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The Pet Girl Shoppe



In the year 2129, the 100th celebration of the end of cheap oil was celebrated. During the preceding 100 years, society, laws, and even whole ways of life were changed.


It all started in 2029, when Excon struck the last of the cheap oil pockets deep within the Atlantic Trenches. When the announcement was read across the globe, riots broke out as people began hording what they could, while others clamored to try to figure out their own means of survival. Within a year, most of Western Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and the Far East were ravaged by revolutions or wars. South America all the way north to the US-Mexico border was plunged into plague and famine as the US and Canada began cutting off food distribution in order to preserve what fuel was left. Briton put in place a massive wall and sea mines, isolating itself from the world as word spread of a possible pandemic coming towards the country.

5 years later, in 2034, the global map had been redrawn. In the US, different states and cultural groups had formed their own governmental control zones, while the borders remained tightly closed. Along the southern land border, a mile deep death zone was established. Starting with barb wire and a 10 foot high concrete wall, followed by minefields, guardian robots armed with machine guns, and of course the final wall, a 10 foot thick, and 50 foot high steel and concrete barrier. Those who were foolish or desperate enough to try it, usually never got more than 10 feet across the first wall.

Within most of these smaller political zones, laws were soon passed in which criminals were not tolerated. In some, if convicted of a crime, the punishment was carried out the same day. In others, there were choices offered to some genders. Women and men could be used as working animals for their sentences instead of death, at least for some minor crimes. Usually, the men were turned into ponies to serve the time as hard laborers. Women were often made into helpless house pets.

As time passed, crime dried up. However, other problems developed. One was a final, desperate attempt to try to breach the walls of the US and Canada. A terrorist cell in the former European countries had developed a genetic virus that changed the population birth rates to roughly 30 females to 1 male. This had some dire consequences for the world, most notably on the rules regarding enslavement of women. In all parts of the world, in the year 2050, women were officially demoted to second class status.

In the former US zones, the rules were harsh, but fair. From the age of 18 till 40, a woman could be enslaved either by lottery, criminal activity, or voluntary enslavement. Parents often would have disobedient girls converted as punishment. Soon, shops were springing up across many zones in the US to sell the enslaved girls as pets and decorations. This is the story of one such shop.

Chapter 1: Welcome to Mike's Pet Shoppe

Mike Jones had been born just after the last of the oil had been discovered. After surviving the reformation of the country, and the reformation laws and voluntarily enslavement riots, Mike had decided to get in on the ground floor of the pet slave business. Picking an area in the costal Florida region, Mike had bought the land and built up his store. Now, after 5 years in business, he was very prosperous, and also quite an adept at getting new stock. It didn't hurt that in his particular jurisdiction women were often cited for improper attire at the beach.

Mike's current stock of pet slaves included 10 girls at the age of 18, 10 girls at 19, and 20 girls in age from 20 to 23. All had been thru a similar humiliating transformation from woman to pet slave. Now, all of them were in special cages designed by Mike himself. The cages were just large enough to hold the girl inside but not allow her to move around. Special dildos had been installed to work their pussies while the shop was open, leading to the constant whimpers, moans, panting, and occasional squeals as the slave girls were brought again and again to orgasm.

Mike always loved to listen to the sounds as his stock was continually worked over, but his favorite task was converting girls and placing them into their pet suits. Mike specialized in two main pet roles, Ponies and Puppies. The process was similar, to a point. Both pet roles required permanent hair removal below the neck, and modifications to the bodies to give firmer and perkier breasts. But beyond that, the process changed.

For the ponies, Mike had to pick from some approved next-gen rubber suits in horse colors. The girl would be put into the suit, which left her breasts, pussy, and ass uncovered. She would then be fitted for some hoof boots which were high heel boots shaped like a real horse's hoof. They would be sealed onto her feet, forcing her to remain on her toes for the rest of her life. Moving up her body, Mike would then begin fitting the harness. The harness Mike liked to use was a white leather strap design, with breast cups to provide the support the pony girl would need. A crotch strap passed between her legs, and held a tail which was dyed to match her natural hair color. Mike disapproved of the butt plug tails as the position was never quite right visually. A wide waist belt allowed for carts to be hitched to the pony girl. The breast straps provided support for the pony girl's breasts, while leaving them exposed to the world. Mike would attach nipple rings and bells to the pony girl, to give the riders music as she pranced down the street. The pony girl's arms were encased in hoof gloves or a single arm sleeve depending on the customer's preference. A wide collar was fitted around her neck, holding her head up high. Finally the bridle and its accessories were installed. First was the under Bridle assembly. This allowed for the attachments to be connected up without having to change out entire parts. A rubber coated metal bit was fitted into the pony girl's mouth and buckled tightly behind her head. A muzzle was fitted over this to give the girl the appearance of a pony. Her hair was fed thru a ring in the back of the bridle, giving her a ponytail hair style. Finally, a feather mount was installed on the top of her head, to allow a customer to install feathers of their choosing into it. Once a Pony was outfitted, she would be led to a walking machine, where for a month she was taught how to walk, trot, canter, and sleep as a pony girl slave. When her time was up, she was led to one side of the store, where she would be fitted into a display stall, and placed for sale.

Puppy slaves were Mike's favorite to outfit, since it was a bit more personal. A puppy girl slave would be put on her hands and knees, over a rubber suit. The suit colors most often used were a Dalmatian print, black, brown, or pink, but of course owners could choose a different suit for their pets at any time. Once in position, the girl's arms and legs would be folded over so that she was forced onto her knees and elbows. The suit's sleeves would then be pulled up, trapping her in her new position. The suit left the girl's breasts, ass, and pussy visible as well, making the new role that much more humiliating to the victim. As a final humiliation, the rubber suit was fitted with a tail that despite any pressure, would always return to a vertical position and wag as the girl crawled. A zipper would be pulled up the suit from the girl's ass to her neck, to hold the suit in place before the final bits of gear were installed. First was a ring gag muzzle. This was designed to prevent human speech and allow for food, water, and cocks and pussies to be licked. Once the muzzle straps were secured over the girl's head, her hair would be pulled into pigtails, and the rubber hood of the suit would be pulled over her head and zippered closed. After suiting, the new puppy would be taken to a walker and spend a month on it, crawling and bounding, learning to move as a puppy. After the month, she would be put into one of the display cages, where she would be impaled on a dildo till she was sold to a new owner.

As Mike scanned his store, his stock was currently 25 puppies and 15 pony girls. During a rush, such as spring break and the start of school terms, his store could accommodate 50 puppies and 35 pony girls at one time. He always loved those times of the year, as it seemed the customers were always eager to buy and convert girls they had captured. Often during those very busy times, he would hire on a few assistants to help him with the sales or the conversions. Often times, it would be other girls who were curious about the process. More often than not, Mike would find these girls fingering the suits at the end of the day, and almost all of them would eventually be suited by the end of the season.

Smiling, Mike turned on his OPEN sign, unlocked the front door, and activated the anti-theft measures for the front of the store. Then smiling to himself, he pressed the on button for all the cage dildos, and listened to the squeals and pants as his puppy girls began their day long fucking until they were sold. Mike also sold suits for home conversions and recreational play, cages, toys, chastity belts, bowls, pet walker robots, and a host of accessories for the pet owner's every need and desire. He even acted as a state licensed conversion point and witness for the home conversions. As he made a final check of his shop, Mike checked the drop off cage, where girls and those responsible for them could enter a cage, and wait till it was closing time, for their conversion to take place. Each spot in the cage had a collar, wrist cuffs, and dildo that each girl would be required to mount, as a sign of their willingness to be converted. Smiling that all was in order, Mike went behind the counter, and awaited his first customer.

Chapter 2: Shelly's Arrival

"But Daddy, it wasn't a huge bill. But I had to get those clothes. They're the latest styles from Los Angeles."

Shelly was complaining to her dad as he led her down the street on a leash. She had spent nearly $300 on clothing from some of the more upscale department stores out in LA, but when her dad had seen the bill, he was furious. Now, he was dragging her down the street as a punishment, but her complaining continued.

Shelly had lived a pampered life so far. Her father had given her what she had asked for, since she was his first daughter. However, soon after she turned 17, she had become more of a brat. The other girls in her family all had been complaining privately to their dad about her whining and complaining, but they had always been spanked and sent to their rooms for speaking ill about their sister. Now, one year later at 18 however, Shelly had gone too far.

Her father had stormed into her room just an hour ago, threw her over his lap, and began mercilessly spanking her ass. She had squealed and moaned, kicking her legs and bawling like her younger sisters when they were spanked, but her father was in no mood to show mercy. For 30 minutes her father's hand rained spank after spank on her ass. Then, when she was beyond bawling and was reduced to whimpering, he slipped a leather collar around her neck and locked it.

Standing up abruptly, he dumped her on the floor, and stripped her to her underwear before dragging her out to the street, and began walking to the local pet shop. Shelly was too scared and hurt at first to complain, but soon after the whistles and open stares, she began her complaining. Her father, meanwhile, was growing more and more furious by the minute. If Shelly had been smart, she would have shut up and begged for her father's cock and forgiveness.

Shelly's father reached the store, and shoved his daughter inside as he followed. Mike looked up to see the pair arrive, and he sensed the annoyance of the male, which almost always led to a conversion. Mike walked over and greeted the man.

"Hello Sir, and welcome to the Pet Shoppe. My name is Mike, and I would be happy to assist you."

"Hello Mike, I am Mr. Jones. My daughter here has maxed out her credit card and I am tired of footing her bills and her whining. I would like to have her converted to a puppy immediately so she can be sold to pay off the debt."

"Of course we would be happy to help, Mr. Jones. If you would be so kind as to secure her in the holding cage there, we can work on her paperwork. There are just a few forms, really, that will be needed to convert her legally from free girl to slave pet girl."

Mr. Jones dragged Shelly into the holding cage. He quickly had her stripped nude and had her neck and wrists locked into the cuffs. Pushing her down onto the dildo, her knees slipped into a recessed floor panel which sprang closed, trapping her on the dildo. Shelly felt the vibrations in her pussy almost as soon as the thigh restraints locked around her legs. Mr. Jones took one added step and slipped a ball gag into her mouth, locking it on tightly, leaving Shelly reduced to piteous moans and whimpers.

Mike watched from the counter, as he accessed the conversion forms and prepared for the day's first conversion. Mr. Jones and Mike conversed for almost hour as they worked on the forms and took time off to watch Shelly squirm on the dildo in her pussy. As Mr. Jones was wrapping up the paperwork, he cruelly looked back at his former daughter, and gave a wicked grin. "See you later, bitch cunt."

Chapter 3: Julie's Decision

Julie had lived in the Midwest of the country for most of her life. She had, however, convinced her parents to let her travel alone for spring break for the first time. Her argument was that since she was 18 now, it was time for her to start making her own way in life, and not having to rely on her parents for her own survival and decisions. Her parents had at first refused, but Julie's arguments had started to plant the seeds of thought into her parents' minds, till finally they agreed that she was old enough to make her own decisions, but they insisted that she call them if she got into trouble.

Julie now was down in Daytona and of course had totally ignored her parents request to keep in touch during the break. She had been too busy flirting, sunning on the beach, and taking advantage of the nice climate to explore the town. Her curiosity however, was drawn almost upon her arrival by the hotel's pickup service from the local airport. It wasn't an electric car, but rather a pony girl drawn carriage. She had heard of the pony girl craze in some of the major cities, but being out in the Midwest on basically rural ground and a deemed inhospitable climate, she had yet to see any of them in her area. Now she was watching their fine curves and swishing tails and tight breasts as they pulled the carriage thru the town.

Later that first night in the hotel, she had called down to the desk, to ask if the pony girls were available to the guests, and finding that they were she asked that a single passenger cart and pony be hitched up, for her to drive around the town in the following day. To her delight, the following morning she was allowed to drive around the area, and found the thrill of watching the pony girl as she pulled the cart to be highly stimulating.

Now that her week was almost over, Julie had taken her pony girl out to the outlying fields and woods daily in the afternoons, and put her thru her paces. Now Julie had decided to hold a conversation with her pony, so she pulled into her private area and parked in a secluded spot. She had unhitched the girl from the cart, and pulled her down next to her. Julie then unbuckled the bit from the pony's mouth, and tentatively spoke to the pony girl.

"Um, uh hi. My name is Julie. I...I wanted to ask you, if you like being a pony girl?"

"Hi. I...my name was Mandy. I was sold into slavery by one of my friends. She never came back to claim me thought, and I was bought instead by the hotel. As far as if I like it or not, it is hard to say. I had secretly desired it, once I had seen it, and I am well taken care of, but if I was still able to choose, I...I guess I would do it again."

"When you were sold, did..did you cum?"

"Yes, I did. I was scared at first, but they had me in a special holding cage that had a vibrator in it, and when I was sold, I was impaled on it, and soon all I could think about was the next big cum. And soon I was being harnessed, and trained, and I was almost constantly dripping."

Julie listened to the pony girl before her, and kept pressing her for details and her feelings. As she listened, Julie realized that her bikini bottoms were getting wet too. Julie finally had to ask the burning question in her mind.

"Mandy, if I wanted to become a pony like you, how would I do it?"

"Julie, from what the staff has said there are 2 paths to take. One option is to call down and ask for a conversion package with a specified time limit. Then the hotel would put you into the program of your choice for a period of no less than 2 years. Option b, which is a bit more riskier is to go to one of the pet shops in town, and do a volunteer conversion. But in that case, your fate is left up to the store owner."

"What if you and I switched places? Could we do that?"

"It would be a huge risk for us both Julie. If we were caught, we would both be converted and quite probably either used as hard labor ponies or worse."

"Ok, then what would be the best choice for me, especially if I wanted to be your stall mate?" Julie blushed at this last question, since she had been staring at the pony girl's pussy and breasts for almost the past hour, and could feel the crotch of her bikini definitely moist.

"Ask the hotel dear. Just put in the request my pony number, and request sexual rewards. But I have to warn you, if you do that, it also means any guest can fuck you at will."

"What if I bought you as mine, and lived out here in the country? Could we take turns being each other's pony?"

"There is still the risk of rustlers coming and kidnapping us both and making us ponies against our wills, more or less. But if you want to take that path, I know where we could get gear and equipment for you. But it is not going to be cheap or the lifestyle easy."

"Then I will call down to the hotel desk, and see if I can join you in the stalls. Now, before we go back, let me have a little fun with you."

Smiling, Julie reached out and unbuckled the crotch strap of Mandy the pony girl and began rubbing her nude pussy. Mandy smiled and spread her legs, eager this guest was curious about the lifestyle. Julie could feel Mandy's pussy juice under her touch, and decided now was the time, so she buried her tongue into Mandy's slit, while clamping her mouth over Mandy's pussy, combining to lick and suck on the helpless pony girl's pussy.

Mandy whinnied in delight as her clit and spot were worked over by this talented tongue, and reached her hoofed hands down, to gently hold Julie's head in place. Julie could feel Mandy's hooves on her head, and could taste her excitement flowing from her pussy. Julie kept up her licking and tonguing till she felt Mandy quiver and could feel the juices covering her face.

Smiling, Julie helped Mandy to her feet, secured the crotch strap back into place and pulling it snugly into Mandy's pussy, then inserted the bit back into Mandy's mouth and secured her back to the cart. Julie climbed into the cart, took the reigns in her hands, and gave Mandy's ass a smack from the crop to get her moving. Julie never got tired of watching Mandy's ass as it swayed as she pulled the cart before her.

Upon her arrival at the hotel, Julie went up to her room, and pulled out her vibrator. She then began working her pussy with it, while she dialed down to the adventures section in the hotel, and began to book her time as a pony girl. As she finished with the details, she fired off a quick email to her parents.

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