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The Pet Wolf


Authors note: this is my first submission. I chanced upon literotica.com and have been thoroughly engrossed in it. I hope this will be the first of many submissions. If your looking for a quick fix this will undoubtedly disappoint. I want to try and have readers connect with the characters. All persons in this story are 18+ Thank you and enjoy!

I was laying there on my bed just slightly awake. Dusk was being overtaken by night and the last vestiges of sunlight were almost gone. It had been a couple years since I made the move to the city and had regretted it ever since.

I looked at the open window of my one bedroom apartment. I could see the wind billowing the off white curtains. The cool night air was calming and almost mocking to my skin. If I was still in a small town by the country side, it would be a perfect night.

I sighed aloud and climbed out of bed. Completely naked I walked to the open window shutting it. "Why did I move here?" I sighed again asking the tiny apartment. But I knew why I had moved here. I was looking for something. My dad had said one day it would happen to me. He said it happened to all of us. He said that eventually our instinct and desire would lead us to find a mate. Of all the conversations me and ol dad had had, that was the mildest.

As I walked back to the fridge a memory of one of those old conversations flooded back and I felt like I had traveled back in time. I took a long drink of water from the jug in the fridge and put it back closing the door to the fridge. I closed my eyes and breathed in deep letting the memory consume me.

"Why are we here dad?" I asked. I was 13 again.

My father looked down to me. He smiled warmly and put a hand on my shoulder. "It's a big night for us son. Tonight we find out if you take after your dad or your mom." he answered cryptically.

I was confused as I looked around. We were sitting in a clearing with the timberline just behind us going up the mountain. The air was a little chilly as spring had not quite set in.

I wondered what my father meant as I looked obviously like him. Even then at 13 though, I knew moments like this with my father were going to become cherished memories.

We sat on a log watching the sun set. The pinks, oranges, and yellows streaking thru the last bits of blue were as vivid in memory as the day I was there.

My dad looked to me and said, "You come from a very special family son. It has a lustrous and colorful history that started with a curse that ended up being a blessing. In almost every great conflict this world has known our family has been there silently watching and protecting loved ones and just causes. Tonight that blessing may be bestowed on you or you may live your life with no change and be like your mom; a loved one to protect."

As dusk dissipated, the moon began to rise. My father stood quickly. "Fear the first time is normal. But don't worry boy. I'm here." he said warmly to me.

It was the first full moon after my thirteenth birthday. As my dad stared at me intently I felt it suddenly. My heart started beating faster. My neck muscles started twitching. I doubled over in immense pain screaming. "WHAT'S HAPPENING! STOP IT...STO.." I trailed off in a guttural scream.

My father's words drifted to my ears like whispers. "It's ok son. Just try and focus on the moon. " he said.

I looked up at the moon almost hating it for looking so peaceful. As I looked, though, the pain was lessening. The blood roaring in my ears was quieting. The muscles in my body stopped feeling like they were being torn. And as a sudden calmness enveloped me, I took a deep breath. The smell of pine trees, dirt, and...a deer? I looked down from the sky to see my father smiling. He looked taller though. When I tried to stand I fell over on my back and a yelp escaped my lips.

My dad burst into laughter. "You can't walk like that right now. Take a look at yourself. " he finished with a grin.

But he didn't have to tell me. When I fell back I saw it. Thick dark brown fur all over. The tattered remnants of my clothes laying all around me. I shifted my weight to my side and stood in the only way possible, on all four limbs.

"Welcome to the pack son." said my father.

I opened my eyes and blinked slowly feeling tears well up. Four years ago my father had disappeared. "Thank the moon for the memories," I said to myself.

I knew I couldn't put it off any longer. The yearly trips home weren't enough. I grabbed a wrinkled gray shirt with a pocket on the left breast and pulled it on; grabbing pants as I headed to the door. With a zip they were on and I headed out the door making sure to lock it and placing the apartment key in the hiding spot above the door jam.

I knew there was no way to put it off. It had been months and I needed the change and the freedom and calmness it brought.

As I walked down the stairs to the parking lot I kept taking quick deep breaths. I had never had the change in the city. I was always worried that my heightened senses would go crazy here but I had found a relatively large park on the edge of the city.

The trees and small "lake" were poor excuses for nature compared to home but it was far enough from the city.

I slipped into a dark alley for the change. I looked up to the peaceful moon and let it calm me as my clothes tore away and the animal came out.

Even in human form, my sense of smell was heightened. But it had not prepared me for the assault on my nose.

Slinking thru alleys and various bushes around the city I finally made it to the park. I breathed in deep the smell of the pines and fresh dirt. I chuffed happily at the freshness.

As I roamed around the trees towards the "lake", I pondered the possibility of some game. It had been even longer since I hunted. As I sniffed around the only smells I found was people, some birds, various rodents and a stray bitch in heat.

I lapped at the cool lake water, surprised at how clean it tasted this close to the city. It wouldn't have mattered though with my extra strong immune system.

I started trotting away after a little, fairly satisfied with my time outside when I caught the scent...fear. I stopped immediately and let instinct take over.

I blinked slowly and focused. I was downwind luckily, so the scent was being carried right to me. It was fear mixed with sweat from two, no three people. Two men and one woman. I perked my ears in the direction of the scent and heard it; the cry for help.

My body sprang into motion by instinct and I was racing towards the scene.

Two men were wrestling with the woman. Her shirt was already ripped open revealing her sports bra.

She must have been a late night jogger.

One man was holding her wrists while the other was groping her breasts.

The sight infuriated me and I couldn't help but notice a twinge of excitement. I brushed off that feeling deciding it was the excitement of battle and leapt into action.

With a howl I came crashing down on the large man fondling the woman, my claws digging into his chest as my teeth ripped a piece of his cheek off. I turned just in time to see the other man throw the woman down and pull out a large knife.

I growled menacingly at him circling him around so the woman was at my back. I eyed him with pure madness in my eyes hoping he would back off. The world moved in slow motion as he lunged and I twisted to bite at his wrist severing the hand clean from his body. He ran screaming into the night joined by his bleeding crying partner in crime shortly.

They must have been hopped up on drugs to even want to attempt to stand up to a wolf my size. At the shoulder I stand a good four feet tall.

I looked around and found the woman passed out on the ground. She must have hit her head hard and gotten knocked out. I couldn't just leave her like this. But I also knew I wouldn't be able to drag her or carry her while I was naked.

I looked down at her silently promising to return soon. I scouted around the park and found a fence line. The wilderness must extend into some private property. I leapt the fence easily enough and scouted around. Perfect, I thought to myself. I had found a cave facing south with a nearby creek.

After much trouble I was able to make a hole in the fence and wiggle myself under her body and carefully carried her to the cave and laid her down.

I sniffed her cautiously enjoying her underlying scent. She smelled of fresh flowers under the layer of sweat after her debacle. I laid beside her to keep her warm. Oddly enough laying here like this had to be the most comfortable I felt in a long time.

I let the smell of fresh flowers lead me into a dream of spring. She was there in my dreams playing chase with me. She would run towards me smiling then turn and run away giggling. In my dream I changed from wolf to man still playing the game laughing like a child until finally grabbing her close in a hug and tumbling around in the flowers.

My shoulder length dark hair laying over her face making the dream feel that much more private. She looked up to me her chestnut hair laying around her head like a silken blanket with dark blue eyes shining like deep lakes of water.

Then she opened her mouth and screamed. I shook my head and came awake with a start. I felt my wolf ears lay back on my head and my tail went between my legs as I backed away quickly, taken off guard from the sudden outburst.

As the haze of sleep fell away, I looked ahead of myself to see the woman backed into the corner of the cave crying. I didn't know what to do.

"Go! Shoo! please...shoo doggie.." she trailed off sobbing softly.

At the sound of doggie I growled just slightly and stood on all fours to show her I was no damn dog! I shook my body and stretched. And walked slowly to her.

"No! Stay! oh god... You...you're a wolf." she whimpered as I got inches from her face. Her sobbing increased and she closed her eyes, undoubtedly sure she was about to be eaten.

I could smell her fear pouring from her. I knew I had to calm her down but turning into a muscled naked man wouldn't do the trick. So I did the only other thing I could think of; I licked her cheek. Tasting her salty tears I lapped one side then the other and sat back on my haunches looking at her intently.

After a few moments she opened her eyes and dropped her jaw looking at me in shock. "You...bu..." she trailed off. She looked at me tentatively and slowly extended her hand. I tilted my head down slowly always looking her in the eyes. I found myself willing her to just touch me. Finally after long moments her small hand touched my head. She held it there for a minute before rubbing in long slow back and forth movements. A small smile grew on her face.

"You saved me didn't you girl?" she asked. I growled slightly. "Oh! Boy! Sorry...I'm talking to a wolf." she said. Then she said it again, "I'm talking to a wolf! But...you....um you understand me?"

I licked her face a couple times in attempt to answer her.

"Ok. Weird. Um ok well hi then wolf." she said with an unsure giggle. She looked around and then down at herself with a sigh. "Is this your home boy? I don't suppose you have a spare shirt I can borrow?" she said now comfortably chuckling.

I turned to walk out of the cave and she rose to follow. I growled at her and she immediately got down on her knees. I looked at her for a moment and trotted out of the cave. I watched the opening of the cave making sure she wasn't following.

I ran off looking for a house. Surely as this must be private property there should be a house. After a few moments of hard running I stopped about a hundred yards from a house.

I crept around in a circle surveying the house. Dawn was coming soon. I needed to hurry before the inhabitants woke.

Yes! I thought to myself, a cloths line. I crept up slowly, looking all around to make sure I was alone. I shifted easily and perused the clothes. I grabbed a sundress holding it wide.

"Must be a big woman here," I said aloud to myself.

I dropped it and looked up to the moon willing the change. A slight breeze rustled my fur as I gently picked up the dress. Suddenly I realized I was upwind sending my scent towards the house. I scurried into the brush, circling around to be downwind and thanked the moon in my head.

Two dogs had appeared looking where I had been. I laughed in my head. The conflicting scent of man and wolf would keep them occupied. I slunk off slowly until I thought I was far enough away and broke into a run. The dress in my mouth flapping as I happily sped to the cave. I realized I was getting excited thinking about seeing her face again.

I found the cave empty upon my arrival. She couldn't have gotten far. I crept thru the bushes until I found her.

She had found the nearby stream and...was bathing?

How does a woman just nonchalantly bath after what had happened to her.

I laid the dress down and watched her. She looked completely comfortable. She cupped water and brought it up to her breasts rubbing them slowly. Her eyes were closed as she moved her hands down below the water and between her legs.

God I wanted to be a wash cloth just then. Then I felt it. A hardening between my legs. By the moon! I had to stop the feeling before she saw me and thought a wolf was about to rape her.

I picked up the dress in my mouth and walked up to the edge of the bank and sat on my haunches. I gave a slight bark to let her know I was there and she gasped covering herself.

"Oh! You came back. You are quite an interesting animal. What's that you have there boy?" she asked dropping her hands and walking up to me.

The sight of her shinning body was too much for me. I dropped the dress at her feet and stood quickly hoping she hadn't seen it.

"Looks like someone enjoyed the show. What the fuck am I saying!" she giggled. She pulled the dress over her head and let it fall. Thankfully the loose material hid her generous C cup sized breasts and tone belly. She walked to a stump putting on her runnin shoes and picking up the remnants of her clothes from the nights debacle.

I tugged gently on the huge dress to let her know to follow. She looked at me and nodded. I led her to the hole in the fence and nudged her towards the park.

She started walking then stopped and turned around to find me gone. I had raced off back to the cave.

I was still excited from seeing her naked glistening body. I shifted to human form and looked around the cave. I saw a piece of her torn shirt. I thought she had gathered all the scraps. I looked at it knowing what I was about to do. The small piece of sweat stained black cloth lay there calling to me. My cock was still hard from her bathing display.

I walked over and picked it up and putting it to my face. I breathed in deep the scent of her sweat and the spring flowers.

I was touching myself before I knew it. I stroked my dick slowly squeezing it. I let deep breath after deep breath fill my nose and felt myself stroking faster. I thought of her firm breasts and how she closed her eyes and opened her mouth when her hands had gone between her knees. I growled softly into the cloth as my imagination carried me away. I thought about how I wish I had just taken her at the creek. The change to human was easy and I would have been ready; naked with my thick 8 inch cock pointed straight up. I squeezed the tip of my dick harder each time my hand met it. The slow drool of my precum lubing my thick cock as my hand would run down my shaft. The memory of her scream enhanced the idea of shoving my fat prick into her pussy. Suddenly as I was practically pummeling my balls, I exploded, my cum arcing before splaying on the floor. I fell back still clutching the cloth as I went into a deep sleep.

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