tagInterracial LoveThe Perfect Wife

The Perfect Wife


My name is Jon Roach. I don't know where to start really? I'm waiting on my lovely wife of 15 years, Megan. She just gave birth to 2 healthy baby boys.

It was so embarrassing being in the delivery room. I felt like such a fool. I was helping with my wife's breathing, holding her head, counting between breaths, she was pushing so hard and doing so well. Dr. Ford who had delivered our 3 daughters looked over at me and the look in his eyes told me what I had prayed was not true. As the first boy started to cry I caught the two nurses, I saw the amusing look they gave each other.

After the boys were laid on my wife's stomach Dr. Ford put his hand on my shoulder gently as he walked out of the room, not saying a word. As I turned and looked I was struck by the color contrast because the boys were coal black on my wife's white tummy crying at their entrance into the hard cold world.

I had done the math when she told me she was pregnant and I prayed that I was wrong but the dates just didn't add up. I knew I was not the father. My wife took my hand gently and I knew without a word being spoke that she was sorry for me but the love and contentment on her face was apparent for her 2 new baby boys.

I'm waiting for Megan to be brought into our private room and now I have to go face our families as they should be seeing the 2 black boys right now.

As I approached the waiting room I grabbed my father in law, Ralph Moring, who is yelling at the nurse '' they delivered the wrong babies, what the fuck kind of place you got here, those are black babies?.''

The nurse from the delivery room saw me and I grabbed Ralph by the arm pulling him away and into the waiting area. I saw my mom on the sofa with my dad and they both looked up with concerned looks on their faces.

Our 3 daughters ran crying into my arms, ''Daddy, Daddy, what happened, oh god, what happened daddy, our brother's look different from us daddy, they're black boys daddy what happened, they aren't our brothers daddy are they, please daddy, they delivered the wrong babies daddy?''

''Everybody, Please, Everybody Please settle down. I know your shocked and surprised on this very happy occasion and I will straighten things out. I want you all to know that Megan did great and is recovering.

''What the fuck is going on Jon? How could they make a mistake like that and its in front of some of our friends, even the pastor with his wife and 2 girls were here until he saw the mistake, damn embarrassing it is?'' My father in law was beside himself.

My dad walked up, as always, very calmly,''what's going on son?' Your mother is very upset and look at the girls crying, how could this happen?''

''I know, I know, I'm sorry. Would you and mom take the girls to your house tonight and I'll stay here and straighten everything out and I'll come by tomorrow.''

''Cmon girls lets go, you're coming to our house tonight'' My dad in his gentle way took my moms hand as she got up from the couch. The girls were still crying and ran towards me. ''I know, I know, girls its gong to be okay. Be good girls with your grandma and grandpa okay? I'll see you tomorrow.''

My father in law and his wife stormed out very angry and concerned with my 2 brother in laws. The 2 sisters came over to me and hugged me. ''Everything will be okay.'' as they walked out. I wondered if they knew the whole story? The sisters were very close.

I had to sit down and chill out in the quiet room. What a fucking mess. I remembered back to when this all started. Like it was yesterday. Something that would change our lives forever.

The Incident

It was a Sunday and the kids had gone to a church swim party so my wife and myself could go shopping at the local shopping mall for some birthday gifts and summer clothes for the girls.

We were laughing having fun and I persuaded my wife to try on a pretty pink short sun dress. My wife is 5'11 with thick brunette hair, with lips that looked swollen from a bee sting, puffy and full, emerald green eyes, she is a stunning, beautiful, woman. I knew how lucky I was when I met her at the church picnic when we were 16 and we fell in love and she was 20 when we got married and I was 21, we were both virgins and our sex life? It was as we thought the church would want it to be, we had taken the classes at church. That sex was not to be used vicariously or in lust. We had our first daughter Lindsey 2 years later, followed my Marie also 2 years later, then 4 years later we welcomed our baby Jannette. My wife worked out, her body at 35 showed no wrinkles or baby stretch marks. All the ladies at church were jealous of Megan's full curvy body and her natural beauty turned heads everywhere.

The pink sun dress was a little more sexy than what Megan normally wore, mid-thigh showing off her long trim smooth legs, and low cut showing much more of her full soft breasts than she normally showed. As she shyly walked out from the fitting room she bent over jokingly to show me her deep cleavage which was very unlike her. When suddenly she turned bright red at her own playful sexiness and was shocked by a large black man who was definitely enjoying my wife with his eyes. I looked quickly at my wife and I could tell she was nervous the way the huge black man was looking at her.

When I turned again and looked at the negroid man, he had a look on his face I had seen millions of times before, men staring at my beautiful wife. I know it's wrong and I prayed about it but I always felt turned on by what they might be thinking.

She turned quickly back to the dressing room and came out a few minutes later in her more natural conservative clothes.

In the mall food court we found a booth kind of out of the way of all the noise and commotion. I left her sitting there and went to get our lunch.

As I turned with our Subway sandwiches and drinks I noticed a nervous glance from my wife, the large black man from the store was sitting next to her.

He was a huge black man with those corn rolled hair things that black people wear. As I sat down I noticed tattoos all over his arms.

''Sit your ass down.''

Don't hurt my wife please, I've got money, you can have it all just don't hurt her.''

''Bitch? Tell your hubby what you see next to you.''

Megan looked down then at me ''He's got a knife Jon, he's got a knife pointed at me!''

''What do you want, just don't hurt us we have children, please?''

''Ain't nobody gonna get hurt if you do whats I say? Just be cool.''

Jon noticed his eyes were evil and his teeth were yellow stained and littered with gold teeth with thick negroid lips, he smelled like cigarettes, an orange tongue contrasted with his coal black face, I saw his eyes were looking at my wife's nervous heaving breasts

''Unbutton those top buttons on that shirt baby''

''Please I'm a mom and I love my babies please, whatever you want.'' Megan was pleading reaching up and unbuttoning the top 3 buttons.

''Damn baby, you got some big fucking knockers there. You a fine looking bitch you are, I saw you in the store in that short pink dress showing off that hot white body, you be lookin real fine.''

Again I pleaded with him to let us go and get him some money.

''Let's get up and walk outside real quiet or I cut the bitch. Go thru Macy's and I have a white van in the parking lot, let's go real nice and quiet like.''

When we reached the van he tied my hands with those plastic hand cuffs and told me ''don't yell or try an get anybody's attention or I cut your wife, understand?'' I ask him ''what he was going to do?'' I'll never forget it as long as I live what he said.

''I's going to fuck your hot sexy wife here, all's I want to do is fuck her, I'm gonna give her a nigga fucking she'll never forget and when I'm done with her you can go and nobody gets hurt. Until then you keep your fucking mouth shut.'' I remember the look on my wife's face as she turned away and walked to the back of the van. I turned and heard the van door open. What I thought was a wall closing off the back of the van was nothing but a sheet. I could hear everything.

Megan was crying and begging the huge black to leave her alone, that she was a mom and a married woman and to please don't do this. He slapped her, first once then again. He told her to ''get her white ass up and quit crying. ''Undo your hair and shake your head bitch.''

I've known my wife since we were 16 and I know she's never been slapped before.

I closed my eyes in disgust as I heard him ask my wife, ''you likes the way them big white titties, look in my black hands, look how sexy it looks, damn look at these nipples getting all hard. Then I could hear him mauling my wifes breasts. Popping sounds of him sucking on my wife full milky smooth soft breasts.

My wife had been begging him to ''stop, she's a married woman, please let her go'' but her cries were getting weaker and the force in her plea's were weakening. My wife let out a soft moan. Her body was betraying her. Not a moan of fear but of pleasure and it did not go unnoticed by the black animal suckling her breasts.

''feels good don't it girl, you like the nigga sucking on these big white tits, yeah, these nipples say's you does bitch.'' I could hear him licking her full 34D breasts.

My shock grew even further when in the sudden quiet it sounded like they were kissing. My wife was kissing this black animal? How could that be? The image of his huge negroid lips, it was too much for me, I couldn't believe it. I could hear my wife's breathing and suddenly another soft moan.

I leaned back to hear more and he told my wife to take off her skirt. Then I heard my wife gasp, ''OH my God! No please, Oh God no.''

''What's the matter bitch you's ain't never seen a real man's cock befoe?'' I couldn't believe what I was hearing. What a nightmare.

''That's it baby play with that black dick you fucking dirty white whore, you ain't nothing but a white trampin slut?'' I couldn't believe my wife when she said, ''its so big, I never knew men could be so big.''

He ask her ''bigger than your puny ass husband?''

I felt so small and embarrassed when she told him that ''he was much bigger, Oh god! like way, way bigger.''

I felt so embarrassed when he laughed, ''that's it baby pull on it, lick it, get it all wet, Yeah!, shit baby, you like that black dick, keep sucking baby.''

It seemed to go on forever my wife playing and sucking his African appendage.

They got on a bed of some sort and he told my wife, ''damn baby you got some nice long smooth legs. I could tell he was licking her smooth thighs.

''no, no please, please no, please stop, don't lick me like that, oh god no, no, I've never been, It's so dirty, please no'' but suddenly a deep sigh and loud moan'' AAAAhhhh God, OOOOHHHHH.''

I never heard my wife act like that or sound like that before, she was acting like a common jezebel whore. Suddenly she orgasm's so quickly, letting out a whimpering cry like a child.

''you like that girl, like this nigga licking that pussy? Damn girll!! you creaming all over.'' I could hear him licking her again. Another orgasm by my wife and then another quicker, heavier.

A few minutes later and it sounded like they were kissing again I heard my wife cry out, it sounded like in pain.

''No please, noooo! its too big, please it hurts, no please, Oh God no, I'm married, please no.''

I couldn't believe the inevitable had happened. My wife had another mans dick in her pussy and was getting fucked by the black stranger.

''damn baby this pussy sopping wet girl, fucking nice baby, look at that shit, my black dick all shiney wet with that pussy juice, fuck yeah, that be what I'm talkin about, shit yeah all shiny wet, shit yeah you got a tight pussy,''

My wife suddenly let out another cry that sounded like pain, begging him to stop ''you're too big please stop!'' when suddenly she let out a scream like I had never heard.

''All my life I wanted an uppity white bitch like you and now your going to get it you trampin ho.''

One last plea from my wife to stop. Then one last high pitched scream, the unmistakable sound of some cheap springs rattling in unison as he pumped into her, and then another silence, damn I could hear them kissing again.

I heard the slapping of his balls against my wife's ass as he plunged deeper, assaulting her pussy again and again, deeper and deeper. ''Whap! Slap!, Whap! Slapping skin on skin, the bed springs creaking.

He kept calling my wife a whore, and my wife was responding, I couldn't believe my shy wife was acting like that. When suddenly she cried out in orgasm, it was an unreal sound.

I had never made her feel like that. She kept yelling, ''I'm cumming, God!!!, Oh God, Fuck!!, OH Fuck, YES!!! It feels so fucking good, over and over and over.

It went on for what seemed like hours he kept pounding her, the slapping skin on skin, the bed springs was all I could hear.

Then I heard him start getting a jagged breath, I knew.

Oh shit we don't use birth control.

He was calling my wife a dirty tramp when it happened. His first salvo of nigger goo went into my wife, volley after volley he emptied his nigger baby jism into my sunday school teacher wife, over and over he filled her with creamy nigger baby sauce.

I got scared because I thought my wife was in distress It was a drooling like sound, like a panting sound, on and on, and then she cried out in a voice I have never forgotten to this day. The passion, the pure lust of a huge orgasm. a calling out, a lust, I have never heard before.

Oh my God without even touching myself I felt my dick spurting cumm into my trousers, I stiffened and another spurt. I had never felt like that and another squirt. God what just happened to me I mean that is my loving wife back there getting fucked and I'm getting turned on.

Then I heard the negroid man laugh at Megan because she had orgasmed so hard she lost consciousness. Then a plopping farting sound as he took his black dick out of my wife.

I heard them kissing again then he told my wife, ''damn bitch, you like that shit, like that nigga dick? damn baby you done creamed and squirted all over the bed, you is fine looking but you make a fucking mess. Nows you get your white slutty ass down there and do what's you born to do.''

I couldn't believe I heard my wife, ''Oh god your dick is so fucking big, fuck, I never acted or felt like this with a man before, I love your big black cock'' a slurping, licking sound as she cleaned him off like a kitten licking the cream bowl clean.

I looked down at the large wet spot on my trousers as I listened to my wife lick a niggers dick lovenly. I knew then our life would never be the same.

Then the nigger lover told my wife ''get dressed its time to go. I'm busy.''

My beautiful wife, the mother of my kids started crying.

''Why is you crying baby?''

''I mean its like you just want me to go, like just throwing me out, I mean? I thought? I was hoping, well you might well?''

I couldn't believe my beautiful wife wanted him to fuck her again rather than running away after being mauled by this black thug.

She got nothing but a condescending, demeaning laugh, Suddenly I heard a slap, then another slap very quickly. I got business to tend to. Here's my number, call me.

''I just thought we might do it again, I mean if you want to and you liked it, please don't rush me away? I feel so, feel so?'' She was begging for a kind word of appreciation for giving the African man her white body. Any kind word.

''You horny for the black dick ain't ya baby?'' Okay, okay, now quit crying, c'mon sweetmeat, quit your crying baby. Here baby, wipe your pretty eyes with this.''

I sat shocked like a fool as I heard him and my wife. My wife was sucking his dick. I could hear him slapping my wifes breasts, ''I love these big white titties baby.'' This went on and on when suddenly I could hear his breathing change, fuck you whore I need you again. Bend over that bed and stick that ass up here.''

It was fast and rough, I could hear him slapping my wife's ass and calling her a trampin whore, move that ass'' My wife was squealing from pure lust. My wife screamed and I knew he had again emptied his creamy milky goo into her again.

After he was done he told her she had to go.

My wife was dressed when she tried to kiss him and he pulled away, ''damn baby, I ain't kissin no whore that just sucked a nigga's dick, damn.'' My wife again started to cry at the degradation, the shame.

''Aw sweetmeat now quit your crying. Goes and get your nice husband, an get your ass home.''

Megan helped me shuffle out of the car my hands were behind me tied up. She saw the wet spot on my trousers but said nothing. I'll never forget how she looked after being with him, her hair down over her shoulders, a blush lipstick, eye shadow, her sweater was unbuttoned showing much more cleavage than was normal and the skirt had been rolled up at the waist and the hem was now mid thigh. Her 3'' sandals showed off her long shapely trim legs. But the look on her face and the way she moved was pure sensuality, she was a woman who had totally discovered her sexual being.

She got some wire cutters out of the trunk of our car and cut the plastic hand cuffs off and we drove home without talking. My watch told me she had been with him for over 4 hours. I did not want Megan to know I had heard everything.

I knew though our marriage would never be the same. She called her parents on her cell and told them we had car trouble and would be by later to pick up the girls.

As we walked into our bedroom I finally apologized to her for not protecting her, I was so sorry I didn't fight harder. She had the most sensual look on her face and told me ''it was okay, everything was okay.''

She sat on the bed, took her skirt off, her sweater, I could see the bruises and bite marks on her neck and breasts also her areolas which were still swollen with desire. She rolled her pink panties over her long legs and threw them on the bed as she walked into the bathroom, the red marks visible on her tight plump ass where he had spanked her.

I looked in the crotch of her panties and there was a small pool of white creamy thick sauce in a little puddle.

For the life of me, I can't explain it, but something came over me and I picked up her panties and smelled her scent and I knew mixed with the african man, it was so intoxicating, like a drug.

I don't know? Maybe the guilt of not protecting her, of not fighting harder, I really don't know but I brought the panties to my lips and licked the pool of male negroid baby goo off my wife's panties, I saw another body stain and licked it, the smell, that sexual smell, the tart salty taste of a black man's goo and my wife's body juices mixed together, again I was so excited my pants tented.

I turned and saw my wife looking at me from the bathroom door. I'll never forget the look on her face.

Shameful, pityful, but also a knowing, an enlightenment of our future, I can't explain it.

''Do you like the way my panties taste'' she asked calmly, walking towards the bed naked.

I never felt so guilty, so ashamed, in all my life but also so excited I was shaking.

''I don't know why I did that honey, maybe I feel like its a way I can experience this horrible day with you, I don't know?''

She sat on the edge of the bed and spread her long legs, her bruised soft inner thighs spread as she opened her vagina lips with her fingers.

In a demanding voice, ''Get down on your knees and lick my pussy, lick it clean, taste me, experience what is deep inside me, she grunted slightly, then harder.''

I knew the white creamy jism that was oozing out of her was the spunk of a black man but I had never made my wife so happy as I licked and swallowed the tart salty goo.

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