tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Photo Session Ch. 04

The Photo Session Ch. 04


This is the fourth installment in what has become a series. Hopefully, this story can be read enjoyably on its own. However, this story continues the story started in the first three installments. Reading those installments in sequence will provide context and an understanding of who the characters are. This story starts slowly. I apologize.


Time gets away from you faster than we, or at least I, realize. It does not seem that long ago that Sara, Cassie, and I posed for our first nude photographs together just after Cassie turned 18. In truth, more than twenty years had passed.

A lot has changed since we became a nude family. First, and most sadly, my dear Sara passed away a few years ago from liver cancer. Our good friends Mike and Vickie were a great help during that horrible time. They are still going strong, although they are both now fully retired. They spend the worst of the winter at a condo in a clothing-optional community in Florida but still spend the rest of the year in their mansion down the street. I spend a lot of time at their place down the street, and have visited them in Florida.

I went "of counsel" at my law firm. That means that I no longer share in firm profits or had a vote in management. It also means that, while I still had an office, I can work as much or as little as I chose. I only take matters that I found interesting. I still live in the same house which Sara and I bought decades ago, where we raised our daughter Cassandra. Our community is still, relatively, a progressive oasis in a narrow-minded desert. The Skins Society still exists. However, I haven't participated since Sara died. It just wasn't fun without her.

My daughter, Cassie, did well in college, and met a wonderful guy named Peter. Cassie and Peter got married while she was in law school, just after Peter got his masters in electrical engineering. A couple of years later, they had my granddaughter, Gwendolyn. When Gwen was five, Peter's firm took on a project to help repair and modernize infrastructure in Afghanistan. The American experts were provided with 24/7 security. However, that security couldn't stop a suicide bomber from taking out a busload of the Americans. Peter was on that bus.

Cassie and Gwen moved back to town after losing Peter. Cassie joined a medium-size firm Downtown and Gwen started attending the same schools that her mother had gone to years before. Sara and I did what we could to substitute for Peter in Gwen's life, but there really is no substitute for a parent.

Despite everything that had happened, Cassie and Gwen had managed fairly well. Gwen had grown into an intelligent and mature young lady who is athletic and does well in school. Gwen has her Mother's and grandmother's brown hair and lovely, open face. However, Gwen is a little shorter and fuller in the chest, hips, and thighs than her Mother. While Gwen was not at all fat, she did have more curves than her mother.

Cassie, Gwen, and I started spending more time together after Sara passed; although school, sports, and other activities meant that "more" time with Gwen still wasn't a lot. Cassie still went nude if it was just her and me, but neither of us went nude around Gwen. We never talked about it, but I assumed that Cassie had taken the same attitude to raising Gwen that Sara and I had taken to raising Cassie.

I was having dinner and drinks at Mike's and Vickie's one Friday evening in late June. Cassie was off at somewhere with Gwen. Vickie, Mike, and I were sitting naked at one of the patio tables on their pool deck when a very beautiful blonde, who looked about Cassie's age, came out of the house wearing a short skirt and polo shirt. She looked familiar, but I couldn't place her.

"Hey, Mom, Dad," the blonde woman said. "I went by the farmer's market and the liquor store. Don't get up, I put everything away."

The reference to "Mom" and "Dad" clued me in that the blonde was Vickie's and Mike's daughter Sandy. Sandy and Cassie had been very close back when they were both in high school and, with Vickie's, Mike's, and Sara's knowledge and approval, Sandy and I had fucked occasionally after she turned 18. I had not seen Sandy in years. I had heard that she had married and moved to Seattle. Sandy was Cassie's age, almost to the day. In her forties, Sandy was still a compellingly beautiful woman.

Vickie, with only a little hint of irony, said "Harry, you remember our daughter Sandy, I'm sure." Sandy had seen me nude often enough years ago that I had no hesitation in standing and extending my hand to her.

Sandy stopped and then exclaimed, "Harry Stone! Damn, it is great to see you!" Sandy ignored my outstretched hand and, instead, stepped up to me and gave me a hug. Stepping back, she did a quick visual inspection of my nude front. "You look great," she said, "extraordinary for a man your age."

"You look as beautiful as I remember Sandy," I said. "What are you doing in the old neighborhood? Visiting?"

Sandy made a slight face and then smiled. "No, I'm back for good. I'm staying with Mom and Dad until I find a place of my own. Before you ask, yes I was married and yes I was living in Seattle. Trent and I divorced. The divorce just became final a month ago. I let Trent have the house in return for some money. Not being married to him anymore, I didn't see any reason to stay in the Northwest. I came back here because Mom and Dad are still here. Hey, may I join you guys for dinner?"

"Of course Dear," Vickie replied.

"Great!" Sandy said. "Let me just go in and get my clothes off." She turned and went back into the house. Her skirt was tight enough to disclose that she still had a very good ass.

Mike laughed. "We thought that we'd surprise you with Sandy being home."

"Well, you did that," I replied.

"The divorce was hard on her," Vickie said. "Still, I think that I'm glad it happened. She made a lot of compromises to be with Trent. He wanted her to be someone other than who she really is. She tried, but I don't think that she liked who she had become. I think that she's better off without Trent and, of course, we're thrilled to have her back here."

"I'm sorry that it didn't work out for her," I said.

"Well, not everyone is as lucky as we have been, "Mike said, adding "or as you and Sara were."

Fortunately, we were interrupted before discussion about Sara could go any farther by Sandy coming out of the house. Naked, she was much more reminiscent of the young adult I had known years ago. Her body was amazingly firm and in shape. Where once there had been evidence between Sandy's legs that she was a natural blonde, she was now shaved bare.

Sandy caught me looking. "That is one of the first things I did after Trent and I split," she said, "shave. Trent didn't even approve of me trimming down there. He said that no one is supposed to see it anyway." I guess I showed some embarrassment at Sandy having caught me looking at her triangle. "Don't worry Harry," she added. "I still enjoy people seeing me. Trent didn't get that and certainly didn't approve."

We had a good meal. During dinner, I got filled in on Sandy's life since she had left the neighborhood. While Sandy and Cassie had gone to college together, they drifted apart after Cassie met Peter. Sandy got her BS in computer engineering and took a job in Seattle. While she was there, she met Trent and got her master's.

"Trent pursued me relentlessly," Sandy said. "It was flattering to have someone want you that badly. He was an absolute doll until we were married." Sandy and Trent married after a little more than a year of dating. Trent was personally very conservative. Sandy was expected to stay dressed, a major change for her. "Trent also thought that I shouldn't have any life outside of work and him. He had a fit if I spent time with my friends. I think that he would have preferred that I not work and spend all my time at home, but the money I was making was too good for us to give up, and Trent did love money."

I asked if they had any children. "No," Sandy replied, "I wanted children but Trent didn't. That seemed odd as you'd think Mr. Hearth and Home would want a child or two, but he didn't. I think that Trent didn't want to have to spend the money on children. It got to the point where we quit having sex because he was convinced that I'd trick him and get pregnant."

The conversation was getting depressing. Vickie deftly changed the topic to what she and Mike had done during their last trip to Florida. Finishing that, she began questioning me about Gwen's diving (Gwen was a very successful diver on her school's swim team) and school, giving me an opportunity to brag about my granddaughter which she knew that I would take. By the time we were ready to call it a night, whatever pall had been cast by Sandy's account of her marriage had completely lifted.

As I stood in Vickie's and Mike's doorway, Sandy came up to me, still nude. She hugged me tightly (which felt wonderful). "It really was great to see you again, Harry," Sandy said.

"It was great to see you too," I replied. "You are every bit as wonderful as you were a few decades ago."

Sandy looked at me for a moment. A smile crept onto her face. "In that case," she said, "perhaps we could get together sometime."

"That would be great," I replied. Sandy gave me a quick kiss on the cheek. I pulled on my shorts and sandals and walked home.

During my walk, I found myself thinking about Sandy. As a young adult, she had a magnetic quality that drew you to her and the beauty, intelligence, and sexiness that made you want to stay. The years had not diminished those attributes at all. She was a powerfully attractive woman. I mentally laughed at myself. What was I thinking? I was about 25 years older than Sandy. I could not possibly be attractive to her.

The next day, I joined Cassie at one of Gwen's summer swim meets. While the swimmers now wore suits that covered much of their bodies, the divers still wore the older suits that were cut high on the legs. That look flattered Gwen. While she was not the only attractive girl in the diving competition, she was certainly the most attractive. That isn't simply grandfatherly bias. I overheard appreciative comments from several of the men and boys present each time Gwen came out to dive.

I was sitting with Cassie and mentioned that I had seen Sandy the night before. "I knew that she was coming back to town," Cassie said. "It would be great to get together with her again."

Cassie's comment, coupled with Sandy's the night before, got me thinking. After a short silence, I said, "What if we cook out at the house next weekend? We could invite Sandy, Vickie, and Mike. You could even bring Gwen if she's free."

Cassie pulled out her smart phone and checked her calendar. "I'm free next Saturday night. Yeah, that would be fun. I don't know Gwen's schedule, but, if I bring her, everyone will have to stay dressed. That would take some of the fun out of it."

"Still," I said, "you and Sandy were very close friends. Gwen ought to meet her."

"I agree," Cassie replied. "I do hope that Sandy has the good judgment not to tell Gwen about everything that we did back then."

I made some calls that evening. Vickie and Mike begged off, saying that they were already committed to another dinner that evening. However, Sandy said that she would be happy to come over for dinner the following Saturday. That Thursday, Cassie called to say that Gwen had a date that Saturday night, but that she wanted to meet Sandy and would come to the house for a while. Her date would pick her up at my house around 7:00 p.m.

"I'll call Sandy and tell her that she has to keep her clothes on until Gwen leaves," Cassie said with a laugh. "You know," she added, "I'm really starting to look forward to this."

Since Sara had passed, I had been forced to learn how to cook, at least a little. Since the weather forecast for that Saturday was sunny, I opted to get steaks and shrimp for the grill. I mixed up green and pasta salads, and I would roast some corn for a side.

Cassie and Gwen arrived about 5: 30. I immediately poured Cassie a glass of wine and some sparkling water for Gwen, who didn't turn 18 until August. Gwen was dressed in a pretty conservative dress, but she looked phenomenal in anything. Cassie was a bit more daring in a short, tight sundress that was cut low cut in front. The lines of Cassie's body under the dress suggested that she wasn't wearing much underneath. Frankly, Cassie looked very beautiful and sexy too.

Sandy arrived a few minutes later. She looked absolutely radiant. Her blonde hair was cut to shoulder length and she wore it loose. I did not discern any make-up, but she didn't need any. Like the other two woman, Sandy wore a dress. Hers was a much shorter yellow dress that fit her figure very closely. As I had learned from seeing her nude a week before, Sandy's figure was still spectacular.

Cassie introduced Sandy and Gwen. The three women quickly got into a discussion of what the high school had been like in Cassie's and Sandy's day compared to what it was like now for Gwen. I sat back quietly, admiring all three women.

Not long before her date came to pick her up, Gwen dropped something of a bomb. To Sandy, Gwen said, "It is a funny coincidence, but your name came up in a conversation I had recently with the mom of a friend of mine. She said that you and Mom were in something called the Skins Society along with your parents and my granddad and grandmother."

Rather sharply, Cassie asked Gwen "Who was talking to you about the Skins Society?"

"Susannah's mother," Gwen answered.

"How did it come up?" Cassie asked.

"Susannah's mother said that, with my 18th birthday coming up in August, I'd be eligible to join and that she'd nominate me if I wanted. She said that she was sure that you'd be ok because you and Granddad and Grandmother are in it. I guess that once you're in, you're a member for life."

There was a look of concern on Cassie's face. "Did she tell what the Skins Society was?"

"Not much," Cassie answered, "but what she did tell me sounded pretty interesting. She said that you could tell me the rest."

Just then, we heard a car horn in my driveway. "That's Jason," Gwen said, "I've got to go. Have fun and, Mom, if you want to drink, you can just stay here at Granddad's tonight."

Cassie had a very preoccupied look on her face. In a rote manner, she said, "Have fun dear. Don't be late," as Gwen went out of the house.

Once Jason's car pulled out of the driveway, Sandy started laughing. To Cassie, she said, "You, my friend, have been busted."

"Why the fuck did Alice Roark have to mention the Skins Society to Gwen?" Cassie fumed. "I haven't had anything to do with it since college. What the fuck am I going to tell Gwen when she asks me about it?"

"The truth?" Sandy suggested.

"Yeah, right," Cassie responded. "I should tell her how her grandparents stripped me naked in front of a room full of people."

"Why not?" Sandy said. "It was an important family experience and you certainly enjoyed it at the time."

"Yes, I did," Cassie said, "but, this is my daughter we're talking about. What if, god forbid, she wanted to join the Skins Society?"

"Cassie," Sandy said, "Don't you think that Harry and Sara had similar qualms when the three of you were invited to join? They went ahead with it and it strengthened you as a family. It also provided all three of you with a lot of pleasure. I think that you should be honest and open with Gwen about the Skins Society. You should encourage her to join it and that you should get active again yourself. Speaking of which, we're violating Skins Society rules: we're all still dressed." Sandy stood, reached behind her back to unzip her dress, and let the dress fall to her feet. She wore nothing underneath.

A slight smile was forming on Cassie's face. "You did have to bring that up, didn't you?" Cassie said. However, she also stood, took the hem of her dress in both hands and pulled it over her head. Like Sandy, Cassie had nothing on under her dress. Although both women were now in their forties, they looked as beautiful to me as they had when they were both 18. Cassie turned to look at me. "Dad?" she said.

I pulled my polo shirt over my head and dropped my shorts. Cassie gathered my clothes and her and Sandy's dresses. "I'll put these in my old bedroom," she said and headed upstairs.

While Cassie was out of the room, Sandy said, "It is almost like old times."

"Except that I'm a lot older," I said. "You, on the other hand, look just as beautiful as you did back then."

"Thank you Harry," Sandy replied. "You've aged very well. You know, I was attracted to you from that first time I saw you and Sara nude at Mom's and Dad's pool."

"Well, I found you pretty attractive too," I said.

Sandy laughed. "Yes, I noticed that." She walked over to me, hugged me and gave me a kiss.

Cassie, coming back downstairs, caught us. "Are we planning to re—enact that night at the pool?" she asked archly. "That's not fair. Sandy, your dad isn't here to do me tonight."

Still embracing me, Sandy turned her head to face Cassie. "I'll bet that Harry is more than capable of satisfying us both," she said.

"I should start dinner before this gets out of hand," I said as I broke Sandy's embrace. Sandy reached down and took my dick in her right hand. "I'll keep things in hand," she said brazenly. I looked at Cassie standing at the bottom of the steps. My daughter was smiling.

While I don't mind cooking, I usually find preparing a meal to be rather boring. The work was enhanced considerably that night by the presence of two beautiful nude women; although one was my daughter. Cassie looked very pale, which Sandy commented on.

"I can't lie out nude with Gwen in the house," Cassie explained.

"You went nude with your parents," Sandy said.

"Not before I was 18," Cassie responded.

"Doesn't Gwen turn 18 in a couple of months?" Sandy asked with a smile.

Cassie changed the subject. "You have a nice allover tan,' she said to Sandy.

"Yeah, lying out nude by the pool is one advantage of staying with my parents. I missed it all those years with Trent. I don't imagine that I'll be able to find a place for myself where I can go nude outside."

"Why not just stay at your parents' place?" Cassie asked.

"You want to know the truth?" Sandy said. "The truth is that Mom and Dad still fuck like animals all over the house. I admire them for it and I'm glad that they're still going at their ages, but it does make me feel very lonely and hollow."

"I know what you could do," Cassie said.

"What?" Sandy asked.

"Um, maybe I ought to give it some more thought before I suggest it," Cassie replied.

I grilled the steaks and the shrimp. We ate at a patio table beside my pool as the sun fell behind the trees. I noticed that we had rather quickly gone through three bottles of wine. After we cleaned up dinner, Cassie opened a fourth bottle. "I probably shouldn't have this," Cassie said as she poured three glasses.

"I don't know," Sandy said, "It seems to me like you need to let go of some inhibitions. You are much more uptight than the girl who was my best friend from high school and college."

Cassie stopped. A serious look came over her face. "You think so?"

"Yes, I do," Sandy said. "I was in that place too for several years. Mine was imposed on me by Trent while I think yours is self-imposed. I'm decided that the person I was in high school and college is the real me and I wanted that back. I think that you'd be a lot better off, and happier, if you got the true you back too."

Cassie sat down and was silent for a while. Sandy realized that she had struck a nerve in her old friend and steered the conversation to lighter topics. The three of us sat naked around the pool, drinking too much, for several more hours. Around 1:00 a.m., the girls both realized that they had drunk too much to drive home. The three of us ended up in bed together naked. Believe it or not, we really did just sleep.

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