The Photo Album Ch. 04


"Just like all the others," Rosemary wisecracked. "You just like cocks, Ellen -- it doesn't matter whose they are!"

Mom grinned. "You caught me! And the more, the merrier, I say!" she giggled. "A girl can never have too many cocks!"

She began a slow, sensual grind on Peter's hard-on, leaning her head on Rosemary's shoulder as she rocked up and down on her fifth cock of the night. "My pussy is just buzzing," she exclaimed. "God, it feels so good!"

Rosemary cupped Mom's breasts in her hands as she rocked her her own cunt on Peter's tongue. "Mmmmmmm," she purred, "just relax, Ellen, and savor it. Feel all the sensations -- feel his cock deep inside you, rubbing on your pussy walls, feel his cockhead swelling inside you every time he thrusts into you.

"Mmmmm, yesssss," Mom purred. "I love it. I love the friction of his shaft on my G-spot. I love how his cock fills me up so completely. Oh, yessss. . ."

On and on they ground, Mom riding Peter's dick while Rosemary rode his face, and the two women fondled each other's tits. Eventually, Mom began slowly increasing her tempo. Her breathing became shorter and shallower. "Oh god. . ." she gasped. "I'm going to cum! Oh, I'm so close to cummimg, Peter. . . Will you cum with me? Shoot your cum into me? Oh god. . . I want your cum so bad. . ."

Rosemary wailed and trembled through her own orgasm on Peter's tongue, then shuddered through several 'aftershocks' as he continued licking her after her climax. Finally, Rosemary climbed off and crawled over behind Mom, kissing her and fondling her breasts, as she and Peter perched on the edge of a crashing mutual orgasm. Peter was breathing heavily as he matched Mom's rhythm, lifting his hips off the floor, driving himself up into Mom's hungry pussy.

Mom was straining for breaths as she reached the peak of her orgasm. With a loud, masculine grunt, Peter raised his hips, driving himself deep inside her, and holding himself there, leaving her almost suspended in mid-air, impaled on his cock.

"Oh god!" she cried. "Oh god yes! I feel you cummimg inside me, Peter! I feel your cum shooting into me, filling me up with your sperm! Yessss!"

They continued to grind together as their climaxes crested and broke. At last, they slowed their frantic fucking and came to a gradual stop.

"Thank you," Mom panted, as she slowly caught her breath. "God, that was wonderful!"

"YOU were wonderful," Peter answered, a grin crossing his face.

"And. . . that's five!" Mom crowed.

Just as Peter's soft cock slipped out of Mom, one of the other women called, "Rotate!"

Lifting herself off Peter's loins, Mom shifted to where Derek was waiting for her, his huge cock pointing straight up like a marble pillar.

"Hello, Ellen," he grinned, rakishly. "I've been waiting for you."

Mom sat between his legs, gripping his pole with her hand and eagerly stroking up and down along its length. "Mmmm-hmmm," she purred happily. "And I've been looking forward to having you all night."

"Saving the best for last, eh?"

"Mmmmmm. . . we'll see about that, won't we?"

She leaned forward and took the tip of Derek's cock in her mouth, sensually licking and sucking on it, savoring the taste and texture as if it were a rare delicacy. "Mmmmmm," she purred, "All five of the other women are on here, aren't they?"


"Mmmmm. . . nice. . . Did you cum yet?"

"Only once, so far. I've been saving up for you; I knew you wanted maximum cum tonight."

"I hope the others weren't disappointed."

"I, uh, think they were quite satisfied."


Rita was sitting by Derek's face. "You go ahead, Rita," Mom told her. "If you don't mind, I'll just watch while he eats your pussy."

"You sure?" Rita asked.

"Sure; go ahead."

Rita took her place on Derek's face, turning her back toward Mom. The camera angle gave us a clear view of Derek's jaw diligently working back and forth between the cheeks of Rita's ass, while she slowly ground herself on his face, groaning with arousal as Derek plundered her clit with his tongue.

Mom slid up behind Rita, straddling Derek's waist. Reaching around, she cupped her hands over Rita's firm breasts, drawing a surprised gasp from her. Once she saw that it was Mom who was fondling her, she smiled and relaxed and continued grinding on Derek's mouth.

It wasn't long before Rita's head rolled back, and she was urgently stroking her cunt on Derek's mouth, gasping and panting and groaning with her impending orgasm.

"Oh god. . ." she moaned. "Oh god. . . Oh god, I'm cummimg. . . OOOooooohhhhh!"

Once Rita had finished her oral orgasm, she rolled off Derek's face, a look of utter satiety spreading across her face.

Once more, Mom had taken Derek's cock into her mouth, and was bobbing her head up and down on the last few inches of it. Not that he needed her help to get it up. Derek had a massive cock -- nearly ten inches long, and thicker than Mom's wrist.


"Good Lord!" I whispered to Mom. "The guy has a horse cock!"

"Biggest one I've ever had," Mom replied. "And he knew how to use it, too; incredible sexual stamina, and the shortest recovery time I've ever known."

"How often did you fuck him?"

"A fair number of times. Not as often as Brian, obviously, but once I met him the first time, I made sure that he and Rosemary were always in on our annual orgies. You may have noticed, Dad was rather fond of Rosemary, too. And a couple times a year, we played with the two of them ourselves. God, what an incredible fuck he was!"


"He died a few years before your father did, but he was sick for a few years before that. It's probably ten years since I had sex with him."

"I'm sorry. I think I'd have liked to meet him."

"Oh, I'm sure you would have."


Back on the TV, and decades in the past, Mom raised herself up, above Derek's salami. Gripping it with both hands, she snugged it up to her well-fucked cunt-lips, and nestled it between them. Then, looking Derek in the eyes, she slowly lowered herself onto him, groaning with deep satisfaction as she felt him sliding into her, filling her vacant feminine cavity.

"Cock Number Six!" she exulted.

She gasped sharply as her opening stretched around Derek's thick pole. "My god, you are absolutely filling me up! You feel so fucking good inside me!"

"Speak for yourself," Derek grinned. "You're feeling pretty fucking fantastic around me, too."

Inch by inch, I watched as my mother slowly impaled herself on Derek's huge cock. Honestly, I didn't know how she was going to take all of him into herself, without causing kidney damage. She paused a couple times on her way down, wriggling her hips, adjusting the internal 'fit' of his cock in her pussy, but each time, she returned to her downward slide, slowly enveloping his huge penis within herself.

"Oh god," she moaned, "how much more?" She reached down with her hand to feel how much of him remained outside her. It was only an inch or two.

"Almost there," Derek encouraged her.

"Oh, the hell with it!" She sat down hard, with a loud groan, somewhere between a stab of pain and utter satisfaction. Slowly, she rotated her body in place, feeling his cockhead deep inside herself, probing to the farthest reaches of her sultry vagina, and who knows what else. "Oh god, Derek -- no-one has ever been so deep inside me. Shit! It feels so fucking good!"

"Mmmm-hmmm," Derek agreed. "Yes, it does. . ."

For a long while, Mom just seemed to savor the sensations of Derek's horse-cock buried inside herself, but slowly, she began to grind on his pole as it impaled her.

"OK, Derek," she groaned. "I'm ready -- fuck me."

As you wish, my dear."

Slowly, Derek began rhythmically thrusting up into her, lifting his hips off the floor, as she ground herself onto him, matching his sensual rhythm. For a long time, they mated like that, on and on, savoring every inch of their erotic connection, undulating their bodies in and out, up and down, back and forth together, intense pleasure radiating from both their faces.

"Oh god, Derek. . . this is fucking wonderful!"

"I agree. . ."

After a long while, Mom rolled her head back, her jaw dropping in silent ecstasy. Slowly, she increased her tempo, until her ass was grinding on Derek at a furious pace, and he was matching her rhythm, thrusting up into her. Both of them were breathing heavily as Mom finally crested into a sharp orgasm.

"Oh god, Derek! I'm cummimg! Oh god, I'm cummimg! Oh, your cock feels so good! Cum with me, Derek! Shoot your cum into me!"

But as Mom came down from her climax, Derek was still serenely, almost lazily, grinding his hips, thrusting up into her. I couldn't see his cock inside her, obviously, but Mom was looking down at Derek, with an expression somewhere between confusion and utter amazement.

"You didn't cum?"

"Not yet," he grinned. "Cum again?"

"Oh, shit. . . you are incredible. . ."

"YOU'RE incredible. . ."

Slowly, Mom resumed her rhythm on Derek's stiff pole. Having just climaxed, her sexual nerve-endings were still sensitive, and it wasn't long before she was twisting and writhing and shuddering through another orgasm. And another and another. And another. "Oh god!" she cried. "Ohgodohgodohgod. . . OOOOOooooohhhhh!

Finally, after what seemed like it must have been her thirty-seventh orgasm, she looked down at Derek, a pleading expression on her face. "Please, Derek. . . cum in me. . . give me your cum. . . please?"

"Okay, baby," he said, "since you asked so nice. I know how bad you want me to cum inside you."

"I do. . . I want it so bad. . . Cum in me. . . Please. . ."

Derek rolled his own head back, as if savoring the last sensations of Mom's pussy. Tightening his abs, he rolled his hips sensually up into her, until, with a loud groan, he held himself deep inside her. I saw the muscles in his ass twitching as his semen pulsed into Mom -- great globs of thick, white semen, surging out of his cock, into my mother, until her pussy could hold no more, and it, along with what the other men had left in her earlier, began to leak out of her, dripping down the thick shaft of his cock, and onto his balls.

Mom collapsed on top of Derek's chest, almost weeping from the intensity of her erotic release. "Thank you," she virtually sobbed. "That was incredible. . . wonderful. . . amazing. . . And," she grinned proudly, "that's six! All six of you came inside me tonight; thank you, one and all!"

While Mom and Derek caught their breath, the others returned to the den from wherever they'd been, upstairs or wherever -- Dad, Brian, Paul and George, along with Gwen and Melinda.

"Looks like our timing was about perfect," Brian said.

"Just about," Derek said, slowly stroking Mom's back as she lay atop him. "But not quite."

Suddenly, Mom's head jerked up. "What the hell are you doing?" she asked, in a shocked voice. I wondered what was going on; I didn't think there was much that could shock anyone in that group.

"You're getting hard again -- right inside me!"

Derek grinned. "Uh-huh. Is that a problem?"

"Oh my god," she whined, "you're gonna wreck me for a week!"

Derek looked toward Dad. "I hope not; but in case I do. . . Sorry, Jim!" He laughed wickedly.

"In fact," Derek continued, motioning toward Dad, "I have a better idea. Jim, why don't you get behind her. Lube yourself up good -- let's give her a double!"

Dad grinned. Rosemary found the bottle of lube, and began coating Dad's prick with it, stroking the lube along his length, coaxing him back to erection.

I heard Gwen say, somewhere off-camera, "Oh god -- they did this to me, upstairs!"

Dad knelt behind Mom, who was leaned forward, her breasts mashed against Derek's furry chest. He placed the tip of his cock against the puckered star of Mom's asshole, and slowly, gently wriggled himself into her back door.

"Oh shit!" Mom cried. "Ohgodohgodohgod. . . merciful FUCK!"

Dad cupped his hands over Mom's tits as he and Derek managed to co-ordinate their rhythm, filling both her holes at once, both of them fucking in and out of her slowly and sensually.

Her cries degenerated into a long, quivering orgasmic wail, as the two cocks -- Derek's massive pole in her cunt, and Dad's in her ass -- plundered her body in tandem, driving her to ever-greater erotic heights. She was twisting and writhing, warbling incoherent syllables, as wave after crashing orgasmic wave carried her away on a sea of sexual bliss.

At last, she was utterly sexually spent, and she went completely limp. "Please. . ." she muttered, "no more. . . please. . ."

Derek smiled at her, almost with pity. "You're done?"


"You want us to cum in you again?"

"Sure. . . if you want to. . ."

And with that, Derek thrust into her pussy one last time, and Dad into her ass, almost gently, sighing with happy erotic satisfaction as their sperm flowed into her one more time.

Mom fell onto Derek's chest, her own chest still heaving as she recovered her breath.

"Fucking incredible!" she murmured. "Thank you, Derek; thank you, Jim." She looked around the room; the other nine were all applauding the three of them. "Jeez, you guys -- stop it! It's not like we were the only ones here fucking tonight. . ."

Dad leaned down to whisper in her ear. "That was incredible, Sweetheart -- you are the most exciting woman in the world!"

She turned to look at him, a look of utter exhaustion on her face. "Take me home, Jim. . . I've done all I can here. . ."


I looked at Mom. She was flushed, and idly stroking her clit, still staring at the TV screen.

"That was amazing, Mom," I gushed.

She was actually breathing hard. "That might have been the single best night of sex I've had in my life," she said, "And I've had quite a few."

"Lucky thing you caught it on tape," I chuckled.

I remembered a thought that had flickered through my brain earlier. "Mom?

"Yes, Jack."

"If you don't mind me asking. . . How many men have you had, in your life?"

"I imagine all these movies would make you curious, wouldn't they? You've seen what -- three movies, and an album of photos? -- and already you know about six men I've had. How many more? Is that what you're wondering?"

"Well. . . yeah. . . If you don't mind. . ."

She laughed to herself. "At this point, what would be the point of trying to hide anything from you?"

That struck me as incredibly funny, and I laughed out loud.

"Well, let's see. . ." she began. "There were two guys in college, before I met your dad. Dad, of course; and Brian. And of course, the other four men from the orgy you just watched. So that's eight. And I think, if you go through all of the movies -- which I'm sure you will -- you'll find maybe four others. So that's what -- twelve altogether?"

"And I'm Number Thirteen. . ."

She laughed. "Aren't you the lucky one? It's funny, I suppose -- as much as we enjoyed sharing each other, and the orgies and everything else, we really weren't THAT wild and crazy. We just found a group of folks we enjoyed playing with, and stayed with them."

I smiled to myself at the notion that someone who spent virtually her entire married life sharing husbands with another woman, and who participated in annual cluster-fucks, could think of her sex life as rather tame.

Another thought occurred to me.

"Mom. . .?"

"Yes, Jack."

"Ummmm, one more question. . . what about birth control? I haven't seen any condoms in any of the movies I've seen. I mean, not to be crude, but do you even know for sure that Dad is my father?"

She sighed. "A fair question, and I owe you an honest answer. We didn't share as often, early on, and we weren't very careful when we did. If one of us had gotten pregnant in those early days, it could have been a problem. Luckily, that didn't happen, and when both us couples wanted to start having kids, we didn't share for several months, until Gwen and I both got pregnant. So yes -- you can be quite certain that Dad is really your father. Once we started back up with our sharing, we quickly decided that we were just having too much fun to take any more long breaks like that, so Dad and Brian both got snipped. When Brian and Gwen introduced us to the orgy scene, Gwen and I got our tubes tied, too. So, we weren't going to get pregnant, no matter how many men we had, and Dad and Brian weren't going to get anyone pregnant. No need for any condoms, or anything else. That's also why you and Scott are both only-children."

She stood up, beckoning me to come along with her. "Come on, Jack; let's go to the bedroom. That movie made me horny all over again. Do you think you've got another one in you?"

"I hope so. It made me horny, too."

"Good boy."

We went up to Mom's bedroom, onto the bed she'd shared with Dad for nearly 50 years. Lying side by side, we kissed each other, stroking and fondling each other's bodies. We were in no hurry, and in the fullness of time, I was hard again. Mom reached for the lube bottle, and sensually stroked up and down my erection. Then she pulled me on top of herself, sliding me into herself once more.

As we slowly mated, Mom purred in my ear. "Thank you, Jack, for taking care of me, for being the man in my life. Thank you for taking Dad's place in my life. Thank you for loving your mother. . ."

I stayed hard, stroking slowly and sensually in and out of her for a long time, until at last, I send another load of my seed surging into her womb, the same womb that had been host to the first 40 weeks of my own existence. As she felt my fluid essence filling her, and spreading inside her, she held me tightly to herself, purring contentedly.

As I rolled off her, and we held each other through our warm afterglow, my head spun with the implications of my new relationship with Mom. Of course, I'd have to move back in with her, and get rid of my own place. Just as well; we could certainly use the cash. A thousand other minor details came to mind, besides. One final thought occurred to me.


"Yes, Jack."

"Does this make me a mother-fucker?"

She laughed, freely and openly; more freely and openly than she had in quite a while.

"Yes, Jack; yes, I suppose it does."

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