tagIncest/TabooThe Phone Call

The Phone Call


- Hello?

Is Laura there please?

- Speaking. Hi Dad

Oh Hi. I didn't recognise your voice. Sounds all echoey

- Well there's no furniture here yet, Jenny doesn't arrive for another 3 days with all the stuff. How are you?

Fine. How's Cambridge?

- Well, I'm glad to be out of halls, even if it is going to cost more. Bit strange being here alone though. I haven't even had time to put the curtains up yet

Ha ha. You brazen hussy. You'll have all the perverts in Cambridge moving in opposite

- Ha ha. Don't think it hasn't crossed my mind. Well actually I've already noticed the bloke opposite looking in. He thinks I can't see him in his upstairs room. Idiot. Kind of flattering in a way though...

Flattering? How old is he?

- How should I know? 40 maybe. Don't worry Dad he's harmless. Just nosey like all of us.

So come on then, tell me about the house. What's your room like?

- Well it's an old Georgian house converted to flats. My room is on the ground floor, Jenny's is in the back. It's comfortable enough. Though I could do with a new bed, this one is a bit lumpy. Please Daddy? Buy me a new bed? I'll be your best friend. Hee hee

Is that all you have? Just a bed?

- Well and that coffee table thing with the telephone on it.

And what do you do in the evenings, apart from talk to me of course?

- Well I slept through most of today, been very lazy. I haven't really got up properly yet

God, typical student! 8:00 at night and you're still not up. Late night last night?

- Could say that I...Oh there he is!


- My voyeur. I just saw his curtains twitch.

Give him a wave

- Ooh no, then he'd know I'd seen him. Wish I'd put some make up on and got dressed though, whatever will he think?


- Joking Dad


- You don't really think I'd sit here with no make up on do you?

But...you are dressed aren't you?

- Hmm, kind of. That silk kaftan thing you bought me from Tokyo.


- Well since you ask Father....panties. I'm only just out of the shower

Aren't you cold?

- Not at all, the heating's on. Anyway I've got my little white socks on to keep my feet warm

Well I think you should put something on. That man -

- Dad he's harmless. Anyway I'm sure he's seen everything by now anyway. I only noticed him 2 days ago. He's probably been watching all week

I'll buy you some curtains

- A bed first though eh? Dad really it's fine. It's not like he can see anything. Just my legs. Damn my hair feels like a bird's nest. Hang on let me just find my hairbrush. How did it get down there?


- Down the side of the bed....there got it. Woops


- Nothing, the kaftan rode up a bit that's all. I hope he enjoyed the view ha ha. Ow blimey, these knots

Is your hair long or short these days?

- Quite long at the moment. God I don't believe it!


- He's got binoculars. I just saw them catch the light

Seriously love, maybe you should move into the other room for a while

- It's OK. I'm only brushing my hair for god's sake. Not as if he can see anything. I mean if he enjoys watching a beautiful teenager brushing her long black hair wearing little more than a skimpy robe... hee hee

You sound as if you enjoy teasing him or something...


- Mmm?

I said you sound -

- I heard. But what if I did? Would you think badly of me?

What do you mean?

- Hmm. Can I tell you a bit of a secret? Promise you won't shout

Uh-oh. Am I going to like this?

- I don't know. Well, when I got in from the club this morning, about 5:00 ...

No wonder you're tired

- Yes. Well it was still quite dark...dawn was almost breaking and I...


- I undressed in front of my window.


- I mean it was 5 in the morning, I'm sure there was nobody about, and even if there had been, it was probably too dark to see anything

But...why would you do that?

- I don't know, it just...felt naughty I suppose

You always were a little show off. Remember that time you came in while we were playing bridge and lifted your skirt

- Dad I was 9 years old, why do you always bring that up?

Sorry.... So, were you hoping your voyeur would be up at 5:00?

- Not really. I was a bit tipsy as well.... I saw my reflection in the window and I looked.. well, you know, hot

Really? What were you wearing? Um...just out of interest you know

- You don't want to know, trust me

So what, you just stripped off?

- Yes, but really slow. You know, not natural like when you just chuck your clothes anywhere. I imagined I was being watched, so I took off my top and walked around a bit pretending to be pre-occupied. And I had that short black leather skirt on -

Ah yes, I know the one

- Hmm. Anyway I made a big show of unzipping it and letting it fall to the ground so that I was in just my bra and knickers. Is this embarrassing you dad? Maybe I should shut up.

Embarrassed? That my daughter parades in front of her window in just her underwear, now what on earth gave you that idea?

- Hee hee. OK I'll stop. I just needed to tell someone, I've never done it before. But coming back to an empty house when there's not a soul about, it just seemed - well you know. Dad?

Yes I'm here.

- What are you thinking? Are you angry?

To be honest love, since we're being honest. Well, it's kind of exciting.

- I knew you'd say that. I just knew.

- Hmm. Gone quiet

Is he still there?

- Oh yes he's there

And he can see in you say?

- Yep

And you're what...sat on the edge of the bed?

- Yep

Facing the window?

- Kind of on an angle

And I suppose the kaftan is tied at the waist...

- Yes

You all right love, you seem a bit out of breath

- Keep talking. What do you want me to do? Dare me

So presumably if you were to lean forward...?

- Yes?

What would he see?

- Oh he'd see everything. My big soft breasts, my hard nipples

Are they hard then?

- Let me check...uh huh

How did you check?

- I undid the robe a little more so that my breasts were exposed and then I grazed my finger across my nipples

And he saw you do that?

- He must have. You're masturbating aren't you?


- You're stroking your big cock while you expose your daughter to a stranger

How does it feel, letting him see your breasts

- Tingly

Are your legs crossed or uncrossed?

- Crossed

Uncross them. Slowly. Then lean back a little as if you're looking for something behind you

- Like this you mean?

Did he like that?

- I reckon.

What can he see?

- He can see up between my legs. Shit dad this is so hot

And is he able to see all of your bed? I mean if you lie down

- Like this? Yes he can see me

What can he see?

- He can see my face, my hand on the telephone, my exposed breasts. My nipples

Lucky man

- He can see my legs. What do you want me to do?

Undo the belt, let the kaftan fall open

- Like this you mean? So he can see my little white panties

He'll like that

- What if I ease them down a little? Shall I do that?

If you want to

- Oh Daddy, I do. Damn I'm such a slut...

How far down are they? What can he see?

- He can see my glistening wet cunt

Does he like it?

- He does. Shall I touch it?


- Like this? So that my finger slips into my hole?


- What would you like to do to me Daddy?

I'd like to lick you. Probe your cunt with my tongue

- Oh dad- what else?

Slip my cock inside you, an inch at a time

- You'd ...fuck your daughter?


- With my man watching?


- And would you...Ooooh...would you cum inside me?


- Cum now. With me

Open your cunt...let him see you cum

- Oooooooooooh dad. He's watching. I'm a bad girl. He's.........OOOOOOOOOH


Good night love

-Good night. Daddy?


- I love you.

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