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The Performance

byits Leslie©

The sign said special performance tonight. Admittance was to ticket holders only; tickets on sale now. There was nothing overtly special sounding about that admittedly; just a celebrity performance in all likelihood.

Advance ticket sales were average, the place was not going to be crowded though.

It was a Thursday additionally, not a full business crowd. Business was always best naturally enough Friday and Saturday. The show was due for opening at 10 at the earliest. Patrons began to arrive at the nightclub at the normal opening hour 9 at night, and the buzz was all about the mystery dancer. It looked like the patronage was to be 30 customers tonight.

3 girls were already in attendance. Regulars, they went through their usual routines; a dance maybe two songs, then they retired to do personal performances while another went through her routine. They were attractive looking, but it was apparent the clientele was waiting only for the special performance dancer. Tips were suffering and the 3 regulars were not overly happy with that.

Then 10 o'clock arrived, and with a big fan fare the stage lights went into full tilt and everyone got a bit more attentive. Even the 3 regular gals were watching. It had become clear even they were somehow not in the know who was appearing. The "special" dancer had not been in the regular change room that evening.

"Let's all give a big show of appreciation for Venus" came the greeting as the stage announcer announced her appearance over the microphone. A strangely erotic, somehow unbelievably pleasing tune began to play. Several of the patrons began to experience stirrings in their crotches; one man was totally aroused although only he knew that currently. The spotlight centered on the opening of the curtains at the back of the stage. A shapely leg poked out through the opening. Cheers broke out from several voices. Then a woman of unearthly beauty broke through and entered onto the stage. She was wearing soft flowing garments. They were all fine light wisps of flowing semi sheer fabric. The colours made of various shades of white and off white. Multi layered and promising to take time to remove. Slowly she began to dance around the stage. Every movement she made was pure poetry in motion. Every action a carefully measure movement. She danced closely to each man that sat around the edge of the stage. And at this point there was no longer room for more than the 10 men already seated there.

The hooting and hollering had died away. The men now sat completely transfixed by her performance. And it could be said there wasn't a soft cock sitting at the stage at this time. Several men had already nervously adjusted themselves. The dancer possessed a hypnotic effect. She danced in front of one man then onto another, keeping them all devoted to enjoying her motions. Slowly her garments were disappearing. Several men had been granted the thrill of having them draped upon them as she passed by. Her body was becoming increasingly visible now that she had lost most of the barriers to her charms. She possessed modest proportioned breasts that swayed a small amount when she moved. Her bottom was a pleasing sight and she gained appreciative comments when she made a point of thrusting it at a patron's direction. Finally it happened, the last garment fell, and her beguiling beauty was completely unleashed.

She danced a most provocative dance. She emulated motions that could not be mistaken for intent. Her actions had every man at stage side uncomfortable. And then she did what was completely unexpected. She directly acknowledged a patron and bid him stand up. He did her bidding, and promptly displayed the considerable bulge in his pants.

"Oooooohhhh thank you, you are sooo kind" she cooed to him knowingly looking purposefully at his obvious erection. That has to be uncomfortable though" she giggled.

"Ahh yeah it is a bit, this doesn't normally happen here actually" he stammered. "I normally have a bit of self control, but damn you are beautiful miss". "I have the solution you need sugar" she smiled. Take out your cock and let me see clearly how much you like me".

He complied without even thinking about it. Pulling down the zipper on his pants he reached in and allowed his almost fully erect cock to proudly reach the remaining length of its potential now that it wasn't constrained.

"I know you need to masturbate dear, and I want to see you do that too".

With no hesitation the patron gripped his shaft and began to slowly stroke his cock. It promptly displayed the small bead of moisture that showed he was fully primed at that point. He looked on her with lustful intent.

She went back into her dance and danced suggestively for him then the others. All this time the man stood there enjoying a level of freedom that pleased him more than he thought possible.

"Ooooh come on guys, is it just him that can show me how good I am doing for you? Surely you all want to join him don't you?"

Several men began to pull down zippers as a collection of erections sprouted around the stage. All 10 men had complied and were now sitting masturbating freely or had stood to proudly demonstrate how they were completely enthralled by hers charms. In the room several other men had also taken the chance to remove stiff cocks from there pants and were watching and enjoying the relief. The sight was unlike anything the other three regular dancers had ever experienced.

This was naturally unprecedented behaviour. Totally beyond the normally acceptable realm of public performance in this sort of establishment. Yet there was no alarm or reaction being given.

The dancer kept dancing. She had been dancing now for an unknown span of time. The music looped somehow or it just didn't end. No one was able to tell.

Three men completely caught up in the moment had completely removed their pants. One was standing pumping energetically his balls swinging madly as his hand worked its magic on his cock. One man had gone up on stage and crouching was quite into his actions.

No one was ordering drinks or otherwise engaged in any action that was not directly involving watching the mysterious vision on the dance floor. The bartender much to his own surprise had even succumbed to the scene; his pants lowered to his ankles and his own proud erection enjoying the display.

Intently the woman danced around the dance floor dancing a dance that had the 3 regulars impressed. She was just so damn good. She had now been performing for 20 minutes and her actions were pushing men to the heights of arousal. She brazenly encouraged them, and bid them strip nude for her. The men around the stage were beyond concerns of personal shyness at this point. Articles of clothing were rapidly being shed by all 10 men attending the dancer. Then when she had the pleasure of being surrounded by 10 nude men fully excited beyond belief, she went to the next level of her mysterious plan. She took them past the point of no return and instructed them to serve up their pent up loads for her.

This was resisted for a moment, the men being unable to understand just what it was she was really asking for. Then she adopted a posture that was explicit and with a waggling finger motioned a man to her. The man leapt to the challenge. He accepted her boldly positioned charms and took her in a doggie style position, gasping as his cock slid into what was to his face sheer ecstasy. This was the opening of the flood gate. Another man stood in front of her as she knelt on all four limbs and offered himself to her willing mouth. She swallowed him in a fashion that appeared magical and his legs almost buckled under him. The others contented themselves with attending her at her sides. This was a temporary matter as almost all 10 men were well past the need for extensive effort.

Meanwhile in the rest of the bar the sexually intoxicated patrons had similarly succumbed to the extravagant environment. The three regulars were doing lap dances that were hardly lap dances. All 3 were in fact impaled on the cocks of patrons who were more than willing. One girl was riding facing outward and aggressively sucking on another's cock as she rode her first customer.

Then the first man to enter the dancer moaned loudly as his last thrust was made and he unleashed a warm torrent of male seed into the waiting charms of his mount. She was busy though as her mouth was suddenly flooded by a full burst of a second flood of warm syrupy cum. Then in an erotic cascade the other 8 men began to ejaculate streams of cum at the dancer bathing her in burst after burst of thick goo. Men shot on her over a span of several minutes flushing out all their desire onto her glistening body.

In the main room the 3 regulars were also having men cum loudly into their pussies. The one girl also having her face painted in a satisfying jet of thick white cum. This was eventually followed by each and every male in the room. Every cock was losing its load into a woman, on a woman, or freely onto the floor with complete abandon. Even the bartender a normal male had lost his load, in spite of having been around nude women so many years. His leaned with glazed eyes at the bar as his emptied his balls onto the floor at his feet.

The room was full of the sounds of moans of pleasant relief, as the music died away. Then the music was gone and the dancer in a seductive voice granted all the men a final smile and slowly faded from sight, just a wisp of smoke left with her passing.

Several minutes passed by oddly quiet. Then the men began to return to a more logical frame of mind, to all discover to their mutual unease that they had all performed to the exclusion of the wildest imaginations. Men sheepishly began to wipe off the remains of their loads and begin to dress. Many murmurs began to circulate the room. No one had any idea where the woman had gone. The men on the stage all confirmed that she had never actually left, but had merely vanished.

All that was known of her was her name "Venus".

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