The Phantom Pilot Ch. 04


The first time I rode back to the coaches was at the midday meal when the caravan traditionally stopped. When I looked in on my protégé she sat quietly amidst the slaves like a little sister, eating a slice of fruit, absorbing their stories, being corrupted by their outlook. As coaches went it was rather drab, two benches facing one another. Curtains rippled in the windows from the desultory breeze. Once I appeared Danae chased the other slaves out of the coach. She invited me inside and snapped the door shut behind me. We sat on the seat facing Vananella.

Somewhere along the way she had acquired kohl around her eyes and blue eyelids. She seemed as old as Danae with cosmetics on. Almost.

"Are they being to good to you?" I asked her.

"Of course we are," interrupted Danae. "We've had so much fun."

"Have they been teaching you any bad habits?" I grinned.

Danae interrupted again: "You'll have to wait until tonight to find out."

Vananella burst out laughing. She and Danae traded evil grins.

Danae pressed against me. "There is something on her mind."

I looked at Vananella, "What?"

"You show him," she said to Danae.

"What?" I asked again.

"I really can't tell you," said Danae, "I have to demonstrate." She began kissing me, the rings through her nipples brushing my chest.

Vananella saw the look in my eyes as I started to push away and violently shook her head no. I returned Danae's kiss.

She cupped me in her hand, winked at Vananella. "He's ready for the demonstration." They giggled together.

I should have left, but I let them have their fun.

Danae freed me from my loincloth, her eyes clouding. "It's simply a magic act, Vana. Now you see it and now you don't." She swallowed me whole. When she came up for air she asked, "Did you see how I did that? It has a lot to do with holding your breath. Let me show you again." She showed Vananella, and me, again, and again. "You have to master the reflex against gagging." Her mouth left me just when I started to groan. She got to her feet, stretched, pinched Vananella on the cheek and said, "And that's how it's done, honey." She said over her shoulder to me, a leer on her face, "Thanks for cooperating. Now please excuse me, I need to get something to drink."

She left the coach as abruptly as she left me, devious as the Sheikh. The door snicked shut and Vananella and I were alone.

"You wanted to learn how to do that?"

"I thought it would please you." She gazed between my legs; I was shiny with Danae's spit.

"Have you told anyone anything about us?"

"Of course not. That's a secret."

"Do not forget it's a secret which could get my head split."

"I won't, silly." She leaned toward me. "Let me try that on you." Her mouth hovered over me.

"No! We can't."

"Why not? Let me try anyway." Her head sunk deeply into my lap.

Vananella had learned her lessons well and I couldn't believe what was happening, in broad daylight, when anyone could walk in at any moment. Absently I reached for the door to hold it closed in case someone suddenly barged in. But it opened underneath my hand! Through eyes fogged with pleasure I saw Jadda.

NEXT WEEK: The Temple of the Rhinoceros

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