The Photo Album Ch. 04


"Oh god, Jim. . . I want you in me. . . put your cock in me. . . fill me up. . ."

Dad swung himself around and took his position between Mom's open legs. Leaning forward, he took his hard cock in his hand and placed it against her pussy-lips, looking into her eyes. Then, leaning forward, he pressed himself slowly into her.

Dad held himself up by his arms as he slowly drove in and out of his wife. Mom wrapped her legs sensually around his waist, and moved her hands onto his ass, alternately caressing them and pulling him into herself. Their eyes were locked together in utter erotic intensity.

"Oh, baby," Mom groaned, "you fuck me like nobody else. . . so good. . . And when we're done here, I'll be going home with you."


I reached under the hem of Mom's shirt, to feel her naked breast underneath; she hadn't put a bra on when she'd gotten dressed that morning (then again, why would she have?). I ran my fingers over her nipples, lightly tweaking and pinching them, which caused her to squeal and giggle with delight. Soon, she was raising her arms in tacit invitation for me to strip her shirt off her. When her lovely, mature tits were openly exposed to my gaze, I bent down to suckle them eagerly, while Mom held my head tightly against herself.

As I sat up to watch the video again, I returned my hand to Mom's full breast, and she resumed stroking my cock, which was as hard as a rail.

Dad and Mom were still fucking on the screen, slowly and sensually. The erotic intensity between them was palpable.

"You and Dad are amazing, the way you make love to each other," I mused.

"Your dad was an amazing lover," she agreed. "I've had bigger cocks, and sexual athletes of all types," she said, "but your father knew how to make love to me like nobody else ever could."

She continued, "And you know, Jack, I look at you, and I see your father. Not just the superficial ways you look like him, but every time I look at you, I think that you were, literally, made from Jim and me, the very best thing that ever came from all those thousands of times we made love together. Your father's DNA is still sitting right here, next to me. . ."

Her logic was overpowering. I was, quite literally, the continuation of my dad's life in this world. And she had literally brought me into the world between her own legs.


Back on the screen, Mom was groaning now, and Dad was stroking in and out of her at a faster tempo. Mom was stroking her legs along Dad's back, over his ass and down his legs, over and over as the two of them undulated together.

"Oh god, Jim," she suddenly gasped. "I'm cummimg! Fill me with your cum, Sweetheart! Shoot it into me!"

"Oh, yeah, Ellen! I'm cummimg, too. . . Here it. . ." With a loud cry, almost a roar, Dad began to twitch and jerk uncontrollably, his breathing ragged.

"Oh, yes, Jim!" Mom cried. "Yes! You're cummimg in me! Shoot me full of your wonderful cum!"

For a few minutes more, I watched my parents slowly grind against each other, as their intense mutual orgasm crested and then ebbed.

Dad finally laid his weight on top of Mom, and the two of them kissed tenderly, happily, more like spouses than lovers at an orgy. Which, I suppose, was fitting enough. When Dad finally lifted himself off her, her pussy was wet and matted with two men's cum, and a small stream trickled out of her, down the crack of her ass. Dad's cock was coated with cum, both his and Paul's.

Mom smiled. "That's two!" she laughed. Slapping Dad on the ass, she laughed, "I'll see you later!"

"You couldn't get rid of me if you wanted to!" he responded.

Dad crawled over to where Brian had just pulled out of Stephanie, still hard, having left her well-satisfied. "Mrs. Hard-on," he greeted her, "if you can make me hard, I promise to make it most worth your while."

"Hard-ons are my specialty," she giggled. "Come on over here, and let's see what we can do."

Brian knee-walked over to Mom's side. "May I have the honor of this next fuck?"

"I would be delighted," Mom cooed.

Brian's cock shone with the juices from both Rita's and Stephanie's cunts, and some of his own, as well. He took his place between Mom's thighs as he had dozens, maybe even hundreds of times before.

"Come on, baby," Mom urged. "Fuck me. Put your big cock in me, and fuck me till we both cum.

They both groaned, deeply and erotically, as Brian slowly drove his cock into Mom. "Ellen," he breathed, once his cock was all the way inside her, "Fucking you never gets old. Your pussy is just as warm and wet and tight as it was the first time we fucked, back on the boat, what -- 20 years ago?"

"Mmmmm," Mom purred, as Brian began to slowly pump in and out of her. "Your cock inside me feels just as wonderful as that first time. Can you believe we've been fucking each other for 20 years?"

"I know; it's crazy, isn't it? But it has been wonderful, every second of it! You are a wonderful lover."

"Mmmmm; you too, Brian."

I watched as Brian and Mom mated sensually together, as I'd seen them do on the other movies I'd seen. They had obviously developed a really close sexual rapport, anticipating each other's desires, and knowing which things would bring the most pleasure to the other.

For a long time, Brian sensually probed his long, stiff cock into the depths of Mom's cunt, exploring every corner inside her, touching her deepest core. Mom groaned in rich pleasure as Brian continued stroking in and out of her, slowly, intimately. "Oh, baby, yessss. . . "she purred, "you fuck me so good."

Over on the couch, Stephanie had sucked my dad's cock back to full, straining erection. Dad laid his head on the back of the couch as Stephanie stood up, straddling herself across his lap. With her hands, she reached down and gripped his cock, placing its tip against her pussy-lips, then slowly impaling herself on his rod with a sexy groan. I watched his cock disappear inside her, until his balls just peeked out between the cheeks of her ass. She began grinding herself sensuously back and forth on his stiff rod, while he raised his hips, thrusting up into her, matching her rhythm.

On the other couch, Rosemary groaned as she rode Paul, while he sucked hungrily on her magnificent tits. On the floor, George was on top of Rita, pounding into her again and again, while she wailed with the beginnings of orgasm.

Mom was groaning now as Brian continued to stroke in and out of her. "Oh, Brian," she groaned, "oh, Brian. . . I'm going to cum. . . Please cum with me, Brian. . ."

"As you wish, my dear," he answered.

Soon Mom's voice broke into a trembling wail, and she drove her hips up urgently, meeting Brian's thrusts into her. "Oh, goddd. . ." she groaned. "Oh god, yesssss. . . Oh god, Brian. . . I'm cummm. . . OHHH! YESSSSS! Cum with me, Brian! Shoot into me! Fill me with your thick, wonderful cum!

Brian grunted rhythmically as he drove into my mom again and again. "Ungh! Ungh! UUUNNNGGGHHHHHH!!"

"OH, YESSS, BRIAN!! Oh, you're cummimg in me! I can feel it! I can feel you squirting inside me!"

Brian's ass twitched and spasmed in time with his balls, as they sent spurt after spurt of his fluid essence shooting into Mom's hungry pussy.

When both their orgasms had spent themselves, Brian lowered himself onto Mom. Finding her breasts, he licked and suckled them contentedly. Mom cradled his head in her arms, cooing and purring happily. "Thank you," she whispered. Then, sitting up, she grinned and looked toward the camera, saying, "That's three!"

On the couch, Stephanie warbled incoherently as her orgasm broke on Dad's cock, and Rosemary was doing likewise on Paul's. Soon, both couples were gasping for breath, holding and stroking each other in a warm afterglow. George and Rita were idly kissing on the floor, waiting for the others to finish.


My cock was almost in pain, it was so strainingly hard. More than anything at that moment, I wanted to bury it in my Mom's pussy, and I knew that before long, I would. but the movie was only about half-over, and I really wanted to see it all the way through, to see Mom with each of her six lovers; to see six different cocks pumping in and out of her, six different men's cum filling her pussy. I was a little in awe to think that my parents -- my own mother and father -- had ever taken part in an orgy like the one I was watching on the TV.

"Mom," I muttered, "this is so crazy. . . You really fucked six guys. . ."

She giggled and blushed. "Mm-hm!"

"How was it? I mean, I can see what you did, but. . . how did it feel. . . for you?"

She got a faraway look on her face. "How can I say this, Jack? . . . It was wonderful! Every one of those six cocks felt different and unique inside me; every one of those men moved differently on my body. . . You know, when a man cums, and he just loses control. . . it's the most incredibly intimate, erotic thing. And every one of them behaved differently when he came. Just that variety, that difference, that intimacy with each of them, was amazing, incredible, wonderful!"


Back on the television, the eight people on the screen reconfigured themselves to be with the member of the opposite sex that they hadn't been with yet. That meant that Paul was with Stephanie, Brian was with Rosemary, and Dad was with Rita.

And Mom was with George. His thick cock stood straight out from his loins as Mom took hold of it, sucking the head into her mouth, and savoring the shape and flavor of a cock she hadn't had before, and which was coated with the sexual fluids of the other three women in the room.

"I love your cock, George," she said, smiling at him. "Let's see how it feels inside me."

"Let's do it!"

George crawled between Mom's legs, taking the position that three other men had occupied before him that night. As the others had done before him, he slowly pushed into her, groaning at the sensations of entering her for the very first time. Thick, white cum from three other men oozed out of Mom's pussy as George pressed his rigid member into her depths, and soon George's ass was bobbing up and down as he pumped his cock in and out of my mother.

"Oh god, George," she breathed, "I love how your cock feels inside me; so solid, so strong. . ."

"It feels wonderful inside you too, Ellen. . ."

I watched the two of them fuck for a long time. Then Mom began to lift her hips off the floor, meeting George's thrusts into her with thrusts of her own. Soon both of them were panting for breath, fucking at a rapid rate, pounding their loins together.

"Oh god, Ellen," George gasped, "I'm sorry, I can't help it. . . I'm gonna. . . OOOOHHHHHH, yeaaahhhh!"

George's orgasm seemed to excite Mom. She rolled her head back, and a rapturous grin spread across her face. She wrapped her legs around George's ass, and cupped her hands over his ass cheeks, pulling him into herself. "Oh, yes, George!" she cried. "Cum in me! Oh, you're cummimg in me; I love it! Yes!"

As their mutual orgasms slowly subsided, Mom and George continued lazily grinding together, wringing the last sensations, and the last drops of his cum, out of their delightful fuck.

Finally, their bodies came to rest, and they gratefully stroked and caressed each other's bodies. "Mmmmm," Mom purred. "Thank you, George; you were wonderful."

"Thank you, Ellen."

"That's four!" Mom said.

On the couch, Rita was sexily moaning as she climaxed on Dad's cock, and right next to them, Stephanie was doing the same on Paul's. Rosemary was kneeling on the couch as Brian pounded her from behind, her large, full tits swaying in time with Brian's thrusts into her, until at last she was groaning through her own orgasm, while Brian was straining, pounding her furiously, until he managed to squeeze another release from his overworked balls. The three women's orgasmic cries blended with the men's climactic grunts in an erotic symphony.

The eight of them lay there, sprawled across the floor and the couch, catching their breath.

Suddenly, Brian sat up. "Where are the others?" he asked. "Has anyone seen my wife?"

"Oh," replied Paul, "I think the four of them went upstairs."

"Well, that's two women none of us guys have had yet," Brian said, with a mischievous smirk.

"And two men that none of us have had, either!" Rosemary chimed in.


While the group on the TV sorted things out among themselves, I turned toward Mom.

"This is unbelievably hot!" I breathed. "I can't believe you and Dad did stuff like this!"

Mom blushed again. "Sometimes, Jack, I can't believe it myself. It's not like we were just fucking anybody and everybody, willy-nilly, but having so many men, and their cocks, available to me. . . it was incredibly exciting and rich. And I'm sure your dad felt the same way. I know Brian and Gwen do."

I bent down to kiss her, deeply, powerfully, gratefully -- this woman who had given me birth. In some almost mystical way, I knew our bodies were already connected with each other, even down to the level of the 'stuff' I was made of, and now, inspired by this stark new awareness of my parents as sexual human beings -- VERY sexual beings -- I wanted to connect with her on a whole new level, as a man to a woman, one sexual human being to another. I wanted to take care of her, meet her needs, and fill the void that Dad's death had left in her life. And also the one between her legs.

As I continued to kiss her passionately, Mom parted her lips, and my tongue probed deeply between them, intertwining with hers. With my free hand, I stroked and squeezed her full, mature breasts, and she stroked my cock even more urgently.

I stroked my hand downward, across her belly, to the button on the waistband of her shorts. I unfastened the button and slid my hand inside her plain cotton panties, until I encountered her pubic hair. Probing further, I found the top of her slit, and her clitoris. I teased her little bud with my fingertip, which drew a breathy moan from her, and she quickly raised her hips off the couch and peeled her shorts off herself, so she was as naked as I was. I could smell her arousal, rich and musky, emanating from within her. I dipped my fingertip inside her pussy, finding it warm and smooth as I gently ground my knuckle on her clit, while she stroked my cock as she had been for the last half-hour.

She bent down and took my cock in her mouth, wetting it thoroughly, mixing her saliva with my pre-cum, and spreading the slick mixture along my shaft.

"Oh god, Jack. . ." she gasped, as she sat up, spreading her legs apart in unspoken invitation. "I want you. I want. . . I NEED to feel your cock inside me. Put it in me, Jack; please?"

Somewhere in the back of my brain, a voice was telling me that this was my mother, for heaven's sake, but at the front of my brain, all I could think about at that moment was how badly I wanted to fuck her, and how badly she wanted me to.

I knelt between my mother's legs and took my cock in my hand, aligning it with her hungry womanhood. I stroked the head up and down along her slit to help lubricate her, then I nestled my cockhead between her cunt-lips, savoring the sensations of her labia giving me a sensual 'kiss'. Gently I rolled my hips forward, pressing into her an inch at a time, a little bit further with each successive thrust. Without any lube, the friction of her pussy walls on my shaft made her feel incredibly tight.

"Oh god, Jack, that feels so good. God, yesss!" she sighed. "Ever since your father died, I've hoped that you would make love to me. Oh, thank you, son!"

A few more thrusts, and I was buried inside her completely. I paused, savoring the sensation of being completely wrapped inside my mother's warm cunt. She squeezed my cock with her pelvic muscles, drawing a groan from deep within me. She may have been 70 years old, but my very mature, very experienced mother had spent a lifetime learning how to give ultimate pleasure to a man's cock. All that I'd seen in pictures, movies and videos, of my mom fucking half-a-dozen different men or more, was now focused on giving pleasure to my own straining, throbbing erection, buried inside her, just as Brian's had been. And Paul's and George's. And Dad's.

My eyes rolled back in my head as the sensations in my cock passed from the sublime to the transcendent. Slowly, sensually, I pulled out of her, then pressed back into her, probing the deepest parts of her. My mother. I was fucking my own mother. We established a comfortable rhythm, and settled into a relaxed, rocking motion, me pumping in and out of her, and her meeting my thrusts, and clenching her cunt on my cock with every inward stroke.

At last, the sensations in my cock reached their pinnacle, and I could feel myself slipping past the point of no return. "Oh god," I gasped. "Mom. . . I'm. . ." And with a loud groan, I released myself to my orgasm. My balls pulsed and spasmed, sending surging waves of my cum into my mother.

"Oh, yes, Jack!" she cried. "You're cummimg in me! Oh god, how I have wanted you to fill me with your cum! Oh, yesss!"

Great globs of my cum pulsed out the end of my cock, into my mother, for a long time. Finally, our respective climaxes waned. I fell forward, onto Mom. She stroked my head and back, purring happily, as we both slowly recovered our breath. My softening cock, still inside her, radiated a warm, satisfied glow.

"Oh, Jack," she said, still gasping for breath. "Thank you. Thank you for loving me. I miss your father so much. Thank you. . ."


By the time Mom and I had recovered, the situation on the TV screen had reconfigured. Peter and Derek had apparently returned to the den, from wherever they had been, while the four men who had been there previously had evidently gone off in search of women they hadn't had yet, namely Gwen and Melinda.

With two men and four women, Derek and Peter laid on their backs on the floor, each with one woman on his cock, and another riding his face. When I first looked at the screen, Mom was happily riding Derek's mouth, while Rosemary rode his cock. Rita was having her pussy eaten by Peter, while Stephanie groaned on his cock.

I watched as Mom and Rosemary shared a sensual kiss, and fondled each other's breasts, as they ground themselves on Rosemary's husband.


"That's hot, Mom" I said.

"Your father thought so, too."

"How often did you. . ."

"Play with women?"

"Ummm. . . yeah. . ."

She laughed. She was feeling very mellow, in her post-orgasmic bliss. "Oh, not very often, really; I certainly wouldn't call myself bisexual. The guys always liked it if we put on a show for them. Gwen and I have played together once in a while, but honestly, that's a pretty unique relationship." She sighed, and smiled happily.


On the screen, one of the women called, "Rotate!" and they all moved one place to their right around the 'circle' -- Mom moved from Derek's face to Peter's, and Rita moved from Peter's face to his cock. Stephanie moved from Peter's cock to Derek's, and Rosemary from Derek's cock to his face.

Mom and Rita held each other by the arms as they ground themselves on Peter.

"Oh Peter!" Mom cried. "God, you eat my pussy so good! I'm gonna cum!" Soon, she was twitching and writhing, grinding her pussy on Peter's face, which by then was slick with her juices, and Rita's besides.

At the next rotation, Mom moved to Peter's cock, which was still stiffly erect, and pointing at the ceiling. She stood astride his loins and slowly lowered herself until her cunt-lips just touched his cockhead.

"Here we go!" she giggled. "Cock Number Five! You think you can cum for me, Peter?"

Peter's mouth was already busy with Rosemary's cunt, but he still managed to make a muffled "Mmmm-hmmm!" heard.

Mom lowered herself onto Peter's rigid pole. I watched as she slowly engulfed the full length of it inside herself, with a sultry groan. "God, I love your cock!" she breathed.

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