tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Photo Shoot

The Photo Shoot


It was just like any other day at work, at least until he came into the store. I watched him walk in and scope out the customers and my co-workers until finally his eyes met mine and he smiled. He was extremely attractive but something about the way he smiled at me creeped me out and thrilled me at the same time. Then he was walking towards me.

"Hi can I help you find something?"

He snickered and said "Yes you can doll. I'm looking for models for a photoshoot I'm doing. You're perfect, this could be your big break."

I couldn't believe what was happening. He wanted me for a photoshoot? Being only 5'1 I never thought I could be a model. Real models were always so much taller than me. And most models certainly didn't have size 36DD breasts and a curvy waist.

"Umm, sure... what would I have to do?"

He gave me another award winning smile and said, "Don't worry about a thing darling, just come to my studio tomorrow around 9pm." He handed me his business card and said, "Here's the address. See you tomorrow love."

The next day I spent all day pampering myself. I wanted to make sure I was completely shaved and waxed because I still had no idea what I was going to be required to wear. Finally I was satisfied - I looked damn good.

I arrived at the studio around 9pm like he said. The street was quiet and completely empty. I wondered again what the photoshoot was for and what I'd be doing. I rang the buzzer and the door clicked open. I walked inside and felt a rush of nervousness. He was standing next to his camera. I had a few moments of self doubt, but when he smiled at me, all that went away. I saw in his eyes that he had big plans for me. Fame and fortune flashed into my mind; I definitly didn't mind what I saw.

"You look gorgeous, absolutely perfect," he said in that way that was slightly unsettling but charming.

I finally relaxed and took in my surroundings. The camera was facing a white backdrop. I turned around to get a better look and noticed there was a velvet couch in front of it. There was something protruding from one of the cushions and while I was trying to figure out what it was, I felt him come up behind me and stroke my hair, then he placed his hands on my shoulders and turned me around to face him.

I bit my lip and stuttered, "Wha... Did you want me to change or should I just wear this?"

I was dressed to kill in black stilettos, a mini skirt, and a tight-fitting lacy tank top. I don't know why but I even made sure I put on my best matching lace bra and thong. They were black with pink bows accenting them. It seemed like a good idea at the time but now it felt silly with him staring me down.

He stepped closer to me and almost whispered in a calm, determined voice, "Actually love, just go ahead and take your clothes off. This is a lingerie shoot."

Without thinking twice I took off my tanktop, then unzipped my skirt and bent down to step out of it. I was about to take off my shoes but he stopped me and told me to leave them on. I stood there awkwardly while he eyed me up and down.

"Oh yes, that's perfect," he said.

He started walking towards me again and when he got too close, I started to back up. Eventually, my legs were touching the couch and he smiled and said, "have a seat."

Suddenly, he pushed me down on the couch and grabbed my hands, pulling them up above my head and cuffing them. So that's what was sticking out of the couch, I thought to myself.

"What are you doing!?" I cried out.

"You didn't really think I was going to make you famous, did you? You're mine now and I'm going to do whatever I want with you."

"Please don't do this," I begged. "My parents have money if that's what you want, we can forget this ever happened." As I pleaded with him he got up and walked to the camera. For a brief moment I thought maybe he really was going to take pictures of me and it was some sort bdsm photo shoot. That was ruined once I saw the red light on the camera and realized it was actually a camcorder. The bastard was going to rape me and tape it!

"You won't get away with this!" I shouted

"We'll see about that, love." He said as he walked over to me and started taking off his clothes.

Tears were starting to fall down my face as the reality of what was about to happen sunk in. When he got to me on the couch he started running his hands up my legs and stopped just short of my crotch. I struggled at the handcuffs and tried to kick him away. He slapped me accross the face, grabbed a handful of my hair, and turned my head to the side so he could whisper in my ear, "Try that again and I can make this a lot more unpleasant for you." His tone was pure evil and sent chills down my spine.

Then he caressed my arms lightly. He took off my bra and the cold of the studio made them stand up. This seemed to please him and he started running his fingers over my nipples. When he bent down and took one of my nipples into his mouth, I breathed in sharply. My body was starting to respond to his touches, despite my mind knowing that he was raping me.

He lifted his head up and whispered, "You're enjoying this aren't you, slut? I knew when I saw you that you would be perfect. I knew you'd resist at first but I could make you give in and be mine."

I knew trying to scream would be useless, we were in the business district and there was probably no one around for several blocks this late at night. "Stop, you can't do this to me. This is rape, it's illegal."

He ignored my pleading and started trailing his hand down my stomach towards my crotch. He started rubbing my crotch lightly through my panties. My pussy was tingling: My body wanted this, even though my mind didn't. When he started sliding one finger underneath my panties, I gasped and felt a rush of warmth and wetness in my pussy. He slid one finger inside of me and laughed.

"You are so wet my dear. I knew you wanted this. You're just a horny bitch that will fuck whatever cock you're offered."

Even more tears were streaming down my face now. I was disgusted at the fact that I was enjoying this so much.

Suddenly he got up and put one knee on the couch next to my head. When I opened my eyes his cock was staring me in the face. I turned my face away but he grabbed my chin. I knew what he wanted and I gave up struggling. Obediently I opened my mouth and placed my lips around his cock. I slowly ran my tounge around the head while sucking gently. I started moving my head, taking more of his cock into my mouth until my lips were at the base of his dick. I could feel his cock hitting the back of my throat and gagged a little bit. I licked around his dick again while still deep throating it.

"That's it baby, you're so good at that," he moaned and placed his hand on the back of my head. He grabbed a handful of my hair and starting moving my head up and down his cock. I thought maybe if I could make him cum with a blowjob he wouldn't rape me and I could leave with some of my dignity. I started putting all my efforts into servicing him, sucking as hard as I could and moving my tounge around for extra stimulation. He started moving my head on his cock pretty fast, shoving it into the back of my throat every time. He was moaning pretty heavily and I thought he must be close.

Suddenly he stopped and said, "Tsk tsk, so eager. I'm not done with you yet." He ripped off my panties and spread my legs apart. Panic filled me again when I realized he was going to go through with it.

I made one last attempt to stop him. "Wait, I can just suck you off. You don't need to fuck me. I'll let you cum in my mouth, whatever you want. Just please don't fuck me."

He laughed and said, "But that's the best part dear. I'm dying to get my dick inside that tight wet snatch of yours. Besides, I know you're pussy is aching for it." He rubbed my clit lightly, spreading the wetness from my hole to my clit. I gave into the sensations and moaned. "That's a good girl, moan for me. Tell me how much you want my cock inside of you."

I ignored his demand so he slapped me again. Sternly, he said "I SAID, tell me how much you want my cock inside of you."

Weakly I responded, "Please, please fuck me. I want you inside me." He leaned down and softly kissed my lips. All of a sudden he was completely inside of me. I moaned into his mouth and arched my back, pushing my breasts into his hands. He pinched my nipple hard and started moving in and out of me, gradually increasing in speed.

We were both moaning together as he pounded his cock into my tight hole. I spread my legs wider and starting meeting his thrusts, trying to get more of him inside me. I was completely lost in passion, nearing orgasm.

"Oh baby, you're such a dirty cock-whore. Cum all over my dick, I know your close" He whispered into my ear. With that, I exploded. My pussy clamped even tighter around him while I came. As I was nearing the end of my orgasm I felt him cum inside me which sent me over the edge again. I screamed, "yes, oh yes" as I peaked.

When we were both finished orgasming, he kissed me again and released my wrists from the handcuffs. He got up and handed me my clothes and said, "Thanks babe, that was perfect. I got everything I needed."

I got dressed and started walking out the door. Before I left, I paused and turned around. In a quiet voice I said, "Hey, do you think you'll ever need me for another photo shoot?"

He smiled at me and said, "Oh definitely doll, why don't you come by next week, same time."

I smiled back and said, "I'll be there."

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