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Here is a letter that I wrote to my wife some time ago. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as we do and remember this is my first submission so please be gentle!!

Hi L

Here's a story that I wrote just as we were leaving London at the end or the 90's. I remember that you seemed to like reading it... especially when you read it as I fucked you slowly from behind! You told me that you wished it had happened, what do you think now? Here it goes...

.... I don't know how to start this one so I'll just start, it might seem a bit abrupt but just go with it!

Over the months that I was personal training in Golders Green I got to know Paul quite well and he got to know me. We used to talk about loads of things, including you and his girlfriend. Much of it was polite banter but he did make the occasional comment about your fantastic bum or firm tits. I found this to be quite a shock at first but we always seemed to laugh it off. I used to think about this loads, often wondering if I should tell you. I guess I didn't because I didn't know how you would react.

Anyhow, this all came to a head when I went out with Paul for few beers before moving back to Scotland. We were playing pool and had had a few when the conversation changed. I can't remember how it turned to sex but he was telling me how at college he and his flat mates used to share a few girls between them. There was ten guys in his house and they used to fuck four girls all the time - sometimes individually, sometimes in small groups. He even said that one night they all fucked one girl! He said that she loved it although he didn't join in and just enjoyed watching from the side lines.

I must have looked shocked and he asked me if I'd ever done anything like that before. I didn't comment and just laughed it off and asked him if he had indulged since college and if they all still keep in touch, maybe get together now and again. He replied that he had shared his girlfriend with 2 of his old college friends at a recent wedding they had been to. He said it was the first time that she had tried it, and loved it. Paul told me that it all started when his two friends were trying to guess whether she was wearing tights or stockings under her dress (that old chestnut). At the end of the night, slightly worse for wear and on their way back to their hotel rooms one of them asked about her stockings again to which Paul's girlfriend replied "why don't you come in and find out?" Paul said that he was stunned but just went with the flow, and flow they did apparently! In case you were wondering, she was wearing stockings much to their pleasure. He didn't go into to much detail about what went on but I don't think they got much sleep that night.

At this point I blurted out about Australia. About how you wanked my friend as I fucked you from behind. I told him how I thought you had enjoyed it even though we felt a little guilty the next day. Paul just said "...he's a lucky man...." Fishing for more (I think) I asked "why?". "To have fucked your girlfriend" was his reply. I explained that he hadn't fucked you but how I thought that you had wanted him to by the way you kept turning your back to him and rubbing his cock against your bum. "What a fool!" Paul said.... it went silent for a while, we played some more pool and the conversation shifted onto other things.

As we were leaving, I knew the chances of seeing Paul again when we moved to Scotland were slim, so I asked him if he would like to fuck you because if he did I could try and fix it up! It was his turn to be surprised but he said that he would love to and that I should give him a call to make arrangements. I never did...... Was that silly of me? Should I have arranged for my personal trainer to come around and fuck you while you sucked my cock? Would you have enjoyed that? Would you have wanted me to ask you or just to have gone ahead and surprised you? So many questions, so many fantasies have been buzzing around my head based on this.

Fantasies like:

You being fucked by Paul at one of the infamous gym parties over one of the machines in the upper gym. I am watching you from behind another machine. To my surprise you are both startled by someone else who walks over to you and joins in. Its Sean (one of the guys from our boot camp class) and he fucks your mouth while Paul takes care of your cunt. What an amazing sight....

I also fantasize about how Paul would visit you in our flat in London after I had moved up to Scotland to find our new house. You would talk to me on the phone as he fucked you from behind, describing everything to me in explicit detail...

Or, how he and his girlfriend visited us for dinner one night and.... that one needs a page in its own right though!!

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