminded him of just how hard and swollen it was. He could feel wetness on his tip as he strained against his trousers.

"Listen to me," he whispered fiercely in her ear, tightening his legs around her and his hand on her wrists. She stopped thrashing about, breathing quickly through her nose. "I don't want to hurt you, but I'll be forced to do it if you misbehave. Do you want me to hurt you?"

She shook her head quickly. He could see the movements of her eyes under the blindfold, her lashes pushing against the fabric. Her mouth quivered against the palm of his hand.

"Good girl. Now just do as I say and if you promise not to scream I'll take my hand away. I'm much bigger than you, so you don't want to scream or I'll be forced to hurt you. Do you promise not to scream?"

She nodded her head. Jesus, she was beautiful.

"Okay, I'm taking my hand away now." He did, and she breathed in sharply as if to scream, but let out a shuddering sigh instead. She breathed quickly, and her generous breasts heaved her chest rose and fell. "There we go."

He leaned over and kissed her chest gently. He heard her gasp lightly and licked her. He traced his tongue all over her soft, supple breasts, relishing the sweet taste of her skin. He thought for a second, then pulled out some thick twine from his pocket and tied her hands together. He wanted to touch her, but couldn't risk being fought. One good strike in the right place would debilitate him, especially with how hard he was.

She could feel his breath on her chest as he licked her. She wanted to scream and fight, but she didn't want to be hurt. She could tell that this guy was huge compared to her by the weight on her hips. He wasn't sitting right on her, but he felt big. She would be far too small to put up much of a fight. He could probably break her arm with a flick of his wrist. But at the same time, she was strangely aroused at the passion with which he licked and kissed at her. She could tell that he was extremely aroused, and her vagina was reacting quite strongly to the sounds he was making. He was practically panting, and grunted every once in a while as his cock brushed up against her stomach. After he had accidentally brushed up against her a couple of times, she felt him push it deliberately into her. He felt rock hard. She was a virgin, and her heart palpitated – out of desire as well as out of fear – at the thought of his hard cock.

She was brought back to reality by his hands cupping her breasts. She felt his fingers rubbing her nipples. They grew firm quickly, and she moaned at the sensation. He stopped breathing for a second at the sound of her, listening to see if she'd do it again. He squeezed her soft nipples between his fingers, and she moaned again, very lightly. He was spurred on, and pulled her breasts out of the cups on her nightdress. Her nipples were pink and firm. The veins around them wrinkled as he played with them. He took them in his mouth and sucked and licked them gently as she moaned. He took each nipple and then some into his mouth and sucked on her as if he was breastfeeding. Her breasts tasted so good he'd have tried to fit them all in his mouth if he could.

His dick began to throb again as he fondled her large, soft, supple breasts, and he let one hand wander down between her legs. She had grown really wet from being touched, and the crotch of her panties was positively soaked with her warm juices. She moaned at his touch, digging her head into the pillow. He could tell that she was unsure about how she should react to the situation, but he could also tell that she was incredibly aroused, as well. The knowledge that he had overtaken her and was making her this wet just drove him on.

"Good girl," he practically moaned. "You're soaking wet! I'm going to need to take you soon."

She gasped a bit, frightened. The reality finally hit her of how helpless she was. She had to admit, she was aroused, but how could she not be? He was pushing her buttons and she was reacting. It was purely physical, there was nothing more to it … was there?

He got up off of her, holding her wrists so she couldn't get away. He slid off her panties with one hand, putting them up to his nose and inhaling deeply. The scent of her made him groan, and he touched his tongue to the wet spot. Mmm, she tasted even better than she smelled! He undid his trousers immediately after tasting her panties, then dropped them and his boxers to the floor. He was uncircumsized, but his wet tip was pushing out of his foreskin, he was that stiff and excited.

He rolled her over on the bed, and told her to kneel on all fours. She was forced to rest on her elbows, but he liked it that way: her gorgeous little ass was up in the air and her hot, sweet cunt was exposed to him. Her nightgown slid up to her waist, exposing all of her ass and hips. He grabbed her by the hips and pushed his cock up against her pussy. He held it just barely in her opening, feeling her wetness and heat, and moaned loudly. He knew he had to be careful because he could feel that she was a virgin. He pushed into her gently – as much as he wanted to just tear her hymen open and be rough with her, that would come later. He could feel her tighten up, and he knew he couldn't go any farther without really hurting her if she didn't loosen up.

"You have to relax for me, Gina. I can't—"

"How—how do you know my name?" she stammered, her heart pounding.

"I've been watching you. I came here to rob you, but as soon as I saw your hot little body I had to take that, instead." He let her digest that information, but grew impatient as his cock twitched, half inside her hot, tight pussy. "Look, as soon as I'm done, this will be over. But I can't finish until I've started. You need to relax. I don't want to hurt you, but I'll be forced to if you don't loosen up that cunt and let me in." He practically growled the last three words. He didn't want to hurt her, but he really needed to fuck her!

She almost wept out of fear and frustration. She didn't want to be hurt anymore than was necessary, and she knew she had to give in to him. But this was going to be her first time having sex and she was being raped by an intruder! She decided to just give in – she didn't want to die, and she didn't know what else might be in store for her if she refused to let him take her by force. So she surrendered her body to him.

He moaned as he pushed all the way inside of her after she'd finally relaxed as much as she could. She closed in around him, squeezing him so tight he thought he'd burst right there. He pulled out almost all the way, savoring the way her pussy closed in after it was emptied, then pushed inside again. She whimpered softly as he glided back home. At the sound of her whimper, he tensed himself and pushed more quickly. He felt her tighten even more and they both groaned loudly. He squeezed her hips tightly and pulled her back to meet him. Their skin slapped together as he drove his cock deep inside of her. Her pained whimpering just drove him on.

He watched her little body rock before him on her bed. He bet she never imagined she'd be doing this in her big, warm bed – be fucked by a burglar. He sneered, closing his eyes, and concentrated on fucking the brains out of this little innocent college girl. He felt his balls tighten up and his cock twitch, so he slowed down. He didn't want to come just yet. There was something he wanted to do first.

He pulled his cock out of her all the way, watched her body relax a bit, then pushed inside again. She moaned, almost shouting, and he knew she loved the feel of his cock inside of her, as much as she would have hated to admit it.

"You're liking this, you little slut," he growled. "You love this don't you, Gina? You're not as innocent as you look."

He could hear her cry softly as he pulled out for the last time, but he was not done with her. He grabbed her by the hair, pulling it to make her get up. She rose, her pussy soaked with juices and a little bit of blood from her cherry breaking. He ran a finger up her lips and licked the juices off. He couldn't help but notice her shudder as he touched her pussy.

"You're going to do something for me now," he said, holding on to her hair as he fetched a pillow. He tossed it on the ground and stood in front of it. "Kneel here."

He guided her to the pillow, then pushed down on her head to make her kneel. The blindfold was even sexier than he thought it would be. He stroked his rock hard cock at the sight of her cleavage from above.

He took her chin in one hand and held it up to face him. "Have you ever sucked a cock, Gina?"

She shook her head. She was still panting and her lips were parted.

"Then you just kneel there and let me do the work. And if you try anything funny, I'll make you sorry you were born."

She was about to speak when he squeezed her cheeks so her mouth popped open and he shoved his cock inside. Oh, her mouth was so warm. Her saliva felt great on his cock. He held her head in his hands, gripping her hair in his fists, and moved his hips back and forth.

Her mouth was filled with his cock. She had tasted herself before, so she recognized that taste, but there was another taste mingled with it that could only be described as the taste of cock. He had felt so hard in her pussy, but the skin of his penis was very soft in her mouth, as it mingled with her spit. Her lips got wet as he pushed in and out, and although she was not familiar with the feel of a cock in her mouth, it was not unpleasant – given the circumstances. She felt dirty, but she actually liked the sex. She'd always had domination fantasies, and it was finally being acted out. She found the anonymity incredibly arousing, and the burglar's British accent made her pussy throb. She started to moan around him.

He heard her start moaning and almost stopped out of shock. She was enjoying it! He felt a huge rush as he realized she was actually enjoying sucking his cock. He could feel her tongue swirling around his shaft, and her cheeks squeezing in around him as she sucked. It felt amazing, and he just pushed harder. The vibrations from her moans made him moan in return, and she responded by just sucking harder.

"Ohh, you dirty little girl, you like this, don't you?" he panted, fucking her sweet little mouth. He got a moan in reply.

He could feel his cock twitching. He looked down and saw that she was playing with herself as she sucked him off! Of course, it was a little warped because her hands were tied together, but she was fingering her clit and trying to spread her wetness around.

With that, he fucked her mouth hard, pushing his tip into the roof of her mouth. She groaned and sucked, whimpering at how good her clit felt. He tightened his grip on her hair as he felt his balls tighten and his cock really twitch.

"I'm going to come in your mouth, you dirty little whore!" he moaned.

She really started groaning then, and it just drove him over the edge. He pushed his cock into her mouth as fast as he could, and shot his come straight into the sexy little mouth that was sucking on him. She groaned, almost laughing sexily at the feel of his hot come spilling into her mouth. She was astounded by how forcefully and how much he came, and just sucked and sucked to milk more out of him. He finally had to pull his cock out of her mouth to get her to stop giving him head. She licked her lips, smiled seductively, and swallowed.

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