tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Perils of Being Too Trusting Ch. 02

The Perils of Being Too Trusting Ch. 02


It took almost an hour before Heather decided what she was going to do, and could log into the video chat. While she found the concept of being blackmailed arousing, the reality of it happening now was just too scary. She couldn't risk ignoring him either, so she decided to get on and beg him not to do this. She didn't get undressed, and she just sent a quick chat message: "We need to talk." He logged on a few seconds later, but he didn't turn his cam on. His voice made it very clear that he did not approve.

"You're testing me. You don't think I'm serious," was all he said.

She started to beg him, but he logged off before she could even say anything. A few seconds later he sent her an instant message.

"It will take about 15 minutes to upload this video to a popular porn website. If you comply with instructions before it's fully uploaded I might cancel the upload."

Heather was in a panic. He didn't even give her a chance! She didn't have any time to figure out her next plan, she had to stop that video upload. She almost ripped off all of her clothes, and it was less than a minute later when she sent him the message that she was ready to serve him. Her heart raced as she typed those words. Ready to serve him. What would that mean? She decided she would have to play along with him as long as he didn't try to make her do anything too wrong. And then use her charms to convince him to stop all this. It wasn't much of a plan, but it was the best she could do at this point.

He was back on again quickly. She still couldn't see his face, but his voice seemed much less perturbed.

"Much better," he said. "Put your hands on top of your head and stick out your chest. Good girl. Keep your legs spread. Okay, I guess I can cancel this upload for now. But it won't take much for me to restart it."

"Okay, I get it," Heather's frustration leaking out, "but please, we need to talk about this. This is crazy, this was all supposed to be fantasy, this doesn't happen in real life."

He was clearly not impressed.

"It seems like you're a bit confused here about what this really is. You may think this doesn't happen in real life, but it is going to be happening to you. In. Real. Life. And you'd better adjust your attitude, or this is going to be very tough on you. You've read enough of my stories to know how I like to be addressed. Do you want to try that again."

"Are you shittting me? Really?" Heather couldn't really get her head around what was happening. By his silence, she realized he was really serious. She knew what he wanted. She had read it in dozens of stories, of girls in this position, naked, hands on top of her head and legs apart, forced for the first time to say the words. It always seemed so minor in the stories, but it was shocking to her how hard it was to say, now that it was her, and it was really happening.

"Yes Sir," she said, shocking herself how quietly it came out.

"Much better. Now, are your roommates at home?"

"No Sir."

"Good," his voice brightened. "Bring your computer with you, and give me a full tour of where you live."

It felt very strange walking around her house naked, even with the house empty. She gave him a view of her room, including at his request a quick look in all her dresser drawers and closet. He gave her a promise there would be plenty more time to examine her wardrobe in detail, and they moved on to her bathroom. She explained that she had won the coin toss when they moved in, so she had the master bedroom with attached bath while her roommates shared a bath. He asked her if the window in her tub/ shower opened, but thankfully he didn't make her open it right away since it looked out at the bungalow less than 20 feet away. Not that it mattered, because he had her walk straight out to the kitchen. She thought about protesting, but she knew that wouldn't get her anywhere. He had made it very clear that she was already in trouble for her attitude before, so she just tried to be careful to stay away from the windows. She showed him her kitchen, the dining and living room at the front of the bungalow, and where her roommates' bedrooms were. She was getting ready to argue with him that she wasn't going to show him anything about them (she was in enough trouble without bringing them into it) but he showed no interest other than figuring out where their rooms were in relation to the rest of the house.

In the end he had her go back to the living room, setting her computer on the coffee table facing the front windows, and kneeling with her legs spread so he could see all of her. It made her really nervous to be so close to the windows and the front door, but at least the windows had sheers so it would be hard to see in and her roommates weren't due home for hours. But if anyone did walk in, she'd be sitting right there for them to see in all her glory. She was ashamed that just thinking about that turned her on a bit, but thankfully he didn't know that.

"Okay, time for us to have some fun," he had a small smile on his face. Somehow she didn't think this was going to be much fun.

"Let's begin with some ground rules. If you are home alone, I expect you to be naked all the time. You will log into the chat server and set your webcam to broadcast. I may or may not log into check on you, but you never know when I will, so you need to always be broadcasting."

"But what if someone else starts watching it?"

"You need a new login anyway. NawtyTeeze doesn't really fit you anymore. I've made you a new one as NawtySubSlut. Suits you better, don't you think? I am emailing you you're new log in. Since I should be your only friend, no one other than me should see your webcam. Unless you start giving your new nickname out to a bunch of strangers that is."

Heather was not at all convinced, but she didn't really see how she had any choice.

"Yes Sir."

"In a little bit we'll pick out some clothes for you to wear if someone comes to the door, or for when your roommates get home. If anyone shows up before then, you may get a towel. It might be a bit difficult to explain why you're in a towel while completely dry, but that's probably easier to explain than why you're naked in your living room."

Again, in spite of herself, Heather felt a warm surge at the thought of being trapped in just a towel if someone was at her door.

"Next, I need to know a little more about you. What's your real name?"


"Heather....? I expect full answers my little slave, and don't forget to show me respect"

"Sorry Sir, Heather Eastman, Sir." She couldn't believe she was doing this, but it was all moving so fast.

"It's not that I don't trust you, but you're just starting out in your new role. I need to verify that. Do you Facebook?"

"Yes Sir."

"Give me your Facebook log in and password -- I want to look at your pictures."

"I can't do that," she protested. " You're crazy. You could post all kinds of stuff, saying it was me. I'd be worse off than if you just posted that video. Why would I do that? Just look me up in public, you don't need my password."

"Come on now," he was dismissive, "you know how this works. I know there's no way that I could get you to do something that would give me any more leverage than I have now. But think about it. If I did something like that now, all our games would be over. I just want to look through all your pictures, even the ones that you share only with your closest friends. I'll let you change your password to something new here in just a little bit. You're going to have to trust me."

"Trust you?!? Look at what you're doing to me! Why the fuck should I trust you?" she was almost screaming.

"Temper, temper there my new slave, you don't know what kind of trouble you might be getting into by being so mouthy. Obviously you can't trust me in the normal sense, but you know me and you know my stories. You know I wouldn't do anything that would end me playing with my new toy. Especially on the first day."

She stared at the floor, her mind in complete gridlock. She knew if she refused, he would put that awful video out on the web. But part of her kept thinking that giving him control of her Facebook, giving him the rights to post things in her name , that he might do something really terrible. But the more she thought about it, the more she thought he was right. He wouldn't ruin this opportunity as fast as he got it. He had her naked on camera, and it was clear that he wanted to do more. She decided to give him what he wanted, resolving to change her password this afternoon no matter what he said

"Good girl. Now let's take a look. Well hello Heather Eastman. Good to know it's really you. And you do actually live in Colorado Springs. Nice to know that was the truth. I'll look at your pictures more in a bit. First we have to deal with some of your disobedience. First off you weren't naked when I told you, and there have been several times when you knew better and you haven't called me Sir. You know what that means don't you?"

Heather was silent. She was terrified that after all this he would still post that video and ruin her.

"I asked you a question slut!" his voice rising.

"It means I need to be punished, Sir. B... Bu... But you said you couldn't post the video. That it would ruin your fun. Please, Sir," Heather felt like she was losing control.

"I'm glad you're showing the appropriate level of concern now. Keep that in mind when I tell you what to do from now on. But for now, your punishment will be very uncomfortable but nothing near that bad. First I want you to open all the blinds all of the way. We'll do your bedroom later, but for now get all of them open."

"But my neighbors, anyone in the street will see me! How is that any better than you just posting the video. I know those people. It's not like the internet."

"Hate to break this to you slut, but this is your new reality. Sooner or later your neighbors are going to see you naked. So will your roomies. At the very least you're going to be known as that girl who gets naked a lot. But that seems a lot better than that girl who works as a babysitter but is actually a pedophile, don't you think? Now it's time to face up to your new reality, and get those windows open. You keep arguing and you're just adding more time to your exposure, not to mention the next phase of your punishment."

Heather could see that he had her. It seemed crazy that she could be blackmailed into doing something humiliating for fear of being exposed as having done some other humiliating thing, but he was right. The video he had was way worse than being seen naked by the neighbors. She resolved to stay mindful of that, and make sure she never gave him anything worse than what he already had.

"Good girl, get them wide open. Don't use your hands to cover yourself. If anyone gets a view, it's just their good luck. So any families living nearby? Small kids?"

"No Sir," she replied. "It's mostly all students. Maybe a few recent grads like us. No families."

"Good. Now come close to the camera, show me a close up of your cunt."

Heather winced a little at the word cunt. Even though reading stories about women being forced to talk whorishly turned her on, she always found the word shocking when said out loud. Even more shocking was the view of her vagina up close on the screen. There was no denying that it was swollen, and it was clearly visible on her screen how her inner lips were opening up. It would be totally obvious to him that in spite of how upsetting this was, she was very aroused.

What the fuck was wrong with her?

"Very good," she could hear the smirk in his voice. "I see at least a part of you finds this... uh.. stimulating."

"Please... please Sir," Heather wanted to beg him to stop, to not do this, to not humiliate her, but somehow she didn't know how to start. She had tried everything.

"Aww now, my little subslut. It's going to be okay. I know this is going to be hard for you, but I promise it will be bearable, and if you cut loose and trust me a bit, you might even have fun. Now I want you to go to your front windows and put your hands on the window sash. Stand there with your legs spread wide and tell me what you see out in front."

"Oh God... you can't be seri... oh Fuck," Heather's voice failed her.

Slowly Heather moved to stand at her window, covering her nakedness. It took more will than she ever could have imagined putting her arms up on the window sash. The feeling of exposure was so intense it made her shaky.

"Tell me what you see."

"Fuck, I don't know," Heather felt the panic setting in. "I can see up and down the street, there are cars parked on both sides. I can see all the houses across the street."

"Any people you can see?"

"Not right now. Oh SHIT!!! A car's going by!"

It was all Heather could do to not scream and cower below her window.

"Stand still!" he commanded

She refocused her mind and she was able to avoid attracting attention as the car drove by. It cruised by steadily, and there was no indication anyone even noticed her in the window.

"Okay, I'm starting a ten minute timer," he explained. "You are going to stand there just like that no matter what. The only excuse you can have to move is if someone comes to your front door. Then you may go get your towel. But beyond that you stay as you are, even if your neighbors are staring at you and clapping. Am I clear?"

"Please Sir, I don't like this. I'm terrified."

"This is a punishment slut, you are not supposed to enjoy it. And this is not even a very serious punishment; I promise you it will get far worse than this. But I told you that you could tolerate it, and you will. Now keep looking out there, let me know if you see anyone drive or walk by. And I'll go back to your pictures."

Heather tried to stay as still as possible to avoid attracting any attention. Several cars drove by, but thankfully no one seemed to be noticing her. At least the sun wasn't shining in her window so she was in the shadows and probably hard to see. She could barely pay attention as he commented on her photos. She had a couple of her in bikini that he seemed to like, but pretty soon he told her that he was satisfied and she could change her Facebook password.

"You might notice have a new friend," he let her know. "Mike Smith is now one of your most trusted friends. That way I'll be able see everything going on in your life. I will check from time to time, so I wouldn't change your privacy settings unless you like being punished."

Heather assured him that she understood.

"So while you're just standing there, let's discuss more of your rules. You told me you always wax your cunt?"

"Yes Sir. I have since I was a teenager. I've read your stories; I know I need to keep it perfectly hairless."

"Not so fast my little subslut. Actually I want you to stop. No waxing, no shaving, nothing. It'll be fun to see what you look like with a hairy pussy."

"Huh?" Heather was genuinely confused. "I thought you liked girls bald down there?"

Her comment elicited a genuine laugh. If it weren't for the fact that he was blackmailing her and humiliating her, she would have thought what a nice laugh it was.

"It isn't about the hair," he explained. "It's about doing something that you don't want to do. About submitting to my control. Plus it's something to keep you focused on your cunt. The girls in my stories had always had hairy bushes, so shaving helped them focus on their pussies. For you, it's the other way around, now the itching and stubble should keep reminding you that you can't make your own decisions."

"And speaking of making sure you stay focused on that lovely cunt of yours," he continued, "it's time to move on to the next phase of your punishment. Move your computer to the left side of you so I can see your whole body in profile."

Heather was glad to have a brief reprieve from being totally exposed to her street, but within a minute she was back in position with her hands on the window sash and her legs spread wide. Only now her computer was on the floor, the camera looking up at her naked body from the side.

"Okay, now I want you to take your right hand and use two fingers to finger-fuck yourself. C'mon, get a move on it. I know your pussy's soaking wet, so they should slide right in there. Good girl. Keep looking out that window. I want you to see anyone who is watching - anyone who sees you banging your cunt right out in the open like this. Use your other hand to play with your left tit. That's it, pull and pinch that nipple. Keep your eyes on the street. Just think how this looks, you standing where anyone could look in and see you. Just wait, maybe someone will walk by, see you fucking yourself, looking like a total slut."

Heather was awash with conflicting emotions. While she was horrified that she was being forced to act like a cheap whore, the sensation of her middle and ring fingers sliding in an out of her pussy combined with the exposure she felt was actually bringing her close to orgasm. As humiliating as this was, it would be way worse if he saw her cum from this, so she slowed down the motion of her fingers, plus she pinched her nipple even more cruelly. It was still sore from yesterday, so the pinch helped take some of the momentum off.

"You're slowing down subslut -- what's up with that?"

"Please Sir, let me stop," she was actually panting a bit now. "This is so humiliating."

"This? Really? This is nothing. Imagine how you'll feel if you have to do this with your tits pressed up against the windows. Or may fucking a dildo stuck with a suction cup to the window. Now THAT would be humiliating."

"Ohhhh.... Gawd!" Heather panted. Her head rolled back and she fucked herself more vigorously as she imagined being forced to behave like a wanton nymphomaniac.

"Don't cum!" he commanded sharply. "You should know very well you are not allowed to cum without permission. Slow down as much as it takes, but keep going. I want to ask you some questions now. Do you have a boyfriend?"

"You know I don't, Sir."

"I know you told me you didn't, but I just wanted to give you a chance to change your story. Just so we're clear, if anything you told me before today was not true, there are no consequences provided you come clean with me now. Any lying from now on will be severely punished. Am I clear?"

"Yes Sir. I do need to confess something, Sir. I told you I got naked with my windows open here, and that I went outside naked. I never really did that before. It was too scary."

"And here you are doing it right now," he chuckled. "Kind of ironic, eh? See, it really wasn't that scary."

Heather decided staying silent and fingering her pussy was better than any reply to that remark.

"So no boyfriend? Girlfriend?"

"No Sir, up until a year ago I had a fuck buddy, but he moved away."

"So you haven't had sex in a year?"

"No Sir, it's been weird since graduation."

"But you have had sex with a woman in your past?"

"Five or six times, also before graduation. They were pretty much all one night stands," she felt herself blushing as she answered.

"You've had anal sex?" he changed topics. "Were you telling the truth when you said you like it?"

"Sometimes I do like it, Sir. If it's done right and I'm in the mood."

"Hmmm, I'm not sure whether or not you are in the mood will matter going forward. Ever had sex in a public place?"

"No Sir, at least not before right now," she answered seriously, even though it elicited another chuckle from him.

"Do you have any sex toys? Vibrators? Dildos? Butt plugs?"

"No Sir."

"Really?" he seemed genuinely surprised. "You just don't like them, or don't masturbate that often?"

"I've always been too embarrassed to buy them. I do masturbate -- probably close to every day."

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