tagErotic CouplingsThe Perfect Stranger

The Perfect Stranger


Nicole Benning was visibly nervous but excited as she looked at herself in the mirror one last time and decided her look was good. She hoped he would be pleased. The 30-year-old was pretty but in a Plain Jane type of way with chinky green eyes and a butterscotch complexion. She had her long dark hair pulled back in a ponytail. Some schoolteacher eyeglasses completed her nerdy look. She prepared to head out to her job as a bank teller at a bank downtown.

Nicole's life pretty much consisted of home and work. She didn't have much of a social life except for an occasional drink during happy hours with her co-workers. She wasn't dating anyone currently and hadn't been for a while. It wasn't like she didn't get approached by men; she did, quite regularly actually. But she was really shy and felt awkward by all the. Nicole's colleagues didn't get it. Nicole was beautiful and her shyness and mysterious aura made her even more attractive. But she continued to be alone.

Nicole's only escape from reality was her collection of books. She loved to read and she spent plenty of evenings and weekends with a good bottle of wine and her books. Romance was her favorite type but erotica was a close second. Lately, she had been reading more erotica and she was starting to wonder if it was having an effect on her mentality.

The reason why Nicole was excited about this morning was her morning commute. Until a couple of days ago her trip to work had been drab at best. Then something happened that set her soul on fire and changed her life forever.

That day she was on the subway en route to work and there was nowhere to sit. It was really crowded; unusually so. Nicole had to stand and hold onto the straps connected to the top of the railcar. The train slowed down at a stop and a tall, pleasant looking young man boarded. He looked to be bi-racial with Asian and Black features and had a lean, athletic build. His eyes met with Nicole's through the thrall of people on the train and they locked on each other.

He stole looks at Nicole a few times and smiled. Nicole caught him looking and it made her a bit nervous but at the same time excited her too. Her breathing became labored and she felt hot around her blouse collar. She unbuttoned a few from the top to cool herself. She looked to see if the man was still looking at her and she saw that he was. He quickly looked away when she caught him staring. She smiled playfully and he smiled too.

Then the train stopped again and the man took the opportunity to move closer to Nicole. He oozed up right behind her. The cab was really crowded so no one paid them any attention.

Nicole caught a whiff of the man's musk and she was aroused. She felt her nipples stiffen and her middle moisten. She breathed hard as she felt his masculine presence behind her. Then she felt his breath on her neck and he took in a long sniff of her essence.

"So beautiful..." he whispered in her ear.

Nicole actually smiled at his compliment. But she then she felt a hand on her hip. Her smile faded away as the hand caressed her waist then moved to her pelvic area. The man breathed heavier as his hand continued to explore. His hand crept back down and palmed Nicole's bottom. He squeezed lovingly and she moaned softly.

Nicole didn't know why she wasn't alarmed at this man's touch. Nor did she know why she was so incredibly turned on. But turned on she was and it wasn't stopping.

She felt the man's hard member through his jeans against her butt and she pressed hard back against him. He boldly made his way up her butt to her waist up below her breasts. Nicole sucked in her breath as he cupped her breast through her blouse. He tweaked her hard nipple through her bra and her knees almost buckled. Then the train stopped and a bunch of people got off. Nicole looked around and the handsome stranger was gone. Disappointed, she waited for the next stop which was near her job and she continued on to work.

She was flustered throughout the day as to why what happened did so and why didn't she find out who the man was. She probably would never see him again. The most exciting thing in her life just happened to her and it was like crack to her. She got that first hit and she was caught up.

When she got on the subway to go home, her thoughts went back to the stranger who had molested her on the subway. She wasn't sure if she wanted to see him again. Yes, he turned her on and excited her but who was he to take those liberties with her. Did she subconsciously give the man permission to do what he did? It sure seemed so.

The train was crowded like it was in the morning. People piled on and Nicole held onto the pole. Suddenly, she felt a pair of hands encircle her waist. Nicole tried not to smile but she could not help it. She felt the warmth build in her loins and her nipples stiffened. This time the stranger wasn't gentle in his manner of touch. He cupped both her breasts, fondling them lustfully. Nicole threw her head back then looked around to see if anyone noticed them. No one paid them any attention.

This seemed to embolden him and his hand crept down past her belly to the button on her skirt. He deftly unbuttoned it and slid his hand down inside. Nicole felt his hand groping for her treasure and found it. He observed her moistness in his hand then caressed her clit. He slid her flesh between his fingers and moved them slowly up and down, jacking her off.

Nicole felt herself inching closer to orgasm and she rubbed her butt against the stranger's hard bulge in his jeans. She reached behind and groped the man's crotch. He took his hand from her breast and unzipped his fly. Nicole's hand found the opening and put it inside. She felt his shaft and stroked it.

The man jacked his fingers on her clit faster and his fingers suddenly got very wet as Nicole's cum soaked them. Her breathing was coming in spurts and sweat had broken out across her brow.

The train stopped and people got off. Suddenly, the man tore away from her and her hand was empty. His hands no longer explored her body and she was left again standing frazzled.

Nicole went home and took a measure of what happened today. She surmised that the man must live nearby. Maybe he had even been watching her for some time. Whatever he lived, she knew that he had figured out her schedule and her comings and goings. Next time, she'd be ready for him.

So this morning, she was prepared. She wore a conservative grey business suit, three button style. They'd be easy to unbutton. She also wore no bra under her blouse and no panties under her skirt. They both were in her purse.

Nicole was exhilarated as she left her home headed towards the subway station. Her nipples were hard and her pussy very wet in anticipation as she boarded the train. She had never been so sexually open and adventurous as she felt now. She was yearning for the touch of a perfect stranger.

Her ride on the train continued and as more people boarded, she expected the stranger to come up behind her and take her. Alas, her ride to work ended with her new friend nowhere to be found. Visibly disappointed, she got off the train and went to work.

All day, she tried to figure out what went wrong. There she was, waiting for him but he was not there for her. Was it all a dream? A fantasy she wanted to come true so very badly? No, he was real and he would come around again. She knew he would. She just would have to be patient.

Nicole felt so alive as she headed home from work. Maybe she would see her perfect stranger; maybe she wouldn't. The anticipation was driving her crazy.

The ride home was not crowded at all. She started to sit down after a stop then suddenly she saw him. He came on and his eyes locked on hers immediately. She started to stand up but he came over and sat down beside her. He looked into her eyes for a few seconds. Then he spoke to her.

"Do you want me?" he asked softly.

Nicole swallowed and nodded slowly

"Yes," she answered.

The man smiled then got up from his seat. He moved over to the doors and looked back at her. The train stopped and the doors opened. The man smiled at her and stepped out.

Instinct took over and Nicole leaped from her seat. She got off the train and looked left and right, looking for the man. She finally saw him going up an escalator. He was watching her. She headed off after him, keeping a discreet distance but keeping him in view.

The man got off the escalator and exited the station, heading up the block. Nicole continued to trail him. He continued to look back to make sure she was still following him. He went down another street towards a row of office buildings.

He came to one and stopped. He turned back and looked to see where she was. Nicole came up on the street and stopped when she saw him. He smiled and pulled out a set of keys. He unlocked the door to the shop he was in front of and went inside.

Nicole scurried up to the door of the shop and stopped. She stepped back and read the sign by the door:


Hmm, he must be a paralegal or something, she thought. She tried the door and opened it. She crept inside and looked around. The office was neat and squared away. No open files left anywhere. There was an open door leading to the back and she walked through it.

"Hello?" she called out, scared of the response. No answer. She went further into the room but didn't see anyone. Where did he go?

She suddenly felt a presence and he was upon her. She yelped as he moved her up to a big desk and pushed her down on it. Nicole was bent over the top of the desk and she felt his hands push up her skirt around her hips. She smiled as she knew he was now marveling at the sight of her bare, pantyless bottom.

She heard him moan as he squeezed and caressed her ass then he spread open her cheeks. The man took a long whiff of her essence then buried his face in her crack. Nicole's eyes widened as his tongue penetrated her pussy and lapped up her flowing juices. His tongue flickered over her throbbing clit and he jabbed his tongue in and out of her.

"UNNNGGGGHHHH!!" Nicole cried out as he manhandled her ass.

The man slobbered and grunted as he feasted on her lovepie. Finally, Nicole couldn't take anymore. She tore away from him and turned around. She dropped down in front of him and looked up at him. She reached for his zipper and unzipped him. The man unbuckled his jeans and pushed them down. His thick, curved dick sprang forth and stared her in the face. She took it in her hand and sucked the head into her hot mouth.

The man moaned as Nicole worked on him. She tried to make his dick as wet as possible like it was done in the erotic novels she liked to read. She could only get about half of the man's member in her mouth. Her eyes locked on his to make sure she was pleasuring him right. He tasted so decadent in her mouth and she felt deliciously slutty for doing it.

He pushed her head away and lifted her up onto the top of the desk. He threw one of her legs over his shoulders and opened her legs back. Nicole watched him slap at her quivering pussy with his dick and she came immediately. Her pussy sopping wet, the man pushed his dickhead into her treasure cove. Her hot wetness collapsed around his dick and he had to steel himself to keep from melting inside her.

Nicole moaned loudly as her perfect stranger went to work inside her. He grabbed her hips and rammed away with long, deep strokes. Nicole experienced orgasm after orgasm, her pussy spitting and sputtering all over the man's dick. Maybe it was the anonymity of it all; maybe it was the naughtiness. Whatever it was, she was getting the dicking of her life.

The man withdrew himself and turned Nicole around doggy-style again. He pushed down on her back and inserted himself back inside her. He grabbed her hips and rammed away. Nicole screamed out as she nutted on him forcefully. The man felt himself about to explode and he pulled himself out. He aimed himself at her puckered bunghole and hit it with three good hard spurts of hot cum. It streamed down her crack across her distended, beat-up pussy.

Nicole laid her face down on the desk, breathing hard. She didn't hear anything behind her. After a few minutes, she looked back and saw she was alone. Her perfect stranger had bounced on her.

She got up and straightened herself out as best she could. She put in her panties and bra and left the office. She came out to the main street and figured out she wasn't far from her home. She smiled as she walked the rest of the way home. She may never see her perfect stranger again but he would be permanently imprinted in her mind for the rest of her days.


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