tagBDSMThe Pet is Chosen Ch. 06

The Pet is Chosen Ch. 06


"See I knew you were a reasonable man Draven. If things go badly this little kitty is going to be my insurance policy to getting my freedom. I have plans for you kitty."

"Lord Ulrich, i don't know what your plans are for me, and i think i don't really want to know. Please don't hurt either O/one of U/us."

"Silence you beast. Have you not taught her any manners yet Draven? she shouldn't be speaking at all by now."

"I don't curb speech Lord Ulrich when it is a simple request. she just spoke out of turn. I'll correct her later."

"No, you will correct her now."

With a heavy sigh Master came over to me and motioned for me to kneel in front of him. i quickly moved to comply as i didn't want to cause any more trouble. He placed a gag to my lips and accepted it not really knowing what to expect next. He looked at me with sorrow in his eyes.

"Be a good girl and accept your punishment for speaking out of turn. For this you will be spanked."

"No you will whip her."

"Lord Ulrich please show some mercy in this matter. It will terrify her."

"Draven you've grown soft because of this chit. You disappoint me. Stand out of the way unless you want to take her punishment for her."

"she is mine to punish Lord Ulrich not yours. I have all ready claimed her."

"If that is so then quit stalling and punish her so she won't do it again."

i could see how torn inside Draven was at that moment. W/we were in a precarious position with Lord Ulrich. His men had U/us out numbered and W/we were at his mercy and he knew it. Draven took the whip that was thrust into His hand and roughly pulled me to my feet and lead me over to the trees.

He whispered in my ear to be brave and this wouldn't last long like before. He started to prepare to whip me when all of the sudden we were under attack by those unknown to me. Draven stopped and smiled a bit. His men had gotten to Lord Elrik and these were men sent to capture Lord Ulrich.

i breathed a sigh of relief and took off my gag. i waited for the commotion to stop and was happy to see Lord Ulrich in escorted custody until reaching the lands of Lord Elrik. I knew that i still had some sort of punishment coming but at least it wouldn't be a whipping. Sir Kern shook the hand of Draven and i was even more calmed.

"brae, come here to me please. your punishment will have to wait until another time. I want you to meet Sir Kern, Captain of Lord Elrik's men."

i walked quickly to Master's side and greeted the man. Master frowned a bit when He saw i had removed the gag on my own accord but was willing to forgive it under the present circumstances. The night was going to be a long one and there would be little sleeping for fear Lord Ulrich would try to slip away. Sir Kern had guards posted all around the perimeter of camp.

"It is a pleasure to meet you Sir Kern. i do wish it was under other circumstances but that is not under my control right now. Please do not be harsh with Master....um....Draven....for he saved my life."

"I am not here to arrest Draven. I have been informed on what has transpired and though I don't believe in slavery it is not for me to say it is wrong. There is a matter that perhaps you can help me with though."

"What is it Sir Kern?"

"Perhaps we should speak it later once camp is settled in."

"Very well Sir Kern. i look forward to talking to you some more."

Master indicated to me to make camp and place our bedding beside one another. He came my tush a few playful taps and sent me on my way. Lord Ulrich looked on as if someone had slapped him in the face. He wasn't getting his way once again and his eyes were filled with hate.

Later that night, Sir Kern stopped back around and spoke with Draven and i. It was true. zara was with Lord Elrik but not as his captive. Sir Kern wanted more information on Lord Ulrich. W/we spoke in whispers so that Lord Ulrich would not be disturbed by out conversation.

"I must say brie you are very brave to endure what you have thus far. I will see to it that once the trail for zara is concluded that proceedings for you will be underway."

"Thank you, Sir Kern. i don't think i can ever repay you or your men for this. Quite frankly you saved me from another whipping."

"I know that such a thing leave emotional and physical scars. I have to wonder how you can be with Draven knowing he is the one who inflicted them."

"It's simple Sir Kern. Draven didn't mean to harm me. Lord Ulrich did. i would not be alive today if Draven had not been so handy with the whip. Most of the time, it was not more than a tickle against my flesh."

"May I see the scars?"

Draven unbuttoned my dress and bared my back. You could see where fur was still trying to grow back from the whipping. It no longer hurt but still itched sometimes. There were a few bald spots.

i could hear a small gasp from Sir Kern's lips when he saw the damage that had been done to my back from the whip. i know it must look bad to get such a reaction but i never really wanted to look at it. i simply wanted to forget that awful night and go forward with my life. It was true Draven was my angel even thought it was His hand that created the marks.

"Does it still hurt any?"

"It doesn't bother me any more, Sir Kern. What bothers me is that men like Lord Ulrich are free to do as they please to people like me. i am obviously not zara and i don't deserve to be treated like a criminal simply because He was displeased about something."

"That was well said. I think you speak well and perhaps can convey this to the King when we get to Lord Elrik's."

"If it is the will of Draven then i shall speak to the King."

"It is my will and more importantly my command. i don't need the King thinking harshly of me for something I was doing under direct orders. Lord Ulrich always made things sound as if they were orders from the King himself."

"Some men get above their station and do things beyond what the King really wishes. I think that's why it is important for brie to talk."

"Sir Kern, it was never my intent to hurt brie. I was following orders that I thought was an extension of the King. That was what I was hired for. I was told that the King ordered zara found, and Brie looks a lot like zara from what I know."

"You are right about the resemblance as I have seen zara. zara is indeed with Lord Elrik. I'll take us all there."

"Thank you Sir Kern for all that you are doing."

"Don't thank me just yet. The King may not take too kindly to what you have to say in this matter. In fact, I know he won't."

Later that night as we bunked down for the evening, Draven took a bit from camp. He wanted to talk to me a bit about what might happen and to have one final moment alone if at possible. i knew exactly what He meant and was welcoming of it. We were about to undress when Sir Kern happened by.

Sir Kern asked us to get back to camp as sleep wasn't going to be a commodity on the trip to Lord Elrik's lands. i was a bit disappointed about the interruption. Sir Kern then gave a wink and said that a hour could wait. He wandered back to camp with that said.

Draven quickly undressed me. He wanted to take full advantage of the time given to us. He spread a blanket out beneath me and quickly undressed. He plunged his cock inside me with little preliminary work. He wanted to be one with me.

It felt so good to have Him inside of me. i moaned and wiggled beneath Him as His cock drove back and forth within my pussy. i tried to stifle my cries of passion as not to wake the entire camp. It was hard not to be loud.

my nails raked down His back and left faint lines. Our bodies moved in unison and it felt so right. His cock filled me so well. i had not complaints.

He showered my lips with kisses and touched my body here and there. Sometimes it was with a soft tap and others with a caress or pinch. It was pure heaven. i shuddered beneath Him and begged Him for release.

He kept telling me to wait a bit longer. It was hard to hold out but when He whispered in my ear to cum i did with such velocity that i could hardly believe it. It felt so wonderful and great. i purred loudly.

Slowly we made our way back to camp and bedded down for the night. i would have the memory of this for nights to come. It would keep me going. It would, also, remind me whom i truly belonged to.

Morning came all too soon for the travelers. Sir Kern had us all mount up at the break of day light because there were many miles to cover. i gingerly sat in the saddle for the first hour or so. my night of passion make me reconsider sitting the saddle like a man.

Draven sort of chuckled at me, but quickly understood my predicament. He offered to let me ride with him for a while. i declined knowing i didn't want to be coddled in any way. He understood that.

Sir Kern seemed a little amused by it all. He chuckled at us both and kept the pace brisk but not too hard that first hour. To me it all seemed worth the bit of discomfort to have had shared that moment with Draven. i was beginning to truly love that man.

Many would wonder how i could love him all thing considered but love has a funny way of showing up sometimes. i knew in my heart that it was compassion that kept the injuries from being worse. It was trust that kept me from being harmed far more. It was love that brought me back from the brink of death.

All those things combined and it equaled a man that i could truly love and trust with all my heart. He had all ready shown his bad side. Now He was showing his side that made me loved Him even more. What more could a girl want?

Master and i didn't find a chance to be alone during the journey to Lord Elrik's lands. W/we shared many stolen glances at O/one A/another and i did my best to make O/our camp each night at least pleasant. Sir Kern didn't want to miss the King Edward's arrival. i knew how important it was for both me and for zara.

W/we arrived within hours of King Edward and my presence was going to be kept a secret until a meeting could be arranged. Lord Ulrich met with the King in hopes of getting his zara back. i met with the King a while later to make sure that didn't happen. i didn't want her to endure any more of Lord Ulrich's wrath.

i hoped that my testimony before King Edward would help clear the way for zara to be free. i of all people knew what kind of man Lord Ulrich really was. i had suffered because of him. i had almost died because of his zealous ways.

Within hours, i was shown to King Edward. Draven stayed with me the entire time and helped me tell the tale of what has been going on in Lord Ulrich's lands. King Edward was not pleased by the things He was hearing. He was not pleased at all.

King Edward agreed to press charges against Lord Ulrich for what he had ordered done to me and for my abduction. Draven was taken away to the dungeon for his part in it. He was to be tried for my abduction. i pleaded with King Edward to go easy on Draven because He had saved my life. It was to be considered but until all things could be sorted out that is where He was to be.

i cried when Draven was taken away. Lord Ulrich could all but smile. He even tried to tell King Edward that he would take me instead of zara. King Edward was not going to allow that after i showed off the scars on my back with the help of Sir Kern.

Decency wasn't something i was concerned with when i showed the scars. The only way to show them was to be undressed. King Edward blushed a bit at first and then became enraged at what He saw. Sir Kern helped me to explain how i came to have the scars and how W/we were found just a fortnight ago.

King Edward realized He had a few hard decisions to make and that He needed to make them post haste. Lord Ulrich's fate was being sealed long before zara was given an audience with King Edward. i was taken to the dungeon to see Draven after my testimony was given. i felt badly for my Master.

Through the bars, W/we touched and soothed O/one A/another. i tried to persuade the guard to lock me in with Draven but they would not allow it. Sir Kern came by later and took me to my quarters. i was going to be kept hidden yet from Lord Elrik and zara.

Several days passed by and i grew antsy to know what was going on. Guards were posted at my door and Sir Kern only allowed me about with an escort. i realized it was precautionary measures considering the circumstances. It didn't make me miss my Master any less.

King Edward arrested Lord Ulrich and stripped him of his title and land. Lord Elrik was made a Duke and given more land. zara was free and was actually found to be a Princess among our people. Duke Elrik and zara were going to be wed.

Finally after weeks of asking, i was permitted to see zara. The resemblance was there all right. i could barely believe how close we looked to one another. The only thing that marred my markings was my scars. Princess zara was happy to have a female cat person to talk to.

Princess zara and i fast became friends. Duke Elrik was happy to have me there as it make his beloved happy. He knew i was sad with Draven still in the dungeon waiting for King Edward to make up his mind what was going to happen to Him. The Duke arranged one evening for me to have some private time with Draven.

Sir Kern escorted me to the dungeon on that night. i wore only a cloak with nothing beneath as i wanted to waste no time trying to undo garments on myself. Draven looked overly happy to see me. Sir Kern had the guards move to the outer doors with assurance that the prisoner wouldn't be trying to escape.

We kissed and it was like fire between U/us. Draven was surprised but happy to find me naked beneath my cloak and W/we made short time of undressing Him. Draven took me with such need i had never experienced before. The time apart was taking just as much toll on Him as it was on me.

When the first passions were sated, Draven slowed to touch and caress every inch of me. Teasing me with his hands and tongue, He brought me shivering beneath Him until He was satisfied that i could take no more. This time it was slow and tender as if cherishing and creating a moment that would keep U/us for a good while.

i rested in His arms and cried a bit when Sir Kern announced that it was soon time for me to return to my quarters. i quickly wrapped myself in my cloak and kissed Draven good night. i would dream of being held in His arms that night and for many nights to come. i was thankful for these stolen moments.

Sir Kern escorted me back to my quarters and told me that Princess zara would like to see me in the morning. she had some questions that only i could answer for her. i told Sir Kern that i would be happy to meet with her. i was curious as to what the Princess wanted to discuss.

brie was anxious about meeting with Princess Zara and paced in her room much of that night. her thoughts were, also, on the stolen moments with Draven in the dungeon. she finally got to sleep in the wee hours of the morning curled up in front of the fire. she was awakened that next morning by Sir Kern knocking on the door. brie startled awake because she was lost in a dream.

Sir Kern waited for brie to answer the door and was happy to escort her to see Princess zara. Princess zara received brie in her chambers and had a spread of fruits and cheeses. The two cat ladies soon were chatting like old friends and were talking about things that affect them. That is what Princess zara was hoping for because the book she had seemed so foreign and unable to answer some questions.

brie helped Princess zara to understand the cycles of her body. It was then that Princess zara realized that she needed to pay more closely to her body's signals. she now understood what her moods meant, and why she would get so moody right before her courses coming on her. It was one of the many things that made Cat People so much like humans.

Princess zara talked to brie about the upcoming wedding and wanted her to be there. brie said that she would be happy to be there. Talk then turned to now disfavored Lord Ulrich and what had happened there. Princess zara finally spoke of all the times she had been at the mercy of that man as his slave. she felt comfortable talking with brie.

"There were times that i felt hopeless and unable to control my revulsion towards this man. His tastes were unlike any man that i had known and there was this smell about Him."

"i, too, noticed an unpleasant smell about Him on the night i was whipped. He smells of sickness."

"Yes, yes He does."

"Did He try anything in front of His men?"

"He did but i kept squirming in His lap. That made Him mad which lead to my being whipped."

"i am so sorry that you had to endure that. i can't imagine the feel of a whip against my fur. A hand is one thing."

"i was spanked as a child for being naughty but nothing could prepare me for being whipped like i was."

"King Edward will see that justice is served."

"i just hope that Draven is released soon. i hate being apart from my Master."

"i know how You feel. i felt the same way when Mine was imprisoned. i know i have many people to thank for His release yet."

"King Edward is a good man for sure. He didn't flinch outwardly while i told my story. He knows how to keep his cool and His composure."

"Yes, He does."

The two women talked well into the afternoon. they were enjoying each other's company. It helped brie to have someone to talk to that understood. Sir Kern interrupted them later that day with an announcement. King Edward had finally come to a conclusion on what to do about Draven and wanted to see brie as soon as possible.

Princess zara insisted on coming along, and was happy to see Duke Elrik in the hall. Sir

Kern knocked on the door, and ushered everyone inside. Draven was all ready inside the room in shackles. King Edward waved everyone to come close and listen carefully to what He had to say on this matter. He didn't want any misunderstandings of His decree.

"Gentlemen and ladies, I have come to a decision on the matter of Draven. i have consulted with the Duke since it is his dungeon in which will be Draven's home for the next four months. Draven will be permitted outside under guard once a day to walk and to get some sunlight."

brie started to open her mouth and speak, but quickly silenced herself.

"Further more, brie, will be permitted to visit Draven during His daily walk. The Duke has imposed that Draven not be permitted to be hired for his arms any longer and I have to agree. Draven has agreed to join the ranks of the Duke's men upon completion of His sentence. If Draven causes further trouble the sentence will be most severe and He knows it could mean much like what has happened to Lord Ulrich."

"As to you, brie, papers of safe passage are being drawn up and you are welcome to return to your family. Should you choose to stay here though I am sure a place can be found for you within the Duke's house hold."

"Thank You, King Edward. As much as i miss my family my heart tells me that i must remain here. i would appreciate it if i could at least send word to my family so that they know i am well."

"I am certain that can be arranged brie. I am sure the Princess and you will get along splendidly and might I suggest making her one of your personal maids once you are married."

"That is a splendid idea King Edward. i hadn't even begun to think about my personal staff."

"i would be honored."

"Then it is resolved unless the Duke has any objections."

"I have none my King. All ready, I see a glow about my intended that wasn't there before."

So it was resolved that we would be staying in the Duke's lands. It wasn't something that i minded on bit. i didn't know the first thing about being someone's maid but i am sure that together the Princess and i would figure it out. i figured it would be helping her dress and get ready for events -- things of that nature.

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