tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Perils of Pauline: Pauline Clinton

The Perils of Pauline: Pauline Clinton

bykayce 69©

Mr and Mrs R, J, Clinton,
Pine Croft Lodge,
Cedar Drive,
MA19 3HY

My dearest sister Abigail,

Please forgive me but I have to write, things have happened in the last month that have destroyed my life. I’ve lost so much and for you to understand I must tell you everything and to make you understand I must tell you from the start.

To think a month ago I was so happy, Robert’s business was exceptional, but that was the start. It was when he went away to finalize the expansion of the factory, he was happy and I had just been made chair lady of the local club and at 36 that was a great honour and good for our business, so I was happy.

I had agreed to do several dinners so I employed a new baby-sitter for Jolene. You know the baby we adopted 6 months ago, she made our life complete. I thought this girl would be perfect to look after our little treasure; her name was Trudy, an 18 year old, a pretty girl and she seemed a nice girl.

It was the night of my inaugural dinner. Trudy arrived and I went off feeling really good and I looked good to, I’d been doing a little dieting and bought some nice figure hugging outfits, I remember looking in the mirror stupidly saying, Well yes, Mrs Pauline Clinton you look good and you look sexy.

I arrived back just before mid-night a little worse for a few drinks but I was nothing compared to the sight that met me in my house.

Trudy the babysitter was drunk; she was flat out on the settee and I boy I didn’t know was in my house.

Before I could speak he spoke to me, “Sorry Mrs but Trudy’s fucked up, I don’t think you locked your booze up, so she’s pissed on it”, I was shocked I didn’t expect that kind of language in my house, I told him to take her home, but he said, “Fucked if I will, she ain’t goin on my fucking bike like that, can’t she stay here”? What could I do?

I was flustered and the drink had me confused so I said she could sleep in a spare room but how are we going to get her there. He looked at me, “Carry the stupid cunt, you take one end and take the other”.

I could not believe what I was doing obviously it must have been the drink but I was carrying this girl up my stairs with a boy I didn’t now.

We finally threw her on the bed; as I put a cover over her I noticed a couple of buttons on my top had come off, I tried to pull myself straight as I went back downstairs, stupidly I went to the drinks cabernet as if I needed more, as I got a glass this boy said, “Fuck me I could do with a drink, by the way my names Callem”.

As I gave him a drink I turned, my head spun, suddenly I realized how drunk I was, I bent to pick up my drink, he was right behind me as I staggered back, I felt something hard, my mind was in a whirl I forgot Robert wasn’t there and I didn’t move.

He took it as a signal and he move closer, suddenly a hand came around and cupped me between my legs, the smooth material of my skirt offered no resistance and I could feel his finger pressing in to me but my drunken mind was still on Robert.

I felt a hand come round the other side; I remember my glass shaking in my hand as the hand pressing in to me pushed that bit harder and the other hand started to pull the hem of my skirt up. As my skirt reached my thighs the fingers stopped pressing in to me, I didn’t realise but they had slid under my skirt and suddenly I felt them on my panties.

A voice in my ear shattered my feelings, “Mrs your cunt feels fucking wet, you want me to fuck it”? Oh god it’s not Robert it was that boy, I went to move away but he kept on, “You don’t move, you’ve got a hot cunt, you ain’t goin nowhere, your to wet to move, open your fucking legs”.

I was shaking, my legs were struggling to keep me upright as his other hand slid up my body and pulled the front of my top open, because the two buttons were gone it opened easily. He roughly shoved his hand inside my bra, “You got a good set of tit’s to go with that wet cunt, but what I really want to know is how firm is your ass”? I wanted to move but I couldn’t.

His hands massaged me so hard, finger’s dug in to me probing and pinching my breast’s, pulling my nipples and fingering my pussy, he growled, “Open your legs cunt, you can’t expect me to finger you with your fucking legs shut, open them you stupid cunt I want a good handful of your wet hole”, I made a feebly sound of “No”, as he kneed the back of my knees and my legs opened to stop me falling, as I did his fingers immediately slipped in to my panties.

I wanted him to stop but I couldn’t make him, all I heard was, “Yes you horny slut, nice and wet, just the way a cunt should be but I still want to kiss that ass of yours, bend over”. Again I tried to say no but he got hold of my hair and forced me to bend over, my skirt was pulled up and over my back exposing my black nylon panties to him, I went to stand but I hard slap on my bare cheeks and his harsh voice telling me to keep my fucking head down stopped me from moving.

I stood there bent at the waist the drink making me dizzy as I felt his lips kissing the cheeks of my bottom, as his tongue licked across my flesh his finger pushed between my legs and in to me, pushing round inside me then out and then hard in again getting faster. I tried to say no but I found myself breathing to hard, and he knew it, he said, “Your old man pork your ass? You like an ass fucking? You like a bit of meat in your back door. You must be a good fuck your cunt’s well tight for an olden”.

As my head hung down it was swimming, the drink and what was happening was to much for me, I started to moan, and that made him worse, “That’s it you sanctimonious cunt, you want me to fuck you here or upstairs”? I tried to pull myself together.

I stammered, “No, no-where, I don’t want fucking”.

He drove his fingers in me, “Then what am I doing to your cunt now, all I have to do is change my fingers for my cock, so stop fucking with me and let’s get your clothes off, your tit’s out and play”.

He pulled me up so fast that my head spun, he pulled at my top ripping the last three buttons off and pulled it down my arms, I looked at him though glazed eyes as my bra straps were pulled down my arms, I heard him say, “Nice tit’s, good size with a big nipple, right now lets have the interesting part, lets see that cunt”. He dragged my skirt down, I think I was trying to stop him but I was soon standing in high heels stockings and just my pants, I shook my head as he said, “Lets loose the pants but the stockings can stay”.

I made a last grab to keep my pants on but he slapped my hands away and literarily tore them from my body, I tried to get past him but he pushed me on to the settee, dropped to his knees in front and pushed my legs wide, I looked down as his face buried itself between my legs, his fingers pulling my pussy lips apart as his tongue lapped at my clitoris.

I was so wet I couldn’t help myself, my hips pushed my pussy up to meet his mouth, he pulled back and looked at me, “I think I’ll have you bent over this sofa first, then I’ll have some real fun with you when I take you upstairs, I might as well stay the night, you taste like you haven’t had a good fucking for a while then I’ll take that drunken cunt home, but first lets give your holes a good seeing to”.

I shook my head and put my arms out to stop him but he grabbed my wrists and yanked me up, he swung my round the settee and shoved me over the back. I tried to get up but he spanked my bottom hard keeping a hand on my back, he laughed at me, “Your making a good show of not wanting a screwing but we both know your gagging for it, so keep still while I enjoy fucking your hole”.

I felt him enter me, it was so big, his thrust was very hard he was lifting me up and off the floor, I couldn’t help it I orgasmed twice before I felt him fill me. I was exhausted but he wasn’t, he pulled me back and held me, his hand mauled my breast, “Nice tit’s Mrs, I’ll give them some of my undivided attention when we get upstairs, come on, bed time”.

I was to confused to put up much of a fight, soon he was slapping my bottom as he drove me up the stairs, he pushed me against the landing wall and bent his face in to my breast’s biting and sucking at my nipples while his fingers pushed up me again, he was so rough, I felt my knees buckle as he pushed further in, he looked up, “Still hot and wanting, come on then”, he pulled me on but instead of going in my room he pushed me into the spare.

He stood by me, holding my hair forcing me to look at Trudy, “Pretty little tart ain’t she, wish she had tit’s like you, but they ain’t bad, look”, he pulled the cover down and pushed her sweatshirt up, showing me her breast’s, “Feel them”, I looked at him, I could see in his eyes he meant it, I put my hand down and touched them, “ Come on Mrs give them a good squeeze”, as I bent and squeezed Trudy’s breast his finger found my pussy again and pushed in, I fell forward as his thumb went in and his fingers were on my clit playing with it again, “You ever played with a woman before”, I shook my head I couldn’t speak I was breathing to hard, “You can kiss them tit’s if you want, her nipples pop up nice in your mouth go on suck her, you’ll be sucking me soon”.

I felt his hand move as he inserted his thumb up my bottom he also used his fingers in side my pussy, I fell forward on to the naked breasts in front of me, “Go on Mrs give her tit’s some tongue and be quick about it, I want to take you to your bed and fuck this cunt of yours some more”.

I was in a daze, suddenly I found myself licking at her young breast’s while he drove his fingers in both my holes, I could hear him chuckling, “While your down there have a feel of her cunt she shaves it, feels nice”.

I moaned, “No” but he took his fingers out and slapped me hard.

“You can ether do it easy or hard, but your gona do it, because I want to see you do it”.

I was in his power, I slid my hand down and unzipped her jeans then pushed my hand in under the waist-band of her pants and down between her legs as he went back to finger fucking me.

My hand slid over the naked pussy, the sensation was so different, I was being forced to do this degrading act but I felt myself feeling in to the tight slit there was no hair why was it exciting me, I don’t know what I’d have done if he had not suddenly pushed his long cock back inside me, he pulled me back up and I found myself stood there impaled on him as his hands came around me and squeezed at my breasts he whispered in my ear, “Lets do the fucking dance”, he turned me and we walked, me on tip toes still stuck on his hard cock, to my bedroom, the sensation was unbelievable.

We were in my bedroom, he pushed me over the bed and carried on fucking me, I felt so disgusted with myself that I was letting this youth do what he wanted to me, but my shame got worse as he licked his finger and pushed it back up my bottom while he fucked in and out of me.

I only groaned as he took himself out and then pushed at my other hole, as his hard length pushed inside the entrance he bent, brought his hand under me and played between my legs, fingering my pussy as he shoved right up me, to my utter humiliation, with him playing with my pussy I found I was pushing back in to him as he was the first man to fuck my bottom.

I stayed there bent over while one of his hands pulled and pinched at my nipples and his fingers aroused my pussy, I groaned and wiggled until I felt hot cum fill me. I had been abused I meant nothing to him as he just pushed me off his cock and forward on to the bed, pulled me round to face him, smiling down at me in triumph he said, “You what a piss, I do before I have another shot at you, or should I say in you”, he took me to the toilet and watched me pee like a little girl.

He took me back to the bed, he got the rest of his clothes off as I stared at the ceiling wondering why, suddenly he was beside me, he pulled me to him and forced me to kiss him, then to add to the perverted things he had made me do he lay back took a handful of my hair and shoved me down, he told me to open my mouth.

I knew I might get another spanking but I whimpered, “No”.

He lifted his head up and laughed, “Come on Clinton, I’ve fucked your ass and your cunt there’s only one hole left so open it I’m going to fuck your mouth sooner or later”.

Oh god I did as he said, he stuck his cock in to it, I could taste myself as he made me suck the end while his hand pumped on it until it spurt more of his filth in to my body, I wanted to spit it out but he held his hand over my mouth and shook my head until I swallowed.

He fucked my bottom and my pussy again during the night and even before he got up he fucked off between my breasts then took me bent over, filling my pussy once more then it was over. He used my bathroom to clean himself before he pulled the girl out of her bed and took her downstairs; I lay in my own mess until I heard the bike drive away.

You would think that was the end of my misery, it wasn’t, it was the start.

It was three days later, I had just taken Jolene for a walk and brought her back for her afternoon nap, I fed her and put her to bed, as I came back down stairs Callem was sitting on the settee, “Afternoon Mrs”, I stopped, I couldn’t believe the bravado of this boy.

I screamed at him, “Get out of my house”.

He just sat there toying with a camera, “I thought I may take a few photo’s of those two little moles you have, you know, the ones on the inside of your very tight ass-cheeks”, I looked at him, it didn’t take much to work out if I didn’t play along Robert would be told, I knew I would have a lot of explaining about how he knew about them, he probably remembered a lot of other things about me and our bedroom, I was to drunk to remember what he had said or done.

He smiled at me as I slowly walked down the stairs, “Come and plant your ass down here”. I walked round the settee and looked at him.

I half said, “What if”, but just patted the settee, “I’ll talk about what ifs later”, I sat.

He leaned over, “ Show us your legs, I’ve been thinking about them a lot, let’s see em”, I pulled my skirt back from my knees, “All of them right up to that little fuck hole you got in the middle”, I turned to him and shook my head he just smiled at me and nodded.

I was trapped, I had no choice I pulled my skirt up over my thighs he just kept nodding until I lifted myself up and bunched it round my waist. He held the camera up, “Pity there’s no sexy stocking still you have good legs now open them and pull your panties to the side, let me see it, it’s a Kodak moment”.

I put my hand up, “No please don’t do that”.

He aimed the camera at me, “Don’t worry I won’t get your face”, I know that a that moment I started to cry but I still did as he told me, as I looked up at him, he turned the camera side ways and it flashed, he laughed, “Opps and you weren’t smiling”, I burst in to tears.

He held the camera and still laughing he said, “Might as well take all your clothes off now, oh and do it slowly, lets see if you can turn me on”.

I let go of my pants and dropped before him on my knees, crying out the words, “Please no”.

He grabbed my hair, “Off your knees fuck toy, there will be time for you on your knees with your mouth full later, first of all take your fucking clothes off, I like you naked, now strip for me.

I was beaten and he knew it, as if in another world I stood up and slowly took my clothes off. As I did he kept the camera clicking, my humiliation was complete as I stood in front of this sick pervert doing what I had been ordered too, fingering my pussy and squeezing my nipples as he took more filthy pictures, “O K bitch now it’s deep throat time, you can get on your knees and blow me”, I knew I had to do it just to get rid of him so I knelt in front of him undid his zip and there I was a grown woman with my hands inside this boys trousers pulling out a cock I knew I would be forced to suck it’s full length until it blew all it’s filth down my throat and he would photograph me doing it.

I had been sucking him for about ten minutes and he had taken three pictures when the front door opened, I tried to move but he held on to my hair. He turned his head to the door, “Don’t just fucking stand there, Trudy let the boys in, you won’t mind if she don’t say hello it’s rude to talk with your mouth full”, my head was held hard down on his cock as it fucked my throat but I knew I heard about three boy’s and one girl as they came in and shut the front door.

He kept hold of my hair and forced me to carry on sucking him as he said, “Look Clinton don’t get upset, you should feel good, even proud, I told some of the lads how fucking good you were at fucking and sucking so they wanted to, how shall I put it? Find out for them self’s, well here they are and you and your holes are going to accommodate them, and maybe I’ll let you continue where you left off with Trudy, let you see just how good her bold cunt tastes but that’s next, first, I’m about to cum and you swallow everything I’m about to shoot down your throat”.

My head was being jerked back and forth so hard as this rigid long cock worked it self in to the back of my throat, I couldn’t even think that there were three more boys waiting to do the same to my mouth and my other holes. He suddenly spurt his filth in me, I chocked and swallowed as he held my head firm forcing me to suck the last of his juice from his rampant cock, as he pulled his meat out of my mouth other hands grabbed at me, some between my legs, some pulled and pinched at my nipples.

I was already bouncing on one cock, somewhere a voice told me to keep fucking as I felt another pushing in to my ass, there was a another cock waving in my face. I caught a glimpse of him sitting on my settee with one arm around Trudy, his hand playing with her naked breast but his other hand held the camera as the flash blinded me again.

It was 3.30 when the three boys sat back and looked at me laying on the floor, they had fucked me at least three times if not four, taking it in turns to use all my holes, every part of my body ached, but Callem was not finished with me, he bent forward and gripped my jaw, “You enjoy that fucking well you can now lay there and let Trudy sit on your face and believe me when I say if I don’t see your tongue so far up her cunt then I will let the boys spank you, and your cute ass won’t like that”.

To cat calls and cheers I lay there and watched as this young girl lowered her naked wet pussy over my sore well fucked mouth, I had to lay there and suck at her clit as I had been forced to suck on so many cocks then I licked up in to her open wet hole as I felt hands squeezing my breasts and finger’s hurting my already badly fucked sore pussy, thank god she only took about five minutes to cum in my mouth, I lay there having to lick and swallow her juice that she delighted in rubbing all over my face as the flash of the camera caught all of it.

I was told to kneel on the floor between them, I looked round at them as they sat drinking from my cabinet, Callem waved the camera in front of my face, “You want this”, I nodded, “You can have it for 15,000”.

I was shocked, I said, “No”.

He lent back, “Well lets see how much your old man will pay for it when he gets one picture on his desk”.

I was almost hysterical, “No, no I’ll pay”.

He leant towards me, “You better be quick the banks close in 25 minutes”.

I rushed upstairs and got my chequebook, wrote the cheque and one of the youths disappeared with it, Callem made me ring the bank and release the money.

The two boys who were left had me again while we wanted, I thanked god when the boy got back and Callem handed me the camera, “Good bye Clinton, you were fun to fuck”, and with that they all left.

It was yesterday a women in a smart grey suit rang the door bell, she was with two other men and a police officer, she was from the adoption agenise, they had come for Jolene, her real parents had come in to some money and were going to marry and now they had a future for their baby, also they had evidence that would prove I was unfit to bring up children so it was better if my husband didn’t know certain things and of course if I didn’t make a fuss, anyway they had a court order.

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