tagLoving WivesThe Perils of Pauline: Pauline Grainger

The Perils of Pauline: Pauline Grainger

bykayce 69©

He sat looking at her as she deliberately tore a piece of wallpaper from the side of the fire place, she screwed it up and threw it at him, “The place is a shit hole, I want it decorated and I want it now”. He looked anywhere but at her, but she snapped, “Look at me, you promised it would be done before we got married, that was three months ago, and if you didn’t notice we got married a fortnight ago so now I want to make new friends and show my house off, not be ashamed of it”.

He was searching for an answer that didn’t involve money. After last weeks honeymoon he was a bit short to the point his overdraft was well in to the red but he didn’t want his lovely new wife to know that. He smiled at her, “O K darling you win, this month and that’s a promise, now come here you sexy creature”, he put his arms out, she walked seductively towards him.

Pauline knelt by the chair and ran her hand over the bulge in his trousers, “And the double glazing”?

He looked at her, a beautiful 20 year-old very sexy woman that was his wife and swallowed, “Eeerrrr, yes I don’t see why not”.

She undid his zip and slid her hand in, all the time grinning up at him, “You want to fuck”? Ralph nodded, “You want to fuck me”? He carried on nodding, “Here or on the bed”? Ralph looked at the fire and nodded towards the rug, she pulled his cock free, stood and walked back to the fire, turned and started to slowly take her jumper off.

As the jumper went over her head her breasts lifted, the nipples pointed at him they were so long and thick, “Christ your bloody gorgeous”.

As she shook her hair she laughed, “Thank you sir”, she slid her hands under both breasts and lifted, first one nipple to her mouth, running her tongue over it then, as she moved her hands to her zip he smiled at her, “To think you never had full sex until me, that was only, what, 8 months ago and now look at you, this is four times today”.

She slid her skirt down her slender legs; “Hope you enjoy eating your supper”? She hooked her thumb in to her pants and pushed the front down exposing her bold pussy, Ralph slid off the chair and crawled towards her.

“Looks a fine menu to me”.

She lowered her voice to a sexy growl, “Eat me, eat me now”, the pants strained wide as she opened her thighs. Her fingers parted her fleshy cunt lips; Ralph knelt in front of her, his tongue slipped up the open slit.

“I’ll have a portion of 69”, she laughed at him.

Still in the sexy voice said, “Sir will get his starter wet and well eaten first, then we will think about a main course”, she giggled, “Maybe toad in the hole”.

Like a obedient dog he licked hungrily at the open slit, her thighs opened more as she bent her legs, little groans escaped her mouth, “Ooohhh that’s soooo good, more, come on more get in right in, oohh yesss there, just there ooooshhhaaahhhh”.

Ralph licked at his wife’s wet cunt, sucking the flesh in to his mouth, the more she moaned the more he worked on her, he knew she would be hot and willing.

She started to close on her climax, her hips pushed at him, he brought his finger up and tickled lightly at the sensitive skin between her cunt and ass-hole, that drove her over the edge and his face took the full force of her splattering orgasm.

He stood; she put her arms around his neck and licked at his face, tasting herself. Smiling at him she said, “As I was saying want to fuck”?

He laughed, “Yes get naked, you hot assed bitch”.

As her pants slipped off her ankle she looked up at him, “Its you that made me this way, I just love our sex”.

As he slid his trousers off he said, “You just love our fucking, thank god I’m back at work next week, I’ll need the rest”.

She dragged his pants down and closed her hand over his rigid cock, “That’s next week, this is now, fuck me, then I’ll give you the best blow you have ever had until your ready to fuck me again”.

He lay on the rug, his hands toying with the hard nipples as she bounced and squealed, milking his cock with her tight cunt muscles; he still didn’t know what he had done to deserve this beauty. He had met her only 8 months ago, they hit it off straight away, if there was such a thing as love at first sight this was it.

She had told him of a few boyfriends but she had only allowed a quick grope, but when she finally let him in her bed, she was unbelievable. After he broke her in she couldn’t get enough, it was as though someone had thrown a switch, she had discovered sex and she was insatiable.

He felt himself coming, she pumped him hard as he exploded in her; she rose off him, moved to the side and dropped her head over his sticky cock, her mouth sucked at it, her tongue licked at the mess of male and female juice, then her mouth began to suck, forcing him hard again.

He watched the dark hair as it rose and fell, he felt fingers as they tickled his sack. He could feel her tongue as it licked over the head of his cock. He tried to push further in to her mouth, but she drew back, he knew she wouldn’t take it all the way, that’s why she kept her hand around it, he whispered, “You got a fabulous ass”.

Her hand continued the pumping of his cock as she turned and looked at him, “Oh no, don’t get any ideas, your not putting anything in there”.

As he took a deep breath he thought, one day but for now, he grabbed her arm pulled her up and kissed her hard before rolling her side ways and getting on top, she opened her legs, her fingers found his cock and she pulled him in to her.

They sat on the floor together, she looked at him, “You had enough or shall we do it again”, he shook his head, she laughed, “I’ll make something to eat, you ring the decorators and I don’t want a cheap job”, she kissed him, got up, picking her clothes up as she did, she wiggled her firm round ass at him and went towards the bathroom. Ralph picked up the phone book.

Later, on his way to the bathroom he passed her in the kitchen, “A week on Tuesday, they will drop the wallpaper pattern books and a measuring guide in on Thursday”.

On the Thursday she came back from the shops to find three big books under the porch. They spent that evening measuring the walls and choosing, she chose expensive. Ralph said he’d drop the books back on his way to work on Friday and give them the go ahead, she kissed him and thanked him by fucking him to a stand still over the following three hours.

The following Tuesday morning Ralph was just finishing his last mouthful of corn flakes when a large red and blue van pulled up out side, Pauline went to the door just as the bell rang.

A man in his forties used his eyes to undress and redress the beautiful twenty year-old in a matter of seconds before introducing himself as Bill, was it alright if they made a start confirming the measurements, Pauline stood back to let him in.

Ralph past him on his way out with a short, “Good morning” he also said, “Hy” to the two others carrying in dustsheets, tables, ladders and buckets.

Ralph got in to the car as Bill said, “This is Mikey and Mervyn”, as he closed the car door he heard Bill laugh, “You’ve got Bill and his M & Ms”, Pauline thought it funny too.

She left them in the lounge as they started ruling the place out. She washed up the breakfast things, there was a serving hatch between the kitchen and lounge, much as the doors were closed she could still hear them talking above the radio.

She thought it was Mickey who first said, “I wouldn’t mind measuring her up”.

Bill was quick to answer, “I’d give her my 12 inch’s but I don’t use it as a rule”, they laughed and Pauline had a quite snigger.

Pauline kept listening, she soon found out what kind of men she had in her house, especially Mervyn. “Reckon she’d put out, reckon we could get in her pants, bet she’d look great, naked, on her back, legs open and eh, couldn’t you just drill that mouth of hers”?

Bill’s voice was even more menacing, “Ya but did you see that ass, a real round firm beauty, I always did like a bit of rump, and she looks like she’s got a hot one”, he laughed as he said, “She better not bend down to close to me, don’t know what my old boner would do if it saw that pointing at it”.

Mike chipped in, “Maybe we should ask her, you know, just tell her we want to fuck her, she may just give up her cunt for a bit of fun, my cocks getting hard at the thought of getting between her legs and fucking her”.

Pauline felt strange, she found herself grinding her hips in to the knob on the draw, listening to what these men wanted to do to her was arousing her. She went to leave but their talk impelled her to stay; Mervyn spoke, “She seems to have it all, her tits looked good, to good for that wimpy looking bloke who past us, be good if he wasn’t able to do the business, she might fancy a good hard banging, a real three way fucking”.

That was too much for Pauline, she quickly went upstairs to the bathroom and locked the door.

She scrambled to get her jeans off, then her pants; putting the loo seat down she sat, opened her legs and ran her fingers over her wet hard clit then peeling her vulva head open she started rubbing, frequently letting her finger run down and up pushing in to her wet hole.

Every time her fingers disappeared up inside her other hand slid up and squeezed at her breast, fingers searching out the hard nipple through her clothes.

Sighs and moans increased as the feelings inside her grew; the fingering became more frantic as she pumped her wrist faster, forcing her fingers to jab in to her now hot sopping channel. She forced them up as far as they would go, her other hand was now up under her jumper, her bra was pushed up to her neck releasing her firm large breasts. Her fingers rolled and twisted at the hard long hot nipple, her breathing became heavy, her moans of pleasure became erotic grunts as she headed for a climax.

The three men listened at the bathroom door, each one with a grin knowing what they were listening too.

Pauline wouldn’t have heard them, she was trying hard not to make too much noise herself as she bit her lip stifling the squeal of her orgasm; her body shuddered before she slowly relaxed, her fingers released the nub of her clit and she slid them up to her lips tasting the juice of her orgasm.

About half an hour later Pauline went back downstairs, the men just smiled at her as she went about her business, then she made them coffee before leaving for the shops. They gave her ten minutes before all three of them slipped in to the bedroom and started looking through the draws.

They soon found her bra size; Mervyns put his hand round the cup and squeezed, “As I said, good size tits, like to see them in this”, he pulled out a black lacy half cut, then various pants, thong, lace, silk and see through, even a couple of suspender sets. Bill went to the bathroom and found the linen basket complete with the pants she had used to wipe herself only an hour ago.

They were back at work when Pauline returned, she immediately went to the kitchen to put things away, but she was hoping they may start talking again, she didn’t have to wait long.

Little did she know that this was all well rehearsed. Mikey said, “The one thing I hate about this job is stripping”. Mervyn voice was a little louder, “Bet you wouldn’t hate it so much if it was her you were stripping”.

Bill joined the conversation, “Bet she strips down a treat, looks a right little fuck machine, and bet those nipples are like chapel hat pegs when their roused, bit like those tart’s in my porno’s”.

Pauline was listening as Mikey said, “And you were going to let me have a look at one of them”.

Bill was still laughing, “And you said your machine was fucked, you can have the bondage one when you can see it”.

Mikey told him, “Bring it tomorrow, if the fuck bunny goes out we can use the one she’s got”.

Pauline had never seen a porno movie; she began to wonder, where they as naughty as people make out? Do men enjoy watching women tied up?

Pauline spent the rest of the day out of the way of the workmen, until she heard them shouting, “Goodnight”.

Ralph came home, Pauline put her arms round him and ground her hips in to him and suggested an unromantic dinner in the kitchen to avoid the mess. As they ate he was full of questions about the work in progress but Pauline really didn’t have much to say, she was more interested in making up for the dinner by getting him upstairs and in bed, she needed a good fucking as soon as possible.

Ralph managed to satisfy her twice but she wanted more, she was hot and she was now thinking of everything she had heard, her mind raced with the thought of them watching a bondage porno video in her house.

Pauline was up early the next morning; quickly she had Ralph’s breakfast sorted then she manoeuvred the T V so it could be seen from the kitchen hatch.

She checked that she could get a good view with the hatch just slightly open, then she played the dutiful wife until Ralph left and the van arrived.

She let the painters in and announced that she would be popping down to the bank this morning, would be about an hour. As she washed up she heard them, “So you got the vid in here or is it in the van”?

Bill laughed, “It’s in the tool bag, now wait your hurry”.

Pauline set the kitchen door so she could slip back in and then said her goodbyes and sees you later as she went out.

Silently she slipped back; as she got in to the kitchen the men had already taken some covers off the sofa and Bill was loading the machine.

As he sat Pauline got a good view, she tried not to laugh as she heard him say, “Now you boys don’t go messing your pants, you know the deal, if your good I’ll bring another sexier one tomorrow remember every-thing cums to he who waits”, Pauline thought what a strange thing to say, must be man talk, suddenly the screen came to life.

It started with a very pretty girl coming in to a room, she was wearing a sports top and shorts; there was a man in a mask hiding in the room, he poured some stuff out of a bottle on to a handkerchief and grabbed her from behind.

Closing the cloth over her mouth and nose he held her, fondling her breasts as she slowly past out, then he dragged her to a chair and tied her to it continually fondling her lovely young body.

He left her until she came too, as she did he had three strips of tape which he gagged her with, she made lovely mmmm sounds as he did.

As she mmmmd in to her gag he stood behind her and pulled her top up exposing a pair of large firm breasts. The three men started making commits, Mikey said, “Bet Mrs Fuck Bunny got things that size, bet they’d look good with some rope round them”.

Bill said, “Bet she’d look good with a lot of rope holding her”.

Pauline suddenly felt a little shudder as the last voice said, “Ya holding her legs wide open”.

Just then the man in the film moved to the front of the helpless girl and started to pull her shorts down, as he pulled them down Pauline saw the girl had a perfectly trimmed thin line of hair that matched the cress’s her thighs made, like three lines pointing to her tight pussy. The man knelt there running his finger over the tight slit, then he got up and moved back behind the girl and got the cloth again, he laid it over the helpless girls mouth and as she started to pass out again he whispered in her ear.

Pauline struggled to hear but what she heard gave her a all to well known feeling between her legs, she listened, she heard, “That’s it little sweetie-pie you go sleepies and when you wake up you will be tied spread eagle on your bed with me fucking that cute pussy you got between your legs and that will just be for starters as I’m staying here all night”.

The picture faded, Pauline wondered, what the, when suddenly the scene had shifted. It was a hall way then the helpless girl, now total naked, came bouncing out of a room, her hands tied behind her, her feet taped together and tape still over her mouth, as she jumped her breasts bounced up and down, much to the excitement of the men.

Pauline watched as a man followed the bouncing girl, he had the bottle but now he had a dust mask, he poured the mixture in to the mask and caught up with the girl, he held her and put the dust mask over her mouth and nose then fastened it to her head via the elastic leaving his hands free to play with her breasts again.

As she started to be overcome by the fumes he still pulled at her nipples making her squeal, laughing at her he whispered again, “Now don’t you go runnin out on me, didn’t you enjoy the fucking I just gave that cunt, ass and mouth of yours”? As the film continued Pauline swallowed hard and rubbed herself between her legs, “I just rang three of my friends and told them what a pretty obliging girl you are and how tight your ass was, well it got them excited, you’ll be delighted to know their on their way over so all four of us can fuck you and with you all tied up you ain’t gonna stop us”, he ran his hand down the front of her and tickled her between the legs, “So you just have a rest, your gonna need it”, the girl slid from his grasp and collapsed to the floor.

Bill got up, “This next segments great”, he moved over a put something on the hatch shelf pushing the door closed, Pauline was really hot and wanted to see more, she made her mind up there and then to make them a drink.

She quietly made them a soft drink and then marched in to the lounge. Mikey was the first to jump up and try and cover the T V, Bill just turned and looked at her, “Sorry thought you where out, just educating the boys with some birds and the bees films, hope you don’t mind”?

Pauline brushed the remark aside, “Its your break time so don’t mind me, I’m broad minded, I’ll get on with my jobs”, as she spoke she picked up some-things for the rubbish and put them in a black bag plus a dust mask and a roll of tape, then moved the tin from the kitchen hatch shelf, she didn’t notice but Bill had watched her every move.

As she left she turned to see this beautiful girl as a secret agent, she was scantily dressed, had a gun and was breaking in to a warehouse.

Pauline got back to the kitchen; she could now see the T V. The girl was moving through a maze of corridors and there were three men watching her. They all pounced on her at the same time, she was overwhelmed and chloroformed.

The next scene had Pauline pushing her hip in to the knob on the kitchen unit, there was the girl, completely naked, her arms taped behind her back and her legs crossed and taped.

One of the men held her pants in his hand, “Open wide your gona suck your pants first”, the girl was shaking her head and moaning, “No, No”, but they held her head and forced her pants in to her mouth then three pieces of tape held them there.

The men immediately attacked her body, two sucked and squeezed her tits and nipples the other got between her legs and fingered her sweet slit, they tormented her. One just used his hands on her tits while telling her that the boss was coming over and was going to torture her and then dispose of her, so, as it would take him a couple of hours to get there they hoped she wouldn’t mind if they used her gorgeous body to relive themselves.

Pauline began rubbing herself now, little groans came from her mouth; she was so wrapped up in the film she didn’t notice Bill slide out. He crept upstairs and with a little oil lubricated the hinges and locks on the bathroom and bedroom doors before sliding back downstairs and in to his seat.

The three men on the film had just tied thin lengths of string around the helpless girls fat long nipples and were pulling her around the bed accompanied by her squeals and moans, all the time telling her they would only stop when she nodded yes to a face fucking; they continued to smack her ass and push fingers up her until she nodded.

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