tagLesbian SexThe Pet Teacher Ch. 02

The Pet Teacher Ch. 02


--Note: You should read part one first.


"More wine," Dr. Adams said. The fifty-ish, bespeckled woman was already filling Cindy's glass.

"I really shouldn't," The young college coed said. The pretty coed stood 5'4", had a tight body, and high proud breasts. She had big blue eyes, curly dark hair, and dimples on both her cheeks and her chin. The poor girl didn't want more wine, but she had specific instructions not to tell Dr. Adams no. "I have an exam tomorrow."

"That's for my class," Dr. Adams said. "You really have nothing to worry about, you know that..."

"But I do worry," Cindy said. "I take my studies very seriously." By which Cindy meant that she didn't want to owe Dr. Adams any more than she already did. The more she owed the harder it was to deflect the older woman's advances.

"I take you very seriously," Dr. Adams said, idly tracing a long painted fingertip along the back of her student's delicate hand. "You look beautiful tonight."

"Thank you," Cindy said, her cheeks warming from the compliment as well as the wine.

"Although," Dr. Adams said, "I almost regret that we aren't in class for you to give me a show."

"I-I don't know what you mean...." Cindy stammered. Although she knew very well what Dr. Adams was referring to. She been instructed by Dr. Stone not to wear panties for quite some time. Worse, she had been given further orders to flirt with Dr. Adams. To give her a show. Other girls had been instructed to do the very same thing in years past, but Dr. Adams was a very near sighted, and she didn't get the benefit until the day Cindy spread her legs on the very front row.

"Drink your wine dear," Dr. Adams said. "If you nurse it any more, it will turn to milk."

Cindy took another sip. Then another. She was feeling more relaxed, she hoped not too relaxed. Her pink lipstick leaving an imprint of her lips on the glass.

"That's better," Dr. Adams said. She moved closer and rested her hand on Cindy's knee. "I think you know very well what I mean when I mention show, don't you young lady? For instance, what would I find if I moved my hand a little further?"

Cindy gulped. Her mind raced as Dr. Adams hand moved higher up her toned thigh. She knew very well what her professor would find - a very smooth and very wet sex.

"I don't know what you mean Dr. Adams...at least about the show. But if your hand moves higher... I don't think it would be ... proper.." Cindy stammered. If only she were allowed to say no. But as far as Dr. Stone and Dr. Adams went, that word no longer exist in her vocabulary.

"You don't think it would be proper?" Dr. Adams said with surprise. "You've been flashing your pussy at me for the last few weeks? And you pretend not to know it? You flirted with me for almost as long. All this time, you've never complained about the extra points I've given you. And now, after I treat you to wine and and expensive dinner, you don't think it would be proper."

"It's just that ...I think this is moving a little too fast...." Cindy said, growing more confident as she said it. It wasn't no. It was slow down. It was entirely appropriate for this situation.

"But you are attracted to me...?" Dr. Adams asked. "Aren't you?"

Cindy thought for a minute before saying, "I think so." But in truth, she was infatuated with another professor, Dr. Stone. She had already fallen in love with her. However, she couldn't tell Dr. Adams this news for fear of retribution, so she played it as safe as she could.

"I'm attracted to you too," Dr. Adams said, as she captured her student's chin, turned her head to face her, and then kissed her on the lips.

Cindy felt as if her mouth were being explored and taken hostage by the older woman. Between kisses, she managed to stammer, "I-I don't think we should be doing this."

Dr. Adams kissed her more powerfully. Her tongue long and insistent.

Cindy gasped, surrendering to the kiss. She was finding it harder and harder to find excuses to stop. She shouldn't have any problem resisting...she had orgasmed several times this very afternoon. Dr. Stone had made her get on top of her desk and bring herself off on a dildo secured to the table. This was all Dr. Stone's doing...making her flirt with Dr. Adams, giving her explicit instructions not to engage in sex, yet not being able to say no to anything. It was an impossible predicament.

"Please," Cindy begged. "You're my professor. No matter how much we want to, we can't...ah- there are rules against this sort of thing."

"Fuck the rules," Dr. Adams said. "I want you."

"You could lose your job...and aren't ....aren't you married?" Cindy was grasping at straws now.

She was relieved when Dr. Adams finally cooled down just a bit.

"Are you teasing me girl? Trying to make a fool of me?" Dr. Adams said. "Is that what all this is about? If it is girl...I will have you tossed out on your ass so fast it will make your head spin."

Cindy felt an icy dagger of fear. She was between a rock and a hard place. But Dr. Stone already had enough evidence to do just that. Hard evidence. Worse, now she had to do what was necessary to keep both women from getting her kicked out of college.

"I'm not trying to make a fool of you," Cindy said. "I just don't want to cause you problems....I've also never done anything like this before. I mean ...with a woman. I want to, but at the same time, it's terrifying."

"I've never been with another woman either," Dr. Adams said. "I find the thought thrilling and terrifying just like you."

Cindy finally felt in control of the conversation. Now, she had an epiphany that could end this once and for all...best of all, she would have followed the rules and not said no one single time.

"And I signed a pledge not to have sex until I was married."

Dr. Adams eyes narrowed in suspicion. "What kind of girl signs a pledge like that then turns around and flashes her pussy at her professor?"

"I-I " Cindy stammered. Shit, she had gone too far. She was fucked. But then she thought of another lie. "I-I wasn't flashing. My doctor told me not to wear panties for awhile." Best of all, this was true. Dr. Stone had forbidden her to wear panties.

"Your doctor?" Dr. Adams said. "You don't have some sort of venereal disease do you girl?"

"No..." Cindy faltered. "I just...had a rash...from the heat...and sweat...."

"You're a hot little bitch aren't you?" Dr. Adams leered. "Sweat...sweat or wet? Which is it hmmmm?"

Cindy felt shamed by the suggestion. Worse, she couldn't even say no.

"And you aren't wearing any now, are you?" Dr. Adams asked.

"I'm...I'm bare...ma'am" Cindy could feel her cheeks flush and grow hot from the shameful admission.

"Show me." Dr. Adams said. "Come on girl, give me a little show."

"I don't think that is appropriate..." Cindy said in a whisper.

"You've already shown me..." Dr. Adams said. "In class. What kind of girl shows herself off in a class full of students, and then gets shy when it's just the two of us?"

"But I didn't know you were looking...."

"It wouldn't technically be fraternization if you showed me," Dr. Adams said. "It wouldn't very well break your pledge either, would it? Besides, I've already seen. Oh you know I've seen. Only now we are in private."

Cindy could see no way around her professor's logic.

"No." Cindy admitted. "But promise me you won't try to make me do more than that. I-I made a promise. At least until after this semester."

"Okay. I promise. Now raise that cute little skirt of yours," Dr. Adams said. "Let me see what is underneath. Up close this time."

"Yes ma'am." Cindy whispered. Standing up, she turned on her toe, fingers playing with the hem of her flirtatious skirt. Her cheeks colored as she stood slightly pigeon-toed in her heels. "I guess that would be okay."

"Show me...." Dr. Adams said her voice husky and breathy. She had already spread her legs. Cindy could see the older woman's red lacy panties between her thick thighs.

Cindy wriggled her hips, raising the hem up with every cut little shimmy, until it just covered her sex. It was a very sexy and teasing way to raise her skirt, and only a months ago, she would have never done it that way, but now after Dr. Stone's training, it came naturally.

"Are you sure?" Cindy asked. "It isn't much to look at. Especially since the Dr. made me start shaving."

"God how you turn me on..." Dr. Adams moaned, as she put her hand into her panties and began to rub. "Show me that sweet pussy of yours."

Cindy raised her skirt the rest of the way, displaying slim thighs, and a smooth shaved sex.

"Your doctor told you to shave it?" Dr. Adams asked. "What on earth for?"

"Yes ma'am," Cindy stammered. "To control moisture."

"Are you moist now?" Dr. Adams said. "Dear Lord, I know I am."

Cindy nodded her head and blushed a bright red. Unable to lie about it. The evidence was visible. She could feel it cooling between her thighs as it evaporated.

"Show me the rest." Dr. Adams said.

Cindy lowered her skirt, her fingers held nervously at the hem. "Do you mean my ass?" she asked. "Or my breasts?"

"Let's start with your ass." Dr. Adams said. "Turn around."

Cindy turned on her toe. Fingers tugging gently at the hem of her skirt.

"Promise you won't laugh..." Cindy squeaked. "I know it's a bit on the small side."

"I can promise you there's no way I will laugh," Dr. Adams said, "You are sexier than you can possibly imagine.

Dr. Stone's training of her young pet was paying dividends. Cindy's insecurity only served to make Dr. Adams want her all the more...evoking a protective instinct in the older woman.

Standing slightly pigeon-toed, and one heel slightly bent and off the floor a few inches, she was quite a picture. The epitamy of a sexually innocent college girl. Giving a slight little shimmy, she arched her back and raised the hem of her short skirt, displaying a very sexy ass. Some would say it was on the small side, others would describe it as tight. Dr. Adams was definitely of the latter opinion.

Dr. Adams was openly rubbing her sex now. Masturbating herself. God, this girl was sexy. Her hips slim. Her ass, petite and tight - just the way she liked them. Voice husky, Dr. Adams said, "Show me your breasts."

"They are....they are not much to look at," Cindy said, feeling her face flush as she admitted this. "I would much rather see yours."

Dr. Adams fingers quickly hurried through her buttons, exposing a red lacy bra. "Would you like to see my breasts Cindy?" she asked.

"Oh yes ma'am."

Dr. Adams pulled her straps down off of her shoulders. Giving the young college coed a bit of a show, she teased her, letting her pink nipple come into view. Then the other. Finally she moved the cups down, allowing her full milky white breasts to sit on top of the cups.

"Your breasts are so sexy," Cindy said. "I wish mine were as full as yours."

"Now let me see yours," Dr. Adams said.

"I'm embarrassed now," Cindy said, her hands lifting her breasts underneath her thin shirt, her nipples standing out like small erasers. She felt her absence of a bra keenly. "Are you certain?"

"Absolutely." Dr. Adams said.

Cindy didn't have a bra to tease with. But she managed well enough, raising her tight shirt, and then allowing the bottom of it to rest atop her hard nipples.

"You have nothing to be shy of," Dr. Adams said. "They are lovely."

"You are going to make me blush," Cindy said and she did. Her cheeks blossoming with a warm glow.

"I would like to make you do much more than that," Dr. Adams said. "I want to make love to you."

"But that would be against the rules..." Cindy said.

"Fuck the rules." Dr. Adams said. "I want you. I want to fuck you and that hot little body."

"But you promised," Cindy pouted.

"I'm sorry," Dr. Adams said. "But you've got me in to bad a state. I - I need you."

"Couldn't you...couldn't you," Cindy nodded her head down to Dr. Adams crotch. "Take care of it on your own for now?"

"Would you do it with me?" Dr. Adams said.

"You said we wouldn't." Cindy said. This was definitely against the rules. Dr. Stone had made that explicitly clear.

"No," Dr. Adams said. "I mean, I could give myself relief and you could relieve yourself too. We could ... watch each other."

"But my promise," Cindy said. Her promise to Dr. Stone was a much bigger promise than her lie about celibacy. She wasn't allowed to orgasm without the older woman's permission. But then she thought of a loophole. She could still honor the promise, and satisfy Dr. Adams as well. "Actually I can.."

"I knew you were thinking the same thing I was," Dr. Adams said. "Pull the chair up and sit down in it so I can watch you."

Cindy fetched the chair and rolled it around until it was facing her professor.

"Take off your clothes." Dr. Adams said. "I want to see you naked."

"Yes ma'am." Cindy said.

"Call me Tracy," Dr. Adams said.

"Yes ma'am." Cindy replied, stripping out of her clothes. She sat down in the chair, one leg crossed over the other and her arm draped over her breasts. She couldn't believe how horny she felt. Dr. Stone had put her up to this, and at first Cindy thought she wouldn't have any problem flirting a bit with her sociology professor. The woman was stocky and not at all as sexy as Dr. Stone. Yet, her she was...desperately trying to obey orders yet remaining true to her promises as well. Not being able to say no, narrowed her options, but she felt a bit more secure now that she found something Dr. Adams wanted. However, the fact that this was the very thing she couldn't give her made it somewhat problematic. Still, she tried.

"Let me see you," Dr. Adams said. "Show me your body. Touch yourself."

"Will you promise," Cindy pleaded. "Promise that you'll wait until the end of the semester."

"I can't promise that," Dr. Adams said. She was well aware that this relationship was against the rules, but she couldn't stop herself. "It would kill me to see you every day and not be able to kiss you again."

Cindy thought about Dr. Stone. She was in love with the woman, and yet she imposed these rules that made life so very difficult for Cindy. The main problem was that Dr. Stone liked it when other women wanted Cindy. She said it made her proud when they wanted something that belonged only to her. She said Cindy should be proud that Dr. Stone wanted to show her off, like a pretty bauble for others to ooh and ahh over.

"I guess it wouldn't hurt for us to kiss," Cindy said. She had kissed other women before while Dr. Stone looked on. The only difference now was that Dr. Stone wasn't here to see it.

"And to touch you,' Dr. Adams said. "I must. It's a compulsion..."

Cindy knew all about compulsions. Like her feelings for Dr. Stone. Her professor had caught her cheating. Had made her do things. Dirty things. Things that weren't natural or proper. Yet, Cindy could still feel herself falling for her. And now it seemed that Dr. Adams had a compulsion too.

"But you have to wait until after the end of the semester before you can go all the way." Cindy said. Luckily, this was her last semester. Dr. Stone had helped her apply for some jobs at different companies. Some were nearby, but others were much further away. She would be far enough away to dodge Dr. Adams's advances, she only hoped that she could still carry on her relationship with Dr. Stone.

"Fine, I promise," Dr. Adams said. "Now let me see you. Let me see you touch yourself."

Cindy shifted her hips forward, and setting her ankles on her armrests. "Is this okay ma'am?"

"It's perfect." With her nubile student facing her, naked in the chair, legs over the armrests, her cunt spread and wet, Dr. Adams let go the fact the girl was still calling her ma'am. It made her feel old, yet at the same time, it gave her a rush of power to hear it coming from this naked coed. She quickly slid her panties down to her ankles. She still had a few nagging doubts. Was this girl for real, or was she playing her. Just to be certain she asked one last thing, "You start."

"You want me to play with my pussy?" Cindy asked. With one hand she spread the lips of her sex, and with the other she began to tease herself. "It's embarrassing to have you watching me. I'm all naked down there. You at least have hair...I have ...nothing...."

God, how this girl turned her on. It was an impossibility how this slim girl brought such feelings out that Dr. Adams never knew she had. For one, she had a husband, and here she was, lusting after this skinny young girl who was younger than her oldest. She could as well be her daughter. And yet, and yet, here she was, rubbing her pussy. Mutually masturbating with her student.

"There's no reason to be embarrassed. You have a pretty pussy. I like that you are bare. I can see every detail." Dr. Adams said. "You turn me on. You are so sexy."

But Cindy had good reason to be embarrassed. Dr. Stone had been training the poor girl for almost two months. In that short time her libido had changed - become more powerful. Harder to manage. At one time, she would have been able to politely stroke herself to orgasm, but now something had changed. Now, as she began to rub her clit in small circles she could feel her body go all tingly. It was all she could do to keep her libido in check. She knew that anyone watching her would think she was some sort of loose slut, but the thought just enraged her passions all the more.

"Emmmm---ohhh fuck I am so hot Dr. Adams," Cindy moaned as her fingers continued to dance over her pussy.

The language was so uncharacteristic from what Dr. Adams had begun to expect from this mild spoken young student, she was momentarily taken aback. Yet still she rubbed. It actually turned her on. It was as if the girl had no control over her lustful urges once she succumbed to them. God, it would be agony waiting until the end of the semester, but when she finally got this hot young coed, what a ride she was going to be in for.

Cindy flexed her legs out until they rose at right angles, her bare pussy pushed out hot and hungry. She plowed her middle finger in and out her hot cunt. This wasn't the girl Dr. Adams had expected. She had expected the young coed to sit quietly and made little rushed circles over her clit like any inexperience girl of her age. This girl might be shy, but it was obvious she had masturbated before. Dr. Adams could hear the slish-slish of her wet thrusting.

"Ahhhh-ohhhhh-I feel so dirty," Cindy moaned. "I can't believe I'm masturbating in front of you like this. I feel like ...mmmm...such a slut. Ohhhhh-a horny little slut. But I'm trying....oh-I'm trying to be a good girl."

Dr. Adams fingers pressed on. God, this girl was hot. She reminded her of a porn actress. A horny little slut. Dear Lord, how she wanted to give it to this girl. To be the one to give it to her. Oh she would love it once she finally succeeded Yet she had promised, well she wouldn't break her promise, but she was going to make it very difficult for Cindy. She would tease her at every opportunity to see if Cindy would falter, would give it to her early.

Poor Cindy, though she moaned like a slut in heat, and her body bucked and flexed as she pleasured herself, what she was experiencing was more like torture than pleasure. For though she plunged her finger into her hot wet sex, though she rubbed her little nubbin, and slid her finger up and down her hot slit, she was forbidden to cum without Dr. Stone's permission.

She remembered her first session with Dr. Stone. How the devilish woman had secured a dildo her desk and ordered Cindy to pleasure herself on it. It had been in a poor location that prevented Cindy from getting down on her hands and knees or from going at it from the top. Instead, she had been forced to bend deep at her knees and arch her back. With great difficulty she could touch the floor with her finger tips. It had taken nearly forty five minutes for her to bring herself off. In doing so she had given herself all the way over to her pleasure. Had held nothing back. At first she had been concerned of how stupid, how much of a slut she looked like. But in the end, all she could think of were the great waves of orgasms that shook her body. After that it became much easier to give herself over to pleasure. These days it took but minutes for her body to find orgasm. To thrust and fuck herself to oblivion.

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