tagLoving WivesThe Phone Call

The Phone Call


It was "their" fantasy, she told me.

Who was I to argue?

She had caught my eye at the restaurant/club across from my hotel. 5'3", straight blonde hair, fantastic ass, sexy laugh and a smile that could melt the frozen tundra. She was with a 'friend' at the bar. I happened to go over and 'bump' into her. I flashed them my best smile and puppy dog eyes and they let me buy them some drinks.

Her friend was not bad, fairly attractive I would say. But it wasn't her I was interested in. I asked Blondie to dance, making my intentions clear. Her friend got the hint after a bit as I saw her on the dance floor later with some guy.

She was sexy as hell. Her hair had those chunky highlights in it, so it was like blonde and brunette sort of mixed up. I secretly had a thought that girls who did their hair like this must love to fuck. At least I was hoping so!

We danced. We drank. We talked. We laughed.

She was here on business. Had a flight out at 11am tomorrow. Her and her co-worker it turns out, were 'letting off steam' after a long week of working with a client. Only one problem. She was wearing a ring. Pretty big one at that. She was 30, married for 5 years. But she seemed to be enjoying my company and had given me some nice little smiles and looks out on the dance floor. We get very close to each other when we were talking at one of the small stand up tables scattered around the place and she started touching me to emphasize a point or laugh.

I figured what the hell, she hadn't given me the boot yet and she was sure nice as hell to look at. And I was looking.

We were back at a small table after another round of grooving out on the floor. The top she was wearing was cut low enough for me to be able to stare down at a nice valley of cleavage, as much as I could get away with it. Talking with her, looking into her eyes, dancing with her, it was all turning me on. I couldn't help it. Until she caught me.

I looked up from her now very succulent cleavage and right into her eyes. She leaned in close to my ear and whispered "You like what you see?"

I could only nod my head, smile and say "yeah".

She grabbed my hand and led me back out onto the floor. For the next 20 minutes or so it was full on grind time. Grinding hips together, grinding her ass on me, my leg grinding up between her thighs. I had a hard on that was throbbing and ground it against her. I reached in and found her lips with mine. She closed her eyes and let me. Our tongues furiously explored each other, lips enmeshed. My cock was rock hard and I didn't know if I could keep this up much longer without having an embarrassing situation occur.

I led her off the dance floor to where we could hear each other.

I took her in my arms, leaned into her ear and said, "You want to get out of here?"

She replied: "I'm married you know."

"I know."

"Does that bother you?" she asked.

"No, does it bother you?" I said.

"Only if you agree to something," She whispered in my ear.

"What's that?" I asked. Knowing full well I'd agree to sell my soul to the Devil to be able to get inside this hot little married thing.

"My husband gets to hear."

"Huh? What do you mean, he's going to watch?" Not so sure now, not sure if I wanted some guy watching me, thinking that's what she wanted.

"No silly. He's back home. But it's our fantasy. Since he's not here, I'll call him on my cell and let him listen to us." She looked straight in my eye and I felt her hand running down and rubbing on my cock.

"Oh shit. Ok. That's pretty damn kinky," I stammered. My cock now straining my pants. Her fingers knew what they were doing.

"So you ok with that? I hope so, because I really want to feel this," She then kissed me again, hard, while rubbing my cock.

I was helpless. What could I say?

I led her across the street to my hotel, which it turns out, was her hotel also.

We made out in the elevator on the way up. Her hands all over my shoulders and chest. Mine on her gorgeous ass. Starting to grind against each other, feeling how hot she was getting.

Into the room. She tells me she is going to step into the bathroom and make a call. I don't know whether to strip now or what the hell. Music I thought. I turned on the hotel radio and found a station.

She comes out of the bathroom, right into my arms.

"I called him and told him what was going on. I said give me a few minutes before I call back."

And then we're making out. Hot, heavy, lips smacking against each other's. Tongues battling. Our hands running all over. Clothes start coming off one by one until there is not much left but her panties. We somehow get onto the bed, my lips have found her nipples. Mmmm nice and thick and hard. Licking, sucking, biting. My other hand is pulling and twisting on her other nipple. She's moaning and gasping. One of my hands runs down, sliding over her hot little pussy. I push in slightly through her panties.

"Oh god that feels good," she moans out.

I pull her panties off. Ease my body down in between her thighs. Mmmmmm so hot. I can't wait to taste her. A little landing strip. Just how I like it. My tongue starts slowly exploring. Inner thighs, over and around her wet pussy several times. Her hand comes down, grabs my head and forces it back over her pussy. I laugh slightly before my tongue finds her slit. So wet already. She gasps loudly as I let my tongue brush her clit. Again. And Again.

I look up at her and say, "Don't you have a call to make?"

"Ohhhh yeah" she groans again as my tongue assaults her pussy.

I feel her moving around. She finds her phone. Calling.

My tongue is working her over. Around and around her clit. Dipping inside her wet tasty pussy.

"Hi honey?" She says in a high pitched voice.

"Ohhhh god honey," She moans out.

"His tongue is on my pussssy," She squeals out.

"Ohhhhh yeah baby, it feels so good," She's moaning and trying to talk.

I've got a good rhythm going with my tongue around her clit, I can feel her pussy throbbing. I let one of my fingers tease the entrance to her pussy. Sliding around and barely going inside.

"Mmmm mmm," she's breathing into the phone.

I slide it inside.

"Ahhhh god honey, he just slid his finger inside me."

My finger is sliding in and out, my tongue working her clit over and over and over...

She's moaning and moving, grinding her hips into my face, hand holding my head down. "Oohhh," she groans and stops me, pulling me up with her.

"Hold on a minute honey, I want to suck his cock. Mmm yeah I want to suck it into my mouth and taste him."

She leans up into my ear and whispers "That felt so fucking good." And kisses me slowly and deeply, tasting herself on my lips.

Then she moves down to my cock.

Low and throaty, she breathes into the phone: "Oh yeah, he's got a nice cock baby. Nice and thick. Too bad you can't watch me suck it. Mmmmmm."

Her mouth engulfs my cock. Rock hard already. This whole thing is turning me the hell on more than I thought it would. Having her moaning and groaning into the phone to her husband as I do things to her is kinky and nasty but damn it was hot.

Mouth off my cock.

"Oh it tastes good. So nice and hard for me too."

Back to sucking. Her mouth tightens around my cock as she moves it up and down. My hand reaches out and grabs her hair. Tightening my fingers around in it until I have a firm grip. Pulling her mouth up and down my cock. Ohhhhh damn she has a good mouth. I pull her mouth off my cock and let her speak into the phone she has held up to her mouth as she sucks me.

"His hand is on my head. Pulling me up and down his hot cock. Making me suck him baby. He's making me take his cock into my mouth and suck him. I fucking love it."

I push her head back down and guide her. I'm not really pulling up and down hard, she's moving more than I am! She's making a lot of noise. Groaning and moaning, slurping around my cock. She pulls off.

"Did you hear that honey? You hear me sucking him? Yeah it tasted good baby. Oh yeah I liked sucking him. Did you like listening? Did you like that baby, listening to me suck his cock?

She turns around, ass facing me, still on her knees, she spreads her legs slightly and lays down on her stomach, ass gloriously up in the air. God I'm so turned on at this point all I want to do is slam my cock inside her and pound away.

I move up behind her and start rubbing my cock along her wet pussy.

In a little girl voice she breathes into the phone "Mmmmm baby, I want to fuck him now. Can I? Can I fuck him? Can I have his cock, please baby?"

I take my time. This is fucking hot. I play my role in this, whatever it is. But it's got me steaming hot with this sexy little fucking slut on her knees, my cock rubbing up and down her wet pussy, begging her husband to let her feel my cock.

"Ohhh yeah he's rubbing it on me.... God I want it, Please honey!"

I stop moving and line up my cock, leaning slightly up and over, grabbing her hips. Perfect position to slam it in. Oh damn she is so hot and wet. This is going to be so good.

"Yeah honey, He's about to fuck me baby. He's about to fuck me!" She squeals out.

I steady my cock and thrust it in.

"Ahhhhhhhhh" she groans out loud.

God hot tight wet nasty naughty little pussy I'm now fucking.

Mmmmmm slam slam slam.

She's moaning this high pitched moan over and over.

"Oh oh oh oh."

In between thrusts and gasps she gasps out:







I'm ramming my whole body down and into her, pounding her into the bed. Naughty little slut deserves to get fucked hard.

"Ahhh he's all the way inside. God yes he's fucking me baby!"

Thrust thrust thrust.

She's moaning and gasping and grunting more than anything, slamming her hips back at me.

"Ohhhhh baby. Ohhhh his cock feels so fucking good!"

"Fuck me fuck me fuck meeeeee!"

We are both breathing ragged gasps. Groaning, moaning. She can hardly get out more than a high pitched moan over and over into the phone.

"Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh. Fuck. Me. God. Oh. Baby. He's. fucking. me. soooooo good."

I have to slow down... I don't think I can last much longer if I keep this up. Slower, deeper, grinding it inside her.

Now she has a deep low throaty voice "Ohhhhhh god I wish you could see this. Oh I love feeling his cock, honey. I love fucking it. I want it to keep fucking me and fucking me baby."

We are building now, more intense.

"Oh he's going to make me cum... oh yeah he's gonna make me cum all over his cock baby, oooooohhhh fuck yeah!"

She starts slamming against me. Christ I can't take it. This whole thing has been too much, so fucking hot and nasty. I need to cum with her.

"I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum too," I groan out

"Yeahhh baby he's going to cum, he's going to cum inside me baby... oooooohhhhhh god!" she ends it with a shriek and her hot pussy clamping around my cock. She's shaking and screaming all over my cock.

That's it. My cock swells up and I feel it throbbing. Fuck yeah Fuck yeah.

"Ahhhhhhh god!" I yell out as my cock throbs and spews out hot cum inside her over and over, my body tensed up like a spring. "Fuuuck Yessss!" My cock still flexing, all the cum drained out of it. Our breathe ragged and panting. My strength drains out of me. She's still moaning lowly.

We collapse next to each other.

"God baby. That felt so good." she says into the phone but looking straight at me.

I smile at her.

"Call you later," she breathes into the phone and closes it.

She rolls over to me.

"That was unbelievable. Thank You." She says. "Now rest up so we can do it again".

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